15 Best Bars In Belfast

bars in belfast
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There are several bars in Belfast, but some of them are truly wonderful and worth visiting. If you are looking for the best bars with a lively atmosphere and lip-smacking drinks, you are right. Read this article till the end to know the best bars in Belfast.

But before that, let us know about Belfast. Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland. Belfast is also the twelfth largest city in the United Kingdom. There’s no lack of bars to savor our city. Whether you’re searching for a surprising date thought, a tomfoolery spot to spend time with your buddies, or arranging a unique event, bars in Belfast have got you covered.

bars in belfast
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These cool and quirky bars in Belfast, from hot mixed drinks to crazy nightclubs, simple bars to modern bars, ensure you have a fun night to recollect forever. So here is a list of the best bars in Belfast. Do check them out when you visit Belfast without fail.

1 . Bars in Belfast – Kelly’s Cellars (Traditional Irish Pub)

Kelly’s Cellars is one of the best bars in Belfast. It is just a bar and not a restaurant. It is an Irish bar that was built in 1720. It is a straightforward bar with traditional music and ambience. This bar has a significant history as it was built hundreds of years ago, and it is an old bar in Belfast. The bar is filled with small tables and stools.

bars in belfast
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This bar serves the best quality wine, beer, and spirits. It also serves the best Irish Stew. Low ceilings and whitewashed walls form the ambience of this place.

So, if you want to enjoy the traditional Irish pub ambience in Belfast, with rich history and the best Ireland music while you have your drink, Kelly’s cellars are the place that you are looking for.


30-32, Bank Street, Belfast BT1 1HL, United Kingdom.

2 . Bars in Belfast – Crown Liquor Saloon

Crown Liquor Saloon is one of the unique pubs in Belfast. Built in 1820, Crown Liquor Saloon has been one of the favourite pubs of people living in Belfast. Tracing back to the 1880s, The Crown is a jewel of the Victorian period. Its cozy snugs will make you fall in love with the pub.

bars in belfast
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Previously known as The Liquor Saloon in Great Victoria Street, Belfast, our ever-enduring and precious old Belfast bar was one of the mightiest Victorian Gin Palaces in the city, despite everything brags many its unique highlights, including gaslighting.

This bar and pub also offer great food to their visitors. It is located in the Belfast city center, and you can visit this bar when you pass by the city center.


County Antrim, 46 Victoria Street, Belfast BT2 7BA, United Kingdom.

3 . Bars in Belfast – The Spaniard

Located in the depths of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, The Spaniard is not just a bar; it is also a restaurant. It is a splendid place to drink, watch live music, and enjoy your evening. The best part of this bar is that – even dogs are allowed.

bars in belfast
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This is one of the best restaurant bars in Belfast and is divided into three floors. It is a cozy bar to chill on an afternoon. Many visitors have found this restaurant bar to be a fun place.

Built-in 2006, this bar in Belfast is visited by many people every day. So when you are around, visit this bar and enjoy your drinks. This perfect spot has the best atmosphere and friendly staff. It is one of the top bars in Belfast.


The Spaniard Bar, 3 Skipper Street, County Antrim, Belfast, United Kingdom.

4 . Bars In Belfast – The Points

The Points offers a conventional Irish encounter and is probably the best bar in Belfast by a long shot. Arranged on Dublin Road, one of Belfast’s most current bars. It offers live traditional music seven evenings per week from groups from all over the nation.

It is one of those best Belfast pubs you can’t miss visiting. With a beer garden out front, it is the ideal spot to partake in bourbons, craft beers, or lagers, drinks which the bar highly esteems. It also offers the best Irish whiskey. An excellent spot to visit anytime.


44 Dublin Road, Belfast BT2 7HN, United Kingdom.

5 . Bars in Belfast – Babel Rooftop Bar

Settled at the top of the Bullitt Hotel, Babel Rooftop Bar and Garden is the best restaurant and bar with a modern twist, offering mixed drinks, a cocktail bar, light chomps, and a dazzling view across Belfast. There’s no reserving expected for the gardens so that you can shake up for date evenings, end of the week early lunches, and post-work drinks.

bars in belfast
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The verdant Belvedere garden is an ideal decision for unrecorded live music and DJs taking you sometime later. Ideal for all seasons, the most loved downtown area is home to mixed drinks, summer slushies, evening tea, and flatbreads, finished with hummus, pickles, and smoky bean stew sauce.


70-74, Ann Street, Belfast BT1 4QG, United Kingdom.

6 . Bars in Belfast – John Hewitt Bar And Restaurant

The John Hewitt is a restaurant bar in the city of Belfast. This traditional pub is in the center of the Cathedral quarter. A great range of live music and great food can be considered the key features of this bar.

bars in belfast
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So if you are planning a special occasion or looking for a perfect pint for date night or a great place to hang out with your friends and cousins, visit The John Hewitt restaurant and bar to have a great time.


51 Donegall Street, Belfast BT1 2FH, United Kingdom.

7 . Bars in Belfast – Filthy’s

The combination of furniture of Filthy McNastys, the particular stylistic layout comprising of life-sized models serving as tall lights, and classic vinyl enhancing the dividers make an attractive appeal which causes varying backgrounds to feel appreciated. This Belfast bar is located within walking distance from queen’s quarter.

Great Food is served here, but the specialty of this place is Italian Pizza. Music from Belfast’s neighborhood performers can be heard every day from 10 pm, and the people who might want to flaunt their ability can at our open mic night every Sunday evening. This bar is very famous amongst students. This bar is one of the best bars in Belfast.


Dublin Road, BT2 7PH Belfast, United Kingdom.

