The Highest Mountain In England: 4 Fantastic Facts

Scafell In Winter
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The highest mountain in England, do you have any idea about it? This article brings it to your notice! England is a beautiful country which is decorated by nature.

Several mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and forests collectively form a beautiful bunch of natural elements in England. When we speak about mountains, in particular, the highest mountain in England is the Scafell pike.

All That You Must Know About Scafell Pike

About Scafell Pike

  • Scafell Pike in itself is enough to bring thrill and excitement to the nerves of the climbers. It is the highest mountain in England and is a war memorial cared for by the National Trust as a gift after the war.
  • Many enthusiastic individuals who love walking actively can go on a hike on Scafell Pike every year with Fix the Fells working all year to oversee pathways and care for the delicate montane natural surroundings.

Facts About England’s Highest Mountain: Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike
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1) England’s Highest Mountains in Lake District National Park

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  • With a height of 978 metres (3209 feet) above sea level, Scafell Pike is one of England’s most notable and highest summits. It is possible to pinpoint this mountain’s location as the Scafell massif, Cumbria’s Southern Fells, and the Lake District National Park.
  • Scafell pike is famously known as England’s highest mountain. It is only a few meters taller than its neighbouring peak, Scafell.

2) About the Highest Summit in England – Scafell Pike

A. Part of the National Three Peaks Challenge

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Here are some of the facts about the highest summit in England, Scafell Pike.

  • Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Snowdown are the tallest mountains in the United Kingdom. They are situated in Scotland, England, and Wales, respectively.
  • Ben Nevis is the highest peak out of all the three mountains, but Scafell Pike is the highest peak in England. Several other England’s highest peaks are on the border with Scotland.
  • These highest peaks in the United Kingdom are famously known for the National Three Peaks Challenge. The challenge is about completing the hike of all three mountains in 24 hours.
  • Many people actively and excitedly participate in this challenge.
  • The all-out hiking distance is 23 miles (37km), and the total climb is 3064 meters (10,052ft) – double the rising of the Yorkshire dales, over a relative total hiking distance. The complete travelling distance is 462 miles.
  • Broad Crag Tarn is 820 m (2,700 ft), a fourth of a mile south of the culmination. Perspective on the Scafell range in the English Lake District, looking west from Crinkle Crags.

B. Instructions to Participate in the National Three Peaks Challenge

Different Ways to Participate in the Challenge

You can participate as a self-coordinated group or a professionally organized group in the National Three Peaks Challenge. The self-coordinated group can be the least expensive method for participating. In contrast, a professionally organized group will profit from the help given by professional route guides.

3) Best Hiking Spot With Steep and a Rugged Landscape

highest mountain in England
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  • While you plan to climb the highest mountain in England, don’t undervalue the necessary factors required for the hike to have the best insight, prepare, utilize maps and compasses and check mountain weather patterns before setting off.
  • Climbing Scafell Pike, the tallest mountain in England is not an easy undertaking and ought not to be undervalued.
  • Whichever course you take, it’s an extreme, steep climb that includes scrambling over the rugged landscape, which is hard and rocky.
  • Arranging and planning are essential whatever the season – there could be high breezes, rain, snow, outrageous cold, or unfortunate perceivability.
  • Along these lines, check the mountain estimate, have the right dress and gear, and expertise to utilize it.

4) Different Routes to Reach the Highest Mountain in England – Scafell Pike

There are three routes up to the tallest mountain in England, Wasdale Head, Langdale Head, and Borrowdale Head. These are the best routes that you can opt for

1 . Reach the Highest Mountain in England From Wasdale

How to Reach the Highest Mountain in England Through Wasdale?
Wasdale Head and the start of Scafell Pike hike in England's Lake District
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Here is your Answer.
The quickest ascent of Scafell Pike is probably found here. You must start at sea level and climb up to the mountain top. It might seem overwhelming, but it’s worth the effort.
Brief Description of the Route
  • This route is 3 miles (one way), total assent accounts for 2900 ft, and an estimated time that one would need to complete the hike would be somewhere near 3-4 hours.
Start from Wastwater
  • Thrilled climbers, you can begin your climb at the Wastwater.
  • Locate trail that leads you across Wastwater’s northern terminus and onto Lingmell Gill from wherever you park.
  • The way crosses one part of the stream close to the top. Follow the right way, and you’ll be soothed to see the level top of the mountain and the culmination asylum and trig point.
  • Similar steps should be taken along Brown Tongue and across Hollow Stones, generally in an easterly direction. Avoid changing the directions in-between as you can lose track.
  • Before approaching rock climbing spot, withdraw back to the route if this happens. Please continue your journey and ascend slight slope to the east.
  • On the twisting path up the hilltop, turn right whenever the landscape becomes straight.
  • It could not be seen because it winds between banks and severe dips, according to the weather patterns. Bringing a map and compass is usually a good idea to aid in navigation.
  • Although it is distinguished clearly on the guide, it is not as well differentiated on the ground. You’ll be heading up the mountain’s “nose,” not one of the gorges on either side.

