Have A Look At The 15 Best Places To Visit In Birmingham

Places to visit in Birmingham
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Birmingham is one of the largest and highly populated cities located in the west midlands of England. The metropolitan city has a rich cultural heritage. The city is famous for its artworks, theatres, literature, media, music, galleries, cinema and many more. This city is one of the biggest attractions in England for tourists.

If you are looking for places, then just know there are many places to visit in Birmingham city centre. The lovely city is ready to welcome you with its vibrant beauty. Several museums, parks, cathedrals, gardens, art galleries, restaurants, eclectic nightlife, and vibrant culture will be there to greet you.

So, let’s have a look at what’s in reserve for you guys.

Best Places To Visit In Birmingham

The wonderful and colourful city of Birmingham has lots to offer for everyone, making it a perfect holiday destination. Friends, if you are on your holiday trip to Birmingham city centre, just go through the list of some of the ‘Best Places To Visit In Birmingham’ and look at what we have chosen for you.

1. Birmingham Museum And Art Gallery

Places to visit in Birmingham
Image Source: Birmingham Museum And Art Gallery Facebook Page

The Birmingham museum and art gallery are run by Birmingham Museums Trust. The largest museum is famous for its unique collection and artworks and is one of the best places to visit in Birmingham.


Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, England, B3 3DH

What’s Special

The Ultimate Collection

The Birmingham museum displays a huge world-class collection of paintings, sculptures, artworks, and archaeology of ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece, along with modern-day science and technology. You will find more than 40 galleries displaying around 2000 fine arts.

Events And Exhibitions

The museum hosts a wide range of shows. Don’t miss the regular annual events, family events, exhibitions, and festivals organised by them to enjoy the maximum.

2. National Sea Life Centre

Places to visit in Birmingham
Image Source: National Sea Life Centre Facebook Page

The National sea life centre is among the best places to visit in Birmingham and one of the most famous tourist attractions one could look for. This fantastic and fascinating underwater world has many attractions for you and your family if you love aquatic life.

The staff is also very helpful in guiding a lot about marine life. In case you are wondering, the wheelchair can also be used throughout the area.


The Water’s Edge And Brindley Palace, Birmingham, England, B1 2

What’s Special

Huge Marine Life Collection

The centre displays more than 60 exhibits and around 2000 animals of marine life and freshwater animals. There is a massive million-water ocean tank with animals like blacktip reef sharks, green sea turtles, tropical reef fish, and many more.

Amazing Experience And Learning

You can learn about the different breeding programs at the centre and exciting facts about sealife. Have a fantastic time at The National Sea Life Centre, especially with your children. The location is a little pricey, but it is worth seeing.

3. Black Country Living Museum

Places to visit in Birmingham
Image Source: Black Country Living Museum Facebook Page

Black Country Living Museum is another site worth your visit. It is an open-air museum of rebuilt historical buildings spread in a vast area. The Black country living museum has played a vital role in the nation’s Industrial history by preserving the country’s industrial heritage and landscapes. It has also made our list of ‘best places to visit in Birmingham’.


Tipton Road, Dudley, England, DY1 4SQ

What’s Special

Huge Collection

They have more than 80,000 items in their collection, from sad irons to nails. It includes historic buildings, sunbeam vehicles, and Newcomen engines. You can explore the reconstructed houses, shops, and industrial areas in the museum.

Learn More

You can explore the reconstructed houses, shops, and industrial areas in the museum. The museum also offers several educational packages related to various subjects of today’s significance.

You will learn more about the UK during the Industrial Revolution and European history. Become a part of their guided visit and experience the inquiry learning that will help you explore more about the past of the Black Country.

Tip: Well, Booking in advance would be better for you to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

4. Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

Places to visit in Birmingham
Image Source: Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park Facebook Page

The Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park, a small zoo, is next on our list of the best places to visit in Birmingham.


Pershore Road, Birmingham, England, B5 7RL

What’s Special

Large Variety Of Animals

The park has a unique collection of animals from all over the world. There are red pandas, lemurs, reptiles, meerkats, otters, birds, wallabies, and many more animals to please your sight.


The Birmingham wildlife conservation park provides basic amenities like parking, accessible toilets, baby changing facility, and is wheelchair friendly too. There is a restaurant on-site where you can get snacks or food. You can take your children there; it’s a great place.

5. Cadbury World

Places to visit in Birmingham
Image Source: Cadbury World Facebook Page

Are you fond of chocolates? Cadbury world is the perfect place in Birmingham for you to visit. It is an ultimate holiday destination loved by everyone, from kids to adults. If you are a person who loves knowing new things, visit the Cadbury world to learn more about Cadbury’s business history and its stories.


Linden Road, Birmingham, England, B3o 1

What’s Special

Explore The Cadbury world

Join the self-guided tour of Cadbury world and explore the sweet and tasty history of chocolates. They also exhibit their skills on handmade items, which is a delight for candy lovers.

The 4D theatre is the best part of this place and is loved by all. You can visit with your children too as rides for kids are also available. Indeed, it is one of the best places to visit in Birmingham.

