Explore The Most Beautiful Dream Castle In England Right Here! Bringing To You 7 Fairy Tales Castle In England.

Castles of England
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Were you also obsessed with the fairy tales castles? Did you ever think of these castles exiting on this planet? Well, yes, these fairy tale castles do exist in reality.


Come, I will take you on a holistic journey in and around the grand and cute castles that spreads all over England.

England still carries its royal legacy. The palaces, castles, and royalist architecture would leave you spellbound. In Your childhood, you must have read or heard from your grandparents, bedtime stories, bedtime fairy tales. Every twist of the story seemed enchanting and fascinating as if happening in real life.

The prince and princess, the royal garden, the royal palace, the white horse, the royal gown of the princess appeared so dramatic. Let me take you back to those days when stories of Cinderella, snow white, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel captured your dreams.

Castles In England
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You wondered where do these castles, these princes and princesses exist. Do the wicked witch exist somewhere. Then gradually we grew up and realized all these are tales, stories which are nowhere to be found in real. They are just confined to our beautiful images.

But what if I tell you the fairy castles do exist in reality. Would you believe me? Well, You will have to. In this length, I would take to an amazing world of fairy where everything is so beautiful, so serene, so pious. Let me take you on tour around England and experience the real world of fairy castles in England.

Take A Trip To 7 Astonishingly Beautiful Fairy Castles In England

1. Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

This beautiful castle in England is located in the Robertsbridge in East Sussex. It is so stunning and very close to the picture your imagination could have shown you. The credit for its construction goes to Sir Edward Dalygrigge. Its creation can be dated back to the 14th century in 1385. Now you would wonder, who were those blessed people who resided there. Well, it’s the Dalygrigge family.

The outer defensive wall of the castle makes it divine and adds to its splendour. However, the interior of the castle in England is ruined completely, but the exterior still exhibits a wonderful feeling that would leave you awestruck. The castle had withstood everything starting from the age of Chaucer, wars with France, the black death, royal disputes, and social change.

Things To Do At Bodiam Castle In England

Winter Walks

Take the trip around the moated castle and enjoy the swap of chilly wind.

Take A Guided Tour Around The Castle

The guide would take you on the trip around the ruined interior of the castle and the castle ground. On the way, he will narrate to you some of the mysterious stories associated with the castle. In the middle of the moat, you will find an octagon towards the north side. Its although accessible via a bridge.


This Millpond is now a rectangular-shaped lawn; it still floods in winter.


It could be dated back to the second World war, as it formed the part of the line of defence along the River Rother. It was built in 1940. The main motive to build it was to stop the advancement from the south.

Postern Tower House

The backside of the castle was a bridge to the Postern.

Medieval Bridge

The foundation of the bridge could be dated back to the year 1919, by Lord Curzon.

The Gatehouse

The Gatehouse is a shelter to special roosts and the Matter breed of bats. You would find a Barbican towards the south of the Octagon based on the rectangular island. It’s the debris remains of the fortified exteriors that formed the defensive fences around the Gatehouse. The Barbican was guarded by two.

The Gatehouse was adorned with thick walls. There were gun looks as well as handheld cannons for defence. There were three gates, the outer one still remaining. There were vaults through which the missiles were dropped on the attackers.

The Chapel
It’s the most notable one on the east side.
A Survivor

The last owner of the castle was Lord Curzon, the former viceroy of India. Later he handed over the castle to the National Trust in 1925.

Castles In England
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The Bodiam Unicorn Trail

You would find the hoofprints on the ground, which have a very close relationship with a mythical unicorn. 600 years old stone statue of a unicorn is built there, which has some beliefs attached. The knight of the castle is believed to have put it there.

Enjoy The Royal Lunch At Bodiam Castle

You can have the luck of enjoying the seasonal food prepared at the Wharf tea roof or the castle view cafe. Ice creams, picnic boxes, tea, coffee, cakes all are served at the wharves.

Shop at Bodiam Castle

Don’t miss the opportunity to shop at the National Trust gifts. Books, local gifts, crafts are also available at the store. It also serves a vivid range of sweets and delicious jam and chutney from the National Trust. Scented candles and exclusive homeware are also available at the store. It is not the end; you will also find scented toiletries, beautiful scarves, printed fabric bags with the imprints of the castle to remind out about your enchanting visit to the castle. Book Lovers, here’s something for you too. A wide range of literary collections is also there.

The visitors must be aware of the rivers and the moats, as they have deep water and deep banks. Children praise the 50 years old carp in the moat. They find the old artefacts very interesting, the old bread oven, gun loops. On reaching The Gatehouse, you would find the coats of arms and a helmet of a Unicorn. This unicorn was Sir Edward’s badge. He used to wear the helmet with that badge whenever he used to go to the battlefield.

Bodiam Castle offers wide space for parking, washrooms, babysitting, picnic spots. The Castle is allured with the original wooden bridge. Everyone who stops at the castle needs to pass by the moat. And it’s this moat that protected this castle from the enemies from being invaded away.

