7 Fun Indoor Activities London

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In this article, we will be talking about the topic “indoor activities London”. London is one of the most exciting and unforgettable places in the world. This place is adorned with exquisite sophistication, lavishness, art galleries, and historical enchantment.

This article talks about the topic “indoor activities London” but first let’s talk about the capital city of the UK which is filled with many visitors annually because of the indoor activities there. After that, we will talk about the topic “indoor activities London”.

indoor activities london
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You can do a lot of exciting, thrilling, and unique things in London such as check out the shopping centres, enjoy a Ping Pong bar, or catch a movie in different parts of London have unique pleasures to offer to the visitors.

London is known for its various tourist attractions. You have Buckingham Palace, then the House of Parliament, and Westminster Abbey, just to name a few.

East London is one such part bounded with immutable wonders that can leave you baffled.

London, being the capital of England and the United Kingdom, is one of the top tourist destinations in the whole world. It is society’s melting point of art galleries, culture, and fashion.

That is why it should come as no surprise that the city has thousands of hotels and lodging establishments to cater to the sheer demand of people visiting the city. Below we will talk about the topic “indoor activities London”

The London development agency said that the amount of tourists spent in London amounts to over $2.6 billion annually, which is definitely a lot of tourists and that entails a lot of revenue.

Do you know why there are a lot of visitors? Because there are a lot of indoor activities present.

Let’s start  the topic “7 indoor activities London”.

London Museums

Museums are institutions that collect and exhibit rare and valuable paintings, artifacts, and other historical items which are visited by thousands of people each year. There are ton of hidden gems in there.

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The queues outside the museum show the popularity of the natural history museum, which has on display sights that answers many questions, like What does an earthquake feel like? Why did the dinosaurs become extinct?

This museum is located in South Kensington near Hyde Park. There are many real-life exhibits on display like the house fly’s life cycle. The main highlights are the ecology gallery, mineral gallery, and mammals gallery.

London Transport Museums

indoor activities london
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London transport museums located in Covent Garden, these museums display a lot of collections, historic vehicles, art galleries, world-famous posters, maps, and a lot of artifacts just to tell the story of the past, present, and future of London.

Museum Of London

The name of the museum lets in, as the museum displays the changing times of the city, the various eras from the prehistoric time to the present time. The museum starts with the Roman relics, which are very remarkable and unique that’s why it is number 1 in the list of “indoor activities  London”.

Science Museums

indoor activities london
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The science museum is indeed one of the best museums in London that’s it is mentioned in the list of “indoor activities london”. This place is great. The museum has a lot of cool and interesting things, children and adults all will have something to their liking and will definitely have a good time.

Natural History Museums

indoor activities
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Visitors can view items from all science areas right from medicine, space travel, chemistry, and computing to photography. The museum is all fun, with interactive displays and guided tours that’s why it is mentioned in the list of “indoor activities london”. carried out in this museum. One who is curious and wants to explore exciting things must go there.

Royal Airforce Museums

indoor activities london
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Fantastic place to visit if you are into aviation. Many exhibits of full-size aircraft through the ages. The place is very clean and well laid out with toilets and lifts. Good well-stocked shop selling books, toys, flying garments, etc. Could keep you busy for a few hours.

A must-see museum for those who appreciate the engineering marvels of this great world. Great display and set up, amazing pieces of aviation history are being arranged in different halls and periods in history. The experience is one of a kind! Seeing these planes in their real dimensions is definitely worth it, the design is inspiring.

Indoor Activities London – Playing Areas

Diana Memorial Playground

indoor activities london
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This is one of London’s best free playgrounds…It’s a great place no matter what age the kids are, they love it: there is something for all. The reason Diana Memorial Playground is in first place on the list of Play areas(indoor activities London) is because of :

A spectacular playground, a great range of elements, and a big sand area with a large pirate ship for climbing. The massive pirate ship wows the children from the moment they set eyes on it!

Separate climbing area with bridges and slides. This playground also involves the Swings area, playhouses, musical areas, and teepees. This place is amazing. Kids paradise and heaven for mum and dads. It’s near Kensington Palace. The closest underground is Queensway.

Most of the perimeter has tall shrubs, so the playground interior feels like its own small world. It’s all well maintained. They also have attendants controlling the entrance.

There are toilets and a coffee shop. You can bring a blanket and have a picnic over there. Alot of entertainment for kids and adults that’s why it is in the first place in the list of play areas(indoor activities london)

Queen Elizabeth

One of the great palaces to relax. There is a pub and a bakery shop where you can chill and relax. Here you can just lay on the grass and relax or have a walk around. This place is very near to Stratford train station and next to West Ham stadium.

