A Complete Guide To Belgian Beer & Breweries

Belgian beer
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Let me introduce you to Belgian beer in the world of dizziness and fun. Exceptional taste and exclusive varieties of alcoholic beverages for everyone around the world. Belgian beer offers you a taste like no other. The craft beer brewed and honed with skilful hands and aged within that oak tree box is the right drink you are looking for this season.

The Belgian beer brands give you the best beer. The quality can be used as a standard for many beers. The way the Belgian beers are crafted is also something to look into. The different kinds of Belgian beers are soulfully tasty and touch the depth of your soul, giving you happy hours all day long.

From pilsner to tripel and different kinds of brewers, Belgium has one of the best beers and breweries, which are acknowledged at the global level.

The Belgian beer bottles with that exclusive brand make your eyes shine with the hope of great beer and taste. There are many different kinds of Belgian beers and brewery ways so let’s dive into the world of Belgian beer and see this beautiful world in words.

Different Kinds of Belgian Beers you Must Try this Party!

1. Trappist Beers

Try visiting the Trappist monastery for a good round of Trappist beer when you are in Belgium. You read that good Trappist beer is arisade in monasteries and is rare and tasty.

These Trappist beers are made within the walls of the designated monastery, where the Trappist beer-making process is done under the guidance of Trappist monks. These Trappist monks oversee the beer-making process of this famous Trappist beer.

2. Witbier

The yeasty guest has arrived. This tasty beer quenches your heavenly thirst for that delicious beer. The foamy texture is coming around that glass with the smell of herbs and spices, my oh my heart eaten by satisfaction. This is one of the good wheat beers and should be tasted at its best. This Belgian beer is sure to give your tastebuds a day to remember.

This white bear is tasty and will not make you rumble around the road at night because of its low alcohol content. The taste is mild, and this one is really tasty. You’ll love it.

The use of spices is there in this Belgian beer because of some influence of colonialism and is quite a signature part of this exceptional Belgian beer.

The brewery uses different kinds of spice combinations for their personal Witbier, but in the end, some are common with gingers or anise and give them a nice taste.

Many brewers make Witbier, this summer-ready alcoholic drink. Give it a try if you have a chance, no matter what. Worth it.

3. Pilsner Beer

This Bitter Belgian beer is quite popular in Belgium and is drank by many people. The availability is high, and with nice light yellow colour, this drink will make your taste buds bounce if you are a fan of bitter flavour when it comes to strong beer. The bite is painful, and the AVM is about 5% or maybe 4.5%.

Belgian beer
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Saaz hops might be used traditionally for the making of this Belgian beer. Some might try to mix it a little bit in a different country to get a new taste. The balls may change depending on where it is being brewed.

If you are a fan of beer, then this one might be the one you are looking for, try and give it a go. You might like it.

4. Lambic and Geuze Beer

This Belgian beer is made from spontaneous fermentation and having a year-old hop serves your taste buds nicely. The fruit lambic brews are made by adding fresh fruit juice to the Lambic beer to control the sourness of this Belgian beer and give it a more fruity flavour.

The colour of this Belgian beer can be gold or medium Amber, and the fruity essence is prominent. When drinking alcohol is not that detectable in this, you can say it is mild.

Also, while fermenting in that good old oak, fruits are added to it, resulting in this new kind of Fruit Lambic beer. Lambic beer comes in the category of sour beers, and to decrease that very characteristic fresh fruit juice is added.

Gueuze beer is a combination of old and new Lambic beer. These are stored for really long times, and the new Lambic beer provides sugar for this Beer. The taste is heavenly, and if you are a fan of sour flavours or want to have some fruity taste with alcohol in your drink, do try it.

5. Speciality Beers

These Belgian beers have large categories of taste, smell, level of malt and many other factors. You can say the above categorisation is good, but these beers are different and have different ways they are brewed and crafted.

Examples are Duvel and Brugse zot which comes into this categorization. The bitterness level might vary. I mean, the varieties just become more and more, making you divulge in a different era when we talk about Belgian beer.

The taste might vary, but at the same time, if you want to try something different, then this one is for you. Your Napolean taste buds are ready to discover a new continent of flavour, so hop on the ship of wheat seas and dive into the world of interesting beers.

Different Belgian Beer brands that are going on Trend Hype!

