27 Best Sandy Beaches Near London—You Can’t Ignore

sandy beaches near London
Photo by Sara Winter, on Shutterstock , copyright 2022

If we talk about some beautiful sandy beaches near London, this city is indeed within a short distance of a portion of the UK’s best seashores. Alright, perhaps you would need to be truly adept at tossing stones, yet the capital is under two hours from a few extraordinary seashores, making a road trip entirely possible.

So there is no compelling reason to think twice about a day in the recreation area or the “metropolitan ocean side”.You could be feeling the ocean and sand between your toes genuine.

What’s more, these are legitimate seashores, not the patches of mud that pass for ocean sides along the banks of the River Thames.

We have hand-picked a scope of seashores, from wild, sandy territories to a definitive, exemplary British ocean side insight. In this article, you will know about some beautiful sandy beaches near London.

1. Whitstable Beach, Kent 

One of our top picks for a road trip from London, watch the last beams of the sun vanish into the ocean from this radiant, west-bound shingle ocean side.

There is a conventional vibe here, notwithstanding the region’s new improvements, with old weatherboard bungalows, ocean side hovels, wooden crotches, and old fishing boats pulled up on the sand.

Port Meadow Oxford
Photo by lovestruck, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

Go for a stack of chips, or head into the Old Neptune bar (referred to locally as the “Neppy”), which sits right near the ocean and holds a great feeling of the nautical past. Walk further down the shore, past the Neptune, to the more distant West Beach, outlined by wild blossoms and void skies.

2. Port Meadow, Oxford

The Thames twists through this old land, offering incalculable little seashores and mysterious inlets. Pick your entrance point from the tree-lined side on the west of the waterway or the open knoll on the east.

Cows and ponies meander wild; watch out for your cookout, and ensure you take any trash or extras with you when you leave—causing a rural situation, with Oxford’s marvelous towers shining somewhere out there.

Birling Gap, East Sussex
Photo by Alex J Donohue, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

The glade is said never to have been furrowed (essentially not for the past 4,000 years) and is loaded with archaeological interest, with a few Bronze Age hand trucks and an Iron Age settlement—undoubtedly it is one of the best sandy beaches near London which you can’t ignore.

3. Birling Gap, East Sussex

This wild and rough ocean side at the foot of the Seven Sisters chalk precipices is gotten to through soak ventures beneath a blurred lodging for a sluggish evening of rock pooling and fossil hunting.

A restricted segment of sand opens up among the stone pools at low tide, and there is a National Trust bistro roosted high on the bluff. So, plan your trip to visit this one of the attractive sandy beaches near London.

From here, you can likewise travel east to investigate Beachy Head, Britain’s tallest ocean precipice, or west to visit Cuckmere Haven at the mouth of the Cuckmere River.

4. Isle Of Grain Beach, Kent

Supposed to be one of the nearest legitimate seashores to London, this shore on the Hoo Peninsula additionally figures out how to feel like it’s toward the apocalypse.

An extraordinary decision to get away from the groups, it sits between the Thames and the River Medway, as the Thames begins to open out into the estuary.

There is a decision of sand or shingle, with verdant forest and wild blossoms behind you, and Essex is noticeable across the mouth of the Thames in a clear climate.

At low tide, you could attempt rock pooling or rummage for samphire. Head further to exquisite sandy beaches near London, along the coast to the better-known All Hallows Beach.

Sandy Beaches Near London
Photo by Brett Jordan, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

5. East Head At West Wittering, Chichester

The seaside at West Wittering, close to Chichester, is one of the most delightful seashores on the south coast. To lose the groups, head up the long sandy isthmus of East Head and find heaven of silver hills and green marram grass speckled with moving hollows in which you can loosen up and pay attention to the skylarks singing upward.

In the end, you arrive at a mooring for little cruising boats. Here the ocean side retires profoundly, making for great swimming, while at low tide the mud pads make awesome regular slides.

By a long shot, the most ideal way to arrive at the Witterings is to take the train, with a bicycle, and afterward ride along the splendid new 11-mile Salterns country cycle course from Chichester train station.

