9 Spectacular Scotland Beaches That You Must Visit

Scotland Beaches
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Scotland beaches are extremely beautiful, de-stressing, blissful, and breezy. Scotland is a beautiful country located in the United Kingdom.

Scotland is filled with beautiful beaches with fantastic views which can take you away from real-life stress and realities. Whenever your faculties are alive, there is no place very as brilliant as the beachside.

Scotland beaches
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Furthermore, there are not many seashores as unique as Scotland beaches. Walk around pristine white sand on the west coast, feel golden sands through your toes in the east, or hear the thunder of the surf as it back and forth movements over a pebbled ocean side. This article brings you the top 10 beaches of Scotland which offer stunning views to its visitors.

Scotland Beaches: 9 Beautiful Beaches Which Will Make You Fall In Love With The Country

1. One Of The Best Scotland Beaches – Luskentyre Beach

Luskentyre beach in Scotland is one of the best beaches in Scotland. It is known for its broad stretches of white sands and blue-green water. The beach appears very bright and luminous on a sunny day due to its turquoise waters. It has been considered one of the best beaches from all around the world.

Luskentyre Beach, which is cut into the island on the edge of a wide inlet at the mouth of a three-mile-wide estuary, is verged on one side by immense sand rises that can darken the perspectives from the street.

A seaside way travels north-west to Tràigh Rosamol, another great, untainted ocean side with entrancing perspectives. The best time to visit Luskentyre beach is from the month f May to November as the climate will be slightly rainy and cold.

Despite its magnificent sandy beach view, you will hardly witness any crowd when you pay a visit to this beach. Visiting this beauty will be a calm and soothing experience for a beach lover’s soul.

Exact Location

Near A859 in South Harris, Isle of Harris, Scotland.

Car Parking

A small car parking area is available for visitors free of cost.

2 . One Of The Best Scotland Beaches – Seilebost Beach

Seilebost beach in Scotland is one of the most amazing beaches amongst other Scotland beaches that offers a clean breeze, unique, and stunning views. The beautiful beach has milky white water, an absolute blend of blue water, and white sands. This beach doesn’t have many facilities around, so if you’re planning to visit Seilebost Beach, do not forget to carry the essentials. The best time to visit this beach is from late May to mid-October.

Seilebost Beach
Photo by Helen Hotson from Shutterstock

Dog walkers can bring their dogs to this beach to have a pleasant walk along the beach. But avoid walking upon the wet and messy sand at low tide, as it is prone to quicksand, and it might land you in trouble.

Exact Location

Outer Hebrides, Seilebost, Isle of Harris, Scotland.

Car Parking

Appropriate car parking is not available. Visitors have to park their cars along the roadside.

3 . One Of The Best Scotland Beaches – Sandwood Bay

Sandwood bay is a spectacular sandy beach situated in the complete north-west direction of the mainland of Scotland. It is recognized as one of Scotland’s most perfectly clean and pristine beaches. The lighthouse on this shore was constructed in 1885.

Sandwood Bay, which is situated close to Kinlochbervie, is backed by magnificent sand hills and a significant freshwater loch. The far north-west coast of Scotland is surrounded by abrupt rocky cliffs that face the frequently erratic North Atlantic Ocean. This remote area is home to raucous gulls and other arranged seabirds.

The most notable regular feature, however, is the 213-foot-tall ocean stack Am Buachaille, which is still located at the southernmost end of this west coast ocean side at the Rubh’a Bhuachaille headland. It is difficult to reach this beach as there is no road access. But all the efforts are worth it because the beach is splendid. Kite flying is also popular on this beach.

Sandwood Bay
Photo by Derek Beattie Images from Shutterstock

Exact Location

The north-west point in the mainland of Scotland is 11 miles away from Cape Wrath, Costal Scotland.

Car Parking

A car park facility is not available closer to the beach. Visitors have to park their vehicles almost 4 miles away from the beach and take a walk to reach the shore.

4 . One Of The Best Scotland Beaches – Aberdeen Beach

Aberdeen beach is one of the best Scotland beaches and is known for its sports and recreational activities that one can enjoy. All the sporting and recreational facilities are very well provided in the area. This beach is extremely popular amongst surfers, windsurfers, and short walk lovers. This beach has golden sands and is very beautiful.

Aberdeen Beach, Scotland beaches
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Aberdeen is situated in the northeastern part of Scotland on the North Sea coast. It extends as far as possible from the mouth of the River Don to the harbor. This beach is located in the city center and hence attracts tourists and city residents.

Aberdeen has a gentle oceanic environment unequivocally impacted by the Atlantic Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream is liable for a milder environment than one could imagine a city this far north found. This makes winters milder yet additionally is answerable for colder summers. Because o the Gulf Stream limits barely happen. It has a warm climate mostly. Behind the beachside is an appealing wide green region known as the Queens Links. It is one of the most spectacular beaches amongst all other Scotland beaches.

Exact Location

Sea Beach, Aberdeen Junction, AB24 5NR, Aberdeen City, Scotland.

Car Parking

A car parking facility is available for the visitors.

5 . One Of The Best Scotland Beaches – Coldingham Bay

The ocean side itself is around 1 kilometer long and 200 meters wide. It points toward the east and is a decent spot to get the early morning daylight. Many green regions support the spotless sands, and the spot has a casual, provincial feel to it.

Toward the northern finish of the ocean side are some noteworthy ocean side hovels. At the same time, at the southern end lies Homeli Knoll, a precarious, green hillock, definitely worth the move for great perspectives along the shoreline. Past that, at the southernmost limit of the straight is Yellow Craig, a 30-meter high bluff.

