Why Maldives Holidays Are Special? – 7 Magnificent Reasons

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If you want to bolt away from the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in nature, the Maldives is the place to be.

Plan your Maldives holidays with exclusive holiday packages and summer holiday deals. The Maldives will provide a gorgeous escape and be a perfect holiday destination.

The Maldives, a stretch of tropical island paradise, seems like a place for millionaires, but it is not so. There is a wide range of flight-inclusive holiday deals which are pretty affordable.

The Maldives are a chain of islands in the Indian Ocean. It has around 20 atolls which are naturally spread across a few islands. Male’s capital city has well-connected international airports. It offers ferry boats that quickly take you to the other islands of the archipelagic state.

The indescribable beauty of the Maldives attracts plenty of tourists every year. It makes a perfect spot for honeymooners as it provides a romantic gateway.

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The Maldives offers a lot, from beautiful beaches, inclusive resorts, and private overwater villas. Various resorts have their own private island and provide different deals for luxury Maldives holidays.

If you are planning the Maldives holidays, here are a few things that will make your trip memorable.

Beautiful Islands And Beaches

The Maldives is a string of beautiful and scenic islands with some stunning beaches that you should not miss on your Maldives holidays.

Male’s Artificial Beach

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This man-made beach is one of the tourist’s and locals’ most popular swimming spots. You can enjoy the warm weather and the amazing views with your loved ones. This is the perfect place to visit during your beach holidays.

Bikini Beach

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The place to flaunt your beach body and tan it under the sun is this stunning beach, which is located on Rasdhoo Island. Since the Maldives is an Islamic state, there are local laws according to which you cannot wear a bikini outside the private island resort.

Bioluminescent Beach

The perfect add-on to your dream holidays is these sparkling beaches, which you must visit at night. These beaches are located on Vaadhoo or Mudhdhoo.

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You will have an ethereal experience seeing water emitting blue light, like thousands of twinkling stars dipping into the beaches.

The Hulhumale Beach

hulhumale beach
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This beach is the most popular of all. The white sand beaches and clear blue water are just perfect for enjoying the sun. The place has many options for water sports.

The Fulhadoo Beach

This secluded beach is away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The perfect place for you and your partner to have intimate quality time together and rejuvenate with the beauty of nature surrounding you.

Cocoa Island Beaches

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This place will offer you to explore marine life and enjoy the wonders of the ocean while enjoying scuba diving, and you will find the best house reefs here. It is an Exotic Experience.

Lily Beach

Prepare to be spoiled and loll in the sun’s brilliance, as your days and opportunities here will halt!

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It is a private beach set on Huvahendhoo Island in Ari Atoll. It is one of the romantic spots where you can enjoy beach swings. The Lily Maa and Vibes bar are cool places to dine at.

Bandos Maldives

This private island beach is located near the international airport and is known to be one of the best beaches in the Maldives. Bandos island’s white sandy beaches attract a lot of tourists.

The house reefs provide a perfect tropical escape for any couple looking for a break from monotonous city life. You should definitely consider visiting the island during your visit to the Maldives. The island’s beautiful Maldives hotels and resorts are highly rated.

beach resort
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This beach is perfect for a tropical escape with spectacular views of the beautiful blue water and clear skyline. The famous places to eat near the island are Sea breeze café, Koon Thai and Human. Human, Sea Breeze Café, and Koon Thai are on the beachfront.

Utheemu Islands

A spot saturated with rich verifiable importance, the Utheemu Island in the Haa Alif Atoll is a cut of heaven for the nature sweethearts and history buffs.

With a lovely environment ruling the island of Maldives for a significant piece of the year, it is an ideal spot for a get-away for solo and gathering explorers the same. The regular excellence of Utheemu Island is mind-blowing.

beach ocean sunset
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The peaceful, beautiful excellence and the pleasant dawns and nightfall, alongside the tall trees influenced by the delicate breeze, are totally stunning.

With the waves musically crashing on the white, sandy shores and the serene peep of birds enhancing the reasonable blue sky, the island takes on a hypnotizing, ethereal appearance.

Villingili Resort Island

sunset beach
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The island is located at Adi atoll, a perfect place for honeymooners. During your stay on the island, you can enjoy the spa together; calm walks on the island’s sandy beaches.

