15 Best Beaches in Europe

Beaches in Europe
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Before climbing up towards the best Beaches in Europe, let us know its and bits about the European Continent which is absolutely wonderful and a delight to one’s eyes as it is filled with splendid beauty. Europe is a very beautiful and vast continent located in the Eastern Hemisphere. It is full of countries that are beautiful and worth exploring. European countries can be considered as a treat to the souls of nature lovers. It has splendid and spectacular destinations, which one would love to visit.

From Navagio Beach on the Greek island of Zakynthos to Zlatni Rat Beach on Brac island, this article has all the beautiful beaches in Europe. Europe’s beach capitals have for quite some time been a list of must-do things for each voyager – there’s an explanation a large number of the world’s most-visited nations are in Europe.

best beaches in Europe
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Be that as it may, with regards to, European coastline towns will more often than not assume a lower priority about the old stalwarts of the Caribbean and the South Pacific. Notwithstanding the scope of beachfront choices – from the rough excellence of Iceland to the white-hot nightlife of the Côte d’Azur to the serene hotel torment of Croatia – such a large number of vacationers ignore the charms of the coast for inland pillars.

Picking a European location for your next beachside getaway means you don’t need to think twice about it. In this article, you will get to explore the best beaches in Europe. If you are an avid beach lover, read this article until the end.

15 Most Beautiful Beaches in Europe that You Must Visit

1 . Best Beaches in Europe: Rabbit Beach

Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa, likewise called Rabbit Island, is an enchanting spot on the Southwestern island. Lampedusa is nearer to the shoreline of North Africa than it is some other piece of Italy. The weather conditions indeed mirror this; downpour is intriguing, and summer temperatures can arrive at 40°C.

Rabbit beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and is known for its serene beauty, crystal clear water, and soft sand, which is similar to a paradise to the visitor’s eyes. This beach is almost 100 miles off the Italian coast but is one of those spectacular beaches that everyone craves.

It is a delight for the swimmers and snorkelers. Also, you can see plenty of sea turtles on the beach.

Available Facilities

One thing to note about this beach is that there are no beach bars, beach facilities, or restaurants near the beach. A car park facility is available.

2 . Best Beaches in Europe: Navagio Beach

The Greek Beach in the face of a million postcards, Navagio beach in Zakynthos, which is in Zakynthos island, is one spot you may love to regard yourself as wrecked – Shipwreck Beach. With powerful bluffs tossing up over an ideal circular segment of sand and beach so blue it looks Photoshopped, this paradise on-earth ocean side is not confidential.

 Navagio Beach
Photo by mkos83 from Shutterstock

This beautiful beach has turquoise water, which will amaze your beach-loving soul. This beach is not one of those sandy beaches, but it is known for its bright blue waters. It has dramatic white cliffs around it. However, on the off chance that you avoid the high season, it’s as yet worth drifting it over here to be quickly amazed by its excellence.

Available Facilities

This is a spectacular beach which can be reached only by boat. Spas and restaurants are available nearby.

3 . Best Beaches in Europe: Praia De Marinha

Praia da Marinha is the model Algarve inlet. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Portuguese. Clear turquoise waters slurp facing the orange limestone cliffs that frame the bluffs and notorious stone developments that have graced the fronts of hundred-occasion pamphlets.

The beachside is tiny and sandy, yet what has been saved is what it doesn’t have. Notwithstanding being situated on the Algarve coast, Praia da Marinha misses the mark on offices and, above all, simple admittance to other Algarve seashores.

Getting to the beachside includes a digit of a drive off the primary street followed by a lofty drop down to the beachside using many steps. The view looks similar to a crystal clear sea. You will also get to see rock formations on this beach. Assuming you can persuade the entire family to bring the means down to the beachside, it is a child’s wonderland of niches, corners, and caverns to investigate.

Boat trips (counting paddle boat enlist) are accessible from the beachside so that you can investigate the unusual and magnificent stone developments at close hand. Marinha’s beachside can be found by switching off the primary EN125 among Portimão and Carvoeiro by the Algarve International School. From here it is around 4km to the beachside.

Available Facilities

The swimming and snorkeling are extraordinary and moderately protected even though there isn’t any lifeguard cover.

