9 Irresistible Fun Outdoor Activities In London—You Must Go For

outdoor activities in London
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Top outdoor activities in London—from exploring the city on foot to alfresco dining.

Whenever we think about the outdoor activities in London, things that come to our mind are capturing the views of some popular attractions like Tower Bridge or The London Eye or visiting some of the most famous museums, parks, or galleries, Right? 

But how about spending some time in a farmyard, watching open-air movies, or going for horse racing and kitesurfing? In short, how about doing some exciting outdoor activities in London, instead of just sighting some places?

Here, in this article, I have tracked down fun activities in London that you should definitely include in your bucket list while visiting this city.

1. Discover The City On Foot

How about getting ready to explore London on foot? Yes, London provides some incredible walking routes to explore this city—from the parks to the bridges exploring the places on walks—is undoubtedly one of the best outdoor activities in London.

London’s bridges offer you some of the best views—if you are close to the river Thames, you can visit the famous Tower Bridge and the Millennium Bridge—the newer one. On the southeast, you will find Grade II-listed Albert bridge.

Outdoor activities on London
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This city has plenty of walking routes for people who want to go for self-guided tours. The city visitor trails take you to the most famous landmarks, such as St Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, The Bank of England, Covent garden, and the Tower of London.

Discover the city’s history, culture, and architecture on the themed “side-tracks” that diverge from the main trail.

If you love greeneries, you are in great luck—London comes with 40% green space, and it is the world’s first National Park City. From finding the pelicans at St Jame’s Park to spotting the deer at Richmond Park—this city has a surprising number of hidden parks to fulfil your outdoor activities in London.

2. Find Some Farmyard Pals In London

Whenever we think about outdoor activities in London, the very first thing that springs to our mind can’t be ‘farmyard, Right? Well, I am not talking about sighting your neighbour’s cat or taking a glimpse of foxes rummaging around.

This picture-perfect city comes with surprising numbers of city farms to feel more connected with nature by spending quality time with the animals. What’s more, many farms also offer you varieties of locally made products and some of the best picnic spots to have fun with your family.

Hackney City Farm—is a great place nestled between Columbia Road and Broadway Market—a fashionable stop-off for its crowd-attracting Italian cafe, pottery studio, full of happy animals and gardens.

Not to mention the farm’s fantastic addition of running a community hub—that includes courses on beekeeping, practical courses for refugees and asylum seekers, and a scheme for the locals of collecting vegetable and fruit-box.

Kentish Town City Farm— is a perfect spot for your kids with the availability of pony rides, kid’s club, and workshops on weekends. 

Kentish Town City Farm is one of the hidden gems for the outdoor activities in London to explore the wildlife—from romping of the goats under brick arches to croaking of the frogs in ponds. 

3. The Best Outdoor Pursuits In London

Your outdoor activities in London are totally incomplete without Kitesurfing, Motor racing, or Hang gliding. All the adrenaline junkies and sports lovers who don’t have the mood for a trip to the alps, here are some blood pumping activities for you to skip, jump or hop from this city.

Activities at Goodwood

Goodwood is one of the most famous sporting estates in England. Hunting, horse racing, shooting, cricket, golf—all kind of fun activities you will get year-round. It hosts the biggest sporting events in Britain—Qatar Goodwood Festival and Goodwood Revival.

outdoor activities in London
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Boat Trip

Enjoy panoramic views in London from the waterways like the network of canals and reservoirs. Uber boats that traverse the Thames river from Putney to the Woolwich will take you to all the iconic landmarks of London.

You can also rent a GoBoat—safe-drive boating where you are the captain to choose the route. Now it might be difficult for you to choose between the hustle and bustle of Paddington, the green tranquillity of Kingstone, or the docklands of Canary Wharf.


Kitesurfing centre at the Whitstable, Kest coast is the hugely popular spot for the kitesurfers, who also love its miles of sandy beaches. If you don’t know the sport, there is a beginner’s session also—run by IKO and BKSA instructors.

4. Dine Outside In London

If you are a foodie, no outdoor activities in London can be better than strolling around the city to discover alfresco dining places that will treat your tastebuds with some insanely delicious dishes.

London’s Food Markets

Love street foods? Don’t forget to visit London food markets and halls—one of the best places that offer tons of street food vendors just for you. 

Start with the famous Borough Market—sitting in the heart of the London Bridge, this market has maintained its tradition for the past 1000 years—from the fresh ingredients that you can cook at home to some mouthwatering street foods, this food market has everything that you need.

Outdoor activities in London
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London’s food markets also come with other long-standing stalls where you will find everything from Middle Eastern mezze to Valencian paella. All you need to, bring some cash and loosen your waistband— and you are all set to get the taste of finger-licking menus. Bread Ahead, Neal’s Yard Dairy, Brindisa—are some of the other places that you must visit.

Some other spots include Hackney’s Market bursting with coffee, doughnuts, dairy-free cheese every Saturday, as well as Seven Dials Markets and Maltby Streetundoubtedly will satisfy the craving for the outdoor activities in London as a food lover.

London Pub Gardens

What can be better than sipping your favourite wine in a pub without turning into ice blocks in the wintertime? Yes, I am talking about some of the best heated London pub gardens that will keep you warm and toasty. And one of the top outdoor activities in London on chilly nights.

If you head to north London, Flask in Highgate is a firm favourite—it is known as one of the most famous haunted pubs in London. You will find Colonel Fawcett, Camden—a fantastic Indie pub that offers you Turkey dinner in December; The Pineapple, Kentish Town—a little pub, locals favourite, and famous for Thai food.

