12 Famous Botanical Gardens In UK

Botanical garden in UK
Photo By Oliver Needham/Unsplash

The United Kingdom has some of the best Botanical Gardens in the whole world. From Kew to Wales, these gardens are filled with the rarest and most exotic plants from all over the world. A day out here,  in these botanical gardens in UK, just strolling in the green grass, moreover surrounded by beautiful trees and plants can be the most healing vacation ever.

Here, we have a guide for you on the top 12 Botanical Gardens in UK. We have covered gardens from England to Scotland and Wales. Anyone can definitely enjoy the ultimate botanical experience here.

12 Famous Botanical Gardens In the UK

1. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Botanical garden in UK
Screenshot From Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, or in short RBGE, is one of the finest centers of study of plants, along with being a major tourist attraction. It is situated in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is stretched over 72 acres of landscape.

It was founded in the 17th century for the study of medicinal plants. And, now it has extended to four different sites- Edinburgh, Benmore, Dawyck, and LoganBotanic Garden.

The place houses some of the rarest wild-origin Chinese plants and more than 5,000 alpine plants. Apart from this, it has one of the most renowned collections of rhododendrons from the Himalayas.

Other features are the Rock Gardens with a superb view of the stream. Along with the Woodland Garden, we also have the biggest Palm House in Britain.

Explore these beautiful surroundings divided into various areas, each dedicated to a display of a different variety of plants. Furthermore, the place is just a mile from the center of Edinburgh and is perfect for a day out of the city rush.

2. Kew Gardens

Botanical garden in UK
Photo By Max Letek/Unsplash

The Kew Gardens is located in southwest London and has been developed over centuries by various visionaries. Moreover, it is marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has to offer more than 90 attractions.

It was once a part of the royal residence when it was built in 1837 and was called The Pantheon. Now, it is home to a remarkable collection of over 30,000 species of plants from all over the world.

It boasts stunning glasshouses with a very rich history which includes the rarest tropical plants you will see in the world. And, also you won’t want to miss the Princess Of Wales Conservatory, which is a major tourist attraction here and offers plants from ten different climate zones.

The Kew Gardens is very close to Central London. Just a quick tube ride, and you will find yourself amidst some of the world’s rarest and threatened plants.

3. The Eden Project Botanical Garden In UK

Botanical garden in UK
Photo By Benjamin Elliott/Unsplash

One of the most popular botanical gardens in the UK, the Eden Project, situated in Cornwall, simply looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. It has been considered as one of the best things to see in Cornwall.

It was founded in 2001 and now is a major tourist attraction in Britain. Inside its biomes, it offers the world’s biggest indoor rainforest, more than a thousand different plant species all over the world and even a western Australian garden.

Furthermore, there are also outdoor gardens displaying beautiful trees and vegetables and also some great art installations. The place also has exhibits based on 20 individual plant species.

The place is definitely perfect for a day out with kids, and it’s more than just a basic botanic garden. It also offers various other fun activities like festivals, zip wire, aerial assault and nature-themed gardens for kids. The garden is absolutely ideal for a jam-packed day out with children.

4. Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Botanical garden in UK
Screenshot from Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Glasgow Botanic Gardens is also a major tourist attraction in Scotland. It is obviously free of charge and open to everyone.

One of its most prominent features is the Kibble Palace, created by John Kibble in the 1800s. It is a giant glass dome filled with a rare collection of orchids, carnivorous plants and plenty more.

Apart from this, it also has an arboretum, a rose garden and a cute little children’s garden. The iron glass house here is considered of international importance.

Apart from this, the gardens provide spectacular views of the River Kelvin. It runs along the edges, providing great picnic spots. The place is definitely ideal for families with kids. The Glasgow Botanic Garden is an absolute Scottish gem.

5. Westonbirt Arboretum

Botanical garden in UK
Photo By Joydeep Sengupta/Unsplash

The Westonbirt National Arboretum is the magical tree garden near Tetbury that houses over 2500 species from all over the world. It is situated in Gloucestershire and is a very popular botanical garden in the UK.

This place was created by the Holford Family in Victorian times and is now managed by the Forestry Commission. As of now, it is a very important center of conservation and research in Britain.

The place has different colours to offer in different seasons, from early spring to late winter, and one can definitely spend a whole day just admiring the beauty of nature in the garden.

The garden is absolutely breathtaking, especially in the autumn months. In fact, the signature red and orange tree leaves are the most popular attraction. It also boasts a collection of over 16,000 plants of more than 3,000 varieties of species.

6. Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Botanical garden in UK
Screenshot From Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens is situated in Edgbaston, Birmingham, England, and is stretched over an area of 15 acres. It was founded in 1829 by an innovative and successful garden planner, J.C. Loudon.

The botanical garden has some of the biggest glasshouses in the UK, displaying an admirable collection of everything from tropical rainforest to arid desert plants.

Some of the major tourist spots of the place include the Japanese Garden displaying its national bonsai collection and an Arid House featuring desert-dwelling plants.

Along with it, we have the large lawn in front of the glasshouses just feels like a beautiful Victorian park. It has something to offer for everyone. The place also has cute little children’s trails with a brand-new treetop playground. And it also offers various activities for families.

