The Cheapest Cities In Europe

Cheapest Cities In Europe
Berlin. Source:

If you are looking for the cheapest cities in Europe, you have reached the right place. European cities have a rich history, astonishing local culture, cultural attractions, delicious food options, and more features.

Night View in Paris
Night View in Paris. Source:

Europe has plenty of cities, but which are the most affordable cities to help you save money? Which European cities are budget-friendly? Consider this article as an answer to all these questions. Read this article till the end to find out the cheapest cities in Europe.

Cheapest Cities in Europe

Forget expensive cities like London, Paris, and Dublin; let us explore the European cities, which are incredibly cheap at an affordable price. There are many affordable cities in western Europe, eastern Europe, and central Europe. Here is a list of the cheapest European cities worth visiting and relocating to if you want to!

1 . Porto, Portugal

Known for its port wine, Porto is one of Western Europe’s cheapest European cities. It is a coastal city that constantly contrasts Lisbon, the nation’s capital city; however, though it is not as developed as Lisbon, Porto is a great city to visit and live in.

Porto in Portugal
Porto in Portugal. Source:

Porto is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and dynamic urban areas regarding Europe that you should visit. It’s likewise quite possibly the most reasonable urban communities in western Europe for spending plan explorer.

What To See In Porto?

(i) Sao Bento Station

Visit Sao Bento Station, a UNESCO world heritage site and a popular tourist destination in Porto. It is a railway station in the historic center of Porto.

(ii) Livraria Lello

Visit Livraria Lello, an Ornate Bookstore that is worth visiting. A grand red stairway will blow your mind off, and for a second, you will forget that you are in a bookstore. These are the two things that you must visit while you are in the cheapest cities in Europe.

2 . Krakow, Poland

Krakow is one of the most fascinating and the cheapest European cities. It is a southern Poland city and is the capital city of Malopolskie Wojewodztwo (a province). This popular destination has cheap hostels and vibrant culture, making it a perfect spot for any travel tips that you are planning.

Krakow in Poland
Krakow in Poland. Source:

What To See In Krakow?

(i) Wawel Royal Castle

When you are in Krakow City, visit Wawel Royal Castle and Cathedral. Wawel Royal Castle is the first UNESCO world heritage site and is one of the tremendous historical centers.

(ii) Old Town

Kraków’s Old Town has the central plaza in Poland, which is the city’s most significant urban space. It comes from the 13th century and is Europe’s most significant medieval town square, measuring 3.79 hectares.

Do visit these places of the cheapest European city – Krakow which has an exciting culture and historical architecture.

3 . Athens, Greece

Forget about an expensive city, the capital of ancient and modern Greece, Athens is one of the cheapest cities in Europe with a fascinating history. Consider this city a budget-friendly place if you are a budget traveler and are fond of European tourism.

Cheapest Cities in Europe
Photo by Fernando from Flickr

Athens is a beautiful city with numerous temples, structures, and monuments worth seeing. This charming city of Greece will make you fall in love with itself.

What To See In Athens?

(i) Acropolis of Athens

The Acropolis of Athens is a historic fortress perched on a rock face above the city of Athens. This place consists of the remnants of numerous ancient monuments of significant architectural and historical significance, the Parthenon being the most prominent place.

(ii) Temple of Olympian Zeus

The Temple of Olympian Zeus is a former gigantic temple located in the heart of Athens, Greece. It was devoted to Zeus, the “Olympian,” a designation derived from his status as the leader of the Olympian gods. Do visit this cheapest city in Europe.

4 . UNESCO World Heritage Site – Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and is one of the most affordable European cities. With a novel and energetic air, a top-notch traditional music scene, a lively nightlife that youthful Europeans progressively value, and, to wrap things up, an immense assortment of typical natural aquifers.

Photo by zczillinger from Flickr

Budapest is one of the most endlessly exciting cities and one of the cheapest cities in Europe. It is classified as “Paris in the East” because of its pleasant area and engineering. A great city.