2. The Plague Witness-Warwick Castle, Warwickshire

This 11th-century castle was built on William, the Conqueror’s real structure. It was built in the year 1068 along the edges of the River Avon. This castle in England has many old stories associated with it. The visitors may take advantage of the guided tours inside the castle and the castle grounds after paying the marked price for the entry. The views and the landscape around this castle in England are breathtaking.

Castles of England
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Inside the castle, you would experience a well 50-minute live-action walk-through that reveals the history the castle withstands. This castle also witnessed the era which was devastated by the spread of the epidemic Plague in 1345.

Around 6 million pounds were spent on this castle to restore its beauty to make it available to the tourists as one of the visited places.

3. The Iconic Medieval Fortress-Dover Castle, Kent

Dover Castle in England is located on the southernmost coastline. Its significance lies in its long defensive history. Its popularly known as ‘The key of England’. It’s labelled as the iconic English Fortified manor house of the 11th century that had to withstand the history of war and bloodshed. Since then, it has stood proudly bearing all the troubles inflicted on it.

Today, it’s open to its visitors. The visitors may climb to its grand tower. There’s an underground hospital inside Dover Castle. Its history is fascinating in itself, which is no less than a fairy tale.

Things To Do in Dover Castle, Kent

Great Tower House

The medieval scent inside the palace would take you to a different world where the royalty of Henry II survived.

WWI Fire Command Post

During World War I, the Dover Castle in England was designated as the fortress and the military headquarter. It’s here that the British 3 Inch Gun in the world is set. The National Lottery Heritage Fund supported the cause of restoring the fire command post.

The Secret Wartime Tunnel

Experience the tunnel, which showcases the period of the British Army from the beaches of Dunkirk. Also of utmost importance is the Underground hospital of the castle, which survived the Second World War, equipped with the dressing station, operating theatre, wards, and corridors.


It is one of the oldest pharos, which the Romans once used as the navigation guide across the English Channel from France.

Castles of England
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Medieval Tunnel

This tunnel was buried deep inside after and during the siege of 1216. It protected the castle from exterior attacks.

Minster Church

Eadbald, king of the kent, founded a Minster Church for 22 monks in the Castrum of Dove.

Mary’s Church

As You move ahead in the lighthouse tower, you will find the St. Mary’s Church in Castro.

4. Let’s Visit The Astonishing Medieval Castle-Windsor Castle, Berkshire

Windsor Castle is the most splendid one that had inhabited by some 39 monarchs. It still serves as a royal residence of kings and queens. It was created in the 11th century by William, the Conqueror. It adds 900 years to its royal legacy. It’s the original wooden castle of its time.

However, it’s open to tourists to explore its lengths and breadths. The tourists may opt for 30 minutes guided tour by the wardens who would take them all around the castle courtyard. Queen Victoria Spent most of her days in the castle of Windsor.

Things To Do In Windsor Castle, Berkshire

State Apartments: Ceremonial Route

These are used by the royalists today. Its the place where the Queen held meeting with the head of the state from different countries, delegates, dignitaries. Several award ceremonies are held here. The Grand Reception Room is another striking feature of the state apartments. It was once represented as the grand ballroom. But to the dismay of all the praises, it was devastated completely in the fire of 1992.

State Apartments: Historic Route

The historic route headed towards the rooms for the queens and the kings. Beautiful artworks royal furnishing, the castle represents one of the grandest castles in England. The ceilings are ornated with an ornamental touch.

Semi-State Rooms

These were the private apartments created for George VI. The rooms are beautifully decorated. Queens use these rooms even today for her official conduct. The Windsor Castle fire destroyed every part of the castle. What we see today is the remodelled one.

Queen Mary’s Doll’s House

The house had a detailed providing with the library, wine bar, saloon, dining; every single requisite was available inside the House.

George’s Chapel

It had been the venue for many royal weddings. It represents the spiritual abode of the Order of the Garter. Tombs of some 10 Monarchs are buried inside the chapel.

The Moat Room

It has the display of the planning model of Windsor Castle, which was the same as the pre-fire one.

Castles of England
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Changing The Guard

It’s one of the grand ceremonies in the palaces of England, where the two groups of guards interchange their duties. The honour of providing guards to the monarchs are carried out by the household troops, known as the guards since the 1660s. This ceremony takes place every Thursday and Saturday.

The Precincts Tour

It includes some 1000s of years old history of the castle as the fortress and palace. The palace also serves as the resident of The Queen. Tourists take advantage of royal shopping, royal snacks, and tea.

5. Wanna Have A Glimpse Of The Crown Jewels? Let’s Get Inside The Tower Of London

Its located on the North end of the River Thames. The tower of London is very famous. It was founded as a part of the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. It took about 20 years to build this awe-struck castle.