4 . Best Beaches in Europe: Praia As Catedrais

Praia as Catedrais is a Spain-located beach. When the force of the beach joins with the persistence of time, the outcome is a thing of beauty the Praia das Catedrais ocean side, a characteristic landmark with an extraordinary aspect. You need to sit tight for the ebb tide, remove your shoes and begin strolling and you will feel incandescently happy.

Praia das Catedrais
Photos by Arnau Soler from Shutterstock

There is no way like partaking in perspective on the flying braces that are 30 meters high, entering ocean caves with spired vaults, finding the uncommon perspective on curves inside curves. Or then again, essentially meandering along the sandy halls encompassed by record dividers, as in a forcing and eccentric focal nave.

Access is simple. Furthermore, consistently with your feet on the sand and your head in the sky. There is additionally has a decent stroll along the upper edge and data boards. In any case, leaving our impressions in the sand is just conceivable at low tide.

Available Facilities

Places to stay and have food in nearby villages are available.

5 . Best Beaches in Europe: Blue Lagoon

Ölüdeniz Beach, famously known as the Blue Lagoon, and the moniker is adept – the narrows are so lavishly shaded it nearly doesn’t look real. The surrounding forest is stainless and liberated from the overdevelopment that plagues numerous Turkish boutique hotels and lavish restaurants.

Blue Lagoon Beach
Photos by Yuliya Halianiuk from Shutterstock

The beachside is the reason a great many people visit Ölüdeniz. While the fair portion of stone shore edging the occasion resort is free, the acclaimed tidal pond beachside is a safeguarded public park (Ölüdeniz Tabiat Parkı) that you pay to enter. Both the public beachside and tidal pond become vigorously busy in summer, be that as it may, with the mountains taking off above you, it’s as yet a beautiful spot to while away a couple of hours.

Available Facilities

  • There are showers, toilets for sanitation purposes, and bistros; sunglasses(₺15), loungers (₺15), and paddleboats can be leased.
  • Snorkeling, Swimming pool, Paragliding, and Scuba diving are available for the visitors.

6 . Best Beaches in Europe: Keem Bay

Keem Bay, Achill Island, Ireland, at the western finish of Achill Island, is one of the most beautiful coves in Ireland. It is open by street over a winding clifftop course on Croaghaun mountain. Keem Bay is uninhabited (the main structure is a previous coastguard station) and gives a quiet and sublime retreat from the 21st century.

Keem Bay Beach
Photos by Fishermanittiologico from Shutterstock

At the core of Keem Bay is the wonderful fine sandy beachside. This strand is verged on different sides by precipices; toward the east coast by the slants of Croaghaun mountain and toward the west coast by a fight called Moyteoge. It also has forested mountains and cliffs. If you crave precipitous coastal drive fires – you have it here.

Enduring the worst part of stormy seas and the whimsical impulses of the Irish weather, this half-moon straight of golden sand spreads at the foot of steep precipices and green slants. At the highest point of this fight, at a rise of around 200m, is a previous coastguard watch-house.

For hillwalkers, this spot denotes the beginning of an amazing 1.5km stroll along with the highest point of the precipices of Benmore towards Achill Head, the most westerly mark of Achill Island.

Available Facilities

Many activities like hill climbing, golf, fishing, and many other watersports are available for the visitors to enjoy.

7 . Best Beaches in Europe: Haukland Beach

Situated in Norway, Haukland Beach is one of the favorite beaches of all Europeans. Raising out of the Norwegian Sea like a mythical beast’s spine, Lofoten islands of Norway’s northern coast is the Arctic dream – whether found in the ceaseless light of the Midnight Sun or under dancing Northern Lights in winter snows.

Haukland Beach is mind-blowing, with spiky rock tops pushing above smooth white sand and golden sand spreads.

Haukland Beach
Photos by salarko from Shutterstock

The water is crisp (never hitting more than 15°C). However, you’ll tingle to bounce in no different either way.

Available Facilities

Beachside walking with dogs can be done. A free car park is available. Sanitation facilities and Cafes are also available.