Cuckmere Haven, Seaford
Photo by UGArdener, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

Before arriving at the rises, dedicated paths cross wheat fields, passing rock-walled houses and streams carpeted in lilypads. So, don’t miss this one of the most ravishing sandy beaches near London.

6. Cuckmere Haven, Seaford

This is one more wild oceanside on the south coast, with sublime perspectives on the Seven Sisters chalk bluffs.

At low tide, the audacious can investigate the foreshore eastwards the whole way to the Birling Gap, or travel west to find ocean caves. Watch out for some more delightful sandy beaches near London.

Climping/ West Sussex
Photo by Pete Edgeler, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

This region was a favorite torment of the Bloomsbury Set, with Charleston House’s historical center not far away. Watch out for some more flows by the waterway mouth and being cut off by tides assuming that you investigate the undercliff region.

7. Climping, West Sussex

Not a long way from the pails and spades of Bognor Regis is the calm country ocean side of Climping. Over the high water mark, the ocean side is a territory of shingle split by maturing wooden crotches.

Nonetheless, when the tide drops, sections of land of firm sand are uncovered;  it’s only the kind of sand for making sandcastles or letting the canine, kid, or horse off for a run.

The ocean side is especially lacking and backs onto low ridges and fields. No doubt it is one of the most astonishing sandy beaches near London.

8. Pett Leve, East Sussex

Sunbathe assuming you like, yet you’re truly here to respect the wild magnificence of this oceanside—it’s so beautiful, truth be told, that it made it into the video for David Bowie’s “Ashes to Ashes.”

Make your visit during low tide. Canines will adore the long runs across the sand pursuing birds (sign guides show where they are permitted), while kids could spend hours looking into rock pools searching for crabs, frozen trees, and dinosaur impressions at Cliff End.

Feeling hungry? The Red Pig food truck is left up at the end of the week and on impromptu days through the middle of the year. Feeling bored? Go for this one of the most winsome sandy beaches near London.

Also go for the Pett Leveler: hot dog, slaw, and pickles. Assuming you need lifeguards and legitimate wheelchair access, travel west to Hastings or east to Camber Sands.

9. Dungeness, Kent

Regardless of how familiar you think you are with seashores, the skeleton edges of old boats speck this huge area of shingle neglected by a decommissioned thermal energy plant on the edge of Romney Marsh.

This spot is informally known as Britain’s just desert, and it’s a more fruitless scene than a brilliant promenade—can easily beat other sandy beaches near London, However, there’s an enormous allure.

Fly out of the shadows of the studios of craftsmen Helen Gillian and Paddy Hamilton, appreciate a Second World War siphon station changed over into a wash occasion rental, or jeer fish at Dungeness Snack Shack before a required oar.

Sandy Beaches Near London
Photo by garry knight, on Flickr, copyright 2022

10. Minnis Bay, Kent

Head west to Minnis Bay for a more relaxed day out. However, this incredible wrap of sand in north Kent will keep all beachgoers blissful, from the paddleboarders and kayakers to the swimmers and sunbathers (not the canines).

There’s a colossal Victorian lagoon toward one side, helpful free access in advance, and remarkable nightfall. Thinking to go on vacation, here are the marvelous sandy beaches near London—can’t be ignored.

On the off chance that you really do come through Margate—handily done by cycling the Viking Coastal Trail or by open-top transport then, at that point, go to Forts, where a multi-grant-winning barista Will Pitts serves the province’s best level sandwiches.

Picture by Phil Gyford, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

11. Frinton- On-Sea, Essex 

This relaxed ocean-side hotel is right on the money for families with its extended length of sand, blue banner status, and lifeguards working (canines are welcome on certain parts; search for the signs).

Brilliant ocean-side cottages line the promenade behind. There’s a green spot for picnics in the event that you would rather avoid sand for your sandwiches.

And who will whine regarding free stopping? Not us. Spot windsurfers skimming the ocean, cover your children in sand or go sand castling by the most amazing sandy beaches near London.

12. Holywell Retreat, Eastbourne, East Sussex

Eastbourne’s long crisscrossed shingle ocean side at Grand Parade is a reasonable draw, yet on the edge of town, toward the finish of the promenade and past the Italian Gardens.