The constructors were from Normandy, and the stones and other building materials were brought from Caen to France. Most of the labour was provided by the Englishmen. In 1240, Henry III decided to paint the Tower’s Great Keep in white, which is called the White Tower.

The tower was constructed in a concentric manner providing the castle with the toughest defence as much possible. The royal lodgings were erected inside. The castle was used by the kings and the queens as their protective cells. All the ammunition and tools and weapons were made and stored here.

It also acted as the watchdog for the Nation’s revenue collection. It’s in the Tower Mint that all the coins of the realm were made. This practice started during the reign of Edward I and continued till 1810. It’s in the tower that the jewels and crowns of the kings and queens were protected, and even today, the Crown jewels are guarded by the garrison of soldiers.

Castles of England
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Apart from its history of the reign, the tower had withstood the times of death and bloodshed. During the Wars of the Roses, Henry VI was murdered here, and the princes vanished in the walls of the tower later. Two skeletons were even unearthed at the tower.

Its royal legacy and history can be dated back 900 years. Many deeply hidden secrets are buried in the walls of the tower and are haunted by the dramatic horror story of Anne Boleyn.

The Chapel has the burials of three Queens of England

Its erratic past reveals and believes that the headless image of Anne hovers around the inside of the tower. It was believed that she was executed from the royal name because she betrayed Henry VIII. The crown jewels, some about 23,578 gemstones, are still there which are used in royal ceremonies today. The visitors will have a glimpse of all these.

6. Replica of Norman Castle-Arundel Castle, West Sussex

This castle in England was founded on the auspicious Christmas day in 1067. It’s one of the most beautiful castles in England. Many more ways head across the castle. Arundel Cathedral Amberley Castle is all worth visiting. The English Vineyard is all 30 minutes from the castle. It’s worth visiting and worth tasting some of the unique creations of the vineyards.

It did withstand the attacks during the English civil war from both sides, the royalists and the Parliamentarians.

Things To Do In Arundel Castle, West Sussex

Arundel Castle Garden

The garden is adorned with a unique kitchen garden with the tropicals and the unique gardening of chillies, lemons, grapes. The Annual Tulip festival is highly welcomed by the castle in England during the Spring. The month of April is dedicated to flowers, with about 60000 blooms staged in the festival.

Events Conducted By The Arundel Castle

  • Annual tulip festival in spring
  • Medieval Tournaments
  • International Jousting Tournament in July
  • 12000 years of combat in August.
Arundel Cathedral

Corpus Christi, the feast of body and the blood of Christ, are conducted 60 days after Easter. The most famous flower carpet is laid for the show to the visitors. Many concerts are held in the cathedral all year round. The cathedral serves as the venue for many Arundel events as well. The divine shrine of St. Philip Howard is laid inside the cathedral. The cathedral is also set with a gift shop with a wide range of books for all age groups, bibles, prayer books, gifts, exclusive items.


Castles of England
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Arundel Wetland Center

It’s the home to some 30 species of wildfowl from all over the world. Many amusement facilities like boat rides, reedbed boardwalks, wildlife hides give you a complete vibe of Arundel wildlife and nature park. Meet Pelican in the Pelican cave, and explore the wide range of wetland birds.

Kingfisher trail is in abundance during the winter months of December and January. Cuckoos are commonly seen in Spring. Wildflowers bloom in full fledge in this season. Warblers and other wading birds are in plenty. A beautiful and unique world of birds would capture your heart at the Arundel wetland.

Arundel Museum

You must be curious about knowing the past that hovers around the building of the castle in England. The museum would serve your curiosity in the best possible way. The museum also offers a guided museum tour to give you a glimpse of the story behind the castle in one go.

Arundel Historic Tour

It includes the official walk-in and around the castle in England. It includes every niche related to the castle. The talks would also include the stories of the Normans, Saxons, the pasts, the present.

7. The Border Between London and Scotland-Lindisfarne Castle In England

It’s the 16th Century fortified castle located on the Holy Island in England. It served as a border between England and Scotland. It was built to protect the natural harbour during the Elizabeth Era. However, it was freed from its military responsibilities after the unification of England and Scot under James I. It was occupied by the Parliamentary forces during the devastating Civil War.

Castles of England
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In 1901, Edward Hudson, the founder of the magazine Country Life, went there on vacation and eventually fell in love with the beauty of this castle in England. He decided to own it and eventually became of it in January 1902. After owning it, he made many renovations inside the castle; the most remarkable one was to create a walled garden inside this castle in England.

There are a few castles in England which require special mention here like the Leeds Castle in England, Bamburgh castle in England, Lancaster Castle in England, Framlingham CastleHighcliffe Castle in England, Highclere Castle in England.

Castles of England
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There’s no doubt that England can be designated as a royal country with so many beautiful palaces castles on different terrains of the country. We only can imagine the castles confined just to our thoughts while we read fairy tales. But these tales create such a plot with something real. And this beautiful castle in England does prove this logic true. Castles are not myths but beautiful realities.

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