Brooklyn-Style Pizza : 8 Best Pizza Places

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What is Brooklyn-style pizza? Another way of spreading joy in this crusty world. Brooklyn-style pizzas are gaining popularity day by day and have already made a mark in many cities in the US.

There are many different pizza styles with varied textures. No matter what style pizza is whether York-style pizza or Chicago pizza, they all have the same ingredients but the taste can be different depending on the way these are cooked.

If you talk about food, there are many different kinds of dishes derived from other dishes. What is Brooklyn-style pizza? So, is like one of those derivatives having its origin in York-style pizza.

The crush is an upgrade along with its unique square pieces which are optional based on the outlet. Now let’s see what gives Brooklyn-style pizza its unique identity.

1. Brooklyn-Style Pizza

1.1 History of Brooklyn-style Pizza

Brooklyn-style pizza became popular around the year 2006 when a popular pizza food chain Domino introduced this in their menu.

Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza, this classic pizza style in which the pieces of the crust are cut into squared or rectangular shapes gives it a different look.

Everyone had the question what is Brooklyn-style pizza? When people tried it, they found this thin-crust pizza a delightful experience and Domino made this thin-crust pizza even more crispier than it originally was.

This was the start of its popularity. The origin was in the 1900s when New York-style pizza became famous and a derivative was made out which was a Brooklyn-style pizza.

A crispier version with a thin crust that maximizes the taste with balanced proportions of cheese and tomato sauce.

Today, Brooklyn-style pizzas are huge in demand and also share some qualities of the classic New York-style pizza. The cheese proportion varies but the overall taste is great in both of them.

1.2 Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza

What is Brooklyn-style pizza? The question was asked many times when people heard of this menu item. The food chain made a popular item even more popular. Whether it is a classic New York slice or an original Brooklyn pizza, they make it all.

When you order Brooklyn-style pizza, the thin crust is made even more crispier depending on your choices.

There are some differences between toppings and some seasoning but the crux is it is a delicious pizza.

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The sizes which are offered by the food chain are large and extra large. The taste is great and you will also find the pieces of pizza to be quite large.

The traditional toppings which are favoured more like pepperoni are present in the menu.

However, typical options like pineapple and plain meat are something you will not find here.

Every slice from Domino’s Brooklyn Style pizza has about 330 calories so make sure to balance everything out.

2. How to Make a Brooklyn-Style Pizza

The ingredients involved in making a basic pizza and Brooklyn-style pizza are almost the same but the crux of the whole process is the way you prepare it.

Less cheese and more crispy crust, these two can help you identify a good Brooklyn-style pizza.

2.1 The Secret Dough for Brooklyn-style Pizza

The magic starts with the right dough and the amount. The requirements for the amount of dough for Brooklyn-style pizza is comparatively less in comparison with other pizzas.

The amount is less for the base which makes the pizza have a thin and crispy crust(Brooklyn-style crust).

 brooklyn-style pizza
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The amount of fat that is also used while preparing the pizza is also a little bit more to give it that extra crispy crust.

If you could compare New York-style pizza with Brooklyn-style pizza, you would find the differences in the amount of dough used, the kind of cheese used, and the way it is served.

The amount of dough required to make a large New York-style pizza can be used to make an extra-large Brooklyn-style pizza.

2.2 Toppings

The delicious Brooklyn-style pizza can have many different kinds of toppings. Mainly some garlic and pepperoni with mushrooms can be found on a classic Brooklyn-style pie.

There are also some other kinds of toppings like goat cheese and pineapple but this all depends on your choice and your taste.

brooklyn-style pizza
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The main difference between other pizzas and Brooklyn-style pizzas is the amount and the variety of cheese that is used.

The provolone cheese and mozzarella cheese are used in the Brooklyn-style pizzas with almost the same ratio.

These two kinds of cheese provide Brooklyn-style pizzas with their unique flavour. Provolone cheese is a little bit stronger in taste and it has just a tiny bit of proportion higher than the mozzarella cheese.

Overall there are no fixed ingredients specifically for a Brooklyn-style pizza, you can just get creative with whatever ingredients you like and you are good.

