The Kit Kat Club Berlin—7 Things You Need To Know About This Sinful Club

Kit Kat club
Photo by Bill Strain, on Flickr, Copyright 2009

The Kit Kat Club Berlin is an adult nightclub founded by Austrian pornographic director Simon Thaur and his life partner Kirsten Krüger in March 1994. An exciting club to attend that is well worth a visit if you enjoy going to unusual and risky areas.

KitKat Club takes its name from the nightclub presented in the American musical Cabaret. Harold Prince’s Cabaret takes place in Berlin in the early 1930s, against the backdrop of the Nazi party’s rise to power, in the “Kit Kat Club,” a comedy theatre. It is a sex club, with naked or Semi- Naked people in fetish, kinky costumes, with a non-judgmental hippie vibe and techno music.

On March 1, 2014, the Kit Kat Club Berlin celebrated its 20th anniversary, and Vigor Calma published Kit Kat Club, a novel about Kit Kat’s early years. Rausch in Berlin, a new edition of the book, was published in 2019.

Their art, posters, videos and photography are sold on Etsy, and the link is available on Kit kat club, Berlin’s website.

Kit Kat club Berlin
Photo by Marcos Minutti, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

Things You Need To Know About Kit Kat Club Berlin

The Kit Kat Club Berlin is well-known for its sexually uninhibited party. At the location, guests are free to engage in open sexual intercourse. 

A person who strays into the club without being aware of it might get a culture shock. Activities are related to sexual acts, body painting, music performance, and dance. The place is for Free, liberate minded people; nudity and people having sex around you is to be expected. Sex im kit kat club is safe and fun.

Apart from the bar, snacks, drinks, Great music, and sex, Kit Kat Club Berlin, offers dance floors, a swimming pool, a Lounge area, and massage rooms. There is also outdoor seating available. For now, Certain features are not open to the public due to social distancing.

Is It Hard to Get into Kit Kat Club Berlin?

It’s your attitude and outfit that counts. The place is only for the open-minded, and kit kat club berlin dresscode should be sexy. You can get turned away for both!! The club allows Entry only for 18 and above.

And of course, the wait!! Especially on a Saturday or a Friday evening can go up to two hours. It’s relatively easy to get in during weekdays. Monday night is quieter, and there is no strict dress code; most party-goers are dressed casually, with some revealing outfits.

Health pass is a recent addition and sort of a mandatory one for all Berlin clubs.

What Should I wear to the Kit Kat Club Berlin?

Fetish, latex, leather, kinky, high style, glamour, or nothing at alles!! Each night has a different party themen; dress appropriately and originally. Being turned away because of what you wear is a common occurrence; the best thing would be to research a bit, ask around, read the reviews ahead of your trip to Berlin, and wear the proper attire. The right apparel can save you from being turned away after a 2-hour wait in line. Don’t forget your face mask, of course.

What Does It Cost to Get into Kit Kat Club Berlin?

The KitKat club tickets cost around 15 € to 20€ per person. The drinks are chargeable, but free fresh fruits and candy are available.

Are Berlin Clubs Strict?

Yes, some of them have a strict door policy!! Especially Kit Kat, the bouncers are uncompromising!!! They can smell you out if you are pretending to be something you are not and if you are just not ready !!

Try not to do anything to tick them off while in the queue, or you might not get in. Being overdressed, loud, and ruckus in the line or even sticking your nose in your phone might put them off!! Wear sexy kinky clothes learn a bit of German to woo the bouncer!! Once you are in, you will have to turn in your phone and clothes in the cloakroom.

There is a strictly enforced no photographing policy in place at the club. Inside, a professional photographer is available; you can request a picture if you need it, or You can notify the photographer if you don’t want to be photographed. Your privacy is respected.

Cabaret Kitkat
Photo by charcoal soul, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

What Are the Events in Kit Kat Club Berlin?

The weekly schedule is very varied. The consistent events now are Electric Monday on Monday nights and Symbiotikka on Wednesdays. Their events are usually announced on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. It might take time to teleport back to the fully-fledged club, with rage partys , fashion weeks, even charity night!!

The kitkatclub is open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Is Kit Kat Club Berlin Safe?

Online reviews of the club are both positive and negative. Regular information-seeking browsers might feel skeptical of the concept. Most people new to the scenario might find the body painting and the bold acts alarming.

There is no pressure on anyone; all actions are consensual, and your permission is taken before. The patrons of Kit Kat club ensure a fun and safer experience for amateurs!!

Did Covid Affect This kinky Kit Kat Club, Berlin?

By the end of the covid lockdown period, many restaurants and public establishments started facing monetary consequences. “Save KitKat Club” and an online donation campaign were started, seeking help from loyal fans to keep the business afloat.

There was substantial financial support from the German government as well. While most Europe club dance floors were reinvented as Galleries and Exhibition spaces for the Art Kit Kat club, Berlin was turned into a Covid test centre. An essential service at the time, the tests were offered at 25€ by Doctors accompanied by medically trained staff. The interest is not in money but in enabling the movement of people.

Electronic art in Kitkat club
Photo by MeTaMiND EvoLuTioN MeTaVoLuTioN, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

Kit Kat Club—A Place to Lose Yourself

The clubs in Berlin are reopening slowly now. The visitors describe their experience as unique and memorable. The club has an awesome positive atmosphere amidst crazy antics and freedom of expression, people being what they want to be, courteous, consensual. The Kit Kat Club is renowned as one of Berlin’s best clubs. Today, attention is on music and dancing rather than sexual acts.


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