4 Best Museums in Birmingham

Best Museums in Birmingham
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Birmingham is a spectacular city commanding one of England’s prime commercial and industrial areas. The location and history of this metropolitan borough have facilitated its transformation into a fascinating recreational and cultural Centre.

Birmingham is popularly known as the nucleus leading the Industrial Revolution in Britain, therefore, the museums in Birmingham are an enchanting source of a wide range of delicate pieces of history.

Read on to find out about the 4 best museums in Birmingham.

1. Here are the 4 Best Museums in Birmingham

1.1.  Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

museum in birmingham
Screenshot captured from the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Location – Chamberlain Square, Birmingham

This museum in Birmingham offers a tour across a spectacular collection of metalwork, fine art, jewellery, history, ethnography, ceramics and archaeology.

The Art Galleries feature paintings even dating back to the 14th century like ‘The Finding of the Savior in the Temple’, ‘The Last of England‘ and ‘Medea‘.

The art galleries of this Museum feature around 11 paintings by David Cox, who was a distinguished member of the Birmingham School of landscape artists.

Other art galleries exhibit paintings of Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, who is famous for painting horses and stags.

The paintings of Sir Stanley Spencer showcasing biblical scenes beautifully sit on the walls of this splendid place.

An art gallery featuring several Italian painters like Pompeo Girolamo Batoni and Giovanni Bellini is also present here.

Visitors can explore the stunning collection of antiques featuring delicate coins from the middle ages, priceless Asian artifacts and pieces of Nimrud Ivories sourced from Iraq.

This museum also features the largest hoard of precious Anglo-Saxon gold from Hammerwich.

Beautiful sculptures in this museum like the Sultanganj Buddha are famous throughout the world.

Soho House

museum in birmingham
Screenshot captured from Soho House

Location – Handsworth, Birmingham

This museum located on Soho Avenue is a Heritage Site in the city and a branch of the Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery.

Soho House was the home of the famous entrepreneur Matthew Boulton and celebrates his contribution to the world. His remarkable work with James Watt is known all around the globe and he is also one of the core members of the Lunar Society.

Soho House exhibits a collection of silverware, furniture, ormolu and art galleries.

The major attractions are the ormolu displays with the ormolu Sidereal clock invented by Boulton and Fothergill in 1771 lying in spectacular exhibitions.

A tour of the garden will make the visiting tourists discover sphinxes from 1795.

1.2. The Museum of the Jewellery Quarter

museum in birmingham
Screenshot captured from the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter.

Location – Hockley, Birmingham

Amongst all the museums in Birmingham, this one is popularly known as the third-best attraction for visitors on guided tours.

A trip to this great place will allow visitors to discover the historical richness of the firm run by the Smith and Pepper family, which has now metamorphosized into a breathtaking museum in Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter with time.

This beauty showcases the story of the 200-year-old Birmingham Jewellery Quarter through the traditional craftsmanship of England.

The main attractions are the antique pieces of jewellery and spectacular coffin works.

This Birmingham Museum also organizes Kid’s Jewellery workshops and events for visiting tourists.

1.3. Aston Hall

museums in birmingham
Screenshot captured from Aston Hall.

Location – Aston, Birmingham

This museum in Birmingham is a Grade I-listed Jacobean house beautifully designed by John Thorpe.

It was owned by the Birmingham City Council and is currently one of the museums in Birmingham managed by the Birmingham Museums Trust.

The tour to explore this place will take the visitors to Villa Park and the magical Aston Hall gardens.

Aston Hall features a massive series of rooms showcasing fantastic art galleries, beautiful furniture, extraordinary textiles and superb metalwork sourced from the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

1.4. Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum

Location – Curzon Street, Digbeth.

This is one of the best museums for students on a university tour because it showcases excellent pieces of science and technology.

This museum was founded by the Millennium Commission in 2001 and a planetarium was added to its infrastructure later on.

The area adjoining the main building of the museum is known as Eastside City Park.

museum in birmingham
Screenshot captured from Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum

One of the hotspots for tours is the ‘Spitfire Gallery‘ which features spectacular aircraft on display.

Visitors will be delighted to discover a leather flying helmet formerly owned by Helen Kerly, who was a civilian woman commended for flying during World War II.

A fantastic Supermarine Spitfire Mark IXc hangs in a spectacular display from the ceiling here. It was manufactured at Castle Bromwich and gifted by the Air Ministry in 1958.

The Hawker Marine Mark IV is suspended from the ceiling for visitors to marvel at its design.

In the section of the locomotive display, the 46235 City of Birmingham and William Murdock’s Model Steam Carriage are enchanting pieces for any locomotive enthusiast.

Visitors will feel lucky to discover the only surviving Birmingham tram on a tour around this museum.

This place is an absolute paradise for antique car collectors and enthusiasts because cars like antique Mercedes Benz, Railton Mobil Special, Lanchester petrol-electric car, Austin 7 and Morris Mini Minor stand proudly on the display here.

This museum’s collection of steam engines is nearly unbeatable with the presence of the Bellis Steam Generator, Crossley Vertical Atmospheric Gas Engine and Galloway Uniflow Engine.

The Corrlis Mill Engine, Easton and Amos Pumping Engine, Murray’s Hypocycloidal engine, Smethwick Engine and the steam pumping Engine ‘Rolit’ are also present here.

It’s a very vast collection, isn’t it?

This science museum also features machines which have left a mark in the timeline of inventions like the world’s first heavy electrical machine, the Woolrich generator.

This place is also home to one of the world’s oldest Button Shank Making Machines by Ralph Heaton.

Thinktank Museum’s infrastructure encloses 4 floors comprising more than 200 hands-on artifacts.

There are many galleries with the Wildlife Gallery, the Medicine Matters Gallery and the Street Gallery to name a few.

This is one of the city’s excellent museums that offers live demonstrations in the Street Gallery about how science plays a role in our everyday life.

A visit to the ‘Futures Gallery on the 3rd floor is a delight for space travel nerds.

A fun visit to the outdoor science garden with about 30 exhibits offers children the to participate in informative and exciting workshops. These facilities make this museum ideal for family visits.

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