8 . Best Beaches in Europe: Porto Limnionas Beach

Porto Limnionas Beach, in the Ionian Islands, is one of the most beautiful beaches is 27 kilometers away from the center city of Kos. If you are hoping to get away from the party individuals who spend their excursions on Greek islands like Mykonos and Kos, book a pass to Zakynthos island and visit one of the island’s tricks of the trade, Porto Limnionas Beach.

Photo by dronepicr from Flickr

There is just a single method for getting to the ocean side: climbing down a harsh track that is signposted with accommodating bearings. You won’t see palms or white sand here: In Vik (Iceland Vik Beach), the sand is dark as caviar, and the ocean side is spotted with taking off basalt sections, making it even more extraordinary.

You can also find sharp sea stacks on this beach.

9 . Best Beautiful Beaches in Europe: Sandwood Bay

Situated on the northwest coast, Sandwood Bay is an isolated beach in Europe. The detached area implies you want to climb a little more than 4 miles to arrive at the inlet from the nearby town of Blairmore.

Photo by Stu smith from Flickr

Begin from the vehicle parking in the town of Blairmore, northwest of the villa of Kinlochbervie on the single-track B801. The actual climb is adequately simple, and as you travel, you’re compensated with perspectives on the northwest Highlands. The last stretch ascents over a peak, past which the eminent narrows is spread out underneath for you to investigate.

It is a blowout for the eyes and an additional exceptional spot to visit. You can see pink sand and moving ridges here as well.

Available Facilities

Surfing is one of the watersport activities that one can enjoy at Sandwood Bay, but there is no lifeguard support.

10 . Best Beautiful Beaches in Europe: Myrtos Beach

Myrtos beach is, without uncertainty, one of the main shafts of fascination in Kefalonia. It is found 29 km north of Argostoli, in a delightful region around tremendous verdant slopes. Myrtos beachside has acquired an overall standing and has been continually remembered for touring publications among the best seashores in Greece and the world.

Photo by Tony Hisgett from Flickr

It has been granted commonly for its cleanness and regular magnificence. The beachside has a semi-round about shape encompassed by noteworthy white rough bluffs with rich vegetation on top of them, making a breathtaking setting. The lavish green region, the unexpected landscape, the white stones, and the gem waters form a shocking view. It is one of the rare beauty.

The regular excellence of Myrtos is the brand name of Kefalonia and one of the most captured places in Greece. Solid breezes impact it. The western coast of Myrtos beach offers staggering nightfall sees. Guests have direct admittance to a wide scope of offices and a pleasant sack bar offering cold beverages.

All methods can effectively reach Myrtos beach for transport. While dropping the beachside, you will partake in a few astounding perspectives from a higher place.

Available Facilities

Umbrellas and sundecks are available on the beachside for rent. Beach Bars with showers, restaurants, and washrooms are available for visitors.

11 . Best Beaches in Europe: Cala Macarella

Cala Macarella, located on Balearic island, shares a lot of practice speaking with a significant number of Menorca’s other most dazzling inlets. It is set in a profound rough bay of limestone bluffs canvassed in pine trees. The sand  is close to white and differentiations splendidly with the glasslike turquoise ocean.

Cala Macarella Beach
Photos by jackbolla from Shutterstock

What gives Cala Macarella the edge over a portion of the similarly wonderful seashores along this coast (essentially as far as a family ocean side) are the offices here. The late spring lifeguard administration makes a generally shielded sound with shallow water much more secure. Furthermore, there are latrines, showers, and a decent estimated eatery right close to the ocean side.

No part of this removes anything from this oceanside, dazzling. It can get somewhat occupied. However, it is sufficiently remote not to become busy. Sitting right across the straight from Macarella is the little inlet of Cala Macarelleta. Anybody visiting both of these seashores should make a brief stroll along the bluffs between the two.

From here, you will get a portion of the total best perspectives in Menorca.

Available Facilities

Diving, Snorkeling, Swimming, and Bathing are some recreational activities that one can enjoy on this beach.

12 . Best Beaches In Europe: Zlatni Rat Beach

The beachside of Zlatni Rat Beach is one of Croatia’s most popular, with the most recognizable view presumably being from a higher place. From here, you will be left in almost no uncertainty about beachside is regularly alluded to locally as the Brilliant Horn.