In 1987, Budapest was recorded as one of the most precious UNESCO World Heritage Sites for the social and engineering significance of the Bank of the Donau River, Castle Hill, and Andrassy Avenue.

What To See In Budapest?

(i) Margaret Island

Margaret Island is an island canvassed in parkland and sporting offices, almost a 2.5km long island in the middle of the Danube River. An elastic-covered 5.5 km running track encompasses the island and is a well-known running spot for sprinters who need to move away from the hurrying around of the city.

One of the most notable highlights of the island is the “music wellspring,” from which water routinely “moves” on schedule to traditional music.

(ii) Danube Promenade

The stretch of the Danube is from the Elizabeth Bridge to the Chain Bridge and is ideal for those individuals who love short walks. Promenading along the Danube is an extraordinary method for seeing a significant number of the most renowned sights in the capital.

Investigating towards to Buda side of the waterway, you will see the Buda Castle, the Liberty Statue on Gellert Hill, and the Fisherman’s Bastion. On the Promenade side of the waterway, you can appreciate eateries, bistros, Szechenyi Istvan Square, and the scope of various models, including the Little Princess.

5 . Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is a tiny capital city of Slovakia. This cheapest city of Europe is filled with colorful buildings and bleak buildings which will take you to Slovakia’s communist era. The old town is one of the most famous destinations in Bratislava. Bratislava will offer you stay and cheap meals at reasonable prices, making it possible for everyone to visit the city.

Photo by Daniel Thornton from Flickr

What To See In Bratislava?

(i) Bratislava Castle

Located in the middle of the city, Bratislava castle is regarded as one of the prime castles of Bratislava. The castle is situated on a rocky hilltop of the little Carpathians above the Danube River. This castle is visited by each one who comes to the city.

(ii) Slavin

Slavin is a war memorial monument of all the brave warriors of World War ii. In this burial ground, thousands of Soviet Union soldiers who died during the war are buried. This place has to be visited by the visitors to pay tribute to all those brave hearts.

So if you are planning a few days’ getaways, visit one of the cheapest cities in Europe – Bratislava.

6 . Timisoara, Romania

Romania is one of European’s cheapest countries. But Timisoara Is the cheapest city in Western Romania, known for its historical architecture and distinctive culture. It is one of the country’s prime educational centers, and many students from all across the country come to the city to pursue their studies. Apart from educational institutions, this city is also home to many spots worth visiting by any visitor.

What to see in Timisoara?

(i) Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral
Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan, Timisoara, Romania.
Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan, Timisoara, Romania. Source:

The Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral is a famous church in Timisoara in western Romania. The Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral is registered as the national resistor of historic monuments because of its significant history and culture.

(ii) Banat Village Museum

The Banat Village Museum is a museum northeast of Timisoara and towards the Green Forest. This museum is built like a traditional village and includes houses of farmers from different cultural groups in Banat. Village Life and Folk art can be the prime aspects of this museum. Do visit this museum in one of the cheapest cities in Europe.

7 . Capital City Of Malta – Valletta, Malta

Valletta is one of the cheapest European cities and is the capital of Malta. This city is a treasure of unique history and culture. This city is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and is one of Malta’s most frequently visited cities, especially by history lovers.

Photo by Michaela Loheit from Flickr

What To See In Valletta?

(i) St. John’s Co-Cathedral

Devoted to Saint John the Baptist, Saint John’s co-cathedral Wisconsin between 1572 and 1577. The specialty of this Cathedral is that it was rebuilt by Mattia Preti in the 17th century, who added the Baroque Style to this precious Cathedral.

(ii) Grandmaster Palace Courtyard

This is a beautiful place in Valletta. It was originally constructed between the 17th and 18th centuries by the order of St. John who was the ruler of Malta at that time. It currently is the President’s office in Malta. This heritage of Valletta is worth visiting in Malta.

