Welsh Coastal Path: 8 Best Places to Visit

welsh coastal path
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Plenty of coastal paths exist in the European continent but do not mistake the Welsh coastal path for any other one. This is because it is the world’s first coastal path on the western edge of Great Britain.

It covers the entire Wales, from the south of Chapstow to the north of Queensferry. The total length of the Welsh coastal path is 870 miles. The area is known for its rustic cottages and rugged beauty comprising luscious green highlands and many more attractions.

It is just a perfect spot for endless seaside adventures and alone time in the lap of nature. Welsh coastal path has a lot to offer –

  • the area has eleven national nature reserves,
  • three world heritage sites with plenty of conservation sites, and
  • protected areas.

Here are places listed to check out in Welsh Coastal Path that will provide you with the authentic feel of the Wales countryside.

Some of the Best Places to Visit on the Welsh Coastal Path

1) Gower Peninsula:

Gower peninsula lies on the south side of the Welsh coastal path. The site is full of high cliff ranges set against the Irish Sea. Thus you can say it is a perfect area for seaside adventures.

There are guides available along the way to teach you to do various adventurous sports. Like swimming, high jumping, coast steering, kayaking, free diving, climbing, and hiking.

When you land on the Irish Sea, you can meet dolphins on the way and seals lying into the rocks and coves emerging in between.

Words cannot justify the beauty the Gower coast has to offer. When you hike in the highlands there is a Saint Govan’s chapel on the hill made of limestone.

gower peninsula
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2) Pembrokeshire coast path:

This is among the most favorite places for hiking because it is camping-appropriate. The land here is luscious and green.

Cafe Mor is a traditionally used fishing boat converted into a food truck and is situated on the west side of the freshwater beach.

You can enjoy the authentic laver bread burger and seaweed stout with seaweed rum among the rugged rocks surrounding the wide beach.

To learn more about the Wales culture it is suggested to give visit fishing villages . Enter the pub to try some good drinks, and fresh seafood while interacting with the warm-hearted locals.

There is a harbourmaster hotel for accommodation services where you can look for a place in nature’s lap and then check out the Forest. This place offers well-facilitated cozy camps.

Pembroke Castle is something not to miss it is the only castle in the entire Wales built on a cave. Some structures look human-like, made inside. It narrates the history associated with the castle.

Outside the castle lies a river where you can enjoy your paddle boat ride. While riding on the paddle boat you can notice the castle walls bunched with wild greenery.

3) Isle of Anglesey:

In the Isle of Anglesey, while hiking you can reach the top of the mountain from where the wonderful view of the entire Welsh coastal path can be seen. It looks so fresh and green.

The scenic views and the land holds a ton lot of charms. At the southeastern tip of the Isle of Anglesey lies a beautiful white-colored lighthouse standing tall at the edge of the mountain.

A stair-like pathway is constructed to reach the destination. When you head back there is a beautiful scramble of rocks in between. The entire area is magical.

4) Snowdonia:

Snowdonia lies north of the Welsh coastal path. This area is known for its rough and rocky mountain peaks. The area is separated by broad sandy beaches falling in between.

snowdonia landscape
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The sheep grazing view can be found on the way to Ceredigion and Cardigan Bay. This is because the land has fresh green grass to attract authentic wildlife.

If you want pure serenity in the wilderness then take a step towards Cambrian mountain. Even though this is not officially a part of the Welsh coastal path but it is worth it.

When you head along there is a devil bridge constructed by Satan that is fully surrounded by nature and has a dark view and a hell lot of silence to offer.

On the shore of Ceredigion lies Felin Ganol a beautiful pond where an ancient water power mill runs on hydro energy to produce flour.

Anne brought and restored the mill, and now the sustainably produced flour is supplied to local food shops and hotels.

5) South Gate Coast Path:

It’s a very beautiful area in the Welsh coastal path full of great yellow bloom all over the highland. There are signboards to guide you and fences made on the farmland along the way for sheep.

There is endless indescribable natural beauty to watch over as you head along like a pond in the middle of green land. The hike will take you toward a forest composed of big trees on which a variety of birds lay their nests.

There is a small valley that has a stunning tiny bridge made above the river surrounded by beautiful colorful wildflowers.

Just some step ahead lies a wide sandy beach nearby the beach there is a café called Surfside Cafe, some other snack shops, beach essential shops, public washrooms, and places to stay.

This tiny little portion is pretty much amazing so keep your camera on to capture all the natural beauty in the south gate coast path.

6) Swansea Bay and Mumbles:

After resting on the beach soaking up views while eating fries and burgers, the paved path will take you to Swansea. Keep your eye on the rugged terrain and beautiful coastline where you can spot marine wildlife.

swansea bay, Welsh Coastal Path
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There are tiny little houses of the same kind for rent and there is a large ice cream shop right at the Mumbles. Here you can boost your soul by giving yourself a treat of your choice.

Other boosting news is that outside the ice cream shop lies a bunch of red Santander cycles whose booking can be made on the spot for further traveling.

You can take the cycle from that point to the tip of Mumble where lies a lighthouse and a beautiful harbor full of boats of various kinds.

7) Cardiff Bay:

After wandering in silence for so long, you will find yourself landing in a vibrant harbor in front of Cardiff Bay. Do not forget to hit some of the restaurants and try delicious cheesy Welsh toast.

The harborfront is a space for boating and canoeing. Near the bay in Cardiff lies a popular attraction known as Old Bishop Palace.

A ruin among the bloom adding an artful touch to the place, and the region of Pontcanna has accommodation available.

Go for a walk towards River Taff where the atmosphere is park-like, you can find people walking and jogging with their dogs.

It’s a point of your hike to the Welsh coastal path-breaking the ongoing silence and monotony by bringing people and active places in between your journey.

8) Merthyr Mawr Sand Dunes:

As your journey progresses from Cardiff Bay you will find yourself on the Glamorgan heritage coast which is known for its second-highest tide after the Bay of Fundy in Canada.

Do check out the tide timing otherwise a perfect spot to rest and have yourself recharged after some activity.

After meeting a lot of beaches, highlands, and mountains there is large terrain to explore called Merthyr Mawr dunes. Nearby this area, lies a castle in ruin, a building in the middle of nowhere, and a river with stepstones to head along.

After crossing the river there comes Laugharne, an area famous for Dylan Thomas’s boat house. You can have some refreshing drinks from here.

One of the best golf clubs in Wales lay at the back of the beach at Porthcawl. Endless surprises are waiting for you on your journey to the Welsh coastal path so keep hiking.


Welsh Coastal Path is the only coastal path in the world to cover an entire country. This fact about Wales makes it all the more interesting for explorers and travelers for checking this place out. 

It’s all up to you how you chose to explore the region, through hiking, biking, or road trip. You can choose to explore the entire Welsh coastal path of 870 miles or any particular part of it.

The list of selective places has been made to give you some idea of the Welsh. Checking out the listed places will be worth your time otherwise Welsh Coast is a place known for endless natural treasures. 


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