1. Duvel

This bitter beer is all you want this summer. The bitterness and smooth taste in your throat mesmerize your heart and body. With nice hops and yeast used, it is no wonder this tastes like heaven, and when we add a double fermentation process to this exceptional drink, well, you will love it.

The ABV for this drink is about 8.5%. This one is strong with its alcohol percentage, and you will surely have a good time with this Belgian beer.

This Belgian beer is golden and will be more valuable to your taste buds. Bitterness is there in this, but at the same time, citrus aromas are also present along with apple aroma, which sure will bring a different world altogether with this Belgian beer.

2. Trappistes Rochefort 10

Holding on to the emblem of the Trappist beer, we have Trappistes Rochefort 10. Considered to be one of the best Belgian beers. This one has a nice amount of alcohol content, around 11.5% and is sure to give you a nice kick for the night.

The Mahogany colour of this Belgian beer is something which makes my eyes and tastebuds excited. This Belgian beer is intense, with aromas and nice spices in there. While you taste this exotic Belgian beer of cloves and dark chocolate, hints are given.

The taste is amazing. The monks have made this great beer, and if you have the choice to taste and savour this amazing Belgian beer, then do not hesitate to go for it.

3. Chimay Bleue

This Trappist beer is nice and strong with 9% ABV and tends to display a nice complex flavour in your mouth.

The Belgian beers are all amazing depending on your mood and taste, and this hits the list with its different variants like blue, red, white and gold. Blue is the favored one here, but you can try all the other variants mentioned above.

When you drink this bee, hints of spice and caramel are prominent, along with some chocolate. The taste is nice and unique, and the like can vary depending on the age of this Belgian beer.

It is t a little bit sweet, maybe soft, and lots of changes can be noticed depending on the ageing of this spectacular Belgian beer. So, have a chance at it and taste this amazing beer.

4. Tripel Carmelite

The star of the show, amongst the most popular Belgian beers, this one is quite a treat for you. The taste has a nice balance, with an ABV of about 8.3-8.4%.

This Belgian beer is the apple of my eye, and many people taste it almost daily. Goes good with anything which has a cheesy texture or mild sweet flavor. This one also has flavors of fruit banana in it so you can hope for a nice surprise.

It might even go good with creamy biscuits. The taste is heaven. Even beer writers would crave to use their art of words to cast it into something extraordinary, which it already is. So, go for it the moment you get a chance.

5. Inglorious Quad

This one is similar to Rochefort 10 and has an ebony colour. This has a roasted flavour, and you can also expect hints of coffee from this nice Belgian beer.

Everything about this beer is just amazing. The alcohol content is around 10% which is pretty decent. The taste is strong, and the colour too. Give it a try. You are not going to get disappointed.

Belgian beer
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6. Westmalle Tripel

Brewed within the Abbey, this Belgian beer is tasty, and you should expect no less from this drink when it comes in front of you in that nice bottle.

Now made in Westmalle, the flavors of pear are available in this Belgian beer alongside Banana which gives it a fruity touch, but by no means this becomes a light beer.

This one is heavier beer and is a contender for sure. One glass of this or a bottle of this will surely bring a smile to your face. Go for this masterpiece whenever you get a chance.

7. Orval

The world of Belgian beer, a glass here, a bottle there tastes all around. When we pick quality from such a wide selection of Belgian beers, there is customer satisfaction around the Belgian beer staff. Orval is one of the most popular Belgian beers made under the supervision of monks.

This one also tends to sell out fast from the shop where you are looking to buy your beer.

These tastes amazing, and the way it is brewed, with time, the taste changes. Depending on how old it is, you will find many changes over time from the same bottle you are tasting. So, this one is an adventure drink here, fresh always even when it is aged.

So, hop into the adventure of this amazing Belgian beer, and don’t look back no matter what.

Belgian beer
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8. Affligem Blond

There are lots of beer styles, and this one seems to be among the most popular ones. You can say that this has a soft and rich taste and can be considered one of the tasty ones.

This one is expected to be not that heavy and gives you the complete experience of Belgian beer. The breweries love it; the people love it when arriving in that nice bottle and with bottles rattling around here and there. This Belgian beer is sure to make that heartbeat fast.

A tasty popular choice, no matter what, a must-try.

