Train Station In York: A Comprehensive Guide

Train Station In York
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If you are looking for the best train station in York, this article is for you.

Trains provide access to some of the remotest areas of a country. Trains are one of the most convenient means of transport. The National Rail services carry over 18000 people and 1,000 freight trains daily, over 10,261 route miles.

The train station in York is one of England’s major train stations.

York Station is a Category A station according to the Office of Rail and Road Station classification system. The station is looked after by the City of York Council. Let us explore the sprawling York Railway Station.

Train Station In York
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1. Location Of York Station

York station is located in York, Yorkshire, England. The station is very close to the city center. The York station comes midway between the cities of Edinburgh and London.

You can find the railway station at the following address: Station Rd, York, North Yorkshire YO24 1AB, UK.

2. Facilities at York Station

The York Station is a grand structure with numerous platforms and other amenities. As a result, it is a Category A station according to the Road Station Classification System.

You can find various coffee shops, accessible ticket machines, accessible toilets, food outlets, heated waiting rooms, a first-class lounge, and a ramp for train access, in this large station.

Most of the facilities are located in the Main Concourse. Let’s take a look at the amenities available at the York railway station.

2.1 Ticket Office

The ticket office is on the Main Concourse of York station. You can purchase tickets to your destination at the ticket office. 

Moreover, you can collect pre-purchased tickets from the ticket office if you have made advance booking. Keep in mind the ticket office opening hours when travelling.

Lastly, the York Station ticket office also has accessible ticket machines. You can use these accessible ticket machines to collect pre-purchased tickets in case you have an advance booking.

Train Station In York
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2.2 Smartcards

Travelers can use smartcards to ease their travel experience at the ticket office. You can top-up your smartcard at the ticket office as well as the accessible ticket machines.

The York railway station also has smartcard validators that you can use.

2.3 Assistance

York train station has kind and helpful station staff that provide passenger assistance. You can approach the service staff for any information by visiting the customer information point. The customer information point is located at the front of the station.

Information services and customer assistance are available 24 hours a day on Monday-Friday, 24 hours a day on Saturday, and 24 hours a day on Sunday. The passenger assist provides passenger assistance if you need to deploy station or board ramps for train access.

You can also inquire about a lost property from Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 16:00 (subject to change). 

2.4 Accessibility

Train Station In York
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The train station is indeed very accessible for every traveller. All the station amenities, as well as the platform, have step-free access. York station has step-free access to all the platforms.

There are no ticket barriers or gates. The station has accessible ticket machines. York station also has a height-adjusted ticket office counter.

York train station also has station ramps. There are also accessible toilets (ladies’ toilets and gents’ toilets), waiting rooms, wheelchairs, and trolleys. You get free access to the facilities.

The Ladies’ toilets are located in the Main Concourse. Moreover, Ladies’ toilets are also available in the waiting room between Platforms 7 and 9.

One of the Gents’ toilets is adjacent to Platform 2. Another Gents Toilet is located between Platforms 8 and 9.

There are two National key toilets, one adjacent to Platform 2 and another between Platforms 8 and 9.

The passenger assists in deploying station ramps. You can request station ramps in case you need to board the ramp for train access.

2.5 Transport

Train Station In York
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2.5.1 Taxis

York Station has station taxis. To get train access, accessible taxis can transport you to and from the station.

The York Station also has an impaired mobility set down/pick up point where station taxis can drop off and pick up travellers.

2.5.2 Bus Stand E

York Station is also accessible via buses. Some of the bus routes that arrive at bus stands near York Station are 412, 843, and X43.

2.5.3 Railway

You can also reach York Station by simply taking a train. Many railway stations have trains to and from the York Station.

2.6 Car Park

London North Eastern Railway is the operator of the car park. The York Station has two car parks, York Car Park 1 and York Car Park 2. Each car park has 6 accessible parking spaces. The York Car Park 1 has accessible car park equipment.

Parking charges apply to the car park. There are a total of 604 car park spaces at York station.

York Station also has parking spaces for bicycles. In total, there are 626 bicycle parking spaces. The bicycle parking is located within the car park near the ticket office.

2.7 Coffee Shops & Food Outlets

Train Station In York
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The York Station has various coffee shops located on the Main Concourse. They provide delicious coffee to make your wait more bearable.

You can also visit the food outlets in case you’re in need of a snack.

2.8 Waiting Room

The York Station has a first-class lounge in the Main Concourse. Moreover, the station also has several heated waiting rooms in the Station Concourse. You can spend time in the waiting room if you arrive early at the station.

Furthermore, the waiting rooms can also be used as a meeting point to regroup with family and friends. In the cold winters, the heated waiting rooms are sure to keep you warm and cozy.

The waiting rooms also have ladies’ toilets as well as a gents toilet.

2.9 Customer Information Point

Throughout the station, many information boards provide information about trains arriving early, delayed trains, and platform information.

Train Station In York
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3. Platforms at York Railway Station

York train station is a large station in North Yorkshire YO24 1AB. The station concourse comprises 11 platforms with trains running 24 hours a day connecting cities and towns throughout the country.

