How to Style a Bomber Jacket: 5 Minute Guide

How to style a bomber Jacket
By: Frank Uyt Den Bogaard/ Copyright 2018

Bomber jacket is a wardrobe essential which is both timeless and versatile. This article is going to guide you on how to style a bomber jacket for both men and women.

Bomber jackets have become a timeless staple, exuding smart and casual vibes. The best thing about bomber jackets is their unisex nature. Both men and women can style them in umpteen ways.

1. An Introduction to Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets trace their origin to military clothing. It was worn by fighter pilots exclusively until it gained prominence in the mainstream fashion culture.

Associated with street-style fashion, bomber jacket symbolizes punk culture. Bomber Jacket make-up for a smart casual outfit.

Who would have thought that a jacket which was once used by pilots in World War would gain popularity among the 21st century fashionistas?

This wardrobe staple is back in trend. Furthermore, the versatility of bomber jackets is such that they can be styled in numerous ways.

Following are some tips on the ways to style a bomber jacket in different ways-

2. How to Style a Bomber Jacket: A Guide For Men

When one talks about bomber Jackets for men, what instantly clicks the mind is Tom Cruise’s Maverick bomber jacket. Moreover, Ryan Gosling‘s satin bomber jacket in the movie ‘Drive’ is another classic fashion moment.

Bombers look ultra cool on men. It can be worn by men of every age group. With the right style, a bomber can be dressed according to various occasions.

2.1 Styling a Bomber Jacket With Jeans

The simplest yet the most classy way to style a bomber jacket is with jeans. Styling a bomber jacket with jeans strikes a perfect balance between being casual and smart.

Moreover, people of both genders look equally stylish in bombers and jeans.

A monochromatic outfit with a pop of colour added by a bomber jacket would make up for a perfect fit.

You can also match the shade of your tee and jeans and throw on a bomber jacket of a different shade to put together the entire look.

For example, a black T-shirt paired with black jeans and a pop of colour added by a green bomber jacket would make up for a perfect street-style look.

2.2 Styling a Leather Bomber Jacket

How to style a bomber jacket
By: Demba Joob/Unsplash Copyright 2020

Ideal for winters, a leather bomber jacket suits men. It can be layered over a T-shirt or a hoodie. A plain white tee also goes well with a black leather bomber.

Leather bomber jackets look more dressed up and hence can be a good option for evening informal parties.

Opt for dark-coloured leather boots or dress sneakers which will complement the outfit perfectly.

2.3 How to Style a Bomber Jacket in a Formal Manner

For a more formal look, pair your bomber jacket with a button-down shirt. Keep in mind to tuck in the shirt for a clean look.

Opt for chinos or corduroy trousers in place of jeans. For footwear, go for white canvas shoes or simple boots.

This semi-formal look is perfect for moderately formal events and makes up a great classic style.

2.4 Styling a Bomber Jacket With a Turtle Neck

A turtle neck with a neutral hue paired with a bomber jacket is ideal for stylish winters. Style with trousers and Chelsea boots for a clean look.

Style in such a manner that the turtle neck is prominent underneath the bomber. This will highlight your neck area and will ensure ample warmth along with a clean classy look.

3. How to Style Bomber Jacket: A Guide For Women

From feminine to tom-boyish looks, women can style bomber jackets according to any event. Be it dresses or jeans, bombers can effortlessly blend with all clothing items.

3.1 Styling Bomber Jacket With Dresses

A bomber jacket with a midi dress would make a perfect off-duty look. A cropped bomber would also be the right choice.

In addition, an embroidered, patchworked bomber jacket would further enhance the look into a bohemian hippie one.

Bombers can be paired with every kind of dress. One can take cues from Gigi Hadid’s style by pairing a black satin slip dress with a green bomber jacket. Complete the outfit with footwear of your choice and glasses.

Similarly, bombers go with summer maxi dresses, midi dresses, bodycon dresses and whatnot! For a feminine look pair a mini dress with pastel coloured satin bomber jacket.

3.2 How to Style a Bomber Jacket for a Tom Boy Look?

Wear a bomber jacket to break the gender norm with a tom-boy look. A cropped boyfriend jeans with a basic tee paired with a statement bomber will instantly ace your fashion game.

