Best 9 Pubs In Glasgow City Centre

Pubs in Glasgow city centre
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One of Scotland’s most famous cities is Glasgow, situated on the banks of the River Clyde. It is the UNESCO City of Music and Scotland’s largest and most populous city.

Glasgow being among the world’s friendliest cities is a famous tourist destination. With a large number of museums, art galleries, famous architecture, and rich culture and heritage this city stands out to be unique in its ways.

Glasgow City Centre

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Glasgow city is a famous merchant city and is among the most popular tourist spots, with a large number of attractions that include cathedrals and palaces along with traditional bars and modern shopping facilities.

The nightlife, the pubs, and the music bands add to the beauty of this city capital of Scotland. The electrifying and rocking night pubs in Glasgow’s city centre are key to its rich cultural heritage. There are a large number of bars and pubs in Glasgow city centre.

So, if you are a party animal or a music lover, and your outings remain incomplete without dancing and drinking, you must visit this city’s centre at least once in a lifetime to enjoy the Glasgow pub culture and rocking nights. Pick one of the listed pubs and make your journey more exciting and fuller of fun.

Is Glasgow A Good Night Out?

pubs in glasgow city centre
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Glasgow is a perfect place for a great nightlife destination. There is no limit on things you can do in Glasgow for the night, and the bars in Glasgow know how to entertain you.

The Best Bars And Pubs In Glasgow City Centre

No matter the type of night that you’re looking for, the city centre is full of pubs and bars that can accommodate a variety of occasions. It’s possible to enjoy the best pints at home in town or while partying in any club. The guide is focused on the lively centre and features the best.

1. The Raven

The Raven is the most popular pub in Glasgow city centre. It is also a bar cum restaurant, and a proud part of the Glaswegian tradition of quality food and a variety of great drinks. Smokehouse cuisine and craft beers are their specialities.


81-85 Renfield street. Glasgow G2 1NQ UK

What’s Special?

  • It is a cosy pub with crafts, casks and cocktails. The Raven offers a mix of styles, strengths and task that keeps changing regularly.
  • Its experimental craft beer and cask ale selection ensures you every unique visit. Even if you are a non-beer drinker, they serve a wide range of wines and spirits.
Craft Beer, Cracking Food And Better Craic

You would love the great food, casual darts and craft beer here. Raven is the best destination for visitors to relax and have spunky food after a long tiring shopping day or travelling.

The Sports Section

The multiple big screens are there to show you all the best sky sports and BT sports.

Electric Darts

They have also introduced electric dartboards to make this game more phenomenal. Overall this wood-filled interior venue is very friendly and welcoming, with good food and beer choices at reasonable prices.

Pubs in Glasgow city centre
Image source: The Raven Facebook page

2. Admiral Bar

Admiral Bar is a traditional bar in Glasgow with numerous quirky entertainments. The interior is decorated with original tiles and eye-catching stained-glass panels with a modern twist.


72a Waterloo Street. Glasgow G2 7DA UK

What’s Special?

Live Music Venue

The biggest attraction of the Admiral bar is the regular live music that is organized in the downstairs area. Besides this, various cultural events and private functions are also managed. DJ setup is available by demand.

Pubs in Glasgow city centre
Image source: The Admiral bar Facebook page

The best pizzas, handmade burgers, and mac and cheese are served.

Macaroni is served with fries. Also, salads, Italian foods and various delicious soups and sandwiches are available.

Admiral manages to combine traditional pubs upstairs with contemporary restaurants in the basement downstairs. It hosts gigs and parties, and the basement bars offer beer and stone-baked pizza for a diverse clientele.

3. The Variety Bar

Pubs in Glasgow city centre
Image source: The Variety bar Facebook page

There are many bars on Sauchiehall street, but Variety bar is unique on its own. It is among the oldest pubs in Glasgow. The Variety bar on Sauchiehall street has also been featured among the 50 best Dive bars in the world and is often mentioned among the best pubs in Glasgow’s local magazines.


401 Sauchiehall street Glasgow G2 3LG UK

What’s Special?

It is a bar/pub with numerous drink offerings and not a food restaurant.


It is beautifully designed with artwork on the walls, clean and tidy with lovely decorations. There is an old fish tank also. Its pleasant atmosphere is perfect for all kinds of occasions. 


The well-chosen retro classics are played often. A good choice of music is played in the background. It is very popular among the students of Art school.

Drinks Offerings

The bar offers a wide range of drinks at a price that you don’t need to think about. It has a good selection of the best beers and a quietly cool vibe.

4. WEE Pub At The Chip

Pubs in Glasgow city centre
Image source: The Wee pub Facebook page

The Wee pubs in Glasgow is a whiskey bar that serves the most whiskey per square foot anywhere in Scotland. It is a place that any whisky lover would love to visit.


12 Ashton Ln, Hillhead, Glasgow G12 85J UK.

What’s Special?