Coldingham Bay, Scotland Beaches
Photos by aflockhart from Shutterstock

The waters of Coldingham Bay give an optimal environment to a wide assortment of marine life. Youthful wayfarers should be visible at low tide, looking for intriguing finds regarding the numerous rock pools. Pay special attention to loner crabs, anemones, and then some.

Inland from the ocean side is an area of hills, which makes them interest verdure – especially wildflowers and butterflies in the mid-year. The Berwickshire Coastal Path passes near the ocean side and can be utilized to stroll to St Abbs and Eyemouth. Swimming, diving, and snorkeling are some water activities that one can enjoy on this beautiful beach. Dogs are permitted around the ocean yet should be kept on a lead from June to September.

Exact Location

3 kilometers towards north Eyemouth, B6438 road, Coldingham, Scotland.

Car Parking

A small car parking facility is available opposite the beach.

6 . One Of The Best Scotland Beaches – Seacliff Beach

This wonderful beach is a certifiable unlikely treasure. The beach is in private possession and there is a little charge to get to the restricted track prompting the vehicle leave to.

From the stopping region, a tight way slows down to the beach. Visitors should pay an extra charge to get into the beach. Once here, most visitors would concur that the extra charge is a cost worth paying. The beach offers a wide stretch of spotless, brilliant sand and a lot of intriguing remains. The perspectives are essentially stunning.

Seacliff Beach, Scotland beach
Photo by Ludovic Farine from Shutterstock

Prominent highlights incorporate Bass Rock which rises astoundingly out of the beach promptly inverse the ocean side. Behind the beach, concealed among the trees, lie the vestiges of eighteenth-century and nineteenth-century Seacliff House, annihilated by fire in 1907. The house façade remains. Different storehouses with the house were utilized as a mysterious maritime base during the First World War.

The beach has an astounding little harbor, the littlest in the whole United Kingdom. It was cut out of the sandstone rock and finely illustrated late design. The harbor, which barely has space for multiple little boats, is gotten to using a thin channel; additionally definitely worth investigating. Past the harbor lie, the grand remnants of Tantallon Castle roosted on top of the bluffs.

The beach is utilized by surfers, canine walkers, riders, and neighborhood families. It makes an optimal spot for a day out and perhaps a cookout. Kids will adore playing in the sand and chasing after natural marine life in the rock pooling. Dogs are also allowed. It is one of those Scotland beaches which is unspoiled.

Exact Location

4 miles towards the east of North Berwick, Eastern Lothian, Scotland.

Car Parking

A Pay and Park facility is available for the visitors.

7 . One Of The Best Scotland Beaches – Portobello Beach

About two miles east of the city centre is the well-known Portobello Beach, a sandy seashore with views of Inchkeith Island and the Firth of Forth. It is located in the similarly named Edinburgh district.

Many summer visitors come here to relax, swim, and play in the waves because it’s close to the city. The Portobello Kayaking and Sailing Club is located here, and the area is also well known for kayaking and cruising. Close to the swimming club, beach volleyball matches are frequently played.

Portobello Beach
Photos by RowanArtCreation from Shutterstock

A promenade that backs the ocean side provides direct access to the ocean side, which is combined with a few wooden crotches. There are several bistros and bars along the promenade, which is a good place to stroll around and take in the views. In the town of Portobello, other offices and establishments like stores and restaurants can be located with some searching.

The Portobello Swim Center, a Victorian indoor pool directly on the seafront, is one of many Georgian or Victorian-style buildings that make up a Conservation Area.

Exact Location

3 miles away from the east of Edinburgh city center, Firth of Forth, Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Car Parking

A roadside parking area is available for visitors.

8. One Of The Best Scotland Beaches – Camusdarach Beach

Camusdarach Beach is a circular segment of white, shimmering sand and clear water only south of the estuary of River Morar. With a stupendous perspective on the rough peak of Cuillin on the Isle of Skye, the tough blue pinnacles of Rum, and the lofty ocean precipice of Eigg, Camusdarach is stunning.

Camusdarach Beach
Photo by Stefano Bobini from Shutterstock

Camusdarach beach is one of the best and most stunning Scotland beaches. With many chances for swimming, rock pooling, and strolling, the ocean side is an extraordinary spot to go through a day. Camusdarach is the ocean side highlighted in the local films.

Exact Location

Camusdarach, Arisaig PH394NT, Scotland.

Car Parking

A car parking facility is available a step away from the beach.

9 . One Of The Best Scotland Beaches – Kiloran Bay

Located on the northwestern coast with simple access from the street, Kiloran Bay is the most well-known of Colonsay’s seashores, and it’s not difficult to see the reason why. With a significant length of brilliant sand watching out to the Ross of Mull and the clear blue of the Atlantic Ocean, this spot will blow your mind even on a winter day.

Kiloran Bay
photos by Lighttraveler from Shutterstock

The sound is encircled by the pinnacle of Carnan Eoin toward the north; sand rises in the east, giving way to the ocean bluffs toward the south. There are many intriguing caverns to investigate at the two closures of the straight with proof of Neolithic utilize still present today. Bigger caverns can be found towards the north. These are best explored when the tide is out or on out. A car parking facility is available a few yards before the beach.

Exact Location

Colonsay, Isle of Colonsay PA617YU, Scotland.

Scotland beaches are simply wonderful to visit. The sustainable beaches of Scotland are extremely unspoiled, clean, and pleasant. These beaches are an absolute treat to the soul of a beach lover.




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