Things To Do In Valencia: 13 Incredible Things To Do

Things to do in Valencia
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Visiting Valencia, Spain is a dream come true for many globetrotters; from its glorious past to vibrant culture, Valencia offers you the most majestic views. Valencia is the third-largest city by population and has a lot to offer. It’s a mix of traditional and modern architecture, which will keep you engaged and make you fall in love with the city.

Valencia attracts lakhs of tourists every year. Its scenic beauty, gothic architecture, breezy beaches, and mouth-watering Spanish food will leave you in awe. The calming Mediterranean weather, medieval history, and insane festivals will keep you occupied throughout your journey.

Let’s learn things to do in Valencia while you are there and make the most of it.

Valencia: Things To Do In Valencia

Valencia is quite an underrated city in Spain. The lovely atmosphere and locals’ hospitality will warm your heart. From sandy beaches to quirky festivals, Valencia has its charm. Walk through the Old Town and be ready to be dazzled.

So let’s start to get to know Things to do in Valencia.

1. City Of The Arts And Sciences

City of the Arts and Sciences is one of Valencia’s most excellent engineered complexes. This ultra-modern and meticulous complex is composed of various remarkable buildings, which have set a benchmark for the city.

Inside this gigantic complex are several cultural and entertainment places you can visit with your family, which include an IMAX theatre, a science museum, an aquarium, a multipurpose plaza, an art gallery, and an opera house.

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2. Lonja De La Seda (Silk Exchange)

The extraordinary Lonja de la Seda, which translates to Silk Market, is one of the top attractions in Valencia. Built during the 15th century, merchants from all over Europe would come here and make trade deals.

Valencia used to be the leading producer of silk in the Mediterranean region. The Main Hall, dazzling decor, ornate candle holders, and palm tree-shaped pillars attracted traders. It’s a sight you don’t want to miss. This explains why it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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3. Valencia Cathedral

Valencia Cathedral is one of the notable cathedrals in the old town of Valencia. Valencia’s ancient Cathedral should be on your list even if you are not a history buff. You will surely adore its awe-inspiring interiors.

The architecture is incomparable and features a painting by Francisco Goya, a famous Spanish painter. The Renaissance painting, gothic architecture, and ornate ceiling give a dazzling view. Few modifications were made during the historical years, essentially between the 13th to 14th centuries.

But what is not to miss is the famous Holy Grail used by Jesus at the Last Supper. It is exhibited in one of the chapels inside the Cathedral.

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4. Oceanografic

Magnificent Oceanografic, Europe’s largest aquarium, is a must-watch for all sea creature enthusiasts. It’s suitable for all age groups and a must-visit if you travel with kids.

It houses over 500 marine species, and you can walk through its underwater tunnel and get lost in the experience of watching beluga whales swimming. It is a perfect relaxing activity to do with kids and an equally excellent learning experience.

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5. Jardin Del Turia

Jardin del Turia is another fantastic spot that features in best city parks in Spain. Luscious greenery, ample amount of space for activities. You can spend plenty of time here exploring the park. It is excellent for kids and adults who want a chilled evening.

It is stretched over an area of 9 km. On your walk through the park, you can find bridges, ponds, and orange and palm trees on the trail. This park has sports facilities, and you can go for an evening walk or jogging.

Children can play in Gulliver Park with all kinds of slides and ropes or climb on the 70 meters long Gulliver figure.

The park has an intriguing history. A devastating flood in the 1950s destroyed the city and left a considerable space. Later, it was developed by many architects and gardeners.

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6. Markets Of Valencia

Markets are an integral part of any place. You will get to do many fun things, and you don’t want to miss out on that.

1. Central Market (Mercado Central)

If you want to learn about a city, visit their local markets. It tells you more about the city’s history. With the vibrant culture, local cuisine, and places to shop, you will find everything at one stop. Its pretty interiors and stained glass domes make it gorgeous sight. You can buy souvenirs here; it is food heaven for all food lovers.

