How to Style a Hoodie- A Comfy Style Guide

how to style a hoodie
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If you want to know how to style a hoodie, we got you!

Hoodies from everyday wear have made their hype after entry into hip-hop culture. But it’s not stopping there for sure.

It’s impossible if you have not noticed your favourite artists in hoodies. As of now, Instagram and other social media are flooded with stars showing off a hoodie.

It is enough to make you believe that hoodie is in fashion all over the globe it doesn’t matter where you live, from Kanye to KPOP idols like BTS all got rockin’ just by wearing that hoodie underneath some outerwear coat.

So why to left out? You can stay ahead with just some of these styling tips and tricks.

1. Don’t Miss Out on These Cool Hoodies

A hoodie is a sweatshirt with a” hood” that is a cap-like thing that goes over your head commonly used in cold weather.

It gives a lot of different looks, so don’t misunderstand them as simply as sweatshirts.

There are different hoodies out there in the market; some have maintained their trend, which is never retiring from your wardrobe.

So, a hoodie is the best option and worth exploring.

1.1 Pullover Hoodie: For Both Men & Women 

how to style a hoodie
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Their design is reasonable for the comforts they provide. Often, you have to wear a pullover hoodie through your head, and they usually have a pocket and drawstring to fit the size of the hood.

They can be oversized or fit to your body. They are also available in different colours.

1.2 Zip-up Hoodie

The zip-up hoodie has both sleeves and a hood, but there is also a full zip in the front. It makes it better to put on, is more comfy, and keeps you warm.

1.3 Gym Fit Hoodies

how to style a hoodie
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These hoodies are often sleeveless, which makes them fit for working out. So, it is simply a hooded sweatshirt with a full zip at the front.

They are mostly designed in such a way that they are lightweight and with a material that is suited for sweat.

1.4 Oversized Hoodie

Oversize, yes, but the catch is not in the size. The material is also different.

You will get different types of hoodies in larger sizes, so that’s not the basic idea of an oversized hoodie. The fabric used for making these hoodies is much thicker than others.

how to style a hoodie
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You should have at least one of them because they are really comfy for everyday use.

1.5 Cropped Hoodie 

This one is especially for all ladies and is quite popular for a casual look. You can wear it everywhere on almost everything.

Try them with different layers, and they help to keep you warm. They are the same as pullover hoodies, sometimes with full zip, but the difference is the waist level.

1.6 Slim Hoodies

Slim hoodies are designed to fit our body, but they are made from different materials so it’s easier than wearing them.

We are misguided that they are like a sweatshirt, but for that, the only good it has, or maybe sometimes they have a full zip, will make them appear differently.

1.7 Athletic Hoodies

All-day hoodies, I will say, as you can run in them and go for gym training, they have sweat-suitable material which is made up of polyester and nylon. It can be used for layers also. Used during participation in different sports activities.

1.8 Cardigan Hoodie

Preferable choice in winter if you want both body and sweater features in one. Women’s real things like that will keep you warm and fashionable also.

Their length can vary, they can often have zippers, and of course, we carry too many of the things we say with us. They are always with pockets.

1.9 Button Up Hoodie

how to style a hoodie
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Something really for style, they are fun to wear because their lower portion is not really like a jacket, and there are a who also do, so the concept is so fine, and the materials are also different.

It is really something you should go for if you want to look different and unique, of course, it will keep you warm in that cold weather. If you want, you can use it as a layer too.

1.10 Fur Hoodies

how to style a hoodie
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Cool weather; you need that last layer to cover the fur hoodie. That name says it all. Buy them and wear the material that’s soft and designed as waterproof.

2. How to Style a Hoodie- Styling Tips for Hoodies

Are you just going to style a hoodie on its own? No way to try it out as a layer at the top. It enhances the look because it gives more dimension. Don’t forget the extreme cold weather. It keeps you warm also.

Of Course, you need to show a shirt, so oversized hoodies or fit hoodies are not options here.

Zip-up hoodies and button-up hoodies for males and women. You can also try the cardigan style.

2.1 Hoodie Says to Layer Up 

2.1.1 What Can We Wear Under a Hoodie?

  • T-shirt – Go for white or any soft colour t-shirt if you want a casual or fun look; darker colours will add coldness to your look. Try to choose plain T-shirts.
  • Crop top – for all ladies, try it. They look adorable with layers.

