14 Top Beaches in Bulgaria for a Reviving Getaway

beaches in bulgaria
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Beaches right? Beaches refresh the soul as well as the body. What is the best place one can visit during summer? The best escape for summers. So if you are a beach lover, here’s a list of top Bulgaria beaches you can visit.

1. Sunny Beach

Sunny beach, the name itself suggests that the beach would be quite sunny. Sunny beach quite satisfies its name, as it is covered with sunlight between May and October.

beaches in Bulgaria
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Sunny beach is one of the most eminent and largest beaches in Bulgaria, which stretches up to 8 km of fine sandy beach. It is also considered one of the vibrant beaches in Bulgaria.

You can also party late at night, even in the daylight, as this place is covered with nightclubs.

Sunny beach is worth a visit and is also one of the most lively beaches in Bulgaria. If we talk about wildlife, the place has a lot of hidden gems and some natural dunes. You can spot unseen plant species.

Sunny beach is located in Nesebar town of Bulgaria. A beautiful place for nature lovers. It would help if you did not miss it.

2. Golden Sands

Golden sands are one of the astounding beaches in Bulgaria. As the name suggests, the beach is covered with golden sands, and it has been noticed that Golden sands beach has one of the finest sands in Europe. Golden sands are famous for their fine golden sand.

From the town of ancient Roman, the beach is just 20 km, and the golden sand beach is less salty than Sunny beach. This beach also has a Party street named drag- of- evil.

The nightlife is just amazing, and so are the resorts. So you don’t need to worry about your stay, you will get a lot of options here.

It is covered by thick forests and has amazing hot mineral springs. You can also go to a spa to calm your mind.

One of the most astonishing beaches in Bulgaria. A tranquil place where you can enjoy and find peace. So golden sands are worth a visit, where you can freshen yourself in the laps of nature.

3. Silistra Beach

You can spot owls, vultures, and deer on this beach. You can also do wild camping here if you are a fan of it.

The water is crystal clear, so swimmers love this beach. It is one of the amazing Bulgarian beaches that should be visited without further ado.

beaches in Bulgaria
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4. Irakli Beach

Irakli beach is a relaxing place where one rests their soul in the arms of nature. It is one of the brutish beaches in Bulgaria. The beach is located in the central part of the Bulgarian black sea coast.

Also, Irakli beach is pocket-friendly as it provides a free camping facility. Pleasurable right? There are also beach bars in the vicinity. A serene place with enchanting lagoons, tortoises, and much more.

A beautiful lagoon can make your day, and the fine sand will soothe your body. You can also spot a large range of bird diversity. So a perfect getaway in the laps of nature.

The place is perfect for those who love solitude. You can enjoy and freshen your soul. A perfect escape for beach lovers.

5. Veleka Beach

Veleka beach is located in a small village named Sinemorets. It is located far off the south coast. You can spot a lot of families here, especially during weekends and holidays.

The atmosphere is soothing and refreshing. You can spend hours here, and you will surely enjoy it here. If you make a short walk, you can spot the Veleka river flowing into the sea. It is a nudist beach, and there are no amenities here.

But then you can surely enjoy the winds blowing, the sound of water flowing, and the fine sand touching your body.

Do visit Veleka beach. It’s a gem.

6. Balata Beach

Balata beach is one of the best beaches in Bulgaria. It is located in the small town of Kavarna, on the black sea coastline. The beach is a stunning place to visit, with a line of beach bars in the vicinity.

You can also spot vivid species of birds here. It is a photogenic place that should not be missed.

7. Pomorie Beach

It is one of the blue flag beaches of Bulgaria. It is a central beach located in the center, with amazing waters and a soothing atmosphere. The dunes are greyish here. So can hire tents for rent if you want. Also, there are a lot of beach resorts lined up here.

The nightlife here is just amazing. The soft sand and crystal clear water add up to the beauty of the beach. You can go clubbing and dance till your legs speak up. There are also beach bars available.

A literal beach that one should not miss.

8. Atliman Beach

It is one of the famous beaches in Bulgaria. This beach also receives a lot of sunlight, and you can spot the sun rising from this beach.

This beach has become quite popular lately, as many tourists visit here during holidays. Another reason for its popularity is that it is located near the small town of Kiten.

Italian beach is also a worth visit. The water is crystal clear, so again a perfect place for swimmers. You can also find lots of resorts here where you can stay. Also, a parking facility is there.

9. Primorsko Beach

Primorsko beach is among the popular beaches in Bulgaria. It is a sandy beach that is covered by golden sand. The Dyavolska rivers add up to its beauty of it.

