13 Amazing Things to do in Aberdeen

Aerial view of the Aberdeen Harbour (Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter) in Hong Kong

There are never-ending things to do in Aberdeen. This city of Scotland has a lot to offer its visitors. Aberdeen adds to the beauty of Scotland with its medieval castles and the significance of every beautiful city.

Aberdeen, Scotland, has various things for its people due to its multi-lingual and populous background. Not just known for its petrol industry, the city has carved a name in almost all fields, including travel and leisure.

Things to do in Aberdeen
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About Aberdeen

The city of Aberdeen came into existence in the year 1891. At present, it is a port city that predominantly deals with Petroleum Trade. It is also a place of very significant historic importance owing to the status of the past.

It’s Scotland’s third-largest city, with a diverging population range. It is also known as “Granite City” for the unversed because of its many grey stone buildings spread across the city.

Aberdeen is also considered one of the United Kingdom’s wealthiest cities. It is known to be a diplomatic city that upholds the integrity of Scotland. Many tourists also come here as it serves as a destination for enjoyment and travel.

Things to Do in Aberdeen

Keeping in mind all the information that you just read above, we are sure that you want to know more about what are the things to do in Aberdeen. So head below and check it out!

1. Visit the Aberdeen Maritime Museum

Located near the harbor in Shiprow, Aberdeen Maritime Museum is one of the top-most attractions of Aberdeen. It is well-known for possessing some of the oldest maritime souvenirs, which adds to its appeal.

You will find different things such as paintings, maps, and other objects used to navigate the seas. The history of the Dutch is encrypted in this old museum as the navigation tools for those times are also stored here.

Once you get here, you must check out the exhibition portrayed by Willem van de Velde and his son. These figures are 2 of the most famous artists of the 17th century. So you can see all their work, including oil paintings and pen drawings.

Aberdeen Maritime Museum
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2. Take a Look at the Aberdeen Art Gallery

Unlike other art galleries, Aberdeen Art Gallery is more like a visual arts exhibition space where one can have fun while still learning. This gallery was founded in the year 1884 and was enhanced in the year 1905.

It is known for receiving the art collection of Alexander Macdonald, who was not among the local artists back then. He was a granite merchant, so his contributions made a huge difference to the history of the Aberdeen Art Gallery.

The Aberdeen Art Gallery Houses are also must-watch attractions as you can see the precise architecture of perfection in the same. Its sole motive is to promote art and culture while encouraging people to support growing artists.

Visiting Aberdeen and not seeing the Aberdeen Art Gallery is not something that you would want, right? So get yourself here and be assured that this place will offer you some of the best things to do in Aberdeen.

3. Go to the Aberdeen Science Centre

This is a science center which is more like a museum. It is known for its incredible displays of exhibits and workshops, which are highly sought-after by everyone. It has been amongst the most popular attractions in Aberdeen.

To all the fans of science and those who have a brain that is racking with curiosity, you should check this place out. Here, you will find robots and the OPITO Theatre of Energy, and it is something that you don’t want to miss out on!

This place also allows booking for corporate events and birthday parties. Located near the Beach Boulevard, it is open almost every day, and bookings occur online.

4. Explore Old Aberdeen

Old Aberdeen is a place enriched in history. Here are some of the things to do there.

a. St. Machar’s Cathedral

St Machar
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A historical trademark that has existed for centuries-old, the St. Machar’s Cathedral is a place engulfed with a historical presence. Although this is now a site that has no bishop, you can simply take a stroll inside the abandoned cathedral.

The cathedral is also known for its carvings and architectural designs. Its look is extremely beautiful as the paintings and structure have a detailed analysis of the times during the 16th century.

b. Brig o’ Balgownie

This is a place where Don Juan marked his significant presence. The Bridge of Don, which is now known as Brig o’ Balgownie, is a place known for people having bridge dates and other fun things to do in Aberdeen.

