Northumberland Coast: Best 14 Things To Do

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On this generally busy island, England‘s northernmost county has an under-the-radar vibe that is uncommon. Since ancient times, people have been drawn to Northumberland’s unspoiled shoreline, from early Christian saints to famous Romantic painters.

A large portion of this coastline is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The heart of the county is as alluring, with its wide, unspoiled landscapes, distant walking trails, and magnificently starry nights.

But despite its idyllic appearance, Northumberland had a significant impact on English history, as evidenced by the region’s collection of historic ruin sites and decaying castles.

Northumberland Coast
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These days, the region is visited by horticulturists, ravenous foodies, hikers, and Harry Potter films enthusiasts drawn by the location’s appearances in the film series, in place of invading Romans, Vikings, and quarrelling royal families.

Attractions On The Northumberland Coast

Be mindful of the fact that many attractions hibernate during the chilly winter months when making travel plans. It’s time to put on your comfortable walking shoes and start exploring the top attractions of the Northumberland Coast path now that spring has arrived.

1. Visit Amble

Amble, a picturesque harbour town in Northumberland, is situated near the River Coquet’s mouth. It is renowned for its beautiful coastline views and close proximity to wonderful sandy beaches with colourful beach huts.

The waterways around the town are a refuge for watersports, and you can go kayaking, canoeing, surfing, and sailing there. Enthusiastic fishermen will also be happy with the great fishing options. Boats of all sizes can be seen bobbing on the calm waters as you stroll around the marina and harbour.

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Visit the adjacent Coquet Island by boat to witness a variety of birds, seals swimming in the water, and seals lounging on the rocks. Trips to see puffins are also well-liked.

The charming St. Cuthbert’s Church and Castlemania Indoor Adventure Play area, which is great for entertaining kids, are further nearby attractions. It is the best thing to do on Northumberland Coast.

2. At Charming Craster, Try the Seafood

Craster is a charming fishing community with a lot to offer. L Robson & Sons is a traditional fish smoker close to the modest harbour that has been making the renowned Craster Kippers for a century.

Sadly, due to government guidelines, Covid has forced the restaurant to close for the remainder of the year (2021), but you may still pick up their fresh fish to cook at home.

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A fantastic bar with a seafront terrace, The Jolly Fisherman is well known for serving the finest Lindisfarne Oysters.

Given that the terrace is just adjacent to the Northumberland Coastal route, it’s the ideal site to end a nearby walk. It is the best thing to do on Northumberland Coast.

3. Bamburgh : Visit the Bamburgh Castle

The coastal community of Bamburgh, which is located less than 30 miles from the Scottish-English border, may seem small, but it’s jam-packed with fun things to do.

Every year, it attracts a large number of tourists who are eager to see the stunning beach, picturesque coastline, great walking paths, and undulating sand dunes.

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Around every curve, there are breathtaking vistas of the majestic castle. Of course, going to the impressive Bamburgh Castle itself is a pleasure. It is the best thing to do on Northumberland Coast.

Don’t forget to stop by the Grace Darling Museum, which honours a woman who swam through dangerous waters to assist in the rescue of stranded survivors of shipwrecks.

Golfers can play on the nearby course while biking and horseback riding are also available nearby. The cosy bars and eateries are ideal for unwinding after work.

4. Puffin Images from the Farne Islands

The Farne Islands, which are situated off the coast between Seahouses and Bamburgh, are a significant sea bird sanctuary where 290 different species of birds have been identified.

Two of the islands, Inner Farne and Staple, currently allow boat landings from the end of March to the beginning of November. It is easy to go close to large groups of Arctic terns, shags, razorbills, eider ducks, and guillemots because the birds are unusually tolerant of humans.

The puffin, though, is its most recognisable resident. Observe them as they make their predictable boat trips out to sea and back in search of food, as well as their awkward walks to their nests with a beak full of fish.

It is the best thing to do on Northumberland Coast.

5. Holy Island of Lindisfarne

It doesn’t matter which name is used to refer to the Holy island—officially known as the Holy Island of Lindisfarne or Lindisfarne—it is the same location.

