17 Fun Things To Do In Central London

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London has been known to be one of the most prestigious cities in the world. It is rich with historic places and plenty of gorgeous tourist attractions that attract millions of people from abroad every year.

Tourists who come here love the atmosphere here, but more than that, they are mesmerized by the unique old-world charm, which can only be felt when you visit the city. There are many free things to do in London like free museums, free art galleries, free gigs, and many free activities in London.

There are a lot of attractions to explore and things to do in London. So, if you are planning a trip to this charming city, you must not miss out on the top best attractions you can find around here.

Here are the top things to do in Central London:

1. Visit The British Museum

things to do in central london
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A visit to London is not complete without visiting one of its many history museums and galleries. One of London’s best historical museums globally is the British Museum. The British Museum, located in London, the capital of Britain, is considered one of the most excellent museums of human history and civilization.

The museum houses an exquisite number of mummies and coffins, of which only a small number are on display due to space and conservation restrictions. Its permanent collection contains more than 8 million objects brought from every continent and shows glimpses of culture from the beginning of humankind to the present day. Some of the most popular galleries in the British Museum are dedicated to ancient Egypt.

If you are thinking of going to any historical museums, go to the British Museum without a doubt in your mind. There are a lot of free museums in London as well.

2. Enjoy Cuisine from Around the World at Southbank Center Food Market

You’ll find one of London’s most diverse and famous food markets right at the heart towards the South Bank. If you’re looking forward to trying some of the famous street food in London, Southbank Center Food Market is a place to visit. You can try one of London’s best street food here. If you are a foodie and love to eat street food in particular and have not gone to the Southbank streetFood Market of London, you have missed a lot.

3. Enjoy Walking on Tower Bridge

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It comes as one of the most famous attractions in London. It is the most iconic bridge in London, and this is where the official best walk around London begins. Take a trip through the exquisite architecture and venture up the aisle to trace the history of this lovely bridge.

You can walk down to Tower Bridge to cross the River Thames, but take a look around while you’re passing