7. National Botanic Gardens of Wales

Botanical garden in UK
Screenshot From The National Botanic Garden Of Wales

Founded in 1789, it is situated in Llanarthney, on the Bank of River Tywi. Stretched across 569 acres of countryside in southwest Wales, it is undoubtedly a major visitor attraction along with absolutely being an important center of research.

However, the main attraction here is the Great Glasshouse, which is the world’s largest single-span Glasshouse. It displays the most marvelous collection of Mediterranean climate zone plants in the northern hemisphere.

Besides, the place also has the most amazing double-walled garden and a Butterfly House which showcases the huge blue Amazonian morphos. You can also see the Wallace Garden, which was made in honour of the famous Welsh botanist, Alfred Russel Wallace.

Moreover, the institution works towards protecting endangered species of plants and also educating the people about them. The place also provides you with 500 acres of amazing countryside to observe and learn from.

8. Sheffield Botanical Gardens

Botanical garden in UK
Screenshot From Sheffield Botanical Gardens Trust

With the recent restoration completely done, the Gardenesque-style botanic garden is open to everyone. It was founded in 1836 by a leading Victorian horticulturist, Robert Marnock. At this time, these gardens are stretched over 19 acres of land with plenty of green shade and fresh air.

It is mostly known for its Grade II listed curvilinear glass pavilions and the rare collection of Weigela, Diervilla, and Sarcococca. There are also displays of various plants from different temperature regions.

Moreover, it was awarded the Award For Garden Merit, which is given to plants of the highest quality by the RHs. The tourist spots also include the Mediterranean Climate Garden, a Prairie Garden, a Water Garden and so much more.

Along with it, the place also has a well-preserved fossil of Lepidodendron, which is a primitive vascular plant which you might want to check out. It also has a grade II listed Bear Pit, making it a great place for children to hang out.

9. Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Botanical garden in UK
Screenshot From Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Set in one of the most popular educational institutions, the Cambridge University Botanical Garden is stretched over 40 acres of landscapes displaying the largest collection, which is more than 8,000 different species of plants.

Along with being a very important center of research, the place is open to visitors as well and is a very well-known attraction. It has plants and flowers of all seasons to make your visit more pleasant.

The place has a Rock Garden, displaying the rarest alpine plants from the mountains, and a Lake and Water Garden, which shows the various birds and their livelihood.

In addition to this, you can also see the tropical rainforest, especially the alpine houses and the glasshouse. And you don’t miss the historic beds displaying more than 1,600 flower plants from more than 80 different families.

The place is absolutely great for children and provides various activities, like the Bee Garden, a Maze and a school garden, especially for children.

10. Oxford Botanic Garden

Botanical garden in UK
Photo By Samuel Isaacs/Unsplash

The Botanic Garden at the University of Oxford is the oldest botanic garden in the United Kingdom. Even though the place is just 4.5 acres, it has plenty to offer, featuring over 5,000 different ranges of plant species.

Founded with the purpose of medical research, these gardens are now a very popular option among tourists. Affiliated with one of the most prestigious universities in the world, the place gives you a very pleasant experience in these gardens.

The main attractions are the seven glasshouses, the walled garden, the water area, and the herbarium room. It also offers the Harcourt Arboretum for those looking to learn especially about the world’s rarest and most exotic plants.

The university also holds many events to spread knowledge about sustainability, conservation, and preservation. It’s definitely great for children too and has activities throughout the year, ranging from Teddy Bear picnics to arts and crafts.

Also, many events are held here. They are very passionate about spreading knowledge about sustainability and conservation.

11. Ness Botanic Gardens

Botanical garden in UK
Screenshot From University Of Liverpool

The botanic garden was created in 1898 by Arthur Kilpin Bulley. And now the place is one of the major botanic gardens in the United Kingdom with a great passion to educate people about the wonders of the diverse world of plants.

The place holds a collection of the most unusual and interesting species of plants. It is also especially dedicated to collecting flowering plants of a diverse variety and encouraging the study of it.

Some of the best spots include the Rock Garden, Water Garden, and the Mediterranean Banks. It also has a spectacular collection of rhododendrons, snowdrops and wildlife. In fact, the place offers activities for visitors of all ages, ranging from lectures and walks to child-friendly activities.

12. Ventnor Botanic Garden

Botanical garden in UK
Photo By Pauline Bernfeld/Unsplash

It is a 22-acre botanical agreement situated in the Isle of Wight. The displays of a variety of plants and all the other fun activities it offers have made it a very famous tourist spot in Britain.

The Ventnor botanic garden is called ‘Britain’s hottest garden‘ because the island has its own microclimate parts making the place warmer than the other parts of the country. So, you can find many exotic plants here that are impossible to store anywhere else.

The park offers a visitor center which is full of activities all throughout the year. It is constantly looking for opportunities to expand its educational ventures and also provides room for lessons.

Ending Note

That was our take on some of the most beautiful Botanical Gardens in the United Kingdom. It’s a fact that spending on nature does wonders for our physical as well as mental health. The pandemic definitely limited our time outdoors, adding to our list of worries.

A stroll with your loved ones in these botanic gardens, surrounded by these beautiful displays of plants, flowers, trees, and manicured lawns, away from the rush of the city sounds like the perfect vacation ever.

So don’t miss out on these hidden gems. Surround yourself with the beauty of nature and learn to appreciate it.

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