9. Goudon Carolus Classic

This is an exceptional Belgian beer you should try from the old brewery of Het Anker. With an alcohol content of about 8.5%, this will surely bring smiles to your face.

The beer is dark and hints of caramel with a touch of red wine. No matter what, this is a tasty beer, and you should go for it.

10. Leffe Brune

A light Belgian beer with low alcohol content. The ABV is around 6.4%, and it is nice and tasty. It is a good-to-go beer, meaning you can have it at any time and with either lunch or dinner. The flavors have some sweet brown sugar and a citrus side to them. You are going to love it.

Commonly found, tasty and popular, a must-try for you.

Some Important Breweries You Must Know

1. De halve Maan

This brewery is just amazing. It is in Bruges and offers some of the best Belgian beers. It has the world’s first beer Pipeline, due to which a lot of workloads from the beer trucks which transport beer is reduced.

The full tour of this place will make you dizzy with different beer tasting and an amazing experience. The bruise zot blond can be tasted here, which is quite a treat for you. The place is worth a visit if you are a beer enthusiast.

2. Brasserie de la Senne

Devoid of breweries because of the world war and different and modern ways of the brewery, Brussels was having difficulty. All of this changed after Brasserie de la Senne, which was a nice brewery, opened here.

The locals enjoyed it. The kinds of Belgian beers this brewery was serving were balanced and in favor of the flavors of the locals. The beers were cheering with all the neighborhoods.

Taras Boulba is one of the famous beers with about 4.4-4.5% ABV and is enjoyed quite a lot here. If you have a chance to visit Belgium, come to this place for your taste buds.

3. Brasserie Dupont

The village of Tourpes has this amazing brewery that serves exceptional quality Belgian beers and ales. They provide you with the same flavors required for your body and a nice ABV for the drink you will enjoy.

Visit this place for a nice night with friends and family with a glass of beer clinking with each other. The taste is amazing, and with blond coming your way with a refreshing taste, you know the beer will be awesome. Ale is also served, and there is no way you will regret your visit here.

4. Duvel

Duvel mortgage brewery, Puurs, is an excellent brewery. The essence of the Belgian beer crafted here is inspired by the English ales and offers its touch in its ingredients. If you are looking for a tour of this place, they provide it, and there is some charge for it. The time will show you the process of how and what is done through this tour.

The beer is amazing, and with its history and class, you should try it.

5. Het Anker

This is quite an old brewery, and the beers made by this place are wow. The beer’s flavor, the ABV everything they do shows you perfection at its best.

The beers made here are also quite popular, like Gordon Carolus Classic, which I mentioned above, are just spectacular examples from this place. If you have a chance, do give it a try. Serving the customer right with perfect ingredients, the beers from this place will surely make your heart pump with excitement.

6. Brasserie Cantillon

This brewery has been brewing since olden times, and its beers are fabulous. They show elegance in their lambic beers and have made their mark in the beer industry.

They have one of the best sour beers, and the taste is just out of this world. The gueuze they serve is just classic and has different varieties, and their ageing beers will surely get on your nerves like how they are so good.

If you have a chance, do give it a try, no matter what.

7. Brouwerij de Ranke

They are names to know, they started small, and now these people have made it far. The quality of their beer is exceptional, and if you have any chance to visit them and get a taste of some old lambic beers from their sour beers, do not miss your chance.

They have Belgian ales, which are nice and would make you amazed by the depth of flavours you might find if you are a beer enthusiast. The place has a nice ring, and the beers are nice. I wouldn’t miss it.


From Brouwerij de rock to brouwerij het Anker, these breweries have shown the class of Belgian ales, and Belgian beers and other countries see them as quite a standard. Belgium can also be said to be the cornerstone for a good beer. With wine and beer writers all writing about how this place is good for different drinks consisting of alcohol and craft beer, this place sure gives a smile to beer enthusiasts.

This beer country, with its abbey beer, Christmas beers, and Indian pale ale, is just a treat for anyone visiting this place. Beer tourism is also encouraged with tours and tasting of different kinds of beer like bruise zot or tripel Carmelite which are excellent beers.

Belgian beer styles are complex and yet simple if you think about it, the ABV is managed perfectly by the breweries, and there is no way you will not find your personalized taste of beer here. No matter where you are if you have a chance to try out a Belgian beer, do not hesitate. It is awesome.




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