Nightclubs in Aberdeen: 14 Nightclubs to Check Out

nightclubs in Aberdeen
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Get ready for a night out full of fun and happiness! Are you curious about some of the best nightclubs in Aberdeen? Worry not! We have created this exhaustive list of places that you can visit if you are looking for a fun night.

Indeed, these clubs have the best nightlife and a great atmosphere. They have a good selection of trendy music and some amazing bar sections.

Some of these places are better suited for corporate events, and others are cozy venues. You can also go to an Aberdeen hen party. Nevertheless, this list will satisfy your curiosity!

1. Famous Nightclubs in Aberdeen

1.1. Club Tropicana Aberdeen and Venga

(70 Chapel St.)

Club Tropicana Aberdeen is a retro nightclub that has some great music! It has earned its name on the list of the best nightclubs in Aberdeen. It focuses mainly on 80s and 90s music (such as ZZ Top) but has the best nightlife in the Scottish city of Aberdeen. Also, the venue is located within the city centre.

nightclubs in Aberdeen
Courtesy – Club Tropicana Aberdeen

It is a well-loved venue. Also, this is mainly a student hotspot, but you can find people of all ages. There is an entry fee, but otherwise, this place has reasonable prices. Moreover, it offers hen nights, stag nights and is open until 3 AM.

Furthermore, it is open on Fridays and Saturdays only. Also, it is a great place for corporate events and birthday nights.

1.2. The Tunnels

(Carnegie’s Brae, AB10 1BF)

You guessed it right! This place is an underground nightclub, located below the streets of Aberdeen, passing beneath Union Street. As a result, it is one of the best live music venues. Also serving as a nightclub, it has had some great band performances in its history.

nightclubs in Aberdeen
Courtesy – Tunnels Aberdeen

It showcased talented musicians like Kate Nash, Frank Turner, and the Kooks. Moreover, it also boasts good sound engineers and a brilliant drinks deal.

The line-up of huge names is fun, and the staff is great. Admittedly, it is the city’s superclub!

1.3. Drummonds

(1 Bemond St.)

Not only is this place a nightclub, but it is also a brilliant all-day bar! It hosts comedy sets and open-mic nights as well. In the past, it has hosted famous musicians like Catfish, Robert Jon, and the Bottlemen.

nightclubs in Aberdeen
Courtesy – Drummonds Aberdeen

Prepare yourself for an exciting nightclub with an amazing atmosphere and a cosy venue. You will be sure to enjoy the great selection of local talent. Furthermore, with a rating of 4.5/5, it has immense popular approval.

1.4. ATIK Aberdeen

(5 Bridge Pl.)

Get ready for an awesome night out. And partying with your friends in the wee hours of the night! It is open on Friday and Saturday of the week. Moreover, you can also enjoy birthday parties, hen parties, stag parties, and Christmas fun!

nightclubs in Aberdeen
Courtesy – ATIK Aberdeen

Besides this, it also provides a venue for hire. It is located close to the Aberdeen train station. This nightclub also has an ensemble list of singers and musicians. You can choose to dance your night away at this place.

Nonetheless, step into your dancing shoes and get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

1.5. Prohibition

(31 Langstane Pl.)

This place definitely deserves to be in the top 5. It has a vibrant nightlife, with many looking forward to enjoying their time all night. It is open seven nights a week. What a deal! Moreover, it also has amazing food, wine bars, and an awesome bar staff.

It is a short distance from the Aberdeen train station. You can book this place for hen parties, student parties, and work nights out. Moreover, it has a great collection of cocktails, beers, etc.

Be sure to party your night away at this “House of Venom”, a name given because of the drinks it offers!

1.6. Nox

(2 Justice Mill Lane)

In this nightclub, you can book charity events, corporate events, fashion shows, graduation parties, and quiz nights. Definitely an array of events! The DJ booth is cool, and you can also take part in karaoke nights.

nightclubs in Aberdeen
Courtesy – Nox Aberdeen

Fair warning! Though the security staff might be a little rude at times, the inside venue is worth it. It is a luxury nightclub, with large capacity and space. Moreover, you can also participate in the cocktail masterclass. 

Make sure to check this out if you are looking for best nightclubs in Aberdeen. 

1.7. Paramount 

(23-25 Bon Accord St.)

This place has some of the best reviews on the internet. Prepare yourself for an array of cocktails, beers, spirits, and other such drinks. Also, you can take your friends and explore the mixology classes available.

The club plays great music, and it has the best nightlife in Aberdeen. Furthermore, it has a dance floor, so you can dance your heart out. Indeed, it has drinks and food inspired by cuisines all across the world. In summary, the DJ is always up for playing great beats.

In addition, the whole club is Thai-themed, giving it a glamorous appeal.

