An Extensive Guide To Lake Konstanz

Lake Konstanz
By Barna Bartis/Unsplash. Copyright 2018.

The world offers us many beautiful places to spend our holidays and one of the best ones is Lake Konstanz. It is the place where you can get all the things like natural beauty, restaurants, heartwarming views, lovely scenery, historic monuments, and much more.

Lake Konstanz:

If you are searching for a place to spend your upcoming summer or winter vacation then here we will suggest you the best place to visit and spend a memorable vacation in a wonderful way. Here you can see a beautiful smooth-flowing lake shared by three neighbouring countries of Europe.

It is a tongue basin of fresh water that was created by the glacier of Rhine at the time of the last ice age. It has about 7000 seats on the floating stage. A floating stage is a stage over the water above the shores of Lake Constance.

Around the lake, it has small towns, majestic alps, beautiful gardens and a street of cobblestone situated around Lake Constance. When visiting this place you may feel like you are standing in a green world and nature is hugging you tightly.

You will like this place and fall in love with it because of its natural surroundings. Due to its substantial touristic infrastructure, it offers tourists a comfortable holiday time. 

It is also worthful to visit lake Constance for both winter sports as well as water sports or summer sports. The lake offers water sports or summer sports like surfing, sailing, canoeing and others, while winter sports include skiing.

Lake Constance is also on the German-Swiss border. Alpine Rhine creates its own path along the Austro-Swiss border and flows down to Lake Constance. Along with this, the region of Lake Constance is surrounded by cultural heritage, villages, and gardens full of flowers and green leaves.

It also gives you the scene of the tourism and leisure industry. The Rhine flows from the Swiss cantons of Graubünden in the southern part of the Swiss Alps. It also creates a part of the Swiss-Austrian, Swiss-Liechtenstein and German-Swiss border.

You can traverse the scenery of Lake Constance and Lake Geneva, in between Jura and the Alps. Many little beaches are present around Lake Constance. Lake Constance region also has small resorts.

Green and beautiful grasses are present around the lake. When the appropriate sunlight falls on the lake it makes the lake seem like it’s glittering with diamonds.

Lake Konstanz
By Levi Rhomberg/Unsplash. Copyright 2021.

An Extensive Guide To Lake Konstanz:

1. Location And Area Covered By Lake Constance: 

This lake is situated in the central part of Europe. The lake is also known as one lake in three countries. It is one of the most amazing places to go on a holiday vacation in Europe due to its natural beauty.

This lake is surrounded by three countries in Europe – Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Constance Lake invites a very charming climate and creates a great atmosphere in the cities of these three countries.

The length of the lake is 63 km and the shorelines lie at 273km. It is also the third-largest lake in central Europe and the largest lake in Germany.

The shorelines lie in the states of Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria of Germany, St.Gallen, Thurgau and Schaffhausen of Swiss cantons and Vorarlberg of Austria. Its natural beauty attracts the eyes of tourists all over the world.

It flows over the cities of Konstanz, Bregenz, Friedrichshafen and Uberlingen and makes the cities more beautiful and naturalistic. In total, the river covers 536 square km of area.

Lake Constance is fed by the Rhine River. Konstanz is divided into three different parts – the upper lake Constance, the lower lake Constance and Uberlingen lake.

The upper lake stretches from Bregenz Bay towards Constance lake. This extension offers a very attractive and pretty scenario across the east of Switzerland.

Another interesting fact is that it only froze 34 times over the past centuries. In Germany, the lake may be the beginning or the finishing point of the German Alpine on the path towards the Alps.

The maximum depth of the lake is 251m, while the average depth of the lake is 90 meters or 300 ft.

On a map, you will see the clear flowing of Lake Constance between three countries. The main and only tributary of it is the Alpine Rhine. Lake Constance also has 23 local diving schools. Out of those 11 are primary schools.

