Fun Date Ideas In London: 6 Fun Activities You Must Try

fun date ideas in London
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Looking for unusual date ideas in London? Finding the perfect date places in London can be frantic. In assurance, London is packed with various venues which never fail to amaze everyone.

Offering you the best fun date ideas in London to put up on your bucket list. Commencing from Hyde park (a great outdoors dating option) to Surrey hills overlooking the sunset makes perfect date ideas in London for a first date. Taking part in chocolate tasting or venturing into the Borough market can make it a sweet treat.

Fun Date Ideas In London

London dates are known to be fun date activities. Sign up for a date or double date exploring the magnificent city. Let’s get into some fun date ideas, memorable for the first date.

1. Ride Around The City

A bike ride can be a perf. Take a ride to a cafe halt for an afternoon tea, or can pack your picnic basket towards Primrose Hill.

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What about a ride towards east London? East London wine walk is self-led highly recommended as you will be greeted with a chosen wine sample together with a small plate for your appetite.

For animal lovers, take a stop at the London zoo; wandering around in the afternoon, you might come across some rarest animals

2. Movie Date Night

Movie nights are as old as the world of cinema itself, and they will never be out of fashion. Classic movies will always remain alluring.

Backyard Cinema is considered a gem as you will be enjoying the detailed work of the place. Be cozy and comfortable for an unforgettable movie experience. Get your hands on tickets online and can enjoy a beverage of your choice. If you were looking for a fabulous classic cinema date night, this must be on your list.

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After a cinema, you can take your awkward silence and converse about the movie, and the first date can lead to many other dates. The Prince Charles Cinema can also be an alternative for your first date. You can book comfortable seats and enjoy a beverage as they are known for hosting pyjamas parties and movie marathons.

3. Escaping Is Fun

Up for some exploration with your date around Central London? Take your date out for an escape room treasure hunt. This can be fun for double dates where you will need several heads to crack the puzzle as the possibilities are endless. 

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Most escape rooms are confined to indoor activities. Go for the upgraded escape rooms where the treasure is hidden around the magnificent city. Find your suitable escape online and get ready for an unforgettable hunting experience.

4. Date With Live Music

Music plays a vital role in a romantic relationship. Dine and wine with jazz music is a heavenly combination. Rhythmically Jazz music has been attracting audiences of all generations. Look out for the hidden pubs for live jazz music. Recommended for both first date, double date or regular date nights.

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Jazz music brings in a romantic ambience while relaxing with the music. Makes it easy for you both to express each other’s feelings. You cannot miss the live jazz bars in London and make the best out of them. Nightjar, Vintage Art, Spice of life, Blues kitchen Camden, and Old street records are some of the Jazz bars on the list which can make your date an outstanding one.

5. Food Date In London

Imagine when you finally found your match who gets equally delighted about food as you do. Good food brighten up our mood. Food holds memories, and it will be worth sharing while sharing some fries.

Mouthwatering Grilled Cheese Sandwiches at Leather Lan Market and Katsu Wrap, Rib meat Roll will take you for a heavy food ride. Malty Street Market has its specialty which you cannot resist. Make sure you keep enough space for dessert when you stop by Greenwich Market. London holds some of the best craft beer pubs and bars with an excellent axe throwing game.

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Take a sneak peek into Vinegar Yard, which is just two mins’ walking distance from London Bridge station. Vinegar Yard is specialized in delicious Italian pizza to Indian street food with a good mix of ethical and sustainable shops. The best part of Vinegar Yard is the pop-up stores with repurposed art and design. Keep an eye on the weekend’s popup stores and local street art exhibitions and indulge in a few games.

6. Make Your Date Laugh

Laughing is a promising therapy and what can be better is to start the first date with laughter. London is packed to the brim owing to some of the best comedy clubs. Taking from a tiny pub, you can be heading downstairs to the basement or a large area jam-packed with people. You need to grab a ticket on time for your next date. Go on a first date or double date, and you can be sure your date will not be disheartened at your choice, as both of you can have the time of your life laughing.

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Kicking off while you sip cocktails at Seven Dials, two mins walk from Garden Station. Be careful. You are sure to spill your drinks while laughing. In addition, this place also has eye-catching quirky interiors.

Comedy Carnival stands for its award-winning international performance to impress your date. The Comedy Store at the West End or the Top Secret Comedy Club at Holborn is some of the best places for fun date ideas.

Without burning your pocket, you can take the initiative to have a great date. Keep an open eye for the online comedy tickets as you might get your hands on some offers. For a few hours, forget about everything stressful in life, enrolling yourself in interactive tables of laughter.


London gives you the opportunity of spending quality time with your loved ones. London date ideas are famous all over the world. Some fun activities include playing at the ping pong tables or playing crazy golf, riding on a cable car, enjoying art classes with your partner, going on sweet treats, ice skating or playing beer pong.

Imagine being on a date with your partner, and you find out that you both are Harry Potter fans? That will be great. This will make you want to go on a second date night.

Wondering where to take your partner for the next date? Stop worrying, and there are never-ending fun date ideas in London.


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