1.8. BrewDog Aberdeen

(17 Gallowgate)

This is one of the best nightclubs in Aberdeen. In addition, make sure to look your best, as this place pulls no stops on fun. Also, it is kid-friendly (until 8 p.m.), wheelchair accessible, dog friendly and also has free WiFi.

nightclubs in Aberdeen
Courtesy – BrewDog Aberdeen

You can pick this place if you are looking for a day out with your fellow employees. Moreover, you can bring your dog along and celebrate with him. So cute, right? It also offers beer-tasting sessions to schoolchildren.

Not to mention, its prices are a steal, and you will enjoy this nice atmosphere. Furthermore, it plays the biggest tunes, and you will yearn to return here after your first visit.

1.9. Slains Castle

(14-18 Belmont Street)

Ready to have the experience of a lifetime? Get ready to be spooked at this Dracula-themed nightclub. Also, you will get all the Gothic castle vibes from this palace. Moreover, it has a waterfront view. You will get a brilliant drink deal.

In addition, the place offers delicious food that is also pet friendly. But it has specific timing for serving food. Make sure to check the timing beforehand. As a result, the atmosphere is eerie. The events are freaky. Make sure to check this place off your to-visit list.

nightclubs in Aberdeen
Courtesy – Slains Castle

We assure you; you will have a great night here. Also, do not forget to visit the restrooms. They are located inside a bookshelf!

1.10. The Blue Lamp

(121 Gallowgate)

The crowd at this place is friendly. Take a look here if you love socialising and listening to jazz hits. This place plays soft jazz music along with live-venue music. You can also find great comedy acts that will tickle your belly.

nightclubs in Aberdeen
Courtesy – The Blue Lamp

Indeed, the bar staff is warm. And the drinks are reasonably priced. Aberdeen sure does host great nightclubs to visit. This place also has fantastic reviews on various sites. You must check this place out if you are a visitor.

And if you are a regular, then you absolutely need to make it your go-to place.

1.11. The Lemon Tree

(5 W N St.)

This nightclub has a capacity of 550 members and has two bars. Furthermore, you can catch the latest comedy acts here. In addition, you can dance your heart out to the biggest tunes and live music here. Besides, it is an intimate and cozy place!

nightclubs in Aberdeen
Courtesy – The Lemon Tree

You can have an up-close view of musicians and comedians and let it brighten your day. It is one of the best nightclubs in Aberdeen to unwind and enjoy. FYI, it also has a Pre-Mela-Bollywood Night scheduled for the upcoming days.

Do not let this opportunity pass and get ready to have some fun at night!

1.12. Krakatoa

(2 Trinity Quay)

It is Aberdeen’s own tiki bar. This nightclub is ready for you to dive deep and listen to your thoughts. The name is inspired by a volcano that erupted in 1883 and made the loudest sound in history.

nightclubs in Aberdeen
Courtesy – Krakatoa

You can stay at this place till late, and trust me, you would not want to leave this place! This place has a great atmosphere if you love mythical and supernatural vibes. It is a wonderful venue to explore the city.

And as you come to the entrance, you will see a statue. Get ready to be in awe of Radge, the tiki god of lost souls!

1.13. Ninety-nine and the Hatch

(1 Back Wynd)

Mark this place as your next go-to destination if you are looking for amazing food and a fantastic atmosphere. Also, it is a good destination for hanging out with your friends or going on a date with your partner.

nightclubs in Aberdeen
Courtesy – Ninety-Nine and The Hatch

In addition, it is mainly a cocktail bar and offers tasty drinks. It is located in the heart of Aberdeen. You can choose a relaxed vibe during the weekdays and a fun, expressive atmosphere during the weekends.

Therefore, relish delicious food and good music! This is one of the best nightclubs in Aberdeen. 

1.14. Revolución de Cuba Aberdeen

(Academy Centre Courtyard)

nightclubs in Aberdeen
Courtesy – Revolution Aberdeen

This nightclub is full of Cuban atmosphere. Moreover, it also has Latin inspired food and drinks that you can choose from. The DJ sets are fun, with great music hits. Also, you can attend cocktail masterclasses, brunches, and afternoon teas in the mornings.

At night, this place changes completely, and you can dance your heart out. Keen on salsa? You can also learn this here! In summary, get ready to have a great night out in Aberdeen with friends.

2. Conclusion

We arepretty sure that by now you would have gotten a pretty good idea about nightclubs in Aberdeen. You can check out this curated list whenever you are planning a night out. In summary, we’ve got you covered.

You can have a hen party, a stag party, a corporate event, retro vibes, a supernatural atmosphere, and the like.

Certainly, nightclubs in Aberdeen will fulfil all your party fantasies. In summary, make sure to dance to your heart’s content!


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