The catchment area of lake Constance is 11,500 square kilometres; its upper area of it is 473 square kilometres. In the upper Lake Constance, the most populated cities are Friedrichshafen, Bergen, Lindau, Uberlingen and Kreuzlingen.

The biggest town on the lower lake is Radolfzell am Bodensee. Both Lindau and Mainau are the largest islands in the upper lake while Reichenau is the largest island in the lower lake.

On the Swiss side, Lake Constance extends about 43 miles between Altenrhein and Stein am Rhein.

Sometimes on quiet summer days at the lake you can hear the sweet sound of flowing water. It may feel like you’re listening to a piano or guitar as the birds nearby are singing for you.

2. Climatic Condition: 

When you visit Lake Constance on hot summer days from mid-June to July or August the temperature will be between 24 degrees centigrade to 26 degrees centigrade. While the lower temperature lies between 14 degrees centigrade to 15 degrees centigrade.

The lake’s temperature in winter months varies from -1 degree centigrade to 5 degrees centigrade, from December to February. In the warm summer evenings, you can enjoy the lake’s cold water by swimming around and chilling your body.

Till now it has frozen four times back in the years 1795, 1830, 1880, and 1963. Even though in 1830 it was only partially frozen. The average water temperature on Lake Constance is 12.9 degrees centigrade.

The water temperature in winter is 6.2 degrees centigrade, while in spring it will be 9.8 degrees centigrade, in summer it might reach up to 21 degrees centigrade and in autumn it will be 14.6 degrees centigrade.

Such temperatures of water create a great atmosphere to take bath during the different seasons.

The maximum temperature rises up to 25 degrees centigrade during August and a minimum of 4.5 degrees centigrade during February.

Lake Konstanz
By Levi Rhomberg/Unsplash. Copyright 2021.

3. Views And Things To Do At Lake Konstanz: 

The whole lake is surrounded by small resorts. It is one of the best places in the world to spend your summer holidays. During summer vacation you can do sailing, swimming, surfing and play beachball.

In the Bodensee area of the lake, you will see some beautiful small towns and amazing cities that will give your eyes a view of heaven.

You can also see new and modern airships operated by the lake. Now, you will get to know about the five most interesting sites to visit at Lake Constance:

3.1. Lindau: 

It is a city in Germany. In our list, Lindau comes first because it provides a very distinctive and special location in a complete lakeside.

The most astonishing thing it offers is the harbour entryway to this island featured a Bavarian lion and a lighthouse on its two opposite sides.

Here on the lakeside, the town is always busy as all the tourists as well as the local people used to walk, ride bikes or sunbathe alongside the waterfront. Besides this, if you climb up the lighthouse you can enjoy an outstanding and eye-catching view of the Alps nearby.

You also must visit the park there named Lindenhof park. Here you can enjoy skiing during winter. In the park of Lindau, you can view beautiful gardens covered with flowers and green leaves of trees.

At the end went to visit an old town where you will see some historic buildings and streets of cobblestone. During winter the famous Christmas markets have some amazing music, skating and tasty foods that you will enjoy more.

Lake Konstanz
By David Hertle/Unsplash. Copyright 2019.

3.2. Meersburg: 

Next comes Meersburg. The meaning of Meersburg is “castle of the sea”. It is named because it’s the home of two old castles. For the first time when you go to Meersburg, you will go to the lower town, and it gives you the feel of resorts.

The lower town will also offer you hotels, restaurants and shopping places for visitors. When you go towards the uptown you will see delightful and pleasant historic old towns.

The old town is a good way to spend your whole day because you might get lost in the tangle of cobblestone streets and the historic hometowns. Old town buildings have been turned into various boutiques, cafes, wine shops and etc.

Lake Konstanz
By Georg Eiermann/Unsplash. Copyright 2022.

3.3. Mainau: 

The next place on the list is Mainau. It is also known as Flower Island because it offers more than 100 acres and millions of different kinds of flowers and plants.