8 . Bars in Belfast – The Dirty Onion And Yardbird

The Dirty Onion and Yardbird is the home to a bar and a restaurant. If you are looking for the best drinks, grilled chicken, and entertainment bar, this is your place.

The Yardbird and Dirty Onion pub and restaurant on Hill Street
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The Dirty Onion has one of the most extensive beer gardens in the city. This bar and restaurant offers live music almost six times a week. It is an excellent place to hang on and spend an evening with your loved one.


3 Hill Street, Belfast BT2 2LA, United Kingdom.

9 . Bars in Belfast – Bert’s Jazz Bar

Propelled by post-Prohibition America, Bert’s Jazz Bar brings 1930s New York charm to Belfast. Red insides are matched with luxurious seating and unrecorded music for a night out at The Merchant Hotel that will truly dazzle.

french dishes
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A French bistro menu includes Moules Frites, prepared camembert, and steaks, as well as delectable desserts such as a tacky toffee heated Alaska and Tarte Tatin with coconut frozen yogurt.

Wines and handcrafted cocktail drinks inspired by the great jazz cities of London, Havana, Paris, New Orleans, and New York are available. Parched? It is more of a wine bar and a cocktail bar. This place is a must-visit if you love drinking and hanging out.


16 Skipper Street, Belfast BT1 2DZ, Belfast United Kingdom.

10 . Bars in Belfast – Lavery’s

Lavery’s is one of Belfast’s oldest family-owned pubs located in Belfast city center. It is an Entertainment bar, Lounge bar, and Party bar. It is regarded as one of the city’s most outstanding bars.

bars in belfast
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Lavery’s is one of the most favorite bars of people in Belfast. This bar has the best and the most extensive pool tables, beer garden, spectacular food menu, comedy nights, with bits of Guinness coming. This place also has a big screen to watch sports while sipping your drinks.


12-18 Bradbury Street, Belfast BT7 1RS, United Kingdom.

11 . Bars in Belfast – Santeria

Santeria provides you with eccentric mixed drinks or cocktails, extraordinary espresso, and photograph commendable insides 7 days every week. Make a beeline for 19 Fountain Street for uncovered block facades and modern stylistic themes dabbed with Mexican-style fine art.

bars in belfast
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Whether it’s a relaxed night out or after-work drinks, you will not be disappointed. Concerning the beverages, everything revolves around good mixed drinks. The rundown is broad, with segments for gin, whisky, vodka, and that’s just the beginning and hot serves like Irish espressos the Hennessy-tipped Café Royal.


19 Fountain Street, Belfast BT1 5EA, United Kingdom.

12 . Bars in Belfast – Merchant Hotel

Since opening in the Cathedral Quarter in April 2006, The Merchant Hotel has inhaled new life into the Belfast downtown area, enchanting visitors with top-notch administration, unmatched extravagance convenience, sophisticated atmosphere, and an unrivalled food and drink offering.

Bars in Belfast
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The Merchant Hotel has amassed north of 100 high honors, including the AA 5 Red Star Rating, the UK Hotel Awards Best UK Hotel, and the World’s Best Cocktail Bar.

If you enjoy luxurious bars and restaurants, you must visit this hotel. This is one of the best pubs in Belfast that one must visit. Its ambience will attract you towards it.


16 Skipper Street, Belfast BT1 2DZ, Belfast, United Kingdom.

13 . Bars in Belfast – Bullhouse

Bullhouse is a specialty brew bar in Belfast. Found by Willy Mayne, the originator of Bullhouse Brewery, this East city watering opening has a local area-centered ethos and stocks a portion of the area’s best drinks.

bars in belfast
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Alongside its scope of mark IPAs and plant-based brews, the Newtownards Road spot also promotes different draft lines of nearby beers, ales, stouts and biodynamic wines and spirits.

Not a long way from the lush, you’ll find the fundamental brewhouse by Boucher Road. Look at their month-to-month tavern meetings for probably the freshest pints around here


442-446 Newtownards Rd, Belfast BT4 1HJ, United Kingdom

14 . Bars in Belfast – Liquor XXX

From rum and tequila to pisco and cachaça, Liquor XXX is the spot for drinks in Belfast. Taking motivation from Latin America, the lively bar has got mixed drinks for all preferences – to say the very least. Inviting parched visitors with a ‘grown-up’ shopfront, Liquor XXX puts a shocking turn on things.

bars in belfast
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Expect antique style, comfortable seating, and secret indirect access entrance giving you one more aspect to the cozy hideout. DJs are coming to the end of the week on the music front, turning South American tunes and Latin house.


49 Dublin Road, Belfast BT2 7HD, United Kingdom,

15 . Bars in Belfast – Town Square

A #1 among the after-work, night out, and end of the week informal breakfast swarms, Town Square is perhaps the most relaxed bistro and bars in Belfast. The inside is serene and modern, while deck seating is accessible for those uncommon, warm days.

Bars in Belfast
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Whether you’re in the mindset for fish chowder, pasta, tacos, or avocado on toast, wash everything down with an extraordinary decision of channel espresso, mixed drinks, and brew. Also, to wrap up? You won’t want to miss the DIY s’mores and affogato before taking in some unrecorded music.


45 Botanic Ave Street, Belfast BT7 1HZ, United Kingdom.

Belfast has everything, a little city with a ton to offer, from conventional Irish social bars to exemplary mixed drink bars. As a colossal reward, most of the bars in Belfast are within walking distance, and there is generally a class air to be found.

The capital of Northern Ireland is perhaps the best spot to visit. There are vast activities in Belfast, with visiting a bar and a pub being a top decision!


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