8 . Bologna, Italy

Bologna is the biggest city and the capital of Northern Italy’s Emilia-Romagna Region. Even though Italy is the seventh most crowded city but it is still one of the cheapest cities in Europe, especially for budget travelers.

Bologna, Italy
Bologna, Italy. Source:

Home to the most seasoned college on the planet, the University of Bologna, established in 1088, Bologna has many understudies who enhance the social and social existence of the city. Do visit this cheapest city in Europe.

What To See In Bologna?

(i) Piazza Maggiore

Piazza Maggiore is the central square of Bologna. This place looks similar to a 15-century infrastructure full of historical architecture and exceptional eating joints.

(ii) Madonna Di San Luca Sanctuary

Madonna of San Luca is a basilica church in Bologna, northern Italy, sited on a forested slant, Colle or Monte Della Guardia, almost 300 meters over the city plain, just south-west of the legitimate focal point of the city. If you are planning a free walking tour, it is worth it.

While a road by and by prepares to the refuge, it is possible to show up at it along a 3.8 km marvellous roofed arcade including 666 bends, which was worked in 1674-1793.

9 . Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest does sound similar to Budapest, but it is a different city. Bucharest is the capital of Romania and is also the largest city of Romania. It is located on the banks of the Dambovita River in the southeastern part of Romania.

Bucharest capital city of Romania
Bucharest capital city of Romania. Source:

This city is one of the cheapest capital cities in Europe. It is surprisingly cheap and fits budget travelers.

What To See In Bucharest?

(i) Palace Of Parliament

The Palace of Parliament is a beautifully constructed building with a height of 84 meters, a floor area of 365000 meters, and a volume of somewhat 2550000 meters. The Palace of Parliament in Bucharest is considered the heaviest building in the world. The rich history of this place will not disappoint any of its visitors. This building is really worth seeing.

(ii) Romanian Atheneum

This is a concert hall in the city center of Bucharest and is regarded as the landmark of the Romanian capital cities in Europe. It is full of impressive interiors, beautiful architecture and can be called the symbolic representation of pure art.

10 . Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the Czech Republic’s capital. Lying at the core of Europe, it is one of the landmass’ best urban communities and a significant Czech financial and social focus. The city has a rich engineering legacy reflecting Bohemia’s dubious flows of history and an urban life reaching over 1,000 years. Do pay a visit to these cheapest cities in Europe.

Photo by Pierre Blaché from Pexels

What To See In Prague?

(i) Prague Castle

Prague Castle is a beautifully constructed castle in the city center of Prague. It was built in the ninth century. This castle is President’s work office. This castle is one of those great historic sites you must visit in Europe.

(ii) Old Town Square

The Old Town square is the main historical center of Prague and is filled with significant buildings that are very important and have a fascinating history. The Old town square also has the Astronomical Clock, the world’s oldest clock built-in 1402.

11 . Split, Croatia

Split, a magnificent city and Croatia’s Dalmatian capital, maybe the most smoking serene travel destination that explorers of any age appear to be longing for.

Photo by Nick S from Flickr

There are seashore built-in, fresh fish, history, custom, and reestablished design around pretty much any corner. This beautiful city is one of the cheapest European cities in one of the cheapest European countries.

What To See In Split?

(i) Bacvice Beach

Bačvice Beach is the most well-known oceanside in the city of Split, drawing in the locals and travelers to its lively shores. It’s been granted Blue Flag status for its tidiness and plentiful offices.

This rock and sand ocean side is a most loved neighborhood home base and flaunts an exuberant and humming feel. The vast ocean side and shallow waters make it safe and exceptionally reasonable for kids. Visit this place for a family outing for a fun-filled day in the sun.

(ii) Riva

Running at the edge of Diocletian’s Palace is the Riva, a seafront promenade fixed with tall palm trees, clamoring bistros, and concealed seats. Extending from the bronze guide of Split to the well-known Marmontova shopping strip, it’s one of the more occupied places around.