Flower Island is regarded as the most beautiful and attractive place due to its contribution to the nature of Lake Constance. Mainau was built back in the year 1746 with lush green gardens and a staircase of stones.

Visiting flower island or Mainau make you feel like you are in the lap of nature. Plus, it offers you the best view ever.

Lake Konstanz

By Lisa Fecker/Unsplash. Copyright 2022.

3.4. Constance: 

The largest city of Lake Constance is Constance of Konstanz. It takes you back to the middle ages and houses some of the greatest historical landmarks.

The lake has an ancient tower with a red roof. The two most notable sites of the city are Konstanz Minster Cathedral and Kaufhaus of the 14th century.

Besides this, the city has a circular wall of olden ages with 20 towers. However, out of those 20 towers, only three remain. These three are the remnants of the history of this old town.

Besides these historic landmarks, the city also provides modern-day amenities such as cafes, shopping malls, and restaurants.

Lake Konstanz
By Lisa Fecker/Unsplash. Copyright 2022.

3.5. St.Gallen:

St. Gallen is the border city of Switzerland. Here you will see the building frame of old timbers upon a cobblestone square. The Abbey library and baroque cathedral are the two most famous landmarks of St.Gallen.

A great thing about the city is that it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. As it has nearly 170,000 written documents dating back more than 1000 years it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Lake Konstanz
By Samuel Svec/Unsplash. Copyright 2021.

4. Trips From Lake Constance: 

The famous popular day trip to Lake Constance is the Rhine Falls in Switzerland. Just after a ride of a few hours, you will reach the biggest waterfalls in Europe.

The falls are situated in the town of Schaffhausen. You will definitely put this charming and heartwarming view on your tour list. You may also go to Zurich, the largest Swiss city, which is just hours away from Konstanz.

Lake Konstanz
By Roland Matthys/Unsplash. Copyright 2017.

After that, you can also visit a nearby place – the NABU nature reserves. This nature reserve will offer you some delicious meals with a complete view of nature.

In Switzerland, you may visit Wollmatinger Marsh city which is known for its natural views. It is the meeting place where the upper Lake Constance joins with the lower Lake Constance.

In Wollmatinger you will also see some beautiful species that used to migrate here in the natural reserves.

In Lake Constance, the two restaurants with the most beautiful and delicious food, where you will love to go for dinner or lunch are Heinzler Sam and Biohotel Mohren, Germany.

In the local mountain, you can go on the hiking trails, mountain biking, swim at different beaches nearby, boating, etc.

Another interesting thing to do at Lake Constance is boating. Boating tourism allows you to go for a round of the whole lake. Here boats are handled by Vereinigte Schifffahrtsunternehmen fur den Bodensee and the Rhine.

You can also visit the impressive Devil’s Table of Lake Constance. It is a rock in Lake Constance just opposite the Uberlingen. Devil’s table is also called rock needle.

Lake Konstanz
By Copyright 2020.

5. Best Places To Stay At Lake Constance: 

Lake Constance always provides you with the best place to stay, right in the lap of nature. Heartwarming natural views, different new kinds of species, the climate of pure love and other historic places. You can expect all these at the best places to stay in Konstanz.

It gives you the most naturalistic feelings which may not be provided by any other place. Not only naturalistic, but it also offers white hotels which include a beautiful garden, clean and fine rooms, five-star dining, a spa, a centre of wellness and an amazing rooftop pool.

Other places that attract tourists are:

5.1. Konstanz:

The city of Konstanz is situated near the Swiss shore and is the largest town around Lake Constance. It is rich in the culture of both theatrical and musical scenarios. Konstanz minister is an eye-catching old church with pleasant and beautiful side scenes.

Lake Konstanz
By Med Amine CB/Unsplash. Copyright 2021.

The main tourist attractions of it contain the doorway of the 15th century, a fine interior that has choir stalls, from 1460, Holy Sepulcher of the 13th century. If you go with your family and kids then you must visit the Sea Life Konstanz.