Holywell Tea Chalet, Holywell Retreat justifies looking out. It’s a laidback, tranquil little shingle ocean side that has a few pretty blues and white oceanside chalets on it, supported by the dazzling white bluffs of Beachy Head.

The South Downs waterfront way and Rick Mathers’ exquisite Towner Gallery of Contemporary Art are two additional reasons to visit these elegant sandy beaches near London.

Camber Sands East Sussex
Photo by Alex J Donohue, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

13. Camber Sands, East Sussex

Four miles from Rye in East Sussex, the amazing hill framework that makes Camber Sands the south coast’s most Arabian-looking ocean side objective is loaded up with ponders.

From the marram grasses and chestnut fences that assist with holding the sands back from moving to the Kit Kat Cafe, ideal for watching kite surfers on the water and horseback riders along its edge.

Several “desert” films, including “Convey For Follow That Camel,” were shot here.

Walton-on- the- Naze, Essex
Photo by alvin.leong, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

14. Walton-On-The-Naze, Essex

The wonderful peninsular that Walton on the Naze sits on is loaded up with intriguing activities, including chasing after turtle and bird fossils, a trip up the 86-foot transportation tower turned craftsmanship exhibition for staggering all-encompassing perspectives over the Essex coast, and spotting normal harbor and dark seals at the Hamford Water Nature Reserve.

Boat trips are probably going to uncover a wide range of other natural life and vegetation too, in an area rich in flowing brooks, mudflats, salt bogs, and prairies. All things considered, the Blue Flag ocean side isn’t to be sniffed at the topmost alluring sandy beaches near London.

Bournemouth Beach, Dorset
Photo by JackPease , on Flickr, Copyright 2022

15. Bournemouth Beach, Dorset

The clamoring shoreline town of Bournemouth boasts a mammoth seven miles of brilliant sands, as well as a lot of attractions.

The coastline here contains everything from top-of-the-line eateries and impressive beachside bars to energizing children’s play regions and the Oceanarium—a top-notch aquarium highlighting ten replicated conditions that incorporate the Amazon, Key West, the Mediterranean, and the Great Barrier Reef with dazzling sandy beaches near London.

Sandy Beaches Near London
Photo by Diamond Geezer, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

16. Ruislip Lido Beach, West London

To be honest, the closest ocean side to London is on the Piccadilly Line! In Ruislip, West London, a 700-section of land forest nature hold is home to a beautiful regular lake, with a certifiable sandy ocean side with marvelous sandy beaches near London.

Forest paths, a small scale train, and privateer transport for youngsters are also on offer, but in spite of what you might find in the photograph above, swimming is in fact not allowed.

There is, notwithstanding, an exceptionally cool, smaller-than-expected train that will whizz you around the lake!

Frensham Beach
Photo by mikecogh, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

17. Frensham Beach

Another landlocked ocean side near London, this sandy spot faces onto Frensham Pond amid a massive normal near Farnham.

The water quality here is considered incredible, and you’re permitted to swim; there’s also a splendid and unusual model park with 600 sculptures to investigate within strolling distance of splendid sandy beaches near London.

It’s likewise one of the most incredible wild swimming spots around London, despite the fact that I really do know about the way that it’s very well known with nudists.

Sandy Beaches Near London
Photo by Boston Public Library on, Flickr, Copyright 2022

18. Sunny Sands

This is probably the best oceanside in the country for building sandcastles, so you would be wise to pack your container and spade for this one. The piece of information is in the name: it’s sandy, which makes it a clamoring place in summer.

Unfortunately, however, your four-legged companion won’t be going along, on the grounds that canines are restricted from May to October.

Basically, you can spend time with the mermaid sculpture as an incidental award on the topmost enticing sandy beaches near London.

Viking Bay
Photo by Graham Ó Síodhacháin, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

19. Viking Bay

The general ocean side settled between the precipices of Broadstairs is only one of the fascinations of this coastline town, once a most loved objective of Charles Dickens.

Its town-focus area implies it’s never shy of guests, but assuming you can catch a spot on the brilliant sands, you’ll be exceptionally blissful here on the most tempting sandy beaches near London.