3. Way to Serve Brooklyn-Style Pizza

If you look at a New York-style pizza then you will find it like a normal pizza but with multiple triangular slices. Brooklyn-style pizzas on the other hand are cut into rectangular or square pieces.


You may or may not find them in the mentioned shapes in some pizzerias but the classic Brooklyn-style pizza is cut into square or rectangular pieces.

Due to its crispy crust and texture, the pie is better to be served with square pieces so that there is no breakage while you are eating the delicious pie.

One important point while eating Brooklyn-style pizzas is to try not to use a knife and fork, take a piece of the pie with a little bit of everything, and then eat it.

There is no particular style but it is advised that you do not eat a pizza with a fork and knife.

4. Is Brooklyn-Style Pizza the Ultimate Flavor Fiesta?

Well, there is Chicago deep-dish pizza, New York-style pizza Brooklyn-style pizza, and many other kinds all over the world.

Focusing on these three, taste-wise each of them has its pros and cons.


The New York slice with classic pepperoni topping with more cheese might taste heavenly in comparison with these two with the same toppings if you like a little chewy texture and thick crust.

Brooklyn-style pizzas are a more balanced form of pizzas. Sometimes they might not be the tastiest pizzas out of all but with crispy texture and some classic toppings, they sure give you a good option.

Chicago pizza is more on the heavy side and may or may not go along with your taste buds but do not underestimate them because they are too packed with flavour and cheese.

5. Best Brooklyn-Style Pizza Places

From what is Brooklyn-style pizza to the best places to explore for it. Many places serve excellent Brooklyn pie and some of them have become famous for their original Brooklyn pizzas.

5.1 Jullianna’s Pizzeria

The famous coal-fired ovens of Jullianna’s Pizzeria give you one of the best Brooklyn-style pizzas. Any pizza lover would be delighted by its traditional pizza.

The most famous Brooklyn-style pizza here is its Margherita-style pizza and it is truly a classic. There are many other pizzas also available, make sure to check them out also.

19 Old Fulon Street, Brooklyn you can find it here. This pizza joint is great with its delicious traditional pizzas.

They have an exceptional menu item which is an all-time favourite of many people who visit this place and it is White pie. They will give you a better answer for what is Brooklyn-style pizza.

This white pie has a nice thin crust and there is no competition in flavor. If you ever visit this place make sure to try both of these out, Margherita and white pie.

5.2 Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, a pizza joint that has been in business for more than 100 years serves some traditional and tasty pizzas.

The Brooklyn-style pizzas here are classic and make you want to come here more often. Traditional New York pizza can also be found here and that is also quite famous.


The most famous pizza here is the Brooklyn Bridge Pizza, which is a classic pizza with traditional ingredients like Italian sausages.

There are different kinds of pizzas available here but this one makes the place a kind of landmark for this specific Brooklyn-style pizza.

The location is 1 Front Street Brooklyn.

The overall place has a different vibe and gives you a glimpse of the past when it all started. It gives you the essence of the answer to what is Brooklyn-style pizza.

5.3 Paulie Gee’s

This pizza joint at 60 Greenport Avenue is also one of the best options you can explore for trying out Brooklyn-style pizza for the first time.

The place itself is amazing and with its dine-in-only option make sure to secure a seat here.

The Pizza menu here is quite good. The other Pizza joints do not offer many vegan options but this place has vegan and non-vegan pizzas as well.

They have some really good vegan pizzas that use vegan sauce and some other ingredients making it taste even better.

5.4 Roberta’s Pizzeria

Roberta’s Pizzeria in Bushwick is another of the pizza shops where you can get Brooklyn-style pizza. The place not only offers you pizza but other dishes like sweet potatoes which are nicely grilled.

This is one of the pizza places that uses wood-burning ovens giving the pizza a unique smoky flavour.

Brooklyn-style pizza
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The other dishes which are also present here are pretty tasty and not using a coal-fired oven gives them a unique edge over other joints.

The Brooklyn-style pizza they serve is one of the classic pizzas and you will not be disappointed by its taste or texture in any way.

Their Bee Sting pie is a pretty famous pizza here and tasted heavenly. There are other options also available but do make sure to check the classic one out. Words are less to describe this heavenly pizza place.