Cadbury shop

The Cadbury shop is the world’s biggest Cadbury shop, where the best chocolates are sold at retail price. You can get your favourite chocolates here if you haven’t found them in your nearby markets.


Booking tickets in advance is strongly advised because only a limited number of people are permitted inside at any given time.

You will also get two free bars before you begin your tour.


You can go to some of the restaurants after completing your tour to have some refreshments and enjoy and relax after a whole day trip. Some of the eateries are,

  • Bournville Bread Breakfast
  • Kraft Foods
  • Hannah’s Cakes For All Occasions
  • King Norton Ex-servicemen Club

6. Jewellery Quarter

Places to visit in Birmingham
Image source: Jewellery Quarter Facebook Page

If you are a shopping freak visiting Birmingham, you can’t miss the most prominent and vibrant area here. We are talking about Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter this time. The Jewellery Quarter is the UK’s biggest business centre involved in jewellery businesses. About 40 per cent of the total of Britain’s jewellery in the UK is produced here.


3 Lionel st. Birmingham, B3 1AG

What’s special


Visit Jewellery Quarter’s museum and explore the history of their jewellery on a lively guided tour. You can take part in the live demonstrations at the jewellers’ bench and get an insight into their working life.

Adult Jewelry Workshop

Well, on top of it, you can learn various jewellery-making techniques in the Adult Jewelry Workshop and create your own silver spinning ring.

Only 10 people are allowed in one workshop at a time, so it’s better to book your place in advance to avoid inconvenience.

7. Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Places to visit in Birmingham
Image Source: Birmingham Botanical Gardens website

One of the gorgeous places to visit in Birmingham is The Birmingham Botanical Gardens spread over an area of 15 hectares. There are numerous plant species in the area.


Westbourne Road, Birmingham, England, B15 3TR

What’s Special


Westbourne Road, Birmingham, England, B15 3TR

What’s Special


Birmingham Botanical Gardens organises different events from time to time. Storytime at the Gardens and Symmetry in Nature are some of the events in the line. You can also become a member of the organisation to stay updated about all upcoming events.

Plant Kingdom

There is a beautiful collection of bonsai trees and tropical birds. It covers a wide range of more than 7000 plants from all over the world.

You can explore the large variety of plants there and learn more about edible, medicinal plants.

There, you can see some of the garden’s oldest trees, such as the Himalayan Cedar and Omiya tree.

Educational Visits

Several educational visits are also held, including nursery, primary, and outdoor visits.

8. Birmingham Royal Ballet

Places to visit in England
Image Source: Birmingham Royal Ballet Facebook Page

It is one of the five most prominent ballet companies in the UK that organise mind-blowing and jaw-dropping shows.


7 Thorp st. Birmingham B5 4AU

What’s Special

Ballet Training

If you want to learn how to dance ballet, they have ballet training programs in Birmingham and tours throughout the year.

Dance Workshops

Several workshops are organised that introduce dance in a more accessible and fun way. They also train young dancers in dance track programs. Not only do they work with young people, but they also work with community groups that include people of all ages.

Enjoy The Dance

You would love to watch their dance shows. The music, the sets, and the dancers all are excellent and give you a mesmerising and memorable performance.

9. Birmingham Science Museum

Places to visit in Birmingham
Image Source: Birmingham Science museum Facebook Page

The award-winning Birmingham Science Museum is among the best places to visit in Birmingham.


Millennium Point Curzon Street, Birmingham, England B4 7XJ

What’s Special


Enter the planetarium and explore deep into the space, travel in the night sky, and get close to the constellations and solar system. Don’t forget to visit the science garden and spot the human-sized hamster wheel there.

Interactive Exhibits

There are around 20 interactive galleries of four distinct areas focusing on interesting displays of manufacturing nuts and bolts, gadgets, treasure, tins, and things.

Other galleries include The Spitfire Gallery, The Marine World gallery, The Smethwick Engine, and our changing planet.


They have several cafes and shops for your comfort. The outlets sell food and drinks, burgers and a lot more for your refreshment. Also, there is a gift shop selling many gifts and similar items.

10. Cannon Hill Park

Places to visit in Birmingham
Image Source: Canon Hill Park Facebook Page

Another attractive place to visit in Birmingham is the beautifully structured Cannon Hill Park. It is an ideal park for visiting with your family and friends. The city’s most well-known park spans a sizeable area of about 250 acres. It also comprises a conservation area and woodland plantation.


Russell Road, Birmingham. England. B13 8RD

What’s Special

The most popular park in the city is spread over a wide area of about 250 acres. It also comprises a conservation area and woodland plantation

Small Zoo

Cannon Hill Park is also a small zoo with various animals. You can get to witness the European Lynx, tamarins, lemurs, meerkats, antelope, wallabies, and red pandas. Animal research and breeding programs are also carried out here.

Fun Activities

The park provides various recreational and fun activities such as boating, fishing, bowls, tennis, and other leisure activities. There is a children’s play area and a lot of space to have a picnic.