12 . Sevilla, Spain

Sevilla is one of the cheapest European cities if you are planning a holiday. Spain is full of the cheapest cities, but Sevilla is exceptionally budget-friendly and is one of the most incredible cities in Europe. Sevilla lies on the eastern bank of the Guadalquivir river and in the north of the Atlantic ocean.

Seville, Spain
Seville, Spain. Source:

What To See In Sevilla?

(i) Royal Alcazar Of Sevilla

This is the Royal Palace of Sevilla and is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The unique factor about this palace is that it is a mix of Arab culture and Christian culture. The architecture of this palace is splendid and simply beautiful. Do visit this place while you visit one of the cheapest cities in Europe – Sevilla.

(ii) Parque De Maria Luisa

This beautiful green space runs along the Guadalquivir river, Sevilla, Spain. The park’s atmosphere is very fresh and will make you fall in love. It also has an archeological museum in it through which you can gain plenty of knowledge. Entry to this park is entirely free.

13 . Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is a spectacular city in Bulgaria. This city is one of the cheapest cities in Europe, and it is also worth visiting. The Bulgarian wine and beer are very cheap in Sofia. You can grab one and enjoy it while you sit in a park which has a beautiful view. Sofia has many places that you can visit and are pocket friendly.

Photo by Sami C from Flickr

What To See In Sofia?

(i) National Place of Culture

National Place of Culture is a huge building surrounded by beautiful trees, parks, and fountains. This place is the largest multiconference and exhibition center in Southern Europe. The art and architecture are also wonderful. This place is worth visiting, especially during the summer season.

(ii) Boyana Church

Boyana church was initially built in the late 10th and early 11th centuries. This church is a unique Bulgarian orthodox church, which is simply amazing. This piece of art is so charming that words are not enough to describe it. So do visit this church and you will not be disappointed.

14 . Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and is one of the cheapest European cities. You will be flabbergasted when you enter the city and spend your time here. Belgrade is indeed one the cheapest cities in Europe because if you want to buy a latte or a large beer, it is going to be cheaper than you will ever expect it to be.

Photo by Stevan Aksentijevic from Pexels

It is incredibly cheap if you want to stay in the restaurants even for many days. Compared to other cities in Europe, Belgrade is one of the cheapest destinations. If you want to go on a holiday, Belgrade is the place even if your bank balance betrays you!

What To See In Belgrade?

(i) Belgrade Fortress

Belgrade Fortress was proclaimed a Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance in 1979 and is safeguarded by the Republic of Serbia. The Belgrade Fortress comprises the old fortification and Kalemegdan Park on the conversion of the Sava and Danube streams in a metropolitan area of current Belgrade, Serbia.

It is situated in Belgrade’s district of Stari Grad. It is Belgrade’s most visited vacation destination, with Skadarlija second.

(ii) Saint Sava Temple

Saint Sava Temple is an Orthodox Church in Serbia. The church was initially arranged as the bishopric seat and primary house of God of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The congregation is devoted to Saint Sava, the organizer of the Serbian Orthodox Church and a significant figure in archaic Serbia.

15 . Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is undoubtedly one of the cheapest cities in Europe. Transportation by bus within the city is extremely cheap and very well structured. Beer and wine are also affordable and are available in supermarkets. Affordable hostels in the Old town area start at a low price. World-class museums can be found in this city.

Zagreb. Croatia
Old town Zagreb. Croatia. Source:

What To See In Zagreb?

(i) Museum of Broken Relationships

This museum displays the broken love of people. Funny illustrations will make you laugh, and painful, heartbreaking stories of two lovers will make you teary. This place will take you through an emotional rollercoaster. Museum Of Broken Relationships doesn’t only tell you stories about two lovers; it also has many leftovers from former lovers.

(ii) Cathedral of Zagreb

This Cathedral is the second-highest building in Croatia. The Cathedral of Zagreb is a non-gothic church full of historical significance and splendid architecture.

So these are some of the cheapest cities in Europe and are worth visiting even if you have a budget constraint because money should not upset the travel-loving soul in you.


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