If you visit east London, Crate Breweryis a canalside brewery that serves craft beer pairs fantastically with pizzas. For south Londoners, don’t miss out on The Ship, Wandswortha beautiful riverside pub.

And when you head to the west side along the Thames, find the Tamesis Docka barge-turned pub famous for offering the never-ending selection of beers.

5. Discover Some Best Picnic Spots

In the summer months, you should focus on two things. First, go outside to experience the sun beaming from the sky. And the second thing is getting ready for a big old picnic with your loved ones—one of your best outdoor activities in London. This city has various parks and green spaces that you need to attack with food, wine, and blanket.

Primrose Hill—is a perfect place for your sleepy summer afternoon with some fantastic views across the city. If you take a short walk from the peak of Primrose Hill, you will visit Camden, Reagent’s Canal, Abbey Road, and some animal antics at the ZSL London Zoo.

Outdoor activities in London
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Kew Gardens—is a picturesque place stuffed with rare plants in its reopened Temperate House. It is one of the coolest picnic spots for your outdoor activities in London, with some cafes and restaurants.

Alexandra Palace Park—is an instantly recognizable landmark of London with a music venue, boating lake, lush fields, and oodles of plants—do you need anything else? And don’t forget to climb on the hill to enjoy the stunning views of the city skyline.

6. Sports Bars And Pubs With Outdoor Screens

Nothing can be better than a freshly-poured pint paired with some latest sporting action. Yes, London has some wonderful sports bars and pubs where you can watch live football, tennis, rugby, and cricket—one of the best outdoor activities in London that you should not miss.

The Griffin

A popular place with a luscious beer garden, where you can watch some live sports decked out with surround sound and HD screen—means you would not miss out on the nail-biting action wherever you are.

George IV

If you are searching for a football pub in West London with outdoor screens, stop at George IV. A perfect summertime pub for an alfresco pint.

Fox Connaught

For the east Londoners, The Fox Connaught is the best cosy pub that comes with some top selections of pints and not to mention its offering of HD screens to watch your favourite match.

Pub On The Park

Pub On The Park is one of the leafiest and most fascinating watering holes in London—with a picturesque terrace and large screens, this is a perfect bar for rugby, football, or tennis matches.

7. Outdoor Cinemas In London

From open-air screenings and retro drive-ins to cool rooftop locations—this city offers some live entertainment for those who want to enjoy more outdoor activities in London.

Outdoor activities in London
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King’s Cross Open-Air Cinema

Watch your favourite movie in a cool canalside at King’s Cross during the Summer Love Film Festival. Screenings run the whole day and every evening. And this festival is free and open for all.

Hideaway Cinema

Explore open-air film festival in Hideaway Cinema in summer evenings. Head down to Kew Gardens to catch a kid-friendly film or maybe some blockbuster movies.

Bar Elba

Just order some snacks and cocktails and sit back to catch a movie at Bar Elba’s rooftop cinema during warmer months in Waterloo.

Rooftop Film Club

If you want to catch some newly released movies while experiencing the sunset and skyline, Rooftop Film Club in Stratford or Peckham will be the right choice for you. Just grab some drinks and street foods and enjoy your movie in a comfy sunchair.

8. Best Outdoor Exercise Classes 

It’s boring to do your workouts in a gym when London has plenty of lush greeny spaces for you. From doing your meditation in the parks to boxing or HIIT sessions, London comes with some of the best outdoor exercise classes to feel the fresh air and get sweaty in the sunshine—one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities in London.

Zip Fit Club

Ok, if you want to keep your workout short and sweet—I mean short and sweaty, Zip Fit Club in Hyde Park or Russell Square will be the right place for you. Here you will get the lunchtime classes combined with bodyweight resistance and cardio exercises.

SUNday Yoga

If you can’t save some time from your busy schedules, this weekly outdoor yoga class should be on your list of the best outdoor activities in London. You can do your yoga under a certified instructor every Sunday, and booking is not required.


Want to enjoy some fun activities? Make a stop at Rabble, where you can enjoy playing British bulldog, dodgeball, and capture the flag.

Boxit Bootcamp

Are you up for some punches to get your body moving and make your heart pumping—go for Boxit Bootcamp. These hour-long, butt-kicking classes take place in Clapham Common and undoubtedly the needy outdoor activities in London for all the fitness junkies.

9. Outdoor Lidos And Swimming Pools

What can be better than refreshing your mood with open-air splish-splashing? London offers you some of the best open-air swimming pools and lidos to spend some quality time with your friends and family—one of the most delightful outdoor activities in London during summer.

Outdoor activities in London
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Hampstead Heath Swimming Ponds

Absolutely of the top swimming spots in London. The ponds cater to both men, women, and mixed swimming groups. It opens from 7 am to till sunset.

Parliament Hill Lido

Grade-II is listed as one of the biggest lidos in London, built-in 1938. It has a stainless steel pool liner—the only one in the Uk. And for kids, you will have an onsite cafe and under-5’s paddling pool for their entertainment.

Tooting Bec Lido

The biggest freshwater pool in the Uk( second largest in Europe), Tooting Bec Lido is a 90-metre pool and Londoner’s favourite. It is a perfect place for an energetic swim or poolside bathing.  

Wrapping up

We all know that London is the most popular tourist attraction for its rich history, panoramic views, restaurants, cafes, pop-ups shops, and picture-perfect places. And these are reasons why millions of people choose this city as their destination place again and again.

There are many indoor activities as well, that you can enjoy in London. But you know what, these outdoor activities in London are also attractive and delightful that they will be going to steal your heart for sure and will help you to socialize more that you would not regret later.

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