The Unexplained Death of Princess Diana

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Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, was born on July 1, 1961, in Sandringham, England. She died on the 31st of August, 1997, in Paris, France. Princess Diana was the first wife of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales.

Princess Diana got married at the age of 20, and it was too early for her to fulfill the responsibilities of a princess. But then also she has done a great job and got the nickname “the people’s princess” from former UK prime minister, Tony Blair.

Diana did a lot for the needy. from mental health to the AIDS crisis and one of the things that she has done was once shaken hands with an AIDS patient. That was appreciated by the media.

The thing that made us cry is that she worked a lot for the mentally unhealthy but she suffered from a mental health crisis and no one did not even know about her circumstances. That’s so disheartening to realize. Then she moved on to raising awareness for domestic violence.

After some time, had their first successor, her 1st son, Prince William, who became the prime celebrity of those days.

Princess Diana was 36 when she left the world and there are several conspiracy theories regarding the death of Princess Diana and conspiracy theorists have a lot to say about it. But before we move on to that episode. Let’s understand a little about the princess’s childhood, personality, and much more…

Let’s dive into her story!

princess diana
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1. Princess Diana’s Childhood

In her family, Diana was the 3rd and youngest daughter to their parents, Edward john spencer, and Viscount Althorp.

Her parents had a divorce filed when she was quite young.

Diana’s family had connections with the queen’s family when she was young. Queen’s younger sons, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward were her childhood playmates.

1.1 Her NOT-SO-HAPPY Childhood

Princess Diana was about 7 when her parents separated. During the separation period, she was living with her mother. But her father wanted her to be with him. So he struggled and got her custody. After that, her father married Raine, the countess of Dartmouth.

She explains her relationship with her stepmother to be not-so-good and also had some bad experiences.

In an interview, Diana even used terms like, ‘very unstable‘, and ‘very unhappy‘ to describe her childhood.

Then Diana along with her two sisters and Diana’s younger brother, Earl Spencer, was by her father’s side.

Even though she wasn’t inclined academically, she completed her education and as soon as she returned to England, she got herself into a school as a kindergarten assistant.

Since childhood, Diana was good at extracurriculars, for instance, swimming, and diving, learned ballet, and showed interest in music.

1.2 Her Growing Years

The before marriage years of lady Diana, struggled a lot for employment, working as a nursery teacher assistant, dance teacher, nanny for the robber sons, and hostess at parties.

Then she again got herself in talk with the royals. there she met Prince Philip, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II.

But there’s an unknown fact which says that ‘Prince Philip dated Princess Diana’s older sister, lady Sarah McCorquodale first before dating Diana.’ This part was a mystery then and continues to remain for some.

Princess Diana picked her iconic engagement ring from a catalogue and they both tied the knot a few months later. For this, she gave up her job as a nursery teacher.

Fun fact – Diana accidentally stained her dress with perfume just before the ceremony and even made a mistake during the wedding vows by calling ‘Charles Philip’ ‘Philip Charles’.

At the wedding, while taking vows, the lady refused to say ‘she would obey him’. She even added her vows to the wedding, which that that time led to some sort of controversy.

Their wedding was considered a ‘fairytale wedding’. The wedding was telecasted and became one of the most viewed events of that time, with a total of 750 million views.

Then after some time, both had their first child, Prince William and 2 years later, they had their second child, Prince Harry.

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2. Princess Diana’s First Pregnancy

Princess Diana was pregnant with Prince William, she revealed that ‘she threw herself downstairs for getting the attention of her husband, so he may listen to her.’ At that time they had a conflicted marriage. But still, they managed to carry it for over a decade before getting separated.

Princess Diana was so grounded that she sent her boys to public school rather than educating them on palace grounds and she was the only one who was engaged in exposing her kids to a non-royal way of life.

Being a daughter-in-law of the royal family didn’t make her life cheerful. Buckingham Palace and kensington palace became a cage for her. As soon as Diana got married in the royal family she didn’t have her voice. Even after being in so much luxury, she had been in depression. This was something nobody could have ever imagined of.

If we talk about the popularity and sufferings of Princess Diana then both things grew together.

3. Popularity and Sufferings 

3.1 Popularity:

Princess Diana took no time in becoming an icon of beauty. She became a fashion trendsetter in a very short period.

Then, she indulged in numerous charitable projects. She was so compassionate that her sudden death made the world cry.

3.2 Sufferings:

Back then Princess Diana was also suffering from marital conflicts with her husband. In those days she also had depression, low self-respect, and an eating disorder.