2.1.2 What to Wear with a Hoodie as a Layer?

  • Jeans: You can try a slim-fit variety. The straight one looks better. Baggy jeans can go sometimes, but it looks off.
  • Leggings: If you are trying to look more comfortable, wear a hoodie with leggings.
  • Trousers and Tailored trousers can also pair up with your hoodie as high-low dressing.

2.1.3 Can I Add a Layer Too?

Yes, of course, you can add a layer if you have a jacket. Please avoid those leather or denim jackets if you use many layers.

If a leather or denim jacket goes too hard for style, use a trench coat to style a hoodie with wide-leg trousers.

2.1.4 What to Choose as Footwear?

Sport Sneakers or casual sneakers will do a great job. But if you are pairing up with a tailor, you can also choose leather boots.

Mostly, we choose dress shoes based on the colour of the hoodie. Combat boots with a humble hoodie are an awesome outfit.

2.2 Hoodie Under a Layer: Still Look Stylish

Like a hooded sweatshirt, it can be used as a layer under a layer. Generally, you will use this style to add warmth in cool weather.

For this, use a pullover hoodie or cropped hoodie. I have not mentioned earlier about the tunic-shaped hoodie. They have specific details at the neck: one layer of clothing is pinged at an angle. So, it is also a good styling hoodie for women to try.

Avoid those lightweight materials when choosing the right hoodie.

2.2.1 What are the Options for Layers?

  • Leather jacket: It is a perfect pair for your hoodie. Rich and goofy looks can be achieved, but you should be right about the choice.
  • Tailored Jacket: If you have them, use them to style your hoodie, but no need to buy them specifically because they are out of the fashion game.
  • A blazer and pea coat can be used for extra layering to wear a hoodie.

2.2.2 Which Leather Jacket Should I Choose?

  • Leather biker jackets – They have a rather tough and rough material compared to leather jackets.
  • Bomber jacket- Bomber jackets are casual and relaxed yet stylish to go with.
  • Field coats- Sleeves and zip detail of collar giving good cut around neck, polyester, and linen, and also sometimes cotton is added.
  • Denim jackets – They can be perfectly used to give more sporty vibes.

Now don’t use too fitted hoodies, which are narrow at the bottom. They destroy the layered look. Try to choose a hoodie that is made up of thick material.

2.2.3 Colors To Try

Hoodies can be in soft colours like off-white cream to add punk to your look. You can try a black leather or denim jacket. Try to choose neutral colours for a classic look.

Hoodie combinations must accompany your outfit, so try not to have dark colours; they often capture style from extremes.

2.2.4 What to Wear With This Style?

You can go with straight jeans in a dark color range like Black jeans with a black leather jacket are the right choice but try to be casual when you are using any different color like Indigo to pair up with the right sneakers.

Ladies,if you are choosing bagging from your wardrobe, here are the things you can use: flare jeans if you have used a tight jacket, and try to avoid the same if you have used any leather bomber jacket.

Extra TIP: Do not go with long coats. They have been off and on season, and it will be a waste if you buy especially one to style your hoodie.

2.3 Want A high-low Dressing!!

Sportswear sneakers with neutral colours in your hoodie are waiting for tailored trousers. And you are ready for your smart look.

You can go for trousers which are wide at the bottom.

2.3.1 Perfect Hoodie Pair

I will insist you explore patterns in your hoodie this time instead of going for just a pullover hoodie in light shades.

You can try in grey shades; they speak volumes and give your look some discipline in dark colours with some logos with patterns that don’t really go for some fashioned hoodies; they really feel comfortable to wear.

2.3.2 Sneakers or Casual Footwear?

Don’t go so tough on yourself, as styling is just using more and more creation. Do not resist the feeling of exploring pop-style sneakers.

You can try casual footwear, but don’t you think it will be a monotonous look?

To make sure they are not so heavy and disturb your look energy, choose a perfect colour, it is suggested to wear more earth colours. White sneakers are commonly used if you are more confused.

2.4 Sharpen Up the Look: Go For Fit Hoodies

Cool and comfortable all together, that’s what hoodies are known for, but it’s not the only thing you need to do. Try out leggings, joggers, and leather sneakers, and that’s what fashion demands.

We all want a casual look for hitting the gym and other sports activities. You are ready for the cool athletic look after getting these fit hoodies.

2.4.1 What Can You Wear With Them?

Joggers can be fitted or loose at the bottom. It depends on your comfort and the look you’re trying to get.

Leggings can also be a better choice, but if you know there is one more variety to joggers in the case of girls, you can use joggings as they are really company as compared to joggers, and they give a look of leggings but better to say they look more casual.