2 . Reach the Highest Mountain in England from Langdale

How to Reach the Highest Mountain in England through Langdale?
great langdale english - scafell pike
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Here is Your Answer.

Langdale is a complicated route to opt for as compared to Wasdale. It is 6.5 miles (one way), the total ascent accounts for 2900 ft, and one might require 4-5 hours to reach the peak.

The easiest way to ascend England’s tallest peak from Langdale is to follow the Cumbria Way to Esk Hause, where you may connect to the Borrowdale route.

Brief Description of the Route
  • Under the Langdale Pikes (a magnificent restaurant! ), in New Dungeon Ghyll, there is sizable National Trust parking lot. 
Start from Ambleside
  • You might be in the perfect situation in few seasons, strolling directly from Ambleside down Langdale valley.
  • It’s really long walk, so make sure you give yourself enough time to finish this. Even spending the night in Langdale Valley before ascending the mountaintop might be justified.
  • Follow the signs for the Cumbria Way as you make your way north between the buildings from the New Dungeon Ghyll parking lot.
  • You should be able to access the trail through door in the stone wall that marks the fells’ base.
 Angle Tarn: a Turnover
  • Follow the path that branches out to the left at the top of the valley—not the Cumbria Way—toward Angle Tarn.
  • Angle Tarn could have caught your attention due to its beautiful structure. It has become a well-known hiker’s spot for various fun-filled activities like camping and swimming in the lake District.
  • Due to the increased human population near the pool, Giardia, a waterborne parasite spread by excessive human faeces and food waste near the pool, is currently in the water.
  • Follow the wide, stony track to Esk Hause from Angle Tarn. It has a stone shelter and is a col (plunge) between two mountains.
  • The highest peak in England can be reached by first travelling to the southwest and ascending towards Scafell Pike.

3 . Reach the Highest Mountain in England from Borrowdale

How to Reach The Highest Mountain in England through Borrowdale?
Borrowdale Mountains
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Here is Your Answer,

If you are more of a walk lover, you must opt for this route. It has 5 miles(one way), and the total ascent accounts for 2725 ft. It will take you almost 3 hours to climb the highest peak in England through this route.

Brief Description of the Route
  • There is a more drawn-out walk, and even though you are still essentially strolling uphill the entire day, it isn’t precisely so determined.
  • There are additionally two notable pools and a major waterfall along the way. This route is extremely beautiful enchanting and will satisfy your trek cravings.
Start from Seathwaite
  • Enthusiastic climbers, You should begin from Seathwaite, a small town that is essentially only a homestead toward the finish of the landing area on ed street. In the late spring, the rancher some of the time opens up his field for paid stopping, yet attempts to check in advance – there’s very little space to pivot in. Choose a side of the waterway from Seathwaite!
  • The path on the right (northwest) side leads to a strong cascade but is occasionally steep and difficult.
  • A paved path runs along the left (southeast) side and crosses Stockley Bridge before turning back toward the waterway and ascending the slope in a shallower fashion.
  • You can return from left to right at a little scaffold where the two routes re-join across the waterfall.
  • If you’re alone yourself, you’re probably in an undesirable location. Even when the weather is bad, it seems like someone else is always there at the same time as you or arriving earlier and eating their lunch.
  • You could take the Corridor Route back for slightly more constrained but trickier route if you’re headed straight for Borrowdale.
  • This includes going down of the mountain’s north side, and the plummet isn’t dependably self-evident – once more, there’s a great deal you can tumble off!


The UK is home to the most mountains and lakes from all around the world. Scafell Pike is the highest mountain in England as it offers stunning views and is a must-visit place. The highest standing water body in England, Broad Crag Tarn, at 2,700 feet above sea level, is located in this mountain.

To all the passionate trekkers and hikers out there who love to walk and trek, do not miss out on a chance of witnessing one of the tallest mountains in England. So, this was all about the highest mountain in England.

Enjoy hiking!




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