The Central Market is all about fresh regional produce of fruits, vegetables, seafood, and spices. When in Central Market, you must try churros, chorizo, and horchata, a famous Valencian beverage made with tiger nuts. It is incredibly healthy and delicious. 

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2. Colon Market (Mercado De Colon)

Mercado de Colón is the oldest market in Valencia. It was under construction and opened in 2003 to the public. It offers you the best gastronomic experience under one roof. It is more than a fresh food market. Here you will find cafes, restaurants, and tapas bars. You can try Paella, traditional food from the Valencia region.

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7. Las Fallas

Besides delectable Spanish cuisine, Spain is known for its fantastic festivals. Las Fallas is one of those festivals where you would want to get lost in the enchanting beauty. You would be amazed by how a whole city comes together to celebrate this vast gala event.

It’s a perfect street party with music, dancing, and traditional food. No fest is complete without fireworks, a parade, puppets, and locals dancing in costume. It is celebrated from 15th to 19th March.

If you visit Valencia in March, you must see the Las Fallas Festival. It is celebrated in the arrival of Spring in honor of the patron saint. It’s pretty wholesome, and you can expect a lot of craziness.  

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8. Bioparc Valencia

Bioparc Valencia is another top attraction to visit. It’s a zoo specifically designed for all species to make sure their comfort and health are not compromised while they can be in their natural habitat.

With an area of 100,000 square meters and nearly invisible fencing and barriers, visitors can walk around the zoo and experience animals in their territory. You can find leopards, hyenas, elephants, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, and hundreds of varieties of other animals. 

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9. Botanical Gardens

Another highlight in Valencia is the Botanical Garden, situated at the University of Valencia. Wander through the garden, and you can find quite a collection of exotic trees and plants of more than 3000 different species worldwide. Established in the 18th century, few modifications were made over the years.

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10. El Miguelete Tower

When in Valencia, you don’t want to miss the iconic bell tower known as El Miguelete. Get a glimpse of the entire city from the bell tower. The view is charming, it’s photogenic, and you will feel like you are on top of the world. You just need to climb 207 steps and enjoy a picturesque sight. Well, it’s not for the faint-hearted people. Reaching the top is surely an effort but worth the scene.

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11. City Hall

Valencia’s City Hall is another classic construction on Plaza del Ayuntamiento, which translates to Town Hall Square. The Crystal Room, with extraordinary chandeliers, extravagant interiors, and beautiful décor, is a masterpiece. Don’t forget to catch the best view of the city square from the balcony.

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12. Chill At Valencia Beaches

At Valencia beaches you can spend your day relaxing and chilling. Valencia has quite a few beaches, but Playa de las Arenas is a famous beach in Valencia, Spain, and is easily accessible. It takes hardly 10 minutes to get there from City Center. If you want to sunbathe, surf, or go for a swim, it’s perfect for all kinds of beach activities.

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13. Explore Valencia Food Experience

When it comes to food, Valencia can’t disappoint you. You can find lots of varieties of regional dishes. Paella, a famous dish traditionally made with chicken, rabbit, and snails, originated in Valencia. You can opt for the seafood version with prawns and squids.

Agua de Valencia is a famous cocktail with orange juice, vodka, gin, and cava. Perfect for hot summer days. You can have this drink at Café de las Horas, probably the best bar in Valencia. Its flashy decoration, gorgeous ceiling, trendy interior, and well-curated menu makes it a nice romantic spot for couples. It’s located near Plaza de la Virgen, 1 km away.

Another hit spot in Valencia is Dulce de Leche. It’s a café with variety of coffee and cakes. Ideal for weekend brunch, it’s a must-visit.

Other Cool Things To Do In Valencia


Being Spain’s third-largest city, Valencia can surprise you in different ways, and you will enjoy all the cool things to do in Valencia. Whether going on a backpacking trip to Spain or a family vacation, it’s a perfect getaway for every age group.

When making the itinerary of a Valencian trip, make sure it’s at least a 7 days trip. So, you can thoroughly discover Valencia. Valencia is not the kind of place where you can do fast-paced travel, it’s an experience that requires your undivided attention.  


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