7 Best Bars in Peckham to Grab a Drink!

bars in Peckham
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Are you looking for dazzling nightlife with tons of top-notch drinking spots? – The best bars in Peckham have got you covered!

When it comes to South London, there is no wonder that the Peckham Bars are some of the most anticipated watering holes in the city.

Several rooftop bars and craft beer bars are strewn along the Peckham Rye Station, with delicious bar food, high-end cocktails, craft beers, and even bottomless brunch, in some places.

So, if you’re looking for some cool bars in Peckham Rye Lane, keep on reading.

Today, we’ve created a thrilling list of the most famous and popular Peckham bars in London. Whether it is near Peckham Rye Park or in the Bussey Building, this list consists of the best bars in Peckham with classic cocktails and a great ambiance.

So, without further ado, let’s discover the best bars in Peckham Rye!

Best Bars in Peckham

1. Bussey Rooftop Bar

Being one of the top-notch bars in Peckham, Bussey Rooftop Bar surely deserves all the fame it receives. This great craft beer bar is located at the top of the Bussey Building and is similarly placed beside the Rooftop Film Club.

It is an ideal drinking den on Summer days since the cold and chilling cocktails in this London bar are a massive hit. You’ll find craft beers, beers on tap, and hard cocktails in here.

Especially during Summer, there are heaters attached to the bar tables as well!

bars in Peckham
Image from Bussey Rooftop Bar

The atmosphere is intimate with glorious decorations of botanical beauty in a natural plant-based style. It is surely a cool place to hang out with your friends in the hot evenings.

The Pizza of the Bar is the best bar food you can try – cheesy, gooey, and heart-winning in flavour.

Apart from these, this rooftop bar provides a stunning view of London Skyline from its 360-degree levels. The wine bar expertly prepares one of the best cocktails in Peckham.

So, make sure to give this amazing bar in South London a visit!

2. The Peckham Levels

Peckham Levels is another one of the best bars in Peckham in Southwark, Peckham Rye Lane. This place consists of a huge number of street vendors, bars, and individual shops, with a flair of an artistic twist.

You’ll find over a dozen of the greatest Peckham bars at Peckham Levels. One is Near & Far, which stands out among the rest. Whether it is about the craft beers or the rooftop bars, these bars in Rye Lane are just phenomenal.

bars in Peckham
Image from Peckham Levels

You’ll discover cozy places with live music and delicious cocktails at the Peckham Levels Bars – they are colourful and vibrant, having enough potential to draw you in, within a minute.

This place used to be an Old Car Park area, but now it has dramatically upgraded itself into a multi-level food court with large restaurants, cafes, and high-end to cost-effective bars.

So, if you’re looking to dine out with your friends with some great drinks and music, this place is the answer.

3. Frank’s Cafe

As one of the best rooftop bars in Peckham, South East London – Frank’s Cafe is a charming bar situated on the 10th floor of Peckham Multi-Story Carpark. Whenever visiting Peckham, it is among the top bars to visit on every tourist’s bucket list.

Specializing in fantastic cocktails, delicious bar food at an affordable price, and mind-blowing views of London from the Building Top – Frank’s Cafe surely is a crowd attraction in South East London.

The famous staircase leading up to the rooftop is a crowd favourite because of its pink and Instagram-able style.

bars in Peckham
Image from Frank’s Cafe

It has craft beers, draught beers, classic cocktails, mocktails, and other exceptionally popular cocktails. The bar has a wide range of the greatest cocktail list in the house. So, if you’re up for a boozy and laid-back evening with your friends, this place should be your priority.

It is also a perfect bar spot for romantic dates during the afternoon or evenings, enjoying the starstruck views of London along with the art installations.

It is highly in demand when it’s summertime. So, make sure to visit early and grab your space in this vast rooftop bar.

4. Funkidory

Located at Peckham Rye, Funkidory is a charming drinking spot that is brimming with fine natural cocktails, a mysterious and intimate atmosphere, and eloquent funky hip-hop music.

This bar was founded by Sergio & Anna in 2018 – who wanted to merge their experience with London bars with their love for R&B and Hip-Hop Music. The outcome of their idea has become one of the finest cocktail bars in Peckham.