Trains either require advance booking or provide a turn-up-and-go service. As the name suggests, you can just turn up and go on such trains. These turn-up-and-go trains do not require an advance booking.

3.1 Platforms 1-4

Trains to and from Hull and Sheffield arrive at Platform 1. Local trains to Scarborough arrive at Platform 2. Express trains en route to the famous King’s Cross Station in London pass by Platform 3.

Trains to Scarborough also pass through Platform 4. It is also an extension to Platform 3.

3.2 Platform 5

Platform 5 is a busy platform with trains leading to and coming from various cities and towns. To handle the high-frequency of trains, the platform is divided into two parts, 5A and 5B.

The trains to Edinburgh Waverly, Darlington, and Newcastle pass by Platform 5. Trains bound south to Doncaster, Newark, and Peterborough also halt at Platform 5.

3.3 Platforms 6-8

Trains bound to Leeds and Blackpool North pass through Platform 6. The trains that are en route to the King’s Cross Station, as well as local trains, halt at Platform 7. Trains en route to Leeds, Knaresborough, and Harrogate depart from Platform 8.

3.4 Platforms 9-11

The Trains that are bound west to Victoria Station and Manchester Picadilly Station stop at Platform 9. Trains headed to Manchester Airport, Liverpool, and Blackpool pass through Platform 10.

In addition to trains with similar destinations as those arriving on Platforms 9 and 10, northern trains Middleborough and Newcastle depart from Platform 11.

4. Hotels Near York Station

Train Station In York
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There are several good hotels near York Train Station. The hotels are also close to the city center.

4.1 Principal York

Built in 1878, Principal York is a popular choice for hotels near the York Train Station. The hotel has a swimming pool, great exercise facilities, and a spa.

Above all, the Principal York is also pet-friendly. Lastly, room service is also available. The reception is open 24 hours a day. Most rooms offer a stunning view of the Minster church.

Check-in time is 15:00, and the checkout time is 11:00. The address is Station Rd, York, North Yorkshire YO24 1AA, United Kingdom.

For more information, visit their website.


4.2 The Grand, York

To begin with, this hotel was built in 1906 in the former headquarters of the London North Eastern Railway. The hotel is situated opposite the city walls.

These city walls played a key role in the city’s ancient history. The Grand is only a few minutes away from the station on foot.

Together with all the modern amenities and luxurious rooms, The Grand York ensures a comfortable stay.


Moreover, the hotel also has wellness facilities such as a spa, a sauna, and a gym. Lastly, the hotel also has a pool and a hot tub. You get free access to most of the facilities unless asked otherwise by the hotel.

The front desk is open 24 hours a day. Likewise, The Grand York also provides room service, which is available 24 hours a day.

For customers at a stay, car park service is provided at an additional cost of £35 per night. The Grand York is at Station Rise, North Yorkshire, York YO1 6GD, United Kingdom.

Visit their website for more information.

4.3 Malmaison York

This hotel is located in the main corner of a buzzing street. It takes around 10 minutes to walk to the York Train Station. The rooms are comfortable and come equipped with a TV, kettle, and mini-bar.

Further, the bar also has a terrace seating arrangement. Although the hotel does not have a pool, it has facilities like a fitness center, a meeting point, a massage, and a spa. The front desk is open 24 hours a day. You also get free access to wifi during your stay. 

Malmaison York is located at 2 Rougier St, York YO90 1UU, United Kingdom.

Visit the Malmaison website to book your stay.

4.4 Hampton by Hilton York

Finally, located near the Malmaison York, the Hampton is a 3-star hotel with comfortable and relaxed rooms. The rooms come equipped with a sitting area, coffee-making facilities, free access to wifi, and a TV.

During your stay at the Hampton, you get a complimentary breakfast. In addition, the hotel also has a bar that is open 24 hours a day. Furthermore, there is a convenience store with a 24-hour pizza service.

Other amenities include a business room, a meeting point, and a fitness center. The front desk is open 24 hours a day.

Generally, check-in time is 15:00 while checkout is 11:00. Hampton by Hilton York is situated at Toft Grn, York YO1 6JT, United Kingdom.

Book your stay at the Hampton by visiting their website.

5. National Railway Museum

To begin with. the National Railway Museum, also known as the York Railway Museum, is only a few minutes away from the York Train Station. Moreover, it is right next to the city center.

There are thousands of models on display at the National Rail Museum. These models tell the story of the railway innovations in Britain throughout the centuries.

The displays include models of locomotives, planes, hovercrafts, experiments, and many more.

Furthermore, the National Railway Museum attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. You can get free access to the National Rail Museum and save time by making an advance booking.

6. Final Words

Lastly, the York Station is a large Category A station with all the modern amenities you need for a safe and joyful journey.

Located in York, North Yorkshire YO24 1AB, it is near York city center and thus provides access to some of the city’s best sites and restaurants.

Also, check out our list of 4 Best Supermarkets In York if you need some essentials during your visit.


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