Top 23 Towns To Live In UK: Beautiful Towns In The UK

top 23 towns to live in UK
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As you know there is no place like home and UK is filled with cities, towns both small and big to give you your home today. Want to hike, bike, or walk? Everything in the UK is mostly at a small distance unless you travel to a new town. The UK is heaven to its residents with lots of green space, art, and culture.

There are many advantages of living in the UK, and our top 23 towns to live in UK will give you an overview of its lifestyle. One benefit that the resident truly enjoy is the benefit of health care. Known for its great foods like the English breakfast, fish and chips, Sunday roast, shepherd’s pie, and many more, it is a great experience to dine and wine in the UK. We all know how passionate people in the Uk are about their local pubs. It is known that some locals stick to their pubs for years.

I believe a community makes a country; the people of the Uk are kind and friendly. It is safe to live in the UK. However, no country is 100% safe. There are some unsafe towns and cities in the UK too.

We all know about the English weather, and fall and winter can be quite dreadful for its residents, but we always have tea and alcohol to get us through those times. However, some months, there is glorious sunshine with clear blue skies.

There are both expensive and inexpensive areas to live in the country. Some towns give you a beautiful feel and are worth all that money you pay for rent, while some cities are perfect for the kind of culture you want to experience. But one thing is for certain the UK is a way more developed country than more countries that provide quality of life.

Top 23 Towns To Live In UK

Here is a list of all the 23 towns you can choose if you plan to live in the UK.

1. Windsor, Berkshire

We all know who lives here. The queen herself. It’s a compact town with a great vibe, lots of shops and you can live near the river Thames. Housing has gone up over the years, but it is still affordable. According to the residents, everything is simply a 15 minutes walk away. After dinner, you can go for a lovely walk by the castle.

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  • Average House Price: £554,616

2. Sunderland

Sunderland comes in the top five when it comes to satisfaction and happiness. Best place to live for both those under their 30s and their families. It has a pleasant neighbourhood, plenty of parks, and festivals for like-minded people and families to come together and have fun. Filled with great schools and employment opportunities, isn’t Sunderland ideal?

  • Average House Price: £158,25Bristol

3. Bristol

Located in the southwest and the fifth largest town in the UK, it is great to live and settle in. It is also a county town. The community is diverse and open-minded, and many artsy and hip events are happening. Bristol hosts Europe’s biggest balloon festival. It also hosts Europe’s biggest street art graffiti festival called up fest, where many people come to show their artistic side. Around 10-20 pubs have an amazing live music scene every evening. It is 2 hours away from London and 75 minutes by train. It is the hub of tech-oriented jobs. A lot of people move from London to Bristol for job opportunities.

  • Average House Price: £361,3694.

4. Frome Somerset

Votes one of the best places to live in the UK in 2020; it is a hub for artists. With beautiful historical and architectural buildings, it even attracts many tourists. A wonderful town filled with many restaurants, independent shops, and great schools, it is quite a tempting town to move into. The town offers trains, eco bikes, and even eco-friendly co-wheels if you don’t own your vehicle.

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The general markets are known as the town of markets on Wednesday and Saturday. Farmer’s market is available on the second Saturday of every month.

  • Average House Price: £333,487

5. Sevenoaks, Kent

Suppose you want to experience life outside London; move to Sevenoaks. Known as the garden of England, heaven for singles and families. It is only 35 minutes away from Gatwick airport. Also named the best place to live in the southeast. It has one of the best private schools, Sevenoaks school. One of the most stunning parks, called Knole Park, is situated here. It’s a park filled with regal animals, especially deer.

Divine art deco Stag Theatre which first opened on August 22nd, 1936, as the Majestic Cinema, is also based in Sevenoaks. They have many beautiful libraries filled with rows of books and customer-friendly staff. There are also many food chains and pubs to enjoy a great social life.