2.4.2 Footwear

Again, it depends upon the occasion you are wearing for. If you are going to the gym the next day and choosing a fit Hoodie, go for your sports shoes because they are fit for doing such strenuous activities.

2.5 How to Style a Hoodie -Button-up Cardigan Hoodies

In the winter season, you will see most of us prefer cardigans over sweaters for our workplace because the material is more comfy and, for sure, the warmth it provides.

But how to style them? It starts with what you can wear underneath a hoodie that is in cardigan style.

  • T-shirt- plain T-shirts with crew neck or some simple patterns.
  • Crop top – Choose some solid colours if possible; don’t go for the latest stylish crop tops. But you can choose different neck styles though. Very important to avoid loose crop tops at shoulder level.

You can go for baggy jeans, so cool. You need to try them once they actually hop on everyone. And they appreciate more pocket space without adding so much volume at the sides. Flair jeans can also be tested. If not baggy then go for straight jeans.

2.5.1 Footwear

Simple female shoes or slightly edged sandals. Flats and heels are extremes you should not choose if pairing up with straight jeans.

2.6 Cropped Hoodies

Yes, what you are waiting for crop hoodies are now trending in the fashion industry. If you are worried that you don’t have many options to wear with crop tops and they cannot look stylish, ladies, keep up with this article.

You don’t need to invest more in your fashion; just look once in your wardrobe, and you will find all the necessary things.

  • A leather jacket- like a black leather jacket or in a solid colour is easy to go for.
  • Leather skirt- Yes, you can try a skirt with a hoodie, so all you have to do is if you are trying a loose skirt. It will not look that good so choose one like leather that will fit in and go with the leather jacket layering.
  • Boots- As all styles have gone with leather jackets and skirts, I think boots will be a better choice for you to pair up with them.

2.7 Button-Up Hoodies

One cannot ignore their presence in cool and stylish outfits. They can make you stand out from the crowd with just these simple hoodie combinations.

  • T-shirt – Crew neck plain T-shirt that goes on everything. Choose white, black, or a different colour like purple or one of your choice.
  • Sweatshirts – pattern or simple, you can use both of them.
  • Jeans – Either Baggy, loose fit, or simple men wear jeans.
  • Trousers – Often light colours for better style. But tailored trousers with a simple T-shirt can give more definition.
  • Leather boots – They go with almost all hoodies.

2.7.1 Athletic Looks With a Hoodie!

If you don’t want to go with fit try out more with an oversized hoodie, they are also comfy and provide the warmth you need.

Try out them with leggings, yoga pants, joggers, and shorts. You can try them with knee-size pants also.

2.7.2 Accessorize Your Look

Nowadays, accessories are a must for styling. Don’t just miss out on the chance of excelling in your look by forgetting accessories.

2.7.3 What Accessories Do You Need?

Scarfs not only save you from winters but also from looking monotonous with a plain hoodie. They are better for you if they come with patterns or other cool styles. Suppose you want to assemble it in a way or leave it to hang with your coat. Bracelet

You can have a beaded one for a relaxed look. If you want to go more casual, try metal or any material of better quality. Watches

Watch, well what does not go with watches? They always show your discipline and, for a casual look, can be a fun element to add. You can go from stylish digital watches to simple wristwatches no matter what type you choose but try to be aware when choosing a particular design. Chains or Necklace

Nowadays, chains are so popular among the young gen; menswear really apprehends these accessories, so why should you not try them?

Heavy one to balance a plain t-shirt beneath that stylish oversized hoodie. Heavy chains go with leather jacket, denim jacket, baggy jeans, leather bomber jacket

Girls can use a light pendant or chain with a simple structure to add more details around the lace.

But everyone, please be aware that if you choose any chain to wear over a hoodie with lace or other design around the neck. they can look over and don’t go with the outfit sometimes. Rings

The same for chains gained popularity through hip-hop culture in menswear. And now Gen Z has a craze over them. So unleash your fashionista and try these with your outfit. Sunglasses

You need a cool winter look with a hoodie on with some layers and sunglasses to add finishing to your styling. Type, of course, it would be rather best for you to decide based on your face shape and what your look demands.


A hoodie is the perfect clothing to provide warmth and style to one. They have always maintained their demand in the fashion industry after the 2000s and have never gone so far off that you must worry.

After that, you know all about how to style a hoodie. It is to you how you use them; basically, it depends on the vibe you want.

Do comment and share if you like any of these tips and tricks.

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