Top 10 Must-Places to Visit in Lake District England

Lake district England
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Nature at its finest, Lake District England has the utmost beauty with its lakes and national park. The place has the whole vibe of being the best holiday destination for the peace and tranquillity offered by the forests and the mountains. Many poets and authors like Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth have a relationship with Lake District England. If you are looking for a holiday destination with trees, mountains and peace this can be the place for you. The lakes are beautiful and with many activities like hiking and climbing this place will be the best for you.

1. Lake District England

Lake District England, a UNESCO world heritage site lies in North West England and is a part of Cumbria. The place has many paths and mountains to explore along with its National park. The whole place is just a package of adventures and adrenaline with its scenic beauties and crystal-clear lakes.

There are many places to visit and explore when you visit Lake District England. The shores, park, steep hills, valleys. The scenery of the lake with mountains just makes your whole day filled with calm emotions.

2. Places You Should Definitely Visit

Some places which are here should definitely be on your list when coming to this place to enjoy your holidays.

Lake District National Park

Nearly 1400 kilometres stretched this area is filled with lakes and mountains which is surely gonna make you want to stay here. The place is amazing and beautiful along with some amazing views offered by the place.

Coming to Lake District National park will make you understand why is it that many authors, poets and artists found inspiration when coming to this peaceful place. The place is filled with different kinds of lakes and you must try to have a nice boat ride if you visit this place. The boat rides are available for most of the lakes so you can enjoy your time fully when committing for a day or 2.

The sphinx rock and the Newlands valley are some of the prominent places of Lake District National park that you should try visiting. The villages also near the place are great for having a nice tour and clicking some nice photos. Even though the lakes themselves will make you feel kind of satisfied but like always there is always more to things than what meets the eye.

The hiking trail is available if you wanna try it and there is also a boating centre available for you. The boating centre is in Coniston and you even have options available to choose what medium of travel you want to try to explore the Lake District National park, like car or bus.

Overall, the National park is one hell of a beauty and you will feel it is the perfect start for the Lake District, England and your amazing holidays.

Lake Windermere

This 16 kilometres stretch of lake stuns you with its serenity. Lake Windermere is quite a busy lake but is a true gem that you should definitely visit. The Windermere Lake cruise is available for you to enjoy this amazing lake. Leven Valley is also a place which you must visit if you are visiting Lake Windermere. The Haverthwaite railway is at your service to take you to the Leven Valley.

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Lake Windermere also has an aquarium which can be a fun visit. The aquarium has a wide variety of species available, with a nice freshwater fish collection waiting for you. There is also a picnic spot for you to visit, the whole place just oozes with fun activities and if you are with your family and kids this just becomes a bonus spot for you. The old boathouse and the victorian fell-foot rock are also some of the fun places to enjoy.

Beatrix Potter’s Hill Top

Get your bookings ready because Beatrix potter’s Hilltop has a long line for seeing this masterpiece. This house from 1905 has all the wits and charms from the time she wrote her books. The whole place is in perfect condition with everything in the exactly same place as it was left in the past. The place and the farm belong to the national trust and are quite an attraction for tourists.

This place represents her in the most possible way and it will be a great experience for you to visit such a place.


This is one of the many beautiful hiking spots of Lake District England. The place has stunning views of the lake and the mountain which you can see while hiking. The activity and this kind of view make it the perfect getaway. It has one of the highest peaks in the Lake District, England and when you reach the top the view is just so mesmerizing and calm.

The opposite of the Helvellyn Horseshoe there is this trail which is generally taken by hikers to get an amazing view of the lake and the mountains.

The lake of Red Tarn will also be there to ignite the inner artist in you. The trail and the mountains will leave no aspect to make you fall in love with this amazing place. The striding edge and the lake waiting for you in the Lake District, England.

Derwent Water

Lake District is filled with lakes and mountains which stun our hearts with their magnificence and Derwent water is among those lakes. The lake has a Keswick launch which you can utilize to go around the lake and enjoy the 7-point stops on the boat and different stops with nice sceneries.

Keswick has the Pencil Museum, a stop where you must get off and see the history of how from graphite a pencil came into existence. The museum is a piece of art and history. The southern end has the Borrowdale Valley which is a nice spot to hang out and enjoy the picturesque views.

The whole lake has a nice 12km walk so put your shoes on and take a nice stroll around this beautiful lake.

Hike Catbells High Ridge

Not a long trail and a nice hike we have Hike Catbells High Ridge. The walking distance is not so much so if you it can a nice good experience for you. It takes about half a day to climb to the top of the hill. The overall experience is amazing and the view is spectacular from the top of the mountain which you can be sure of if you are visiting Lake District England.

The distance is about 14 kilometres for the hike and it does have its twists and turns with some steep parts of the hills but not so much. The experience is majestic from climbing to the top and then coming down to Newlands Valley.

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The peak is about 450 meters high and you can expect views and nice pictures along the way. The ridge is like a boundary between Derwent water and Newlands Valley. Great hike and amazing views, a must-have experience in Lake District England.


This second largest lake is around 14 kilometres long and can be a nice spot to enjoy a mic experience of hiking and boating along the way of this lake. Ullswater of Lake District has a nice hiking trail and if you want to enjoy a nice long walk then also it has all the options available for you.

The walking distance along the lake is about 32 kilometres and if you are planning to hike the distance is about 12 kilometres. The boating is fun and there is also the Maiden Castle for you to explore while you are on the trail.