During the Early Middle Ages, the little tidal island of Lindisfarne, which was cut off from the mainland twice each day by the rhythms of the sea, became the improbable epicenter of English Christianity.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Spend some time exploring the 16th-century Lindisfarne Castle and the ancient Lindisfarne Priory ruins. The walled garden surrounding the castle is also quite worthwhile.

The warmer summer months bring a profusion of colourful blooms to the Gertrude Jekyll Garden. It is the best thing to do on Northumberland Coast.

A steady trickle of cagoule-clad daytrippers goes upward to picturesque Lindisfarne Castle on the other side of the bay.

Strong walkers can continue on to the remote northern beaches, but a leisurely stroll through the Gertrude Jekyll Garden, through the shelters made from overturned herring boats at the port, and through the island’s lone picturesque settlement is just as rewarding.

6. Visit Alnwick Castle to Experience its Enchantment

Alnwick Castle, which was built in 1096 is home to paintings by numerous Italian Old Masters and parklands that were created by Lancelot “Capability” Brown.

The current Duchess of Northumberland put a lot of love and effort into developing the 4.8-hectare site next door. Alnwick Garden is now a stand-alone destination with a charming network of modern, floral enclosures.

Image by Pia from Pixabay

Its centrepiece is a magnificent 21-tiered water display, whose swirling jets periodically deluge onlookers.

Other highlights of the garden include the charming Treehouse restaurant, a spooky poison garden, and a bamboo maze. It is the best thing to do on Northumberland Coast.

7. Hadrian’s Wall hiking

The Roman Emperor Hadrian made the decision in 122 AD to make it clear to the northern Picts when it came to the scope of his power. The outcome was a 73-mile-long stone barrier that stretched across northern England from coast to coast.

The longest portion is located in Northumberland and tilts its way across beautiful scenery while passing some intriguing fort and temple remains.

Image by Julia Schwab from Pixabay

The entire Hadrian’s Wall National Trail can be hiked. Start with the dramatic part at Housesteads Roman Fort & Museum in Northumberland National Park if it sounds a little ambitious.

Those who are interested in history might deepen their understanding by visiting Vindolanda Roman Fort & Museum, which is close by and has a live excavation site. It is the best thing to do on Northumberland Coast.

8. Travel to the Dunstanburgh castle, Which is in Trouble

The serene landscapes of Northumberland are littered with the remains of the area’s violent past as a troubled buffer between England and Scotland. The deteriorating ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle are the most stirring of these.

Dunstanburgh Castle, located on an isolated headland between the communities of Craster and Embleton, was the scene of fierce combat during the War of the Roses.

The Earl of Lancaster, who was on his way to his castle to seek safety, was apprehended and later put to death by King Edward II.

Dunstanburgh castle
Image by Pete from Pixabay

Fortunately, today’s trip to Dunstanburgh Castle is much more enjoyable. See its amazing magnitude come into perspective as it lay in ruins alongside the stunning shoreline from the short scenic walk from Craster.

Although the two-mile trek is a major attraction, you may purchase tickets to visit the castle, which is under the management of English Heritage, and scramble up one of the towers for breathtaking views.

Continue across the beautiful Embleton Bay horseshoe beach for a fresh crab sandwich at the Ship Inn, or head back in the direction of The Jolly Fisherman in Craster. It is the best thing to do on Northumberland Coast.

9. Sailboat To Warkworth Castle

On its way to the ocean, the River Coquet meanders lazily. Warkworth Castle is tucked into one of the hill’s U-shaped loops at the top. The little market town is guarded by the ruined medieval castle that was once the residence of the Dukes of Northumberland.

The castle itself doesn’t provide much to see, but the surroundings are worth visiting. Take a stand-up paddleboard tour or go for a quick riverside stroll to explore the castle and the neighbouring hermitage.

Northside Surf offers 2-hour trips where you will receive all the equipment and, if necessary, all the training. It’s a stunning section of the river and a fantastic activity in Northumberland. It is the best thing to do on Northumberland Coast.

