28 Amazing Beach Wedding Venues in Europe

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The gorgeous views of the beach add to the background of photographs, making them look awesome. Moreover, the sea breeze, warm sun and sound of waves enchant the moment. Beach weddings are popular in Europe. 

MAny FAmilies plan their vacation on beaches. Therefore it’s no surprise to find couples looking for wedding venues in Europe to tie their knots.  

Many such venues are private and are perfect for a lovely wedding. 

Many families look for outdoor weddings for destination weddings.  

Below are 25 Amazing beach wedding venues in Europe that offer the most exquisite setting for a marriage.

1) Corfu- The best for coastal weddings

The island of Corfu continues to be an attractive wedding spot. The sight of its lush green environment, along with the aroma of olives and citrus from neighbouring groves, is enough to dispel any stress. And the presence of the Ionian Sea’s cerulean waves or the feel of the vast, pebbly beaches beneath the feet feels paradise.

2) Loire Valley for destination wedding venues

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Consider the Loire Valley for a more isolated destination wedding. The expansive, wine-filled area of France has numerous stunning chateaux and castles for rent, giving you and your guests the feeling of having the entire valley to yourselves. But be prepared to spend a lot of money: these fairy-tale-like locations don’t come cheap.

3) Amalfi for Coastal wedding venues

Amalfi is a Coastal wedding venue described as heaven on earth. This UNESCO World Heritage site is located- in Italy’s Campania region. It is a 34 miles majestic terrain with sky-high coastal cliffs- displaying vibrant vegetation and multicoloured towns. It coexists with the Mediterranean’s disarming turquoise waters, creating a scene that has the power to stop even the most seasoned of travellers dead in their tracks. It holds a captivating effect that stretches to the Italian coastline, with about 5 million visitors who pass through its mesmerizing walkways every year.

4) Santorini is one of the best wedding venues 

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Santorini is known for its vibrant beaches, particularly the black and crimson sands, making for a spectacular vacation. 

Next, we have Ancient Akrotiri for its superbly preserved archaeological treasures. The climb to Ancient Thera to see the remnants of three dynasties, including the Romans, is also on the menu.

From there, you can see the caldera, a stunning turquoise body of water that acts as the nucleus for the archipelago’s various isles.

5) Porto- the best wedding venues

Porto has become the perfect venue or beach wedding venue.

It is a popular wine-tasting destination for wedding parties. You can find your best sweet to go with the delectable port wine.

However, this seaside city has more to offer than just vinho. On Portugal’s northern coast, Porto is a charming European metropolis. 

Visitors may enjoy both culture and nature. They can also go to the city’s many museums, enjoy its diverse architecture, rest in its lush parks, and, of course, go to the beach.

6) Best Wedding venues on Lake Como


Lake Como’s magnificent scenery is one for the books, and it’s a favoured hangout for the affluent and famous. Verdant mountains surround the lake; its beaches are lined- with luxurious houses. Therefore, it should be no surprise that such a lavish location is expensive.

7) Dubrovnik as a beach wedding venue

The ancient beauty of Dubrovnik is a stunning location along the vivid Adriatic Sea, providing for some reasonably spectacular wedding sites.

It’s ideal for making use of the city’s various waterfront wedding-friendly locations, such as the beach, in this case. Keep in mind that many of the city’s best waterfront hotels can accommodate weddings.

8) Beach Wedding venues in Venice

Venice is a lovely setting for a wedding. This Italian city is breathtaking in every way. 

The extravagant wedding locations in Venice range from centuries-old cathedrals to multistory palazzos with spectacular views of the famed canals.

9) Mallorca’s unique beach wedding venues

Couples may pick from beachfront sites to mountaintop fincas, as well as hidden homes and castles, thanks to Mallorca’s unique landscape. 

Plan an evening ceremony and reception for a summer wedding because daytime temperatures might be uncomfortable.

10) Poland’s Manowce Palace for best beach wedding venues

Manowce Palace is Europe’s most outstanding wedding venue. Imagine a historic home surrounded by broad woodlands and located directly on the beach of a giant lagoon adjacent to the Baltic Sea. Many believe it to be the ideal location for a fantastic wedding.