The lake is under the Helvellyn mountains and it is really calm and peaceful. The lake district has many lakes but Windermere and Ullswater are some of them which are just absolutely amazing.

Castlerigg Stone Circle

Now there are many stone circles around England and they are from different times like 900 BC to even 1800 BC. There are many of them but this one is pretty unique because this one is the oldest and belongs to the Neolithic period which is around 3000 BC. This stone circle is one of a kind and is not touched by the administrations.

The whole place is unique and you can find not many people around it and enjoy the place in peace. This is truly one of a kind experience which is offered in Lake District England.

The place is in Keswick, Cumbria and has 38 stones which are aligned in a pattern. The sunset is amazing at this place and you can expect to enjoy it at its fullest only around this time. A unique experience without not hustling from the crowd.

lake district England
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Coniston Water

This 8 kilometres stretch of lake is surely gonna pique your interest because of its relation with Ruskin Bond. The lake is under the mountain called Old man of Coniston near Coniston village. The whole place is beautiful and a great experience. Coniston boating centre is available for any kind of need in the transportation matter.

If you need a bike or a boat then this is the place you look for. The boating experience is nice and you can go to Brantwood where you will find the house where Ruskin Bond used to live. This place surely has its perks with displaying the lifestyle of the great Ruskin Bond and some of his works and art pieces along with some of his collection. The whole place gives you a good insight into the work and life of Ruskin Bond.

There is also the Ruskin Museum which you can visit in the village where you can get to know the story about the history of Coniston. The lake Coniston water surely brings you close to many stops and points connecting with interesting places like this. If you are coming to Lake District, England then do not forget to come to the lake Coniston water.

Levens Hall & Topiary Gardens

Lake District national park in itself is vast and a famous place altogether and it also has Levens hall when you enter it. The manor house is exceptional and beautiful and is a pleasant experience with the flora and fauna available here. The art and everything are just breathtaking and overall a really good experience.

The Topiary garden is also here which is the famous one and is also the oldest one in the world. With different kinds of shapes clipped in various forms and gates, the whole place is just a piece of art. Kendal, Cumbria is truly a gem with such gardens and lakes. The Lake District national park holds an entrance for this Levens hall. There are Rose gardens and kitchen gardens. This a perfectly unique place to come and enjoy nature.

3. Where To Stay

  • Villa Levens is a nice place and quite close for you to go and completely enjoy Lake District National park.
  • This one guesthouse which is run by a family is truly a delightful place to stay and you can expect nice scenery around the place and a nice restaurant. There is an indoor heated swimming pool also available for your comfortable stay.
  • Travelodge Kendal is another option that comes within the budget and has free parking also available for you.
  • There is a Langdale hotel and spa which is famous and is quite a popular choice.
  • A self-catering cottage is also an option you can go for like The Old Coach, The Dairy or The stable.
  • There are also unique accommodations available if you want to experience and enjoy a different kind of stay like shepherd huts. Tipi Retreat and Yurtshire are some of the options you can try for yourself.
  • Campsites are also available like Newby bridge Touring park, Castlerigg Hall campsite and High Close Caravan.
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4. Some Really Facts About Lake District, England

  • World’s First National park is actually Lake District national park established in 1951.
  • Lake District, England is home to the latest concentration of named mountains in England.
  • The Area has the largest sheep population in England and the unique breed Herdwick survives the harsh environment.
  • The lake district, England is home to the Grasmere Gingerbread, a sweet and spicy delicacy which is really tasty.
  • The largest natural lake is also home to the Lake District England, Windermere which is the most popular attraction of all.

5. FAQs

Q.1 What is the best time to visit Lake District, England?

The lake district can be visited any time of the year and it is fun all year round but you will find more outdoor activities around summer time so it is best advised to visit during summer months with various activities like hiking waiting for you.

Q.2 What activities can I do in the Lake District, England?

There are many paths and fun activities you can take during your visit to Lake District England like local food tasting, wildlife spotting, kayaking, sailing and hiking. There are many heritage sites also available that you can explore.

Q.3 What is the largest lake in the Lake District?

Windermere is the largest in the Lake District, England and is a really beautiful lake that you should definitely try visiting at least once.

Q.4 What is the highest mountain in the Lake District, England?

Scafell Pike is England’s highest mountain which is about 978 meters and you can see it by visiting the Lake District.

Q.5 Is it possible to swim in the lakes in the Lake District, England?

Yes, many lakes in the lake district offer opportunities for swimming. The lakes like Windermere, Coniston Water and Ullswater allow this. Some lakes even have designated areas where you can swim and enjoy the view and the lake.

Q.6 Are there any Guided Tours available in the Lake District?

Yes, many guided tours are available and you can choose any of them like walking tours, bus tours and boat tours. There are many options available and you can choose any of them depending on your convenience.

Q.7 Are there any Caravan sites available in the Lake District?

Yes, there are different types of caravan sites available from basic to luxury caravan parks. You can choose them depending on your budget.

6. Conclusion

The overall experience of the Lake District England is out of this world. From England’s deepest lake to England’s highest mountain, the place just makes you fall in love with the place. There is also William Wordsworth’s house and many famous artists have found their inspiration in this place and hope you also find it here.

With thriving communities like Bowness on Windermere make this place just a really unique and fun experience. Lakeside and Haverthwaite railway is also some of the places you should definitely visit. Rare species are also here which can deeply alter and greatly make your experience better. Overall Lake District England gonna make you fall in love with the place so make sure to visit it.

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