  • Average House Price: £805,606

6. St Ives, Cornwall

If you want to experience beaches in the UK, St Ives is to go. It is known for its breathtaking views and beaches, pubs, restaurants, and many international artistically curious individual who come to get inspired. The public transport is pretty good and if you want to live near a beach, wake up to the sound of water and waves gushing and enjoy a relaxed and stress-free life then St Ives could be your home.

  • Average House Price: £511,095

7. West Midlands, Leamington Spa

Also known as the royal Lemington spa, it is a spa town. In the 18th century, its water was discovered to have medicinal properties. Famous for regency architecture and broad boulevard. It is a fine town and is quite attractive for people under 30s. It even received Britain’s most prosperous town for two years.

  • Average House Price: £355,394

8. East Midlands, Chesterfield

Chesterfield is named the 68th happiest place to live in the East Midlands. Filled with green parks, spaces, rich history, markets, and popular theatre, a place where there is great community spirit. Chesterfield’s has open markets that go back 800 years. Filled with seasonal produce, artisanal items, homeware, and fashion items, it’s open Monday, Friday, and Saturday.

It is in high spirits while enjoying the local theatres and sports clubs. The pomegranate theatre and the winding wheel there have a great collection of films for the locals to enjoy.

  • Average House Price:£236,000

9. Yorkshire Dales

One of the best places to line in the Northeast. No noise; it’s a calming and happy place, especially for children. They say you can gain a lot of perspective living in the countryside, and become a part of life again instead of escaping it by being busy. Yorkshire Dales’s beauty makes you want to stop and appreciate it. Yorkshire Dales is our recommendation if you focus on calm home life and a home in the countryside.

  • Average House Price:£319,201

10. Nottingham

Nottingham has all the three things we look for while considering moving, beautiful, affordable, and comfortable. Known as the home of robin hood. High in safety, with many universities, traditional drinking culture good-hearted community, and even art and theatre activities, it can be a great fit for some of you. It also has the old market square, architectural heaven for locals and tourists.

  • Average House Price: £233,988

11. Ilkley, West Yorkshire

Ilkley is a spa town and has also been awarded the best place to stay in the country. Famous for its moor, beautiful countryside and a relaxing place to live in away from the city life. It’s relaxing, not boring, as it has a great community spirit and plenty of opportunities for young people. It is both a vibrant and pleasing scenery town filled with sports clubs, great market places and all you need are two-wheelers to travel in this town.

  • Average House Price: £428,000

12. Liverpool

You can find Liverpool on the northwest side of the UK, which is also a port city. With its long and constantly changing history, one thing about Liverpool hasn’t changed: its sense of newness. Liverpool is filled with dynamic people and even has a lot of young crowd like college students. It has more than 2,500 buildings and the best escape room experience in the northwest UK.

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  • Average House Price: £193,383

13. Birmingham

The second largest city in the UK, Birmingham, always has something going on. Plenty of schools and nurseries; if you like the hustle and bustle of the city, Birmingham is for you. People below their 30s love lots of leisure and sports activities like ice skating, ice hockey, badminton, swimming and many gyms for those who love to work out. Birmingham has two massively world know universities with great programs. People residing in Birmingham are culturally diverse and accepting.

  • Average House Price: £229,334

14. Dorchester on the Thames, Oxfordshire

A charming, historic English village, ideal for exploring the fine things of the countryside. It is well connected to the cities, 45 minutes by train to London. The beer garden at Fleur de Lys is a great hangout spot for social activities. It is a place where you can go on stunning walks safely. Filled with good schools.

  • Average House Price: £461,807

15. Arundel, West Sussex

Living in Arundel is like living in a fairy tale castle. It has many cute little attractions like major shopping centres on the High street and Tarrant Street. They have all the necessities, including a dermatologist, pharmacy, hairdresser, and more.

It is also filled with many independent business and leisure activities like wine tasting, live music in pubs, and unique and personalized shopping for gifts and accessories. The city’s 10-day festival celebrated with street theatre, family activities, and dragon boat racing, is a major highlight of the city.

