8 Famous Nightclubs in Portsmouth to Visit

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Portsmouth City, United Kingdom, is another night-lit place in this country. Visiting the nightclubs in Portsmouth is like bathing in rainy water, so smooth, and happy to experience that.

Along with unique attractions like Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, the nightclubs in Portsmouth are also the fanciest and most crowded.

The best part is seeing crowds from younger to older generations. In addition, the specific cask ales are the common captivations here. You also witness the best and most energetic club nights in Portsmouth.

Not only on weekend nights, but they also have great themed nights during the week’s day, making your night brighter. Therefore, have a look at some of the best nightclubs in Portsmouth that are worth visiting.

1. Scarlet Tap 

Situated on Palmerston RoadScarlet Pub is a fantastic pub or restaurant. This place has friendly vegan alternatives, delicious reasonably priced drinks, and an outstanding environment. 

1.1. Drinks

They provide fabulous beverages, such as fine wines and genuine craft brews. In addition, you will also find friendly options, tasty, reasonably priced drinks, and an excellent environment.

1.2. Ambience

However, this bar is a great local pub of the place that offers excellent service and a warm, welcoming atmosphere too. The club nights are incredible, you will have a fantastic night here. 

2. The Barley Mow 

Situated on Castle Road, SouthseaThe Barley Mow is a unique featured club in Portsmouth, UK. This is an excellent vintage pub with friendly staff and a wide variety of alcohol.

The Barley Mow
Screenshot from the official site of the Barley Mow.

2.1. Drinks

Here you will find a wide range of bar snacks, puddings, main, sharers, and side menus too. It also has unique Sunday roasts and a great range, including your bucket list items.

2.2. Ambience

It is an excellent conventional pub with a courteous staff and a vast collection of alcoholic beverages and unique cocktails. The reason why it is simply a specially featured club is that you can have celebrations, weddings, and all other events organized easily.

You will have a great night with such excellent service in these nightclubs in Portsmouth,

3. Lord John Russell 

“The dog was even served a roast meal, giving you some great food and service,” the review said. This is one of the best pubs having a friendly, dog-friendly environment in Portsmouth.

3.1. Drinks

Furthermore, it has tasty food and also a wonderful ambience. Enjoy endless beverages for two hours in the affordable Lioness Brunch. This fabulous nightclub has even better tunes and beers.

Lord John Russell
Screenshot from the official site of the John Russell

3.2. Ambience

They have a theme of renewing Friday joy with introduced fresh party evenings. The atmosphere is immensely engaging at Lord John Russell, Portsmouth. They hold live music events, even of different music genres. This ensures you and your friends are engrossed in a light-up dancefloor too.

Miyagi’s PortsmouthMiyagi’s Portsmouth stars fabulous nights, with an excellent environment and wonderful and kind staff members. There is still more to this pub of Mr. Miyagi’s or ‘Tokyo Joes’ in Portsmouth.

You can also snap a picture with a massive panda while you enjoy the noodle box cocktail.” This place is remarkable for the noodle box cocktails available here.

This place also has a nicely arranged theme party every weekend, making your night buzz.

3.3. Attraction

This recently opened bar has managed to gain a lot of attraction. The Portsmouth undergraduate population and usual attendees are also attracted to this Asian-themed bar and nightclub.

4. Astoria 

The Astoria, a four-room club with a patio, an attic, and a VIP terrace, is also a part of the Gunwharf Quays neighbourhood, offering various settings and musical styles.

The biggest party is here, bringing you theOhlala Saturdays,” Midweek’s club night “Dirty Disco,” and Sunday Funday by the one and only Astoria.

Screenshot from the official website of the Astoria.

This is one of the best clubs in the city, also giving VIP reservations to its dear customers.

4.1. Ambience

Astoria is known for great club nights, welcoming vibes, and also the best EDM music that you can’t resist but step yourself on the floor.

5. Popworld 

This place has great wicked music, excellent service, affordable beverages, and fantastic offers. And as usual, they have Georgia as a tremendous VIP host. This place is wholesome and incredibly accommodating.

You can’t miss the sizzling events of Popworld. The “Toybox Fridays” and “Popsworld Festival” are some of the best shows of Popsworld.

5.1. Drinks

You can also find mostly all types of drinks during the week or on the weekends. The best part is you can pre-inform about your allergies and drink sensibly. 