But wait a sec! This eating disorder doesn’t develop by itself. Princess Diana did talk about this incident once, it began when Prince Charles placed his hands on Diana’s waist and said ‘A bit chubby here, Aren’t we?‘. Her bulimia triggered just after that.

4. Marital Status

Both sides accepted their fate and separated in 1992. However, officially they got out of it in 1996. Apart from incompatibility, there were other reasons also which have remained a mystery till now. Some even say that there was a kind of extramarital affair.

5. Her Approach Towards Noble Work

Princess Diana was pretty famous for her approach to charity work. She did a lot of noble work.

First, she was engaged in the work that leads to the betterment of children and the elderly. But she never remained confined to these domains and only and also worked on medical issues.

6. Diana’s Death

diana's death
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After both got divorced in 1996, Princess Diana died in 1997 in a car crash and the car crash sparked doubts in the minds of the nation. Some claim it to be a conspiracy of the royal family.

If we look into it from different dimensions, it does say a lot. Since there is no confirmation of the same. As Diana died quite early, her tragic death left the nation in shock.

Some of the stories also focus on Diana being prepared for death as she knew it was going to happen.

7. Role of the Royal Family

If we go according to sources, there was a letter found written by Diana which stated that she could be killed in a car crash, which grabbed the attention of the nation and made them think that this might involve the royals.

There were rumours also about Prince Philip and Camilla being in a relationship in the 70s, both wanting to get married but the royals denied their wedding due to not so high status of Camilla. 

Then after some time, Charles got married to Diana, and even after they were married, the Prince got into an extramarital affair with Camilla.

When Diana got to know this, it was a pretty shattering moment for her. She even tried of committing suicide out of depression. this became the reason for their marital issues.

As the couple got divorced in 1996, Charles was in a relationship with Camilla. But according to royal rules, one couldn’t marry a second till the first one is alive.

8. Princess Diana’s Side

Those days a rumour sparked for even Princess Diana that she too had an extramarital affair with ‘Dodi-al-fayed’, the son of Mohamed al-fayed, which Diana once met in 1986.

There they both had an attraction. And here’s an interesting fact regarding that also and that is Diana met Dodi-al-fayed in a polo match where he was playing against her then-husband.

That must be so shocking to soak up, dating an individual who back-then played against your then-husband, okay that was just a polo game. They both secretly dated each other.

And you know what, Mohamed’s son Dodi was there with Diana at the time of the car crash.

9. The Unexplained Incident

Now let’s go inside the incident of Princess Diana’s death. It was midnight on August 31, 1997. There they faced an incident as they were proceeding out of the Hotel Ritz.

The authorities claimed that the fault was only of Henri Paul. The driver, who was drunk while driving.

It was also stated that the accident occurred due to his overspeeding. But before this statement, a story was circulated that the accident happened due to the paparazzi who chased the princess’s car.

But the above statement was changed to be claimed as the fault of driver Henri Paul as Paul lost control. The three died in the accident – Princess Diana, Dodi-al-fayed, and driver Henri Paul. Diana’s bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones was the only one who survived the accident.

10. The Mystery: Unexplained Death

Some things remained confidential till now. The files related to Diana’s death raised several questions. The accident scene was made clean and opened for everyone and that too within 4 hours of crash.

This led to the destruction of all the evidence, that was so valuable for that time to solve the accident mystery.

As it was a road accident, then also the traffic police’s statement was not recorded. The key witness was ignored by the authorities. The scene described by the authorities doesn’t match the picture captured of the accident.

The official police report came out to be a tragic accident only and the royal family has nothing to do with it. But the hospital was just 3 miles away from the accident site, then how does it take them an hour to reach the hospital? it’s just next to impossible to digest. Princess Diana conspiracy theories kept on circulating those days.

princess diana funeral
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Even though Diana was no longer a part of the royal family, she was given a formal funeral. A lot of big personalities grieved Princess Diana’s death including ministers from different countries.

For instance, the Canadian prime minister, the New Zealand prime minister, the Israeli prime minister, the South African president, and even the great Mother Teresa showed her deepest condolences to Diana.


As discussed above, princess diana was a kind lady. This lady, with a golden heart, has done a lot for the noble cause. Be it kids, the elderly, or sick ones.

Is there any role of royals in the accident? Did Diana already know about the accident? Was Diana prepared? The note found in Diana’s room, was that real? Were royals or Prince Charles happy with Diana’s death?

Numerous questions keep on circulating in the minds of the nation and her death remains a mystery now.

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