5 Tips to Throw an Amazing ‘70s-Themed Party

Image by rohatcom68 from Pixabay

You’re in a nostalgic mood, longing for disco, tie-dye, and corduroy flares. It’s time to get your groove on and throw a ‘70s-themed party. But apart from Donna Summer and Hot Chocolate on the vinyl player, what else will you need to throw a fun throwback party? Here we take a look at five things that’ll ensure you have a ‘70s-themed party to remember.

The Music

Just watch John Travolta strutting his stuff in the film, Saturday Night Fever, for music inspiration. All the Bee Gees’ hits are in it, including Stayin’ Alive, Jive Talking and You Should Be Dancing. It’s all about disco, funk, and R&B. You’ll have your own favourites but try to mix it up for everyone. Consider a playlist that includes ‘70s hitmakers like ABBA, Gloria Gaynor, Boney M., Earth, Wind & Fire, Tavares, Diana Ross, Jackson 5, and Kool and the Gang.


For those who aren’t quite in the dancing mood, you could get out a couple of classic board games for people to play. Think Battleship, Guess Who, and Connect Four. You could also try bingo. It was big in the 1970s. Thanks to the popularity of playing online bingo live today, with its fun game variants like, for example, Buzz Bingo’s Wheel of Fortune, it’ll give everyone a brief rest from bopping to “Night Fever”.


You’ll want to look the part. For the girls, it’s all about the feathered, bouncy hair with big, statement earrings and hot pants, flares, or a jumpsuit. For the men, it’s mullets and afros with corduroy flares and wide-collar shirts. If that does sound like a lot of effort – or impossible – you won’t have any trouble finding some ‘70s wigs and costumes online.


Think floral. Get some cheap posters, hang up some old curtains, and tie-dye a sofa cover. Get bright colours and don’t be afraid of overdoing the oranges, yellows, and greens. Oh, and everyone is going to love a disco ball for the dance floor. It might be fun to break out some old photos of yourself during the decade for the wall or alternatively get some iconic film prints from the period to truly take you back to the ‘70s.


To make your ‘70s-themed party really rock, consider adding to the mood with lava lamps and colourful LED lights. You could also suggest guests bring era-defining roller skates. And don’t forget to feed your hungry partygoers. Sweet or savoury fondue will prove to be a winner as will just about any finger food you can put on the end of a cocktail stick.

Getting your groove on at a ‘70s party

“Your Should Be Dancing” sang the Bee Gees. You will be! All night long. Whether you have fond memories of the 1970s having lived through the decade or just want to throw a nostalgia-fuelled disco party wearing a jumpsuit or hot pants, these tips will ensure you have a great time.


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