11) Edinburgh as the best wedding venues

The wealth of evergreen hills and centuries-old landmarks in Scotland provide the perfect setting for a vacation wedding. You may say “I do” at Edinburgh Castle, amid Gothic wonders like St. Giles Cathedral, or among the blooms in the Royal Botanic Gardens, where royals formerly stood.

12) Pestana Viking Porches – Portugal’s Algarve for beach wedding venues

The Algarve is an extraordinary destination for the beauty of its landscapes, beaches, and excellent value for money of its hotels, especially in the low season. The Algarve is an extraordinary destination for the beauty of its landscapes, beaches, and excellent value for the money of its hotels. Bottom line- Portugal is a privileged destination for a wedding ceremony in Europe!

13) Antibes, France – Hotel for beach wedding venues

The Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc is one of Europe’s most beautiful wedding locations. It’s the promise of attending a royal or celebrity wedding. The guests may be seated on each side of the red carpet, facing the sea and waiting for the bride; palm trees and umbrella pines will flank them. Therefore trancing the audience on the aisle.

14) London, England’s Kew Gardens as beautiful wedding venues

Kew Gardens is one of Europe’s most stunning greenhouses, as well as the top for the picture-perfect wedding location.

Imagine being married in a beautiful greenhouse filled with exotic plants and charms, surrounded by your parents, relatives, and closest friends! Sounds exquisite, right?

15) Montenegro as best beach wedding venues

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Montenegro is a growing wedding destination known for some of Europe’s most breathtaking coastline scenery, including old walled villages clinging to the cliffs, craggy mountains, primordial woods, and crystal-clear water. The hidden gem can be the ideal location for a wedding.

It offers a variety of stylish and tasteful wedding venues to suit multiple preferences.

Budva, the island of St. Stefan, to name a few, is popular with celebrities as it harbours Kotor, Perast, Porto Montenegro, Marina in Tivat, and other locations.

16) Spain place beach wedding venues

When it comes to picking settings for a beautiful destination wedding in Europe, Spain is a highly diversified country with something to satisfy everyone’s taste. 

Catalonia has many beautiful coastlines to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea.

Around it is metropolitan towns like Barcelona, castles and attractive rural landscapes. Madrid has a plethora of unique sites both within the city and in the surrounding area.

The Costa del Sol accommodates many beautiful sites alongside beachfront wedding venues being the most popular. Its largest city, Malaga, is an ideal site for a beautiful destination wedding in Europe, with various lovely and unique settings.

The Balearic Islands of the western Mediterranean includes Ibiza, Mallorca, and Menorca, feature several world-class boutique hotels, gorgeous estates, and private homes and are an ideal location for celebrating your most memorable day.

17) Greece for coastal wedding venues or beach wedding venues

Photo by Hans Reniers on Unsplash

Greece is a lovely nation in south-eastern Europe, with thousands of magnificent islands dotting the Aegean and Ionian seas. The country is a favourite wedding destination because of its unspoiled landscapes, beautiful beaches, and century-old landmarks, several of which are UNESCO heritage sites. 

Santorini is a one-of-a-kind volcanic island that offers breathtaking landscapes, old cities, beautiful vistas, incredible restaurants, and nightlife for a fantastic European destination wedding.

 Mykonos is a cosmopolitan island with luxurious hotels, stunning villas, award-winning restaurants, and excellent beaches that draw celebrities from all over the globe. If you want an elegant romantic wedding, Athens and its Riviera, the magnificent city that was the origin of civilization, might be the most promising for a European wedding venue.

18) Lapland’s Ice Hotel – Sweden for perfect wedding venues

Lapland is an ideal location for nature enthusiasts and one of the most unusual wedding settings on the planet. A wedding planner is available at the hotel to assist you in making your wedding a dream come true for you and your guests. 

by Asad /pexels/ Copyright. 2022

19) Venice, Italy- Hotel Danieli as grand hotel outdoor weddings

Photo by Rebe Adelaida on Unsplash

NOTHING can be more utopian than a wedding ceremony in Venice, the City of Love, with your loved one, family, and friends? On the panoramic terrace of Restaurant Terraza Danieli, you can host a private wedding banquet for up to 140 guests with stunning views of the Doge’s Palace.

20) Lagoa – Algarve Suites Alba Resort & Spa for beach wedding venues 

The teams of Paul Rodrigues (General Manager of Suites Alba Resort & Spa) are available to help you plan your wedding at one of Europe’s top wedding venues.