The club lies in the centre of Portsmouth’s partying location, also near the other fascinating places in this city.

5.2. Ambience

Portsmouth’s Popworld is also famous for being the home of pompous music. This makes it one of the ideal locations for anyone looking for a fun night out. The host and the place make it together a visiting place together.

6. 149 Karaoke 

Karaoke Club
Screenshot from the official website of the Karaoke Club.

The location is simply stunning, with high-end, advanced technology. The most fabulous Karaoke bar in southern England is there. The group of staff members is also kind.

You can find every music category being played. You can count it as a highly recommended and worthwhile trip bar.

6.1. Drinks

You will get everything from beers and wines to champagnes and prosecco. Ciders, red wines, and white wines also follow up the list with a decent price range.

The best part is that with so many drink choices, you also get alcohol-free drinks and classic cheesy tunes. While you head inside this perfect bar, you can feel the incredible great party vibes.

6.2. Ambience

It has cute-themed nights with the brand-new playing chart music genres you will find. This is a great cocktail bar where you can also witness drinking beers and beer pong. It has different rooms, with a main room for groups of people with varying party services.


The venue plays music from all famous genres. However, the collection mainly focuses on young people. The cost of beverages is reasonable. People, who still feel youthful, must come here, for younger adults mostly occupy it.

This pub is situated in the Connaught drill hall, offering tempting drink deals, and also has a crowded dance floor with superb tunes.

Screenshot from the official site of PRYZM.

This bar also has other centres in the city. So, stand a chance to have a fun weekend at one of these famous nightclubs in Portsmouth. This is one of the bars with a strong transport connection; you can reach here easily.

PRYZM nightclub has special events like Take me Out(ACS South Coast),” making your night more lit and fun. Southsea and Portsmouth train stations are just a short walk from the city centre.

7.1. Ambience

Over three rooms, they also stream pop music, R&B songs, the hip-hop genre, and dance music. Also, the club has a fantastic range of local cask ales. This might also be your go-to place if you want a night of nonstop partying.

8. Lord FitzClarence 

Lord FitzClarence, a brand-new neighbourhood club in Portsmouth, has recently taken the Kingsley place of Portsmouth. You can also witness live sports and feel the excitement of everyone cheering on the team on the high-definition or HD TVs in the pub.

The fantastic cocktails you will taste here will be worth remembering as a good experience. The reason why this place is another excellent pub is also because of the pet frank environment here.

Since it has HD screens for fans to enjoy live sports, it also has a pool and dart board games for non-fans.

This is also a great evening club. You can also enjoy creative cocktails while listening to great tunes and enjoy the excellent service here.

Lord Fitzclarence: one of the nightclubs in Portsmouth
Screenshot from the official website of Lord Fitzclarence.

8.1. Ambience

A great time with friends, polite service, and reasonably priced beverages is what you will get here. 

FAQs –

1. What Is the Dress Pattern Followed in the Nightclubs in Portsmouth?

Well, it depends upon you. Although there is no such dress code, it will be nice to dress well. You may have to follow a dress code when the nightclubs have, particularly themed parties.

2. Which Is the Best Nightclub in Portsmouth?

There is not one, but many excellent nightclubs are available in Portsmouth. These include Astoria, Popworld, PRYZM, and many more. You can visit any of them as each place will give you a fun-filled experience.

3. Is There Fun Nightlife in Portsmouth?

More than 120 unique pubs, better cafes, and bars make it the most happening and fun nightlife here. There is always an option to choose from them as per your preference. Visit there with your friends as the fun will be doubled.


Portsmouth is ideal for an exciting environment and a fun night out because of its vast student population. Therefore, you can also dance all night long to classic 80s and 90s songs or current fashionable music.

The list of these best clubs in Portsmouth will be helpful for you whether you choose to have fun or throw a fantastic party.

The reviews of these nightclubs say it all. You can have unique cocktails while playing the best pool tables game with an excellent crowd to join. 

Moreover, the nightclubs also have a warm, welcoming nature, bringing in the vast younger generation to keep the buzz alive. Additionally, the dance floor of the nightclubs in Portsmouth is the best place you could ever visit.

Therefore, head to these fantastic nightclubs and have many more fun nights ahead. 


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