The bridge was built in 1320 by King Robert and is styled like a Gothic Archway. It is situated above the River Don and will give you beautiful views of the surrounding nature. Although the bridge sees no traffic now, it is still home to some exotic and aesthetic sceneries and getaways.

c. King’s Museum

The King’s College is a renowned university museum located in Aberdeen. It is believed that the campus of this university is now the premises of the King’s Museum of Aberdeen. The King’s College is still a famous university used as a sports pavilion. Self Guided Tours are also encouraged.

The King’s College Museum and its present building stand as a Georgian-themed one, a lovely sight to see. It has many exhibits from the university, which makes it very unique. If you get time, visit the King’s College Museum as it’s something great!

5. Relax at the Aberdeen Beach

Aberdeen Beach is an excellent destination that helps you get much-needed peace of mind. This beach is within walking distance of Aberdeen’s City Centre. You can be sure to get yourself some Me Time when you get here.

Aberdeen Beach
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Apart from simply looking at the waves, this beach has many sports activities and other attractions. There are restaurants and cafes as well on the Aberdeen shire Coastline. The beach was also recognized for receiving the Resort Seaside Award in 2013.

It would be best if you didn’t miss out on this place when you visit Aberdeen, as it will take you back to the times of Scottish history. The sandy beach and its centrally located presence will make you want to come here again and again.

6. Go to Duthie Park

Opened in 1883, Duthie Park is considered one of the oldest attractions in Aberdeen. It has several things inside its premises, so its visitors love it. There are many things for all age groups to do in Duthie Park.

Things to Do in Aberdeen – Duthie Park

a. David Welch Winter Gardens

The David Welch Winter Gardens is a popular attraction in Aberdeen. Although it was ruined because of gales in the year 1969, it was demolished and reconstructed into another building.

The gardens are one of the visitor-favourite in Duthie Park and Scotland itself. Here, you will find a complex of green spaces filled with exotic plants, flowers, and other displays of nature’s greenery. It is also open to hosting events and weddings.

b. Orienteering at Duthie Park

Kids and adults will love this feature of Duthie Park, where you play, have fun and indeed be yourself. If you are a fan of games, treasure hunts, and running outdoors, orienteering is amongst the best things to do in Aberdeen.

It is an all-year-round activity that will help you ignite your inner explorer. The park also offers tour guides so that you can explore the unseen features.

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7. Check Out the Gordon Highlanders Museum

The Gordon Highlanders Museum is a historical museum with artefacts and exhibits of ancient regiments. Here you will find different displays such as maps, uniforms, and other weapons, almost 200 years old.

It includes the ranks given to different sectors of the society, including farmers and those who lived in the fishing village. You must check out the Nationally Significant Collection, which upholds the untold stories of all the rank holders.

Gordon Highlanders are also known for hosting corporate events, apart from just the museum visit. It is also home to many school educational trips owing to its remarkable history. If you are a person who is inclined to historical places, this is amongst the best things to do in Aberdeen.

8. Visit the Parks of Aberdeen

Japanese garden in Aberdeen
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Aberdeen is home to many parks and open green spaces. It gives people much-needed relaxation and peace of mind in Aberdeen. Some of the famous parks are listed below.

Things to Do in Aberdeen – Parks

a. Seaton Park

Known to be of the oldest parks that Aberdeen has ever seen, Seaton Park is a vast area filled with greenery and richness in the air. The Aberdeen City Council has also recognized this park for its remarkable historical presence.

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It lies very close to River Don and is highly regarded for its impressive collection of surrounding agricultural sites. One of the popular attractions in the park is the Wallace Tower which dates back to the bronze age. Mr Therm, a steam engine, also rests here.

b. Hazlehead Park

A wonderful park renowned for its things to offer for all age groups is Hazlehead Park. Filled with many golf courses and walking tracks, the park stands tall for proposing activities related to sports and leisure.