It is located- in Lagoa, one of the Algarve’s most picturesque areas (South of Portugal). One of the loveliest destinations is Suites Alba Resort & Spa. 

Suites Alba Resort & Spa is one of Europe’s top hotels, with stunning stone arches excavated by the sea and surrounded by breathtaking, secluded, and untouched beaches.

Image by Miriam Salgado/pexels/ Copyright. 2022

21) Algarve Pine Cliffs Resort for beach wedding venues

The Pine Cliffs is an excellent 5-star hotel, one of the top wedding venues in Europe, located near one of Europe’s most stunning beaches, Praia da Falésia.

It’s not easy to find that one-of-a-kind individual who makes you smile and warms your heart. Finding the perfect wedding location for your ceremony, on the other hand, should be a lot easier. Listen to your heart and suggest one of the most beautiful wedding gifts to your loved one.

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22) Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik for the beach wedding venues

Dubrovnik is one of Europe’s most romantic locations, and the Excelsior Hotel is one of Europe’s top wedding settings.

 The palm trees- will be garlanded, and the umbrella pine trees will appear to extend out and lie on the Dubrovnik skyline. 

Your parents, family, and friends will attend your wedding in one of Europe’s top wedding locations.

The Excelsior Hotel features a stunning terrace with a view of Dubrovnik, ideal for a wedding ceremony, a dance evening, or a sunset meal. This 5-star hotel has three restaurants and a luxury spa, ideal for resting with your loved one.

23) Positano, Italy-Villa Treville as a private beach wedding venue

Want to tie the knot in one of Europe’s most romantic locations? Positano is the ideal location for a wedding. There are various hotels in Positano that can accommodate weddings. But if you want to be pampered- like celebrities, Villa Treville is the place to be!

This opulent resort features a private beach, a gym, balconies, and a top-floor terrace with Positano and the Tyrrhenian stunning sea views, a pool, and a spa. The setting is fantastic; the décor is spectacular! 

There is no finer spot to tie the knot in Italy than this.

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24) Cork, Ireland’s Longueville House as a dream wedding venue

Celebrate love at Longueville House, one of Europe’s top wedding venues, whether in the Stone Courtyard, Front Lawn, the Vineyard, or the Woods. A gathering will not be an issue because indoor rooms are available.

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25) Monte Isola Oldofredi Residence for an outdoor ceremony

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Treat a memorable wedding ceremony amid nature in Monte Isola, one of Italy’s most beautiful areas and one of the most romantic and sustainable tourist destinations. Monte Isola’s wild asparagus, olive oil, and Franciacorta’s fresh and sparkling wines await you in Italy.

Friends will have wonderful Sunday times on this remarkable island, which Cristo picked for his newest creative “floating piers” and is considered one of Europe’s most attractive places.

26) Harbour Hotel Sidmouth as a wedding venue

This beautiful boutique hotel, just steps from the shore, offers panoramic views of Lyme Bay and the stunning Jurassic Coast, making it an ideal Devon wedding destination.

 It’s perfect for wedding ceremonies, brunches, and receptions for up to 120 people.

Images by Asad /pexels/ Copyright. 2022

27) Ocean Kave, Devon for Beach Wedding Venues

Ocean Kave or Devon Ocean Kave at night is an intimate, all-weather wedding venue. It is- nestled on the North Devon coastline close to the golden sands beaches of Westward Ho. It is- hidden amongst 60 acres of private grounds within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

28) Tunnel beaches as wedding day evening celebrations

Tunnels Beaches is known as one of the best seaside wedding venues on the wedding market, with an unmistakably unique vibe. 

It is well situated- in Ilfracombe, a lovely coastal town in Devon that sits on a craggy coastline with panoramic sea views. This glass-fronted wedding location is incredibly chic, with impressive views of outdoor ceremony options under their thatched gazebo overlooking the ocean.

They will be treated to breathtaking sunsets, enjoy drinks, spectacular countryside, and even a wedding guest who is a semi-resident seal.


Beach Wedding Venues
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Europe is the best wedding venue spot for beach weddings. The most incredible views of the beach allow for the planning of special day ceremonies with evening dances and holiday trips.



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