5.5 Lucali Brooklyn

Another place with great reviews and amazing-tasting pizzas. The Brooklyn-style pizza here is pretty good. This joint is also famous for its classic American pizzas.

Both pizzas can be found here and not only that the other dishes which are present are also very nice.

575 Henry Street Brooklyn is where you will find this pizza place. Every dish they serve is prepared fresh here. Make sure to check this place in Brooklyn out.

The place is completely packed and there will be a huge line for that pie so make sure you arrive a little early.

Make sure that when you come here, bring cash because this place does not accept cards. With cash only and some time in line, you will find one of the best pizzas in your hand.

5.6 Di Fara

The year 1965 marked the start of this super cool pizza joint which is bringing all kinds of pies on your palette.

Di Marco the legend who started this place makes sure to serve the best pizza, Brooklyn-style pies, or New York pizza at its best. His kids run this place and the place is always having some crowd.

They have original ingredients from Italy being imported here. They use almost everything authentic to give you the best Brooklyn-style pizza taste.

New York will not leave you disappointed if you are in search of a great pizza. If you ever ask a question what is Brooklyn-style pizza? Make sure to visit Di Fara.

5.7 Luigi’s

Luigi’s is an exceptional pizza joint that serves authentic and traditional Brooklyn pizza. Their thin crust is truly magical and from tomato sauce to provolone cheese, every ingredient brings out the maximum taste.

Luigi’s was opened in 1973 and no matter how people and times have changed, their main focus has always been to make traditional Pizzas.

They have the best pizzas and they are some of the few joints that have affordable pizzas.

The address is 686 5th Avenue Brooklyn, make sure to add this to your bucket list.

5.8 L&B Spumoni Gardens

It all started with the Spumoni(gelato), Ludovico Barbati(L&B) started from gelato and later on, after some time went into making Brooklyn-style pizzas.

The gelato was great and it gave them some reputation. They started to become popular after their Brooklyn-style pizzas started making a name for themselves.

People who had a question what is Brooklyn-style pizza started to know them through these amazing pies they were making. The gelato is still made here but Brooklyn-style pizza tasted just out of this world.

It started in 1939 and to this current date, they are making some exceptional pies. Come to this place and enjoy a nice slice of pie with some gelato to freshen up your day.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which is the best pizza joint for experiencing Brooklyn-style pizza?

There is not a particular answer as you might find two different joints but both of them are great in some way. The best places though where you can find the best Brooklyn-style pizza are Di Fara, Lucali, and Roberta’s Pizzeria. These are some of them and you will get the best Brooklyn-style pizza here.

Q.2 How to eat a Brooklyn-style pizza?

There isn’t any particular way but generally try to make a wrap out of the pie and get most of the ingredients to maximize the flavour and take the bite. Even though they might be sliced into square pieces, try to get the ingredients to get the best bite.

Q.3 Is there any difference in the crust of a normal pizza versus a Brooklyn-style pizza?

The amount of gluten that is present in normal pizza dough is roughly low in comparison with Brooklyn-style pizza dough. The amount of gluten is quite high which gives it more crispiness in it.

Q.4 What is Brooklyn-style pizza?

It is a derivative version of a New York-style Pie with dough with extra gluten and balanced ingredients giving it a crispy crust and a unique texture. It has a thin crust and the crispiness is on a whole other level.

Q.5 How is Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza?

It is pretty good, it has all the necessary ingredients along with an extra thin and crispy crust which makes it a nice Brooklyn pizza.

7. Conclusion

So, What is Brooklyn-style pizza? A crispy pizza with amazing ingredients. A surge of emotions where everyone is joyed by this amazing food.

There can be many answers but overall it is really tasty. This thin-crust pizza is capturing hearts from olden times and you just cannot stop yourself once you have experienced it.

The different joints that sell these amazing Brooklyn pizzas are doing an exceptional job. The uniqueness they have captured by their cooking is too good.

From New York pizza to Brooklyn-style pizza respect to all, the way they were created in the past and are still being carried on. Come to New York to experience the joy of Pizza, especially Brooklyn-style pizza.


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