How to Style a Beard – Important Tips You Should Know

how to style a beard
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Styling a beard can enhance your facial appearance and complement your overall look. You might also have questioned yourself on how to style a beard.

The specific style you choose will depend on your facial hair growth, face shape, and personal preferences.

How to Style a Beard – A Complete Guide!

There are many different ways to style your beard, but you should be careful when following a single guide.

A slight unwanted motion is the difference between a great cut and something that’ll make you want to isolate from society for a few months. Here’s a general guide on how to style a beard:

1. Let it Grow

Before working on styling your beard, let it grow naturally. This will take some time; be patient.

Do not trim or shave for at least a couple of weeks. Depending on the style you want to grow your beard in, it might take longer.

This might be a good time to invest in some good beard styling essentials like an electric beard trimmer, a pair of short scissors, beard oil, a beard brush, etc.

Once you’ve started styling your beard, your scissors and trimmers will become your most trusted assets, so make sure to research properly and buy a good pair of these.

2. Choose a Beard-style

Researching different beard styles while waiting for your beard to grow would be best. This will be different depending on your face shape and personal preferences. 

how to style a beard
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Some popular beard styles are:

2.1 Full Beards

This is the most popular way of styling a beard. It covers the entire lower face and neck and opens up the widest range of options.

2.2 Mustache Combo

This is for the hippier audience out there. A unique mustache style can be used in pairs with a different beard style, although this will take some more time and patience for regular upkeep.

Some of the most popular staples in this category are the Van-Dyke and Bambo beards.

2.3 Shaped and Cut Beards

Shaped beards require more time and effort in their upkeep, but as long as you’re willing to do the work, the results can be amazing!

It also offers a wide range of flexibility, from long beards to short beards. A wide variety of styles are available for you to choose from.

2.4 Goatees

A small, neatly trimmed beard that includes only the hair around the chin. It’s a great look for someone who can’t grow a thick beard or needs a business casual look.

3. Trimming and Shaping Your Beard

Now that you’ve grown out your beard and chosen a style let’s see how to trim and shape it! 

how to style a beard
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  • Use a beard brush to brush your beard and force it to grow in a certain direction. You can also use a beard balm to keep stray hairs from flying in other undesired directions.
  • Get a beard trimmer for precise edging, but be careful not to trim too much, as it might lead to an undesirable look. Trim the hairs at your Adam’s apple to create a uniform neckline. Also, trim the hairs above your natural cheek line to shape your beard into a curved line from ear to ear.
  • Use a trimmer with adjustable guards to fade the beard along your neck. Begin trimming from your Adam’s apple using a guard with a low number, like two or three. Trim up to the point where your neck meets your jawline. Switch to a guard with a one or two setting and shave upwards by about an inch from your Adam’s apple.
  • Remember, the lower the guard number, the closer it’ll shave to your skin. A lower-number guard leaves behind less hair than a higher-number guard, but using them next to one another creates a gradual fade. 
how to style a beard
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  • Shave anything below your Adam’s apple. Use a razor, or remove the guard from your trimmer and use it.
  • Be careful to maintain the symmetry when trimming. Trim in gradual increments on one side and then switch to the other side and do this back and forth till you get your desired result.
  • Create clean lines along your cheeks and trim stray hairs above your natural cheek lines.
how to style a beard
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4. Regular Maintainance

Congrats, you now have a stylish and cool-looking beard. However, as important as getting to this stage, regular maintenance is just as important for keeping your beard in proper shape.

Over time, your beard will grow and lose its shape. If you notice your beard getting out of shape, trim the edges and renew the fade.

Trimmer guards can help you with keeping a consistent trim. Find some guards that match your trimmer and use them to help keep with your beard upkeep.


Remember, beard styling is your choice, and it is always okay to consult multiple guides to find one you’re comfortable with.

Research good quality instruments and beard styles and find one that matches your vibe! Check here: How To Style Layered Hair -Tips For a Trendy Transformation!

It’s also a good idea to consult with professional barbers if you’re having difficulty finding your perfect style and are confused about something. Happy trimming!

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