Milaidhoo Island

The white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water is the jewel of this tropical island. With its picturesque beauty, the island comes under the UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Alimatha Island

North of Male, the nation’s capital, is Alimatha Island. This island is beautiful in its own way, surrounded by the serene beauty of crystal-clear waters, lagoons and spas.

Alimatha Island sits on the eastern edge of Maldives in the Vaavu Atoll. It is one of the best islands in the Maldives for honeymoon.

The Meeru Islands

Meeru Island offers you beaches with white sands. It even featured in the “World’s most eye-catching natural wonders and beaches” list.

Meeru offers you a lot, from various aquatic water sports to Bikini beaches for showing off that perfect body.

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Meeru Island Resort and spa is an overwater villa with a spa bath which is quite economical and offers a lot of fun activities like windsurfing, golfing, etc.

Various things make your Maldives holidays special, one of which is that you can own a private villa. One can have fun and enjoy surfing. Different resorts offer quite economical packages for surfing.

Ari Atoll

It is one of the largest and most natural atolls located west of the Maldives. There are plenty of beautiful, secluded islands on atolls where you can enjoy the chic water and beach villas.

The Atoll comprises around 20 islands with beautiful landscapes and white sand beaches. The Atoll’s beauty will give you an unforgettable experience.

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Appreciate and revive at the submerged or underwater villas, or close-by water estates with outside patios and eye-enthralling perspectives, which is a decent opportunity to catch photographs and recordings.

white sand beach
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You can enjoy your beach holidays by doing fun activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and site-seeing.

Male: The capital

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The capital is well connected to the world by international airports and sees plenty of tourists daily. The capital of the Republic of Maldives is home to around 1200 islands and is formed by two major North and south malé atolls. You must visit this place during the Maldives holidays.

The Male Atoll has many popular resorts. These inclusive resorts use the many inhabited islands of Atoll for many fun activities.

The Atoll is the perfect place for your Maldives holidays as it offers various family-friendly resorts where you can play beach volleyball with your kids, whale shark seeing trips, and can enjoy creating tailor-made holidays.

A few attractions in Male are Banana reef, the Grand Friday Mosque, and underwater scooters.

Due to the rainy season throughout the year, Male has a moderate temperature, making it a good place to visit.

Foods To Explore

Maldives restaurants and bars offer authentic cuisines, which will leave a taste on your taste buds. The Maldives has a blend of Indian and Srilankan food. The main dish of the Maldives is Dhivehi Cuisine.

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Since it is an island, most of its dishes will have seafood. The popular dishes you must get a taste of during the Maldives holidays are Garudhiya, fish soup, Bis Keemiya (Samosa), Maldivian Live Lobster, etc.

The Perfect Spot For Honeymooners

The Maldives is the perfect spot for honeymooners. It provides the perfect romantic atmosphere, from enjoying the cruise sunsets to having beachside candlelight dinners.

Plan your luxury honeymoon to tropical islands with the world’s leading travel companies that will help you find the best deals for your Maldives holidays.

There are many holiday and travel services that offer ATOL-protected deals, but not all are financially protected by ATOL. Many of the island resorts have their own house reefs, the water villas, and you don’t have to leave your room to have the snorkeling experience.

beach wedding
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There are various inhabited islands in the Maldives which are used as private islands by many Maldives resorts where you can enjoy the best time of your life, making fond memories with each other. The resorts offer many underwater retreats.

Wandering underneath the sea’s surface to float close by turtles and whale sharks, tasting Champagne on an extravagance voyage as the sun sets, or disappearing to an uninhabited island will make your Maldives holiday more dreamy.

A Perfect Family Holiday Spot

If you are planning your next holiday with your family, then you should visit the Maldives. Wonders what it offers? You can get good Maldives holiday packages and travel advice from leading travel agencies who will help you plan an unforgettable holiday in the Maldives.

beach fun family
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Most resorts offer different activities as per the different packages offered by them. You can book a private villa if you want luxury holidays or if you want to go for cheap Maldives holidays, then go for beautiful Maldives hotels at affordable rates.

Normally, the private beach villa is considered one room which you can choose after reaching the resort. The multi-roomed villa is good for group booking search, and you can enjoy different activities on the basis of child ages.

The island resort offers various activities which you can enjoy with your family. Exploring the marine life under the Indian Ocean to enjoying open cinema with your kids will make the Maldives holidays perfect.

You can enjoy dolphin spotting and cruising together. Well, beachside dinners can be enjoyed with family too.

