How to Style Thin Hair: A Guide to Voluminous Hair

how to style thin hair
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While some people are born with a fine and thin texture, others develop fine hair gradually. But in both cases, it is annoying to deal with your hair. Therefore, we bring you a guide on “How To Style Thin Hair?”

It is important to find out the root cause of your fine hair and develop healthy habits, to properly deal with your hair. Here is our guide on How To Style Thin Hair to make your journey with thin hair a bit easier.

Therefore, we have included styling tips, blow drying, heat styling, tips and tricks and more in our guide.

This article will also be helpful to all hair types – straight hair, flat hair, dry hair, long thin hair, short hair and more.

1. Best Haircuts for Thin Hair

A good haircut can make a very big difference to your thin hair. Here, we have rounded up the best haircuts for any hair type with fine hair to give you that boost and an illusion of thick hair. 

1.1. The Classic Bob

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The classic or the blunt bob, is a popular choice among those with fine hair. A blunt cut sits right around your jawline, giving your hair a fuller look.

Other variations to the Bob hairstyle, like the Lob, A-Line Bob, French Bob, and many more, are based on your preferred length. 

You can also customize it into straight or curly hair whichever fits your preference. Blow-drying bob hair is also a considerable idea.

Read 50 bob hairstyles the celebrities are rocking this year on Glamour.

1.2. Face Framing 

Did you think having fine hair means saying goodbye to long locks? Well, the face-framing layers cut will be perfect for you.

Layers give you a fuller and more natural look than blunt cuts. This flowy style is great for creating a structure which can highlight your feature. 

Those who find drastic and blunt cuts more intimidating should opt for this face-framing layer cut.

If you find it hard to approach bangs and fringes, this is perfect. The strategically placed strands of hair in this style, help accentuate your face, giving it a softer and feminine look.

1.3. Collarbone Length-Cut

The Collarbone Length cut is for those who don’t want to go super short, but also want the illusion of more density at the bottom edges.

Moreover, it is easier to manage the collarbone length, and it’s a lot more versatile, giving you access to many hairstyles. 

1.4. Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut
Photo by Jens Lindner from Unsplash. Copyright 2016.

The Pixie cut can feel very intimidating, and it’s hard to approach. However, it’s difficult to go wrong with this classic style. This short and wispy hairstyle can be very textured and razored.

It is usually short on the sides and longer on top. It also helps your hair appear thicker without having to add much length. 

The Pixie cut gives you that fresh and playful look, and is super versatile, making it the most popular short haircut.

From Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana to Kris Jenner, this classic style has also held up through every style era and also worked for people of all ages. Read the history of the Pixie cut in Vogue.

1.5. The Bixie Cut

Mixing the pixie haircut with the bob, you get the Bixie cut. The two classic hairstyles combine to form this very modern cut that gives you the thickness of a pixie while maintaining the lengths of a bob.

The hairstyle covers your ears with relaxed bangs, giving you a messy and chic look. It also adds fullness to your hair while giving you versatility, making it a perfect choice for thinner hair types.

Allure even has a guide on the Bixie haircut and its history.

2. Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Thin hair doesn’t mean you are limited to very few options for styling. On the other hand, styling your hair can give you a more voluminous and fuller look.

Down below, we have listed some of the best hairstyles for fine hair that you can pull off in a few minutes. 

How to style thin hair
Photo by Pexels from Pixabay. Copyright 2016.

2.1. Blow Dry 

If your hair is a bit towards the thinner side or is weighed down, blow dry can be the perfect option for you to give you that volume.

Don’t forget to use heat protection before the process to not damage your hair. The best way is to lift your hair at a 45-degree angle, then blow dry it to get the maximum lift.

Also, try the old trick of flipping your hair upside down to create instant volume. Moreover, remember to keep your dryer on hot heat but at medium speed as it prevents limps and flyaways. 

2.2. TikTok Ponytail

When it comes to hair hacks, TikTok is filled with tips and tricks. Try the one-minute double ponytail hack to get that gravity-defying boost. Moreover, all you need is two hair ties. 

First, section your hair into two separate ones: a top half and a bottom half. Tie the top half like you tie your normal ponytail.

Then, gather the bottom section and tie it up using the second hairband.

Now place your first ponytail above the bottom one, and in this way, you get that extra length and volume.

Apart from this, TikTok is brimming with hair styling tips. From pinched hair back to half updo, there is something for everyone. 

2.3. Bubble Braid

Here is another super cute hairstyle from TikTok. This easy and time-saving hairstyle will cover your lack of hair and make you feel like a princess.

Collect a bunch of hair ties for this hairstyle. Tie your hair back and up in a high ponytail regards the crown.

Now, tie your hair ties with 2-3 inch spaces depending on the length of your hair or how big you want your bubble to be.

Now, pull the hair between the elastics to make it look fuller and give it the look of bubbles, and you’re done!

2.4. Braided Messy Bun 

Are you sick of trying to make messy buns but never getting that voluminous look? Then this style will be an accurate hairstyle for you.

Before you pull your hair up in a bun, braid it. Pull at your hair pieces, to give it a fuller look, then tie it in a bun. This braid method will instantly give you a fuller messy bun.

2.5. Slicked Bun 

This slick bun is everywhere these days, and it can be done in hair of any size, style and texture. First, detangle your hair and then part your hair.