It is known as the beloved coffee shop of the daytime. It reveals the true funk bar time during the night. Since the spot is simple, soothing, and relaxing – it can be the perfect bar in Peckham for introverts!

bars in Peckham
Image from Funkidory

Marketed solely for the Peckham Locals, this quirky bar is the definition of good times, simplicity, and a warm cozy time.

The interior decor is stunning with lime green wallpapers and white spherical lights hanging from ceilings. Wooden furnished tables and bar counter is another aesthetic to look out for.

It is impossible to stop yourself from coming back to this marvelous place. The wine list here is pretty versatile and innovative.

Fine seductive music is always on the go at this place. So, it is a quite sensual bar spot among the other extravagant bars in Peckham.

There are also happy hour times in the bar on specific days or hours, so don’t forget to grab that opportunity.

5. Forza Wine

Do not confuse Forza Wine with its sister site Forza Win, which is the phenomenal restaurant version of Forza Wine.

Located opposite the Peckham Rye Station, this extravagant bar is among the most expensive bars in Peckham. However, it is certainly worth it.

It has expertise in top-notch Italian cocktails with fine aromas and delicious flavors. You can also discover a great collection of cocktails from its menu.

Apart from the cocktails, this place takes pride in its delicious Italian food, which is a must-try for everyone who visits here!

bars in Peckham
Image from Forza Wine

Forza Wine is not only for drinking and dining but greatly for its stylish setting and gorgeous terrace views. Yes, since it is a rooftop bar, it delivers the best elegant views with delicate, well-furnished surroundings. It also has round tables and seating spots near the terrace.

You can order a few of the best snacks with drinks, such as – Grilled Flatbread, Braised Lamb Neck & Tropea Onions, Deep fried Spuds & Hot Sauce, and Grilled Pork Chop.

As for delish cocktails, you can try these – Mexican Mojo, Peckham Pear Drop, Old-Fashioned, Negroni, Tequila & Tonic, and Lucifer. Now, you’re all set to have the best drink and snack feast. No wonder Forza Wine is one of the coolest bars in Peckham.

6. Four Quarters

Four Quarters is another one of the top-favorite bars in Peckham. Situated at Rye Lane, it is a stylish and chic bar spot in the heart of Peckham. Here, gaming is the key to the drinker’s heart.

If you’re into arcade games, retro games, and other video games, worry no more. Keep yourself hooked with a dose of cocktails and drinks, then this funky bar has to be your top choice.

With delicious burgers and pizza, and other junk food – this outstanding gaming bar is won the hearts of many Europeans and even tourists.

bars in Peckham
Image from Four Quarters

It has PlayStation, Nintendo, and other console booths along with gaming machines. This place is filled with neon lights, an intimate interior, and a vibrant atmosphere, with a range of delicious cocktails.

From local brews to the most classic drinks, the bar is an ideal spot who are fans of cocktails and games.

If you’re bored on the weekends, then grab your friends and visit this fun bar. Spend the evening with exciting retro games and some great drinks and food. No wonder it is one of the coolest bars in Peckham.

7. Bar Story

Last but definitely not least, Bar Story is an extraordinary and stunning bar spot to enjoy original drinks with delicious pizza.

Situated right below the train tracks of Peckham Rye Station, this place is filled with a lovely garden seating arrangement.

It is ideal for the lovely outdoor drink time in the summertime. Bar Story has successfully won many hearts in London, since its establishment.

Being among the most beautiful bars in Peckham, for its lovely outdoor ambiance – things can get more exciting as you hear the trains running right above your heads.

The list of their cocktails is wide and classic, so enjoy a high-quality time at this exquisite place with your friends or family.

It is perfect to focus on your work while grabbing a craft beer since this place is usually filled with young adults with emerging careers.


We have finally reached the bottom of the list of the coolest bars in Peckham. While these were the most popular and crowd-favorite bars, there are other Peckham bars that are worth mentioning. A few other great bars are – Brick Brewery, Victoria Inn, and CLF Art Lounge.

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Peckham is packed with bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. It is a treat for any Londoner who is looking for a city with mind-blowing bars and plenty of cocktails.


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