Your Guide To The Famous Railway Station In Cambridge

Railway Station In Cambridge
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Cambridge is a city that is best known for its legendary university. In addition, it is one of the most famous cities in England and the railway station in Cambridge is also famous for its characteristics. The beauty of Cambridge always mesmerizes the viewers.

It is charmed with beautiful old buildings and amazing greenery. It is quite a popular getaway for the locals and the tourists alike which can be easily accessible through Railway Station. Besides, Cambridge also has a reputation for being a rather quiet destination, yet it knows how to charm everyone with its beauty. 

Famous Railway Station in Cambridge
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There are a lot of destinations where you can relax and enjoy at the same time in Cambridge. For example, the university botanic garden, the market square, the huge range of museums, and various other outdoor events. 

All this beauty is of no use if it can’t be enjoyed up close. Thus, commuting to these places becomes a big question. The city of Cambridge relates to the other surrounding cities like London (with London King’s cross station) through the Cambridge train station. Unquestionably Cambridge station is a well-functional and nicely managed station. 

Since Cambridge has two functional railway stations. The one mentioned above and Cambridge North being the other. They are approximately 2.5 miles away. Certainly, The Cambridge railway station is the third longest platform on the network in England. 

1. Introducing You to Railway Station in Cambridge 

The Cambridge railway station is the prime and principal railway station that has been serving the people of Cambridge since 1845. It is a part of the eastern counties’ railway. It falls under the national rail services, functioning in the cb1 2jw area. The station building has a long classical façade and its long platform was typical to its period. It is situated 1 mile away from the city centre i.e., just walking distance (approx. a 20-minute walk).

However, if you don’t fancy walking various other options can help you reach your destination easily. The National car parks ltd is always accessible for car parking services. There are in total 8 platforms at the station.

The train service operation works smoothly to commute the passengers. It must be noted that the station faces a rush on holidays like Christmas Day as the crowd increases. However, the hours of train service stay the same. The trains have accessible toilets. It is advisable to have pre-purchased tickets. 

For a detailed station map click here

Railway Station In Cambridge
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2. Station Accessibility 

The station has step-free access to all platform(s). There are ramps for train access and accessible toilets are available at the station. You can get wheelchairs, trolleys, and seating areas as well. The opening hours of the waiting rooms are as follows: 

  • Monday to Friday: 04:00 – 00:10
  • Saturday: 04:00 – 00:10
  • Sunday: 06:00 – 00:10

There are station staff available for passenger assistance and serve Cambridge rail station from Monday to Sunday. The helpline contact also works all 7 days of the week.  

The station staff and the customer relations team always work vigorously to give everyone a good experience. For assistance booking and step-free access coverage visit the passenger assist page. 

It is also equally important to note the station has national key toilets and baby changing rooms. 

2.1 Shopping and Eateries 

On the ground floor of the station, there are eateries and coffee shops available. The coffee shop situated at the station serves the best coffee and bakery products. The places have child seats installed inside.

In addition, you have an access to all platforms from the ground floor. The hours shown for opening may differ and for that you must check the same at the station. There is also an ATM present at the station for your unexpected cash crunch.   

2.2 Ticket Buying and Collection  

For buying a train ticket and collecting the same here are some important details:

There are multiple accessible ticket machines installed at the station. You can either collect your ticket at the ticket office or the ticket machine. There is free access to the ticket machine. You are required to show and check your ticket at the ticket gates installed.  

2.3 Car Park Services

Cambridge station has a secure car park at the station. It is operated by National Car Parks Ltd. The car park is accessible to all and everyone has free access, only the parking charges are applied.  Besides that, it should also be noted that the car park has no CCTV. Does the car park have accessible car equipment? Indeed Yes, without a reservation. 

2.4 Cycling 

Following this, we have the bicycle storage at the Cambridge train station is spacious and has 2850 spaces with stands and racks. The storage location cycle point is situated beside the car park.  

For more cycling and cyclists’ information click here.  

Railway Station In Cambridge
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3. Transportation 

3.1 The Rail Replacement Bus Service

A rail replacement service is used in the times when the rail line is closed because of maintenance or a train breakdown or any so-and-so reason. 

The rail replacement buses depart from the front of the station. In case of hurry, you can also opt for the rail replacement service as it is equally efficient as the rail services. 

3.2 Taxi 

Yes, accessible taxis are available at the Cambridge rail station. To create a link between the train station and the nearby towns a taxi station can be spotted in front of the station. All the nearest taxis frequent Citi routes. Also, check the accessible taxi details here.

3.3 Bus 

On the other hand, you have Stagecoach! It operates a daily network of frequent bus routes around the city. You can travel all around the city on the Plusbus. You can buy a PLUSBUS ticket with your train ticket for a discount price unlimited bus travel.

A lot of people, mainly tourists who do not know their way around the new city, go for Plusbus. Mainly as it gives you an entire experience that Cambridge is balanced against other modes.  

Click here for route maps and timetables.

3.4 Bicycle Hire 

In addition, you can hire a cycle for 7 days a week from Rutland Cycling. It is located next to the Cyclepoint bike park. Moreover, it even has helmets available. 

For more information click here.

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4. For Assistance

If assistance is required you can visit the passenger assist page. You may be entitled to a disabled person’s rail card. More importantly, it can get you an adult companion ticket for a discount price. You need to assemble at the assistance meeting point after that the station staff is there to help you. 

Consequently, to contact passenger assistance dial: 08000 223 720 

5. Things to Do Near Cambridge Station 

If you are waiting at the Cambridge station you have got to try these activities nearby. 

For instance, Cambridgeshire wine school, Cambridge science centre, Cambridge Junction, the Food and wine society, the Chauvinist Statue, and the Polar Museum. That is not where the list ends. It goes on and on, click on the link and read about all these ventures. 


In conclusion, the Cambridge railway station (postcode: cb1 2jw) is easily accessible and has a lot of attractions which makes it very famous among the locals as well as the tourists. It is very close to the city centre and thus people often end up choosing it. 

The station has an easy-to-understand station classification system. Yet, if you have any problem, you can also contact the property phone line service for any inquiries and feedback. You must check the route maps and timetables before visiting the station so not you don’t have to face any inconvenience.

There are many options for you to travel back and forth from the station. The collection ticket office is easy to spot and the platforms are long and nice. You can also find pay phones and public Wi-Fi as well here.

You won’t face any difficulty as such when travelling to Cambridge. Though there is also Cambridge north station as well. In addition, all the above-mentioned points make Cambridge railway station better off in a lot of spheres.

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