10. Visit Berwick

Berwick Upon Tweed, the northernmost town in England and the final town in Northumberland before Scotland, has historically been governed by both Scotland and England.

There are several activities available for people of all ages. You’ll find lots to make you smile in Berwick, whether you’re looking for a terrific location for a memorable family vacation or the ideal location for a romantic trip. It is the best thing to do on Northumberland Coast.

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Beautiful parks like Coronation Park and the steep Castle Vale Park, as well as sandy beaches like Spittal Beach, are ideal places to unwind. Alternately, engage in outdoor activities like horseback riding, hiking, and cycling. Kids love the Swan Centre for Leisure, where they can splash around in the pool.

11. Step Out On The Northumberland Coastal Path

Stretching from Cresswell in the South to Berwick-upon-Tweed in the north, the Northumberland Coastal Path traverses through some of the most spectacular landscapes in Britain.

The trail goes through picturesque communities with taverns serving locally made beer and fish straight off the boat as it travels over golden sweeping beaches flanked by windswept dunes.

Northumberland Coastal Path
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The full path, which is around 100 kilometers long, can be walked in 3 to 6 days, but you can choose some of the best sections and walk them in fewer, shorter days. It is the best thing to do on Northumberland Coast.

12. Visit The Beaches In Northumberland

The Northumberland Coast is the ideal place to base yourself for a weekend break in the UK because of its remarkable collection of stunning beaches. It is the best thing to do on Northumberland Coast. Here are a few of our top beaches to visit.

  • Embleton Bay Beach

    Embleton Bay is a stunning beach with a wide expanse of golden sand that is overlooked by the crumbling remnants of Dunstanburgh Castle. It’s a perfect location to relax and take in the vista while having a relaxing day. Embleton, a historic settlement, located just beyond the little dunes.

Embleton Bay
Image by Helen Kay from Pixabay
  • Beadnell Beach

    Beadnell is a kid-friendly vacation spot with a horseshoe-shaped bay that is ideal for water activities. In addition to teaching stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, and kite surfing, KA Adventures also rents out equipment. One-meal evenings are served at The Bait, a tiny shack in the parking lot. On Thursdays, make an effort to stay for the lobster night.

Beadnell Beach
Image by Robert Armstrong from Pixabay
  • Sugar Sands

    An isolated cove with stunning vistas and rocky outcrops around it is called Sugar Sands. This gorgeous location is 30 minutes walk from Howick or Boulmer, so you’ll probably have it to yourself.

13. Seahouses

The huge village of Seahouses is located in the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty between Bamburgh and Beadnell.

Image by Hanne Jensen from Pixabay

Seahouses is regarded as the Gateway to the Farne Islands, so head there to take a boat trip to one of the neighbouring islands.

On your travels, keep an eye out for a variety of animals, as dolphins, seals, puffins, and other seabird species call the islands and the surrounding waters home. Additionally, you can plan scuba diving excursions to discover the underwater environment.

14. Arrive At A Grand Stately House

Because Northumberland is endowed with magnificent stately homes, it is a well-liked location in the UK for learning about the intriguing history of the area. It is the best thing to do on Northumberland Coast.

Cragside House northumberland coast
Image by pwb100 from Pixabay
  • Belsay Hall

    A large hall with pillars modelled after ancient Greek temples can be found at Belsay Hall, Castle, and Gardens, which are all managed by English Heritage. The oddity is completed by a medieval castle that is joined to a Jacobean manor house and a Greek Revival villa. Numerous odd plants can be found growing in the quarry garden among the channels in the rock.

  • Cragside House & Gardens

    The mansion at Cragside House is an homage to its owner, industrialist Lord Armstrong, while the gardens are a mix of mazes, woodlands, and pathways. The Victorian inventor filled his house with hydroelectricity-powered modern appliances. Watch out for early fire alarms, elevators for passengers, and even a Turkish bath.

Final Remark

In conclusion, The Northumberland Coast is a beautiful place to stay and there are many things to do.

The coastline is full of natural beauty and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. You can find a place to stay that suits your needs and there are plenty of things to do to keep you entertained.


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