Events and Tours

The park serves as a venue for large events, including Foodies Festival, In The Night Garden Life, and other sporting and regular events. Become a part of their guided tours and learn more about nature and wildlife.

11. Ikon Gallery

Places to visit in Birmingham
Image Source: Ikon Gallery Facebook Page

The Ikon Gallery is a contemporary art museum that attracts art lovers from all around the world. It is an award-winning art gallery that displays the work of leading artists.


1 Oozells Square, Birmingham, England B1 2HS

What’s Special

Events And Exhibitions

Visit the exhibitions organised at the gallery. The artworks there are accompanied by a variety of media, including sound, film, photography, sculpture, and installation. The best part is that there is no entry fee.

Ikon Shop

It’s the only specialised shop in Birmingham where you can find a wide range of books, crafts, and artworks of various famous artists. So, do not forget to give it a try.

Learn At Ikon

Love arts and culture? Do join the workshops, seminars, live events, activity programs, and other public and youth programs to learn more about it.

12. Victoria Square

Places to visit in Birmingham
Image Source: By Dorian-Le- senechal on Unsplash.com / copyright 2022

Victoria Square is one of the major attractions of the city. You can easily explore it through The Birmingham City Centre path.


50 Pinfold st. City Centre, Birmingham, B2 4AY

What’s Special

The square is considered the centre of Birmingham. The entire area is pedestrianised. You have no trouble going for a stroll. Also, there is a statue of Queen Victoria to catch your attention.

Nearby attractions

If you’re looking for nearby attractions, the famous Town Hall is on the west, the Council House is on the north, Colmore Row is on the east, and Victoria Square House is on the south. So, you must add this one among the best places to visit in Birmingham.

13. Philip’s Cathedral

Places to visit in Birmingham
Image Source: Phillips Cathedral Facebook Page

It is one of the oldest places to visit in Birmingham, which is a fine example of English Baroque architecture. The Philip’s Cathedral is a famous church in England and also the seat of the Bishop of Birmingham.


Colmore row, Birmingham, England, B3 2QB

What’s Special


The beautifully designed windows and the set of stained glasses attract the visitors and worshippers.

This artistic treasure showcases the work of pre-Raphelite arts.


The prayers are organised with soothing music, which creates a divine and peaceful atmosphere. You will undoubtedly looooove the atmosphere there.

Nearby attractions

You will find some great shopping options near the cathedral. They include a high-end departmental store on the one hand and some pubs and bars on the other. It is also among the unique tourist attractions in Birmingham.

14. Council House, Birmingham

The Renaissance Style Council House in Birmingham resembles the Venetian palace and is the seat of local government in the city. It is also among the unique tourist attractions in Birmingham.


Victoria Square, West Midlands, B1 1BB

What’s Special


Several memorials are kept in the council house. Some are displayed publicly, while the majority are only shown upon public request.

Grand look

The grand look of the house has been picturised in various films. Films like American Assassin, Dancing on the Edge, Hustle, and Trainer feature Birmingham City Council’s diverse locations.

15. Barber Institute

Places to visit in Birmingham
Image Source: Barber Institute Facebook Page

Barber Institute of Fine Arts, built and opened by Queen Mary, comes next on the list of places to visit in Birmingham. It includes a popular concert hall and an art gallery.


University Of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TS

What’s Special

Huge Collection

You will find the finest collection of paintings, drawings, coins, sculptures, and decorative arts.


The institute offers many programs. You can join various learning programs like family learning, barber schools, online talks, barber home, or barber health designed by the Barber Institute.


They don’t have cafe or eating arrangements inside the museum. So you will have to make your food arrangements on your own or go to the nearby restaurants. Some of the restaurants are-

  • Subway
  • Costa coffee
  • Sundarban
  • Canvas house
  • Luciano’s Pizza

Above we mentioned the best 15 places to visit in Birmingham city centre. It will help you to make your trip to Birmingham most exciting and unforgettable.

Besides these famous attractions, there are some more places to visit in Birmingham. Let’s have a look.

  • The Birmingham Library and the Birmingham University are also major attractions of this city centre.
  • The Dudley Zoological Gardens is a zoo located on the grounds of Dudley Castle, where you will find a wide range of rarest animals.
  • The Symphony Hall is famous for its excellent world-class acoustics and stunning auditorium. You can enjoy the performance of top-rated artists there.
  • The Butterfly House– Get close up and personal with the world of birds and tropical insects here.
  • Bullring– If you are visiting around Central Birmingham then you must visit the famous Bullring shopping centre which is just a walking distance away from the New street station.
  • The Pen museum– It is an exciting place that provides information about the history of the pen trade in Birmingham.
  • The Birmingham Hippodrome– The perfect venue for music lovers. It also provides lots of creative activities.

So, friends, this is what visiting Birmingham is all about: a rich cultural heritage and a rich industrial history, as well as vibrant arts, music, cuisine, and much more. Enjoy your trip and make the most of your time in Birmingham.

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