Zlatni Rat Beach
Photos by mislaw from Shutterstock

Zlatni Rat Beach sticks out into the Adriatic Sea, framing a triangle of beachside bordering pine backwoods home to a Roman manor’s remains. After some time, the specific state of the spit of land shifts shape, and the furthermost tip of the beachside will bend toward the east or west, relying upon the atmospheric conditions.

The beachside is likewise formed by the solid flows of the Hvar Channel, which runs between the islands. This flow keeps the water completely clear, yet in addition, somewhat cool. It is just viewed as a minor gamble to swimmers as you would need to swim an impressive distance of the finish of the beachside or it to have a discernible effect.

On the off chance that you are expecting fine brilliant sand at Zlatni Rat Beach, you might be somewhat disheartened. The real beachside comprises little white stones, so not extraordinary for sand palaces, but rather doesn’t get wherever by the same token! Zlatni Rat Beach is certifiably not an unseen corner of the Adriatic. Being near the port of Bol and somewhat notable, it gets going in the late spring.

13 . Best Beaches in Europe – Luskentyre Beach

Despite being situated on the Isle of Harris in the north of Scotland, Luskentyre beachside could nearly be Caribbean by all accounts. The tremendous spread of brilliant white sand and the clear greenish-blue/turquoise water beach all join to make what is frequently referred beachside to as the best beachside in the British Isles.

Luskentyre Beach
Photos by Eleanor Hamilton from Shutterstock

Somewhere out there are the mountains of North Harris which further add to the magnificence of this spot. As though this wasn’t sufficient, you might be adequately fortunate to have the beachside to yourself. A gulf stream makes the Hebrides shockingly warm, so you can go for a midsummer walk on the wonderful beach while you enjoy the Luskentyre Sands.

Available Facilities

A free car park is available. You can enjoy swimming, mountain walking, and cycling at Luskentyre Beach.

14 . Best Beaches in Europe – Lubenice Beach

If verifiable standing is any sign, this spot isn’t missed. The region has been agreed to approximately 4,000 years and keeps on being a well-known spot for local people and vacationers at the same time. The beachside itself is segregated, and strong shoes are an unquestionable requirement: To arrive, you’ll need to overcome a precarious 45-minute climb every way.

Try not to miss the Blue Cave, a cave cut into the precipice a couple of yards down.

Lubenice Beach
Photos by berni0004 from Shutterstock

You’ll have to swim to arrive, yet when you’re in, the experience is not normal for some other – daylight reflecting through the water causes the spot to seem lit from the inside. Whenever you’ve had your fill of the coastline, climb back up into town for a sample of Lubenice’s super seafood.

Available Facilities

Since the beach is in Lubenice Village, you can explore the village life there. Hiking can also be enjoyed on this beach as it has some sheer cliffs.

15 . Best Beaches in Europe – Porthcurno Beach

This beach is one of the best beaches in Europe due to its splendid turquoise water and golden sand, which is very shiny. Porthcurno Beach is an ideal sandy beachside with fine perspectives in West Cornwall. Close by Pednvounder Beach can likewise be reached through the coast, yet note that entrance is hazardous.

Photo by Richard Corfield from Flickr

Signs caution of solid flows, enormous breaking waves, not to utilize inflatables in high breezes, profound racking beachside at high tide, and the chance of rock falls. Additionally, the hazard of the cut-off at the elevated tide. Lifeguards in summers are accessible.

The way from the vehicle park to the beach goes for a few minutes to stroll, and the last admittance to the beachside uses a short arrangement of steps. At Pednvounder Beach, the waterfront way is troublesome in spots, and the last admittance to Pednvounder is by scrambling down a sheer cliff, which is risky and not suggested

Available Facilities

Car Parking is available. The interested visitors can visit Cable Station Inn, Telegraph museum, Many cafes, and Minack Theatre.

Final Words

These are the 15 best beaches in Europe that a beach-loving soul must visit without fail. From the serene beaches in Croatia and Greece with water as blue as the sky to the wild and wide surfing beaches on the Atlantic coast in Portugal, there are hundreds of beaches to suit all preferences and prerequisites in the European continent.


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