Amazing what has been done here since the Olympics, plenty to see, very relaxing and lots to do, a lot of places to eat.

Queen Elizabeth is 2nd on this list of “indoor activities London” because it is one of the most relaxed places in London, and you should definitely go there to enjoy the fascinating and very pleasant view.

This is a great park for families, and couples, particularly on bikes or scooters. The tumbling bay pay parks we’ve been to. There isn’t too much wild or mature greenery, so it’s not the best for that, but for wide-open spaces and activities which require space, it’s good. A very ideal palace for a picnic, a family day out with the kids, or just a solitary stroll.

Indoor Activities London – Theater And Art

indoor activities london
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Barbican Center

Barbican center is one of the most iconic London sights. There are restaurants, bars, coffee shops, accessible toilets, accessible entrances, accessible parking facilities, smoking areas, plenty of parking, good public transport connection, a good variety of events, good atmosphere for kids. Perfect place to relax and wind down. The water fountains and greenery added to the peaceful atmosphere, it didn’t feel like you were in central London.

A barbican center is a fascinating place in London to visit, to enjoy indoor days out, classical and contemporary music concerts, theater performances, films, and art exhibitions. There is a good cafeteria and a nice restaurant where to eat. The design of the center is also very interesting, brutality style that’s why it is in the first list of Theater and art”indoor activities London”. Highly recommend it if you enjoy art and architecture.

South Bank Center

The South Bank is in central London and is situated adjacent to the southern bank of the River Thames. It is mentioned in this list of “indoor activities London” because it is famous for arts and entertainment and houses countless attractions including the national theater, Queen Elizabeth Hall, the Royal Festival Hall, the London Eye, and lots more.

The south bank is an emerging area of south London. It is very well known for its numerous theaters, galleries, and concert halls. With so much to do and see on the south bank, it could be easy for one to become overwhelmed with culture.

Wallace Collection

Wallace’s collection is one of the most beautiful places. The collection there contains the type of items that you would expect to see in the national gallery or the British Museum. The surroundings are very comfortable and accessible.

There are all forms of painting, media, and even several rooms of armaments which is also the reason it is mentioned in the list of “indoor activities London”. I highly recommend this hidden, out-of-the-way gem.

Every room is very fancy and gorgeous. The best private collection and European works of art that I have seen-paintings (French, Dutch, British, Italian, etc.)including Rembrandt’s self-portrait, Gainsborough and Verne ever), furniture, arms, and armor (Both European plus some Indian, ottoman, Mughal, Chinese and Persian), sculptures, silverware, pottery, decorative items and so much more. A lot of French items.

Borough Market

indoor activities london
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Borough Market is one of the more familiar names when it comes to London’s numerous farmer’s markets that’s why I have mentioned this in the list of “indoor activities London” It takes place every day of the week.

The variety of products is amazing, Italian, French, Swiss, and Spanish stores are like visiting an expo stall. All the best products, in international packaging, great presentation, and are similarly priced.

Exotic and tropical; fruits and vegetables, seafood, cheese, wine, fresh, bread and so much more.The number of food stalls offering varieties of delicious takeaway options, and Seating areas dotted around for shoppers to sit and rest their weary feet and ponder their next moves. It is always a good experience so far.

They highly recommend showing up with an appetite, so you can enjoy some great food items! There are literally all types of food that should satisfy every palate. Vegetables, fruits, cheeses, olives, cookies,  and meals as well.

The smell and sight make you smile and appreciate the beauty that life has to offer. I am jealous of Londoners who can enjoy this whenever they want. Amazing food and drink market and things to do inside near me that is a must-visit.

Would recommend coming early before the crowds show up towards the late morning/early lunch period, but too early, and it still is half-closed with most of the places still preparing for the day.

Definitely walk around to get a sense of what you might feel like trying before buying anything, but definitely get smaller portions to share so that you can try more places. One tip we took was to line up for desserts first, as they are generally not eaten hot.

Then get your hot foods and find a place to sit nearby and enjoy. One should definitely try the pork shoulders sandwich at The Black Pig, Sausage rolls at The Ginger Pig, and the donuts at Bread Ahead.

Covent Garden

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Covent Garden is a vibrant and popular tourist attraction located in the heart of the west end heartland, and each year millions of visitors come here to be entertained. Covent Garden offers the best shopping experience in London.

Whatever you are looking for, Covent garden has it all. Whether it be fashion, jewelry, beauty products, or that unusual gift, you won’t have to look for it in the Covent garden shops and markets of Covent garden.