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Keep an eye on the summer holiday deals which are in your budget to get the most out of your visit. There are various flight-inclusive holidays that are ATOL protected.

Not all-inclusive holiday deals will be provided financial protection by ATOL. For different booking conditions, passport and visa information, and travel advice, you must refer to the commonwealth development office fcdo. The foreign commonwealth development office will help you with up-to-date advice for your stay safe and healthy abroad.

Adventures Activities

If you are up for adventures, there are plenty of unique activities you must try during your Maldives holiday.

Seaplane Rides

seaplane ride
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You can have a breathtaking experience by taking a seaplane ride. The sea planes are small planes which feel like paper in the strong winds.

Scuba Diving With The Sharks

scuba diving
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The Indian Ocean is home to many underwater species. The sea is home to the overwhelming majority of submerged species.

The country’s Rasdhoo Atoll is particularly notable for hammerhead sightings during their relocation season (generally December through Spring); however, sightings are conceivable all year.

Parasailing Above The Lagoon

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The dry season, which lasts from about November to May, is the greatest time to parasail in the Maldives since the breezes are calmer and the water is clearer, providing excellent views. Almost every big retreat provides parasailing excursions.

You will adore the environment that upholds parasailing alongside the delightful waters that open you to the bright corals and rich marine life that are enchanted.


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The water in the tidal ponds of the Maldives is, for the most part, genuinely quiet and shallow, yet get outside the tidal pond, and you’ll discover the absolute best surf breaks on the planet.

Dining and Sleeping Under Ocean

The Maldives’ underwater restaurants provide an adventurous eating experience. Consider enjoying some delectable Maldivian cuisine while 20 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean.

A three-story staircase leads down to the heated octopus carpaccio, served with cool sauce and squid-ink crackers at Niyama Private Island’s Sub Six.

Sailing and Cruising

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Beautiful island bodies with captivating sea shores from which you can take risks on the popular games out there in the midst of such a delightful atmosphere with so much to investigate submerged on an extravagant voyage are one of the most remarkable.


sky diving
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Skydiving is a very great activity that gets an adrenaline rush out of you. On the off chance that you are out in the Maldives for an excursion, guarantee that you go skydiving, which is viewed as perhaps the most daring activity, offering you an extraordinary experience.

You get to adore the excellence of the normal scene and, furthermore, take in the sights of the islands that have the best seashores where you can unwind and watch the coral reefs.

The Festivals

If you want to have a taste of Maldives culture, then plan Maldives holidays during festivals.

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As a matter of fact, one of the best times to visit the Maldives during festivals, as you get to taste tons of social food varieties that are specific to this celebration. Numerous cafés, likewise, offer exceptional Iftar (evening dinner for breaking the fast) feasts on their menu.

Try some Ramadan juices in colorful kinds of rose, apricot, and kamardine. The festival additionally includes social exercises like exhibitions by music groups, paunch artists, and fire artists.

The Maldives has a few extra remarkable methods of festivity, including road festivals with individuals wearing vivid garments, moving, singing, and other far-reaching developments.

Likewise, there are sports rivalries in light of in view of Bai Bala. The festivities will add more fun memories to your Maldives holidays.


four seasons
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The Maldives is known to have a tropical monsoon climate. The most reasonable time to visit the Maldives is between November and April. The Maldives climate is warm and tropical.

You can enjoy your trip to the Maldives any time across the year. But the season which sees most of the tourists during January to April. These are the driest months with low rainfall. You will see many attractive Maldives holiday packages during these months.

The warm temperatures from May to December still attract a lot of tourists, but there is a risk of rain and storm. So you can plan your Maldives holidays any time across the year.

What’s So Special About Maldives Holidays? – Final Words

If you are planning a vacation, the Maldives is the ideal destination. From its scenic and ethereal beauty to the budget package, the Maldives holidays will be very special.

Various travel websites can help you find out about the current travel health news, local laws, national travel health network, passport and visa information, and provide up-to-date advice for your long-haul holiday destinations.

maldives holidays
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Various holiday and travel services will help you plan everything, like bookings, departure airport destination, and good packages for your island retreat.

Spending money is up to you; accordingly, you will get holiday deals. Regarding ATOL’s latest FCOD travel advice and financial protection, you can check the foreign commonwealth development office fcdo.

The aesthetic beauty of this archipelagic state and the best deals offered by resorts owning private islands make it to your bucket list.



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