Tie your hair back into a bun nice and tight. Twist your ponytail into a low and tight bun and then secure it with pins.

2.6. Scarf Hair 

Using a scarf as a hair accessory is so underrated, but once you try this, there is no stopping you.

You can tie your scarf as a headband or tie it with your braid to give your thinning hair that extra volume.

You’ll find many other ways to style your hair with your scarf on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. It is an obvious must-try if you have fine hair. 

3. How to Take Care of Your Thin Hair

Having thin hair has multiple reasons, from genes to health and more. Everybody has different reasons, and you can’t control the way your hair decides to grow.

It is very important to maintain the natural texture of your hair. Using too many products like blow dryers, dry shampoo, hair spray, curling irons, and more is bad for your hair.

But here are a few things you can do to control the damage and keep your hair healthy and happy. 

3.1. Don’t Shampoo Too Often

Most of those with fine hair, prefer to wash their hair every day as it gets greasy very easily.

A women washing her hair
Photo by Erick Larregui from Unsplash. Copyright 2018.

But it can be very unhealthy for your hair, and you’ll be stuck in a cycle where your scalp produces a lot of natural oil, and you shampoo multiple times to get rid of it.

Trust the process and get in a routine of washing your hair 2-3 times a week, and it will help in making your hair more voluminous and healthy.

3.2. Air-Dry Your Hair

While you may prefer to use an electric hair dryer as it is fast and efficient, it should be noted that it makes your hair vulnerable to stretching and breaking.

Instead, abide by the 75-percent rule where you first air-dry your hair until it’s 75-percent hair and then use a blow-dry to minimize the damage. 

3.3. Apply Essential Oils

Essential oils like Tea tree, Olive, Coconut, Onion, Rosemary, etc., are best for hair growth. It soothes and moisturizes your scalp and also stimulates and promotes hair growth.

Just take a few drops of any oil of your choice, and massage it into your hair. Adding this small step into your daily routine can make a lot of difference for those with fine hair. 

3.4. Try Home-Made Hair Masks

You will find several DIY hair mask recipes on the internet, that you can easily make with the ingredients you find at home.

From flaxseed to onion, each of these hair masks has its goodness. Apply the mask on your washdays, and then shampoo it off to see instant results. 

3.5. Choose Products That Can Moisturize Your Hair

When you have fine hair, you don’t have a lot of options for styling products. Most of the ones you choose leave your hair stripped off, of its natural oil, looking dry and brittle.

That is why it is essential that when you buy a product, you make sure that it has ingredients that will moisturize your hair.

This will ensure the health of your hair, and also buy products that will leave your hair looking smooth and shiny. 

4. Tricks and Tips for Those with Thin Hair

Being a person with thin hair can be very difficult on a day-to-day basis. We have listed all the necessary things below that you need to follow to deal with your thin hair daily.

4.1. Pick the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Styling your hair starts in the bathroom when you are washing it with shampoo and conditioner.

If you have thin hair, it is essential to avoid the shampoo and conditioner that are made to tame frizz as they are filled with a lot of oil that can weigh down your hair.

Instead, opt for the ones that are lightweight and moisturizing, like volumizing shampoo.

4.2. Take Care of Your Scalp

Keep your scalp free from dirt, pollution, dead skin cells and sebum by shampooing it well. But that is not all for keeping it healthy and maximizing hair growth.

You have to regularly maintain and take care of your scalp with massages, hair masks, essential oils, etc., to keep your hair happy and healthy.

4.3. Try a Volumizing Mousse

It is time you get over your fear of Mousse, and the way to do that is by choosing the right product and using the right way to style it.

Avoid products like pomades, wax, etc., and go for something that has a hydrating and cushiony formula.

Apply a little on the roots, and then you can slowly make your way down to the ends of the hair. Make sure to use only a small palm-sized one, so the coat is not too heavy. 

4.4. Blow-Dry Your Hair the Right Way

Ever wondered, why you always leave the salon with a bouncy blowout, but when you try it at home, it is just not the same? That is because your stylist knows their way around with the round brush.

While it may take some time to master, the round brush, is perfect and a must-try for those with fine hair, especially if you prefer styling your hair daily.

To get the best result, use a little bit of mousse or spray, then use your brush and lift it up and away from the root.

5. FAQs

5.1. What Causes My Hair to Thin?

The reasons for thinning hair vary for every person. It can be because of genetics, extreme weight loss, giving birth or a variety of other lifestyle factors and medical conditions.

You might also be using too many products on your hair or tying it too tightly. Those with high stress levels or deficiency of vitamins and minerals may also experience thinning hair.

It is important to consult with specialists to properly address the real reason behind the cause of your hair to thin.

5.2. What Kind of Shampoo Should I Use for Thin Hair?

Thinning hair can happen for numerous reasons, and thus, it is important to go through many trials and errors to find out what’s best for you. You can go for shampoos that specifically aim at reducing hair loss to promote hair growth.

You can also consult your doctor and get a prescription shampoo to match your preferences and needs.


That was everything about our guide on How To Style Thin Hair. While it is easy to get impatient as you deal with fine hair, it is important to know that you have to let your hair breathe.

Therefore, you have to go through several trials and errors, to find out what works best for you, what is the cause of your thin hair, and how to style thin hair. 

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