This place was originally a fruit and vegetable garden used by the monks of Westminster and was known as a convent garden.

One of the best things to do while you are here is to try eating the food there. This place has got a wonderful mixture of different foods, cultures, and cuisines.

The area boasts many shops whose names you would instantly recognize, but equally, there are many unique, one-off boutiques found within the famous streets that attract shoppers from all over the globe.

It is a very well renowned place for tourists. It is a great place to visit every year for vacation. The west midlands and peak district is a great place for the things it has to give. The tempting food, places to visit.

Sights to see, music to hear, and the amazing people to share with are the things that make it one of the best places to go to. It has more to give every time you visit a fascinating place.

Some Best Places You Can Visit

St Paul’s Church

St Paul’s church, built-in 1631 and completed in 1633 by Iñigo Jones, is also known as the Actor’s Church because of its long association with the acting community. Every internal wall of the church is covered by wall panels with names of past actors and actresses such as Frank Lawton, Leon Quartermaine, and Nancy prince.

Covent Garden Street Entertainers

Covent Garden is renowned for its street entertainers, who make a living by entertaining the thousands of visitors who visit Covent garden every day. Visitors, love to have their pictures taken with these street performers for them to show their close friends and relatives.

Coffee Houses, Wine Bars, and Restaurants

Restaurants, wine bars, and cafés can be found all around the piazza with musicians providing music to liven up the place. These restaurants serve all types of cuisines including European, Latin, and American.

They are busy all day long serving customers with lunches,  afternoon teas, and dinners before and after theater shows. Rules Restaurants, located in Maiden lane, is the oldest restaurant in London.

Indoor Markets

The Apple Market was established here in 1980 to provide an outlet for traditional British, unique handmade artwork and crafts. These include jewelry and accessories, antiques and collectibles, knitwear, and toys.

West End Theaters

Covent Garden is at the heart of West End Theaters, many of them are located within the yards of one another. Theatre Royal in Drury Lane is the oldest theater in London and is claimed to be one of the world’s most haunted theaters.

House of Parliament

indoor activities london
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The House of Parliament is one of the fantastic visitor attractions. The architecture, design, sculpture, painting, anti-chambers, galleries: everything in the house of parliament was extraordinary.

As it is a working government building, security is tight and airport-like. But the politeness of the officers and agents over there makes for an easy and swift experience. You will be offered a visitor badge and a listening device.

This is a  perfect way to learn the history of the palace while moving through its room. You are not allowed to record(photos, or videos) inside the best parts of the palace. So make sure to absorb as much as you can with your own eyes.

You will definitely love this 11th-century architecture, this is the perfect place to visit as a tourist, wonderful value for money.

The tour starts at Westminster Hall, where you can collect smartphone-style audio and interactive app guides, with settings for adults and children. Headphones aren’t cool for small children and aren’t really compatible with standard in-ear headphones.

HMS Belfast

indoor activities london
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A great museum and a fantastic piece of history that tells the story of the Royal Navy in the years between 1839 and 1965 in a fascinating way.

An interesting exhibit of a warship. If you are interested in military history, then you will greatly enjoy seeing how sailors of the past used to live and sail in this mighty vessel. HMS Belfast must be in the list of “indoor activities London” because it has :

Excellent visitor attraction, but much more than that. At over 80 years old, you get a clear sense of what life used to look like for all those who served in warships of the period. Some sounds and smells might have faded, but the ship still exudes strength.

You have to go up and down lots of narrow steps, so you need to be reasonably fit and to watch your head! Reading about the history and seeing how the sailors lived is definitely worth the visit.

If you like a bit of history, you will enjoy these well-preserved, well-presented, WWII great battleships. Like it, we can visit pretty much all the areas on the ship: It is complex with stepladders, and narrow passageways. Impressed with the ammo loading for gun turrets, steam engine room, captain bridge, and crew living quarters.

Interesting, historical military ship. Lots to see and explore for only few hours for any intrepid adventurer. Interact with the exhibit and get a feel of how life on board may have felt in the depth of the ship’s belly.

Unique and one-of-a-kind experience which we all recommend. You can literally feel the smell of history.

The Bottom Line

After reading the article on the topic “Indoor activities London“, People must want to go there and enjoy the fascinating see sighting. London does have much more than that, you can feel the vibe, fascinating view, and smell of its streets, it is actually a city of dreams.

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This article is telling you the best and most liked Places for “indoor activities London” whether it is Diana memorial playground or Borough market. One definitely enjoyed reading this article on “indoor activities London” but once you go there it is a completely different feeling.

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