  • Average House Price: £489,470

16. London

Who doesn’t know London, but what’s it like living in central London? Being the smallest city in the UK, London attracts many tourists, people, and interesting stories. London is a place of art and culture with 170 museums. It is always fun to enjoy some classic London sightseeing. But how is it for the resident? London is 47% green space and has higher wages than other parts of the UK. Transportation is not a problem with numerous transport links to other parts of the UK. And lastly the homes and flats are are a beauty.

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  • Average House Price: £523,666

17. Oxford

A place where you can get bright light in the UK, Oxford is a great place to live with your family. With excellent schools, medical facilities, shopping, and entertainment, it is a great competitor to London. It is surely tempting to the pocket with an excellent selection of restaurants, from simple takeaways to fine dining. Oxford’s rail service to London gets you there in 58 minutes.

  • Average House Price: £569,096

18. Cambridge

The place is home to some of the oldest and best universities in the world. There are more town centres than colleges in this city. River cam flows through the city and is filled with many green spaces. People in Cambridge love their good old-fashioned pubs and are filled with them. The markets are full of hidden gems, from some incredible street food to bakeries and florists.

  • Average House Price: £543,798

19. Keswick, Cumbria

Keswick is its peaceful beauty town, surrounded by famous mountains, Skiddaw and Blencathra. It is a 100% lake district town with two lakes, Derwent Water and Bassenth Waithe. The market town is the gem of the town with lots of natural produce. A place with lots of fun indoor and outdoor activities like glamping, mountain biking, indoor climbing walls, and water sports.

  • Average House Price: £419,931

20. Whitby, North Yorkshire

Whitby is a compact little town and a lot of independent shops. This small town has beaches which are great for families with children, a perfect time to spend the weekend. The fish and chips here are some of the best in the UK. After the pandemic, more people bought refurbished houses and flats here. Whitley Bay on the northeast coast is a tourist spot. Whitby has been named one of the coolest neighbourhoods to live in in the UK.

  • Average House Price: £241,029

21. Stamford, Lincolnshire

According to the Sunday Times, the attractive Lincolnshire has been named “architectural eye candy”. It’s a vibrant and friendly little town, ideal for those who work from home or want to stay away from the happenings in a city. The town gives off a period drama feel. Stamford has some impressive weekly markets which celebrate local independent shops.

  • Average House Price: £366,551

22. Altrincham, Cheshire

One of the best and most expensive places to live in the northwest, it is known to be the home of many famous footballers and professionals. Its food hall has delicious food, and the markets with some of the best produce transform the town into a magical place. Families.

  • Average House Price: £555,622

23. Odiham, Hampshire

Odiham is a historic and pretty village with 4000 residents. The town has its 13th-century castle and even is home to a bat colony. All saints church, a historic church, is also in Odiham. It has a town market dating back to medical time. Odiham is known for its 32 miles long canal; it is perfect for walkers, naturalists, and canoeists.

  • Average House Price: £425,744

We Got You Covered: Town Centre, Beaches, Mountains

We wanted to take some time to tell you about what the cities and towns of the UK have to offer. The UK is the perfect platter that offers you choices in terms of what kind of life you want to live. With its many big town centres, local markets and independent shops, we can find so much to cook with, eat, wear and decorate our homes.

The beaches in some towns give us beautiful memories with our families and loved ones. Children have sweet childhood memories of playing with pebbles, collecting shells, and building castles. Some towns are filled with mountains, perfect for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

You have a choice, and that’s what matters. A choice to choose your home for you and your family.


What’s it like living in the UK? It is a different country with the same language, though the accent can be thicker than ours. As every country has pros and cons, I enjoy the benefits the UK offers its residents, from free health care to a better quality of life. However, you have to choose for yourself. You can always find the perfect house in any town or city in the UK. You can always come here as a tourist to find one for yourself. If you are searching for your perfect home, refer to our list of top 23 towns to live in in the UK. 

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