5 Best Night Clubs in Cambridge

night clubs in Cambridge
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Cambridge is a place that is always happening. You will always find something or the other trending in this place. Cambridge is not just happening during the day, it has a very crazy nightlife as well. A place that has crazy nightlife, also requires nightclubs right?

In this article, we have curated a list of some of the best night clubs in Cambridge to check out. All the places mentioned here have amazing experiences to offer to their customers. 

1. Best Night Clubs in Cambridge 

Here is a list of some of the best night clubs in Cambridge. Make sure to check these out if you want yourself to be a part of the amazing nightlife of the place. 

Cambridge is a place that offers everything. From cute cocktail bars to classic drinking bars, you will find it all. Not only that, this place is also famous for serving some of the best cocktails in the whole world. 

You can still enjoy the luxuries of these bars even if you are a student. This is because most of the places mentioned in this list serve drinks at the most affordable prices. 

Without any further delay, we should dig right into the article. 

1.1 Lola Lo 

This place is going to be heaven for you if you want to relax after a long tiring day at work or college. Lola Lo is a paradise for youngsters. The place hosts themed parties throughout the weekdays. You will be able to find a lot of places that are worth clicking pictures for your gram. 

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Courtesy – Lola Lo

Apart from that, this place also offers plenty of offers for the students. You will be able to find a lot of cocktails at a very reasonable price. A lot of amazing cocktails like Jagerbomb, and Blackfire tequila are all available at reasonable rates here. 

1.1.1 Special Attraction

To beat the Monday Blues, this place has a special offering. Every Monday Night, the place hosts a special program hosted by award-winning DJs. It is a student night, popularly known as “Shameless”. 

Not only that, this place also hosts special part nights on Saturdays that feature amazing music, food and provide the best experience. 

1.2 Vinyl 

When we are talking about the best nightclubs in Cambridge, we cannot miss Vinyl. This is hands down one of the best places if you are looking for something casual, yet interesting. Vinyl is located in the middle of the city and is, therefore, a forever happening place. 

Vinyl, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Vinyl

This nightclub is considered the best not just for all the happening things that take place here. But they also have amazing deals on almost everything. They have special offers for students as well so they do not miss out on anything. 

This place serves amazing food and has a menu of almost every cuisine on the list. 

1.2.1 Special Attractions 

This is among the places in Cambridge where you can book your slots in advance. They have special pre-bookable booths and VIP areas that can be booked beforehand. 

You can also book this place for hosting any of your celebrations. Apart from that, this nightclub in Cambridge is also famous for hosting special Zumba and Salsa nights. These are some of the very famous events among the customers. 

1.3 MASH Cambridge 

MASH Cambridge was first known as FEZ Club. It was one of the most famous nightclubs in Cambridge but during Covid, this nightclub lost its charm. After some time, due to less popularity, it was closed down. Later, the FEZ Club was re-opened as MASH Cambridge. 

MASH Cambridge, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – MASH Cambridge

Today it is one of the most famous nightclubs in Cambridge. It has offers that attract everyone. For students, this place is a paradise. 

1.3.1 Special Attractions 

Every week, this place has something or the other that attracts a lot of customers. It hosts special events for students. The best part about this place is all the items are available at very reasonable rates. 

1.4 Revolution Cambridge 

When we are talking about the best night clubs in Cambridge, we cannot miss Revolution Cambridge. It is one of the most loved places in Cambridge. It comes under the list of the most well-decorated and well-maintained night clubs in Cambridge. 

This place is perfect if you want to spend a happy weekend with your friends or loved ones. There are certain days when they offer a discount on prices. Make sure to check their discount days before booking a slot in this night club. 

1.4.1 Special Attractions 

This place has happy hours during the night. They have special bars which serve amazing drinks along with cocktails. The menu has a list of comfort food that is surely mouth-watering. 

You can also book this place for any of your special occasions. Just a call in advance and they will keep everything handy for you. You can choose your favourite food and drinks and make your day indeed a special one. 

1.5 Hidden Rooms 

One of the best places for all your after-parties. Hidden Rooms is the best place if you are in the mood to spend an amazing night with your friends and loved ones. This place is hidden in the corner of the city and is one of Cambridge’s best-kept secrets. 

The amazing night club was constructed in 1862 and since then it has never stopped being on the list of best places to party

1.5.1 Special Attractions 

They offer a long list of cocktails that will definitely serve the taste buds of everyone. Apart from that, they also have a long list of food items. You can choose their starters to the main course, everything is mouth-watering. 

Alike some of the other places on the list, you can book this place for your special occasions. You are just a call away from having a wonderful celebration at this place. 

2. Conclusion 

These are some of the best night clubs in Cambridge. Make sure to visit these places in your next trip to Cambridge. You will surely have a great time with your friends and loved ones. 


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