Furthermore, ankle boots will add an extra glam element to your fit.

A cropped bomber with wide-leg jeans or a high waist denim also looks uber cool. Balance out the proportions and you get a perfect fit.

A leather bomber jacket is another good alternative for a perfect tomboy look.

You can also pair a graphic tee with a black bomber jacket. A black bomber will enhance the graphic tee even more.

Wear black jeans and black canvas trainers to complete the look. This way graphic tee becomes your statement piece.

3.3 Styling with a Baseball Cap

For an off-duty casual look, style your bomber jacket with a baseball cap. The combo of a bomber jacket with a baseball cap, paired with athletic shoes makes up for a perfect casual and comfy look.

You can also style the bomber jacket with shorts for a more athletic look. Certainly, this effortless styling will impress the fashion police.

3.4 Styling Bomber as a Statement Piece

Senior woman in eyeglasses and silver jacket
Photo by from Pexels

A bomber makes up for a perfect statement piece. With the right styling, you can grab all eyeballs with your outfit.

A more fashion-forward approach to styling a bomber jacket is experimenting with colours.

A red bomber jacket, sequinned jacket or a patch worked bomber jacket would also make up for a perfect statement piece.

Wear a monochromatic outfit to enhance the bomber even more. For a Boho look you can also opt for a tasselled or a colourful bomber jacket.

Experiment with different styles to mould the bomber according to your preference.

3.5 Styling Oversized Bomber Jackets

Style an oversized bomber with a crop top and jeans. Casual shoes would go well with the outfit. This casual and comfy fit is perfect for a day when you are running errands.

An oversized bomber jacket can also be paired with a well-fitted midi dress and heeled boots.

Oversized bombers can also be paired with a mini dress. Wear tights and combat boots for a perfect outfit.

Certainly, an oversized bomber demands a balance of proportions. Wear well-fitted clothes with oversized jackets and you are good to go.

Woman in Pink Sweater and Denim Skirt and bomber jacket
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3.6 How to Style Bomber Jackets in the Fall Season

No doubt, bombers and fall fashion go hand in hand. Leather bombers, suede bombers or varsity bombers, all are ideal for fall-style inspiration.

Bombers are indeed an autumn staple and fit in the vibe of the season.

You can also pair bombers in fall with plaid mini skirts for a perfect autumn vibe. Layering underneath bombers is another style tip for fall fashion.

Further, mindfully layer your bomber jacket to keep the style statement intact.

Woman Sitting on Wooden Urban Bench
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4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Bomber Jackets still in trend?

Bomber Jackets are timeless and return in trend every year. Further, they were a major attraction of fashion weeks and runaways in 2023.

2. Which season is ideal to wear a bomber jacket?

Bomber jackets can be worn in any season. Choose the fabric according to the season. For example, in summer go with light bombers and for winter opt for padded bombers.

3. Can one style bomber jackets with dresses?

Yes, styling bomber jackets can be styled effortlessly with dresses. Moreover, bombers with dresses are approved by celebrities too.

4. Are bomber jackets formal?

No, Bombers are casual jackets which can be worn in informal settings. However, you can still style it semi-formally.

5. Are bomber jackets gender-neutral?

Yes, bomber jackets are gender-neutral. In fact, people of all ages and both genders can wear bomber jackets.

6. Are bomber jacket outfits ideal for street style?

Yes, bombers are perfect for street-style looks. In fact, they are an integral part of celebrity street-style looks.


A paradigm of effortless fashion, bombers have survived the changing trend. In conclusion, these bomber jacket outfits will make you stand out from the crowd.

Markets are flooded with bombers of all kinds and fabrics. You can wear a bomber jacket to any kind of event with the right styling. In summary, if styled properly bomber jacket fit looks effortless and trendy.

A lightweight bomber jacket is ideal for summer while a thick padded bomber caters to winter weather. A suede bomber jacket would be ideal for autumn. Pastel-coloured bombers for spring would make the right combination.

In addition, this classic jacket can make up for a great statement piece in your outfits. Just play around with fabrics, colours and patterns, and slay every look.

If you found our tips on how to style a bomber jacket useful, then click here for a similar article.


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