The Best 7 West Coast Scotland Beaches—You Need To Visit

top 7 worth visiting west coast Scotland beaches
Photo by Andrew 3457 on Flickr, copyright 2022

West coast Scotland beaches are famous for their breathtaking scenery and lively nature all around the world. You can get off the beaten track of the West Coast Scotland beaches which have a dramatic and rugged landscape.

For visitors, it is a treasure trove that can amaze you with its dramatic sea sites, beautiful sandy beaches, history, culture, food, and drinks.

There is no doubt that the West coast Scotland beaches are the true jewel of this beautiful and ancient land where you can find some of the most unspoiled and untouched beaches.

7 Best West Coast Scotland Beaches

If you want to visit one of the most stunning beaches on Scotland’s west coast, here is a guide where we have selected the 7 best beaches that you must add to your bucket list whenever you plan to visit West coast Scotland beaches.

1. Luskentyre, Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides

Photo by Reading Tom on Flickr, copyright 2022

In the outer Hebrides, On the West Coast of South Harris Luskentyre sandy beach is located, which is one of the largest and most stunning beaches in Scotland. This is one of the West coast Scotland beaches that is listed in the top 10 beaches in the world.

This amazing beach exists in reality, not only in the vouchers of the South Pacific. The wide expanse of white sandy beach with impossibly stunning turquoise water can take your heart away.

Luskentyre beach is ranked as the finest beach in the UK. Despite being so beautiful, you will be surprised to know that Luskentyre is a rarely busy beach where you can wander along with the sea line only. A free car park is also available there. All you need to get access to the minor road Losgaintir, which joins the A859 on South Harris to reach the beach.

Along with the outstanding unparalleled landscape, there are other things that you can do nearby such as discovering the history of the Hebrides at Seallam visitor center, exploring Caolas Gallery, and a day trip to St Kilda that can make your day more memorable.

2. Big Sand Beach

Big sand beach
Photo by Tom Pernell on Flickr, copyright 2022

The most amazing thing about the West coast Scotland beaches is that they are lively and full of nature. The Big Sand Beach is a pristine white sand beach that is one of the finest places for beach lovers in the North West Highlands at Wester Ross. The beach is one of those few secluded beaches that have a rugged coastline.

The uninhabited island of Longa works as a wind barrier for the beach as the beach sits opposite the island. From this pristine beach, you can get a variety of amazing views such as the Isle of Skye and the village of Torridon which is a neighbor of the place.

The beach is perfect for a picnic day where you can also amaze by seeing one of the most unforgettable sunsets. The beach was also awarded a Rural Seaside Award in 2004. There is also the facility of toilets, showers, and the shops which can provide refreshments adjacent to the beach.

Now the question is, How can you get to this beach? Well, the answer is as easy as it is easy to reach there. The free car parking and the bus service, both options are available to choose from for you. It is okay to use your vehicle or public transport because of the easy accessibility of the beach.

3. Achmelvich Bay

Achmelvich bay
Photo by Steve Bittinger on Flickr, copyright 2022

Achmelvich bay is a sheltered and beautiful beach on the rural north-west coast of the city. The stunning beach is one of the most popular west coast Scotland beaches which is surrounded by sand dunes and cliffs.

When you see the view of the white sandy beaches meeting with the crystal clear blue water, your heart will blow away. The beach is really popular among families and water sports enthusiasts. The facility of free parking is also available nearby and if you have well-mannered dogs, you are also welcome along with them.

This is also a great destination for hikers who can explore the surrounding mountain trails. The place is no less than a treat for people who are fond of fishing where you can catch haddock, cod, whiting, pollack, and many more in the bay.

You can easily get thereby heading on a single track road leading to the beach from B869 and the good thing about it is that the road is rarely crowded. The campsite and caravan park are also available nearby so you must pack your bags to enjoy these breathtaking views.