This place has different kinds of marine animals and domestic or local freshwater species visiting the Konstanz along with the Rhine river. There is also a big Red Sea aquarium tunnel where you will see many marine animals and will be loved by kids.

Besides this, you will also go to the Lake Constance nature museum which has an enchanting display of flora and fauna around Lake Constance. The sea level there is below 100 meters or 330 feet.

5.2. Wollmatinger Ried-Untersee-Gnadensee: 

Another beautiful place that nature can offer you is the Wollmatinger Ried-Untersee-Gnadensee. Many places beside the shore of Lake Constance mainly the jaws of big tributary rivers, are declared as nature reserves.

The largest nature reserves on the shore of Germany cover an area of 20,000 acres.

It’s the region where the river Rhine flows from the actual lake to the Untersee. Natural reserves increase the different kinds of plants and animals. It also includes an excess of 600 fern new flowers and plants.

It also contains more than 290 different kinds of birds and other species. Eriskircher Ried is also one of its important and famous nature reserves of it. It is the most loved place for bird lovers because it offers various kinds of new species of birds.

Then you can visit Halbinsel Mattnau. It also offers various species of birds.

Lake Konstanz
By Julian/Unsplash. Copyright 2021.

5.3. Allgau: 

This place is located on the uplands of Lake Constance. It is an amazing mountain region that holds the Bavarian Swabian route on the southern side.

Some of the famous places for travelling include the Lech valley and Deutsche Alpentrasse, and towards the north, the upper Swabian Baroque Highway is a very nice tourist path.

The long Alpine chain of Allga Apls on the northern side of the Calcareous Alps creates a border between Bavaria and the provinces of Austria, Vorarlberg and Tirol.

It has an awesome landscape of steep foothills, fine lakes, little ponds and moors, a large jungle, and meadows of the abundant mountain and small villages. It is also popular for spas and springs of medicines.

Lake Konstanz
By Philipp Angerhofer/Unsplash. Copyright 2021.

5.4. Harbor of Konstanz: 

We have already seen that Konstanz is a very beautiful and natural place. So, not only the city, but the harbour of Konstanz is also very pleasant. It looks like a blue heaven as both the blue sky and water boast the beauty of the amazing city.

The popular Kaufhaus is located there. At the entrance of the harbour, you will see a statue of Imperia.

Lake Konstanz
By Sven Masuhr/Unsplash. Copyright 2019.

6. Cultural Events At Lake Constance: 

Lake Constance has some spectacular festivals in a year. The biggest festival of Lake Constance is celebrated on the 31st of May and is known as International Lake Constance week. It started on the 31st of May and ended on the 3rd of June.

Next is the Lake Constance Mobility Supplier Summit. It is celebrated during the month of June, starting on the 28th and ending on the 29th. The two days of this festival offer a lot of joy and excitement to local people and tourists.

The Bregenzer Festival is celebrated on the beautiful floating stages over the lake.

7. Leisure Industry Of Lake Constance: 

A major commercial hub is located at the centre of Constance. Being the largest town of Constance, it has turned into a centre of the revolution in the field of IT, communication technologies, and services of B2B and B2C.

Lake Constance has also become a hub for cross-border cooperation and provides welfare to the local retail, tourism and leisure industries.

8. District Office of Lake Constance:

The district office Konstanz is situated in Germany.


To conclude this extensive guide on Lake Konstanz, visit this amazing place at least once during your winter or summer vacation. There are very few places in the world that can provide this kind of naturalistic atmosphere and climate.

The natural views of the lake will make your day beautiful. During summer you can participate in sports and by walking in the cobblestoned streets, you can pass your time by enjoying the fresh air of the city.

Different kinds of marine animals and birds will sing all day, keeping your mind fresh and your soul connected with nature. The hotels and restaurants also include beautiful gardens, and clean rooms and will serve delicious food.

This is the place where you can enjoy both modern and ancient beauty at the same time.

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