  • It is a very small and cosy pub. A great range of whisky and great craic is available there. It is an excellent place to visit for a drink or two in Glasgow’s west end.
  • Though it is the smallest pub in Scotland, still it remains the most charming pub there. The dim lighting, the whisky bottles and the perfect ambience accomplish it to be a highly traditional and classy pub.

5. Park Bar

There are several parks on Argyle Street Glasgow. The park bar is the oldest among them. It is known to be the most traditional bar in Glasgow and was established in 1895.


1202 Argyle street Finnieston, Glasgow G3 8TE UK

What’s Special?


The Park bar is a popular venue for Ceilidin music and hosts some of the finest of Scotland’s traditional musicians. Ceilidh bands are played here mostly during the weekend.

Food And Drink Offerings

It serves a wide range of drought beers at affordable prices. Quality food is served on weekdays with the option of day dining. Also, some good Scottish staples like neeps, haggis and tatties are served.

This iconic bar is full of music, beers, food and enthusiasm.

6. The Counting House- JD Wetherspoon

pubs in glasgow city centre
Image Source: The Counting House George Square Facebook Page

It is a kind of Glasgow institution in its way that many locals love to visit here frequently. It is a busy pub in a grand Victorian building with ornate ceilings.


2 St. Vincent Place, Glasgow G1

What’s Special?

  • It provides a large variety and a wide range of drinks, including real ales, craft beers, gins, and soft drinks. It also offers free refills daily on tea and Lavazza coffee.
  • This pub in Glasgow city centre is a family-friendly pub and even allows children in it.

7. Allison Arms

Pubs in Glasgow city centre
Image source: The Allison arms Facebook page

If you are visiting from Glasgow’s southside, then Allison Arms is among the best pubs in Glasgow that you can’t miss. It is on Glasgow’s south side of Strathbungo. It is an old-style, dog-friendly neighbourhood pub offering you excellent beer and malt choices. And there is a lot of fun in town with other tourists!


720 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow G41 2AD UK

What’s Special?

  • An exciting mix of hipsters and old locals with brilliant events like karaoke on Saturday and notoriously tricky quiz nights on Thursdays are great entertainment with drinks and eating a bite.
  • The bar offers a great selection of continental beers. The cosy atmosphere, friendly staff and excellent service will make you feel relaxed and enjoy your time.
  • The bar also has a superb collection of German bars. If you wanna have it, just pick a bottle from the fridge kept at the back of the pub.
  • It stands out well as an older man’s pub. Also, it provides services for dog owners who are looking to wind down with a pint.

Overall it’s a fun, traditional, welcoming and dog-friendly pub.

8. Pot Still

Pubs in Glasgow city centre
Image source: The Pot Still Facebook page
Pot Still was founded in 1867 and had more than 700+ whiskies and several cask real ales. Friendly employees are proud to offer every client an exceptional dram of whiskey. The Pot still bar is currently owned by the Murphy family. They have been involved in a bar with their older sibling and other family members.


154 Hope St, Glasgow G2 2TH Uk

What’s Special?

The Pot still is among the best pubs in Glasgow city centre that specialises in the best whisky in the world.

It boasts over 800 whiskies worldwide on the bulging gentry. People come here in the hunt for rare malts and niche Scottish drams.

The bar is also home to Glasgow’s only women’s whisky club.

9. The Bon Accord

Pubs in Glasgow city centre
Image source: The Bon Accord Facebook page

The mecca of beer lovers reopened in 1971. The award-winning bar offers an extensive menu of tasty beer and wine. The famous Bon accord specialises in brilliant beer, wonderful whisky and great food. It’s been running for over 19 years near Charing cross railway station Glasgow situated near river Clyde.


153 North St, Glasgow G3 7DA UK

What’s Special?

This Glasgow favourite bar has won the UK whisky bar of the year and also many such awards for excellent beers and cider collection.

It is a traditional Scottish pub with wonderful decor. The pub never disappoints you and serves the food and drinks to you with great hospitality and at reasonable prices.

The full menu for breakfast, lunch, as well as dinner, is provided at particular times. Quality food is served with great service and friendly staff.

You can also download their live whisky menu. For this, you just need to go to the APP store and enter Bon Accord whiskies and download their whisky menu.

Looking for More Pubs In Glasgow City Centre?

Glasgow is a big city with massive shopping centres and great food to eat, but its soul lies in its pubs and bars. Above we highlighted the best pubs in this city which we shortlisted from a large number of pubs and bars here.

Apart from this, there are certain areas and pubs which are worth visiting for their original features, selection of music and club nights.

Below Are Some of The Options You Can Take

  • The Buck’s Bar at Glasgow’s southside is a rock n roll bar that provides a wide selection of chicken and cocktails. They organise a live music venue on Fridays and Saturdays.

Buchanan street is also famous for several pubs alongside it. Some of them are The Sloans the hidden gems of Glasgow The Horseshoe bar, The TGI Fridays, The Lab AND MANY MORE.

Getting out of Glasgow is impossible unless you visit one of Glasgow’s numerous historic pubs. The friendly staff can help you pick out the best whisky, and there is always some conversation with the owners!

Do share your feedback and reviews with us.

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