The soft white sands allow us to relax in the shade of nature. Also, you can do all beach sports here, including volleyball, water skiing, and much more. Kite skiing is one of the popular sports practiced here.

You can rest your mind in the arms of the beach and enjoy the tranquillity of the surroundings. It is one of the lively beaches where you will find many tourists. There are lots of resorts and restaurants in the vicinity. It is like a calm sea, wherein you enjoy and feel the breeze and waves in chaos.

10. Albena Beach

beaches in Bulgaria
Photo by Georgi Aenski on Unsplash

It is a stunning beach with fine golden sand, and it is stretched to 5 km. It is located on the black sea coast, and the water is clear like a diamond. It is one of the top beaches in Bulgaria. Balata National Reserve subsidizes it.

This beach owns a blue flag award for its clear and clean waters. A wide range of amenities is offered on this beach. You can spend quality time with your family here. There are plenty of activities like mini golf courses, amusement parks, aqua parks, and much more.

The temperature reaches a balmy 25°C (75°F) in the summers. You can enjoy here your own company too. You can also find a lot of resorts and bars in nearby areas.

It is a great beach to visit. A perfect escape for weekends and holidays. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now and visit this amazing beach.

11. Dyuni Beach

One of the amazing beaches in Bulgaria. Dyuni is considered to be the most resort-friendly beach as it has a lot of resort complexes. It is covered by many resorts and motels nearby for all types of visitors as per their affordability. This a famous beach that should be visited.

From facts, we can find that resorts firstly arrived in 1987, and after this establishment, Dyuni beach gained popularity. It was not so popular before, and now it has become popular. It is considered to be the most developed beach in Bulgaria.

If you love doing water sports, this is the best place for you. You can go windsurfing and kitesurfing. The coastline stretches up to 4 km, and it has white dunes.

If you are an adventurous person, you can surely visit this beach. You will enjoy it a lot.

Various luxurious resorts offer amazing amenities, including swimming pools, tennis courts, and much more. Also, you can stay in luxury hotels with wonderful amenities.

So if you are looking for such an amazing escape, you can visit this beach. You won’t be disappointed for sure.

12. Shkorpilovtsi Beach

Travelling is all about exploring new things about new places. Shkorpilovtsi is a hidden gem that is worth a visit. You would be astonished by the views and beauty of the beach. Though it is not one of the biggest beaches in Bulgaria, it is a true and veritable beach. You would be surprised and astonished when looking at this piece of beauty.

This beach is located in Varna. It is a calm place where one can relax and enjoy. It is not like those typical beaches where lots of hustle is there. You would feel the calmness here. There are a lot of park’s hot mineral springs where you can enjoy.

One of the most fantastic beaches in Bulgaria. A real gem with beauty and tranquillity in one place. This beach also offers various sports so you can enjoy them too.

13. Sveti Vlas Beach

It is located at the foot of the Balkan mountains and is a cluster of three small beaches that covers a total area of 1500 km. Also, it is just 5 km from one of the most popular beaches, Sunny beach. It is one of the mobile resorts in Bulgaria with a yacht harbor.

There is a site named Marina Dinevi where you can spot 300 yachts. You can also enjoy seafood at this place. The atmosphere is amazing and calm.

Water sports are also there, so if you are a fan of one, you should go for it. One of the best beaches in Bulgaria.

14. Rusalka Beach

It is located on the Black sea coast between Varna and Romania. It is a beach with cliffs and is prominent for its crystal clear water. Due to clear and clean water, this beach serves as home to dolphins.

The beach’s name has been derived from a Bulgarian word that translates to the mermaid. The shade of water is astounding, and you would be awestruck when you look at the view. It is a small beach but a worth watching one.

Rusalka is part of the natural reserve as oak forests cover it. You can also find resorts for your need and affordability. You can find kayaks and canoes too. Sports like horse riding are also available.

It is a stunning beach. The beach is untouched, and you would spot fewer tourists here. The cliffs add more to the beauty. It is a beautiful destination where you can enjoy calmness with the view.


This is the list of some of the most popular beaches. There are other beaches too. You can also visit them with the help of navigation and proper references. But surely visit all these they are worth a visit. If you are a beach lover, this will work as a guide. These beaches are astonishing. All the necessary details are given, which would surely help you greatly. Do visit all these beaches if you visit Bulgaria. Beaches would freshen your mind and make your body feel refreshed. So do visit them during your visit to Bulgaria.


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