4. Sanna Bay, Ardnamurchan

Sanna Bay
Photo by caroline legg on Flickr, copyright 2022

The search for the best west coast Scotland beaches will end if you visit this amazing Sanna bay which is best known for its peacefulness, scenic view, and the untouched beauty of the Scottish Highlands. The beach is in the most western part of mainland Britain and will become your favorite beach destination.

A long, single-track road will lead you to the unblemished white sandy beach surrounded by turquoise waters with a view of small isles. Although there are outstanding picturesque views, the main highlight of this beautiful beach is its wildlife and fauna. In short, The west coast of Scotland’s beaches is no less than a paradise for nature lovers.

You can be witness to the dunes which are rich in color during the springtime. You can also catch a glimpse of rare wildlife such as whales, dolphins, and sea eagles. So, leave your worries, cares, and stress behind but don’t forget to take your binoculars with you.

5. Sandwood Bay

sandwood bay
Photo by Andrew on flickr, copyright 2022

You can consider Sandwood bay as the best beach among the west coast Scotland beaches, which is truly a highland treasure with a vast expanse of fine white sand. You can take access after taking a short walk for a few miles.

Although it is not an easily accessible place because of the 4 miles walk distance from the car park. And the location is also tough to reach so if you don’t see any wanderers there, you must not be astonished.

The beach fits in the picture of untamed beaches in Scotland which is quiet but beautiful. Sandwood Bay is one of the wildest and most unspoiled beaches in Scotland. And you will be amazed to know that the rocks which are around the bay, belong to the oldest rocks in the world

This is the 1.5 mile-long beach that directly faces the North Atlantic. This is also called one of the most remote west coast Scotland beaches too. The beach is 11 miles from Cape Wrath. The John Muir trust maintains this path regularly who is the owner of the Sandwood estate.

6. St Ninian’s Isle

St Ninian
Photo by Peter Stenzel on Flickr, copyright 2022

The long spit connects the mainland coast to an island that is officially known as Tombolo. The beach has fine white sands with a 500-meter long expanse. This is called the largest tombolo in the UK of its kind. The tombolo is award-winning that connects St Ninian’s Isle with the Shetland.

The place has great promotional value as it is used for advertising by the Scottish tourism industry. If you are fond of water sports and activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, diving, fishing, and windsurfing—this beach is a perfect vacation destination and a great picnic spot to bring your family.

There is also a shelter cave and the isle is easily accessible from Bigton which is the nearest township to the bay.

The most interesting fact about the small isle is that there were found the Pictish treasure hoard and you can also find the remains of St Ninian’s chapel which was used before Christianity and had the oldest Christian burials of Shetland.

7. Talisker Bay

talisker bay
Photo by Cathy Whitfield on Flickr, copyright 2022

Talisker bay can be considered one of the most romantic west coast Scotland beaches. The high cliffs and the view of the magnificent waterfall that is surrounded by the beach are worth visiting. This is the place which is known for the stunning sunsets which becomes the center of attraction for families, photographers and the people in the romance, of course!

After spending a perfect day at the beach, you can warm up yourself at Loch Harport in Talisker distillery. The most distinctive hills of Skye’s can also be seen if you have a walk on the beach which gives you an eye-soothing experience.

How would you get there? So, all you have to do is drive to Carbost then you have to take a single-track road to Talisker house. Park your car where the road ends. It is easy to take a walk which is only about 20-25 minutes. You must visit this beach at low tide because when black and white sands mix all together to make a beautiful pattern.

There are also the grassy dunes where you can get relaxed and can have the perfect view of the wide beach with large pabble and golden sands. There are cliffs on both sides of the bay and a beautiful waterfall on the right side which is just superb.

Final Words

Get ready! Plan your vacation to this incredible country, Pack your bags with all the needed stuff. What do you think about these awesome west coast Scotland beaches? let me know below in the comment section if you like this complete guide.

And you must not forget to share it with your family and friends. There are many more beaches to explore in Scotland. you can spend the best time of your life with the best beaches and stunning views. I hope this guide is quite helpful for you!

Enjoy your time and have a safe journey!



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