20. Joss Bay

Joss Bay is another ocean side found on the tip of Kent, between Margate and Ramsgate. Enchanting houses are settled on the pasty white bluffs, and the span of brilliant sand is like going to Cornwall without the train venture.

Pick a bright day and settle on this as your top decision to go to the top 27 Fabulous sandy beaches near London.

Greatstone Beach
Photo by michelledh, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

21. Greatstone Beach

The sandy ocean side at Greatstone is very level and stretches from north to south for more than two miles, and is much of the time “washed” by the tide of the English Channel. It is arranged close to the biggest town there, New Romney in Kent, England.

Despite the fact that authorization was given for an organization to build enormous quantities of homes and offices during the 1920s, only a modest number were actually constructed.

22. Brighton

London’s more modest, wannabe restless cousin, has us beat on one front—the seashores. Meander along the pebbly ocean side, go oar boarding, snag a frozen yogurt (clearly), or brave the groups on the amazingly popular dock.

Anticipate that this one will be occupied on radiant days, but the ocean side is without a doubt large enough for you to grab a spot and go rowing one of the fascinating sandy beaches near London.

Goring Beach, West Sussex
Photo by jeffdjevdet, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

23. Goring Beach, West Sussex

Goring Beach is obviously a popular choice all year (despite the fact that between May and September they’re restricted to the stretch outside the Sea Lane bistro).

Paddleboarders are a typical sight in the event that the waters are quiet, and the shingle ocean side draws a lot of sunbathers when the sun sparkles.

Clacton Beach
Photo by Leviathan/Steven, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

24. Clacton Beach

Clacton- on The Sea brags one of the best seashores on the Essex coast, and assuming it’s exemplary British energy, you’ll think that they have arrived.

Whenever you’re burnt out on making sandcastles around the ocean (assuming you’re worn out on sandcastles), you can walk around the Marine Parade or meander out on Clacton Pier for arcade entertainment and play golf. The ocean-side cottages are adorable, as well—truly one of the entrancing sandy beaches near London.

25. Jaywick Beach

Down the coast from Clacton-on-Sea is another beguiling, marginally calmer ocean side. Jaywick Beach highlights grass rises and jetties to shield it from the most terrible of the tides and is ignored by a column of Martello towers that once protected the English channel. With the occasion, towns are seen as nearby, it very well may be a bustling one on the summer ends.

Sand beaches near London
Photo by Trialsanderrors, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

26. Margate, Kent

One more exemplary English shoreline town with a history of giving ocean air to southerners, Margate offers a major sandy ocean side, entertainment in abundance, phenomenal fish and chip shops, and a large group of retro outlets and stylish bistros.

Charged as “The Original Seaside,” Margate has gone through something of a renaissance, with the kickoff of the Turner Contemporary Gallery and the repair of Dreamland, a fashionable, amicable entertainment mecca with rides, arcade games, and, surprisingly, a roller disco—makes it one of the most enthralling sandy beaches near London.

However, there are still pockets of old-world coastline appeal to appreciate the strange Shell Grotto is an astonishing illustration of Victorian kitsch, and a stroll along the harbor arm as the sun sets is a practice that has been followed for a really long time.

Sandy Beaches Near London
Photo by Ben Sutherland, on Flickr, Copyright 2022

27. Fulham Beach, London

Fulham Beach (or Neverland to utilize its legitimate name) is a spring on the ocean side that shows up each year close to the Thames in Fulham.

Several tonnes of brilliant sand are delivered, ocean-side hovels are thumped up, and deckchairs and day beds are spread out for guests to relax on. Include a little wilderness foliage and strings of hued lights and you have a little piece of the jungle in the core of southwest London.

Eating here is in the open air, with a lot of scrumptious road food choices to hand, as well as a bar offering a wide range of bright and reviving mixed drinks.

There are ocean-side games for the dynamic, DJs for those searching for an Ibiza vibe, and sumptuous cabanas for those hoping to kick back and chill—one of the magnetic sandy beaches near London.


Sandy seashores are among the most lovely scenes on Earth, and they draw individuals to appreciate the “sun, ocean, and sand”. The enjoyment that seashores create can fortify the connection between nature and individuals and bring issues to light in the waterfront climate.

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