Apart from playing in the play area, one can simply relax and watch the various birds flying and singing. Reviewers also stated that there is ample free parking space to appeal to all its visitors.

9. Shop Around the Aberdeen City Centre

In and around places like union street, which is located very close to the city center, is the hub for many shopping destinations. The City Centre has a diverse range of shops that are frequented by a diverse range of individuals every day.

To explore this large city center, the place also offers taxis, motorbikes, and other rides on a chargeable basis. You could also cycle your way through this place. Here, you will find many centers which focus on hospitality as well.

There are different shops where you can eat, shop and repeat. Ranging from clothes to souvenirs, you can be sure to find whatever you want in the Aberdeen City Centre.

10. Check Out the Aberdeen Golf Club

Especially for golf lovers, you should not leave Aberdeen without checking out the Aberdeen Golf Club. Here you will find championship-styled golf courses that will keep you enthralled throughout your stay at Aberdeen.

Situated between great surroundings like lakes and greenery, the golf club is a popular attraction, and it is amongst the best things to do in Aberdeen. The place’s layout is well-planned, with ample spaces and holes for all players.

Many people also said that this place would give you the best Scottish Golf Experience you would’ve ever come across. So get out and ignite your inner golf personality.

11. Visit the Tolbooth Museum

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The Tolbooth Museum is amongst the most popular things to do in Aberdeen. It is considered a former warehouse that holds excellent history in the name of Aberdeen. It also allows visitors to look at the jail cells of the 17th and 18th Centuries.

The displays of methods of punishment for the crime are also portrayed here beautifully. It depicts the actual cells used for the prisoners of those times.

It gives visitors the actual ambience of being in jail as it has the ancient artefacts that exist even today. The museum also enlightens the visitors about the evolution of crime and its punishments compared to back then. It is a place worth checking out.

12. Watch a Performance at His Majesty’s Theatre

His Majesty’s Theatre is known for its power-packed performances to its people. It is located right next to the Aberdeen Central Library. Many local artists feature their work here and gain appreciation and recognition from all visitors.

Many events like Scottish Dance and other theatre-related work take place here. Apart from just the captivating events, the place is also known for the fine dining restaurants and nearby cafes dating back ages. There is also a bar with free wi-fi present here, so, during an interval, you can come out and be sure to have a feast!

13. Visit the Dunnottar Castle

One of the most sought-after coastlines in Aberdeen and Scotland, the Dunnottar Castle has made a name for itself in the history of Scotland. It is located above a rocky headland in Scotland, so it is very attractive.

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It was built between the ages of 1400 and 1600 and stands tall and bold even today. The place is widely popular because history suggests that Scottish crown jewels were once hidden here from the invading army of Oliver Cromwell.

The cliff-top location is a point that you must check out if you want to get some outstanding pictures, so don’t waste time and get yourself here!

Other Things to Do in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a hub of many things. The food and pleasing dining experience is one that you must not miss out on. The fresh seafood also stands as an excellent treat for your tummies. Some of the other non-botanic and botanic gardens that you can check out are the Union Terrace Gardens, Johnston Gardens, Rose Garden, and Sunken Garden.

Aberdeen Harbour
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Visiting the Aberdeen Harbour and looking at the North Sea is a view you cannot miss! Going to places like the music hall and the town hall is also a great idea. Just a drive from the Aberdeen Airport or railway station to the city centre will give you so many incredible things to do.

The other famous streets are Castle Street, King Street, High Street, and Aberdeen’s Mercat Cross is also something that you should check out when you visit Aberdeen. The War Memorial also poses an awesome historic collection.

Now You Know What to Do?

Now that you have come to the end of this piece, we are sure that you now know so many things to do in Aberdeen. Considering the tremendous historical presence and everyday activities, Aberdeen is a destination that you should visit someday.

Above are 13 of the best things to do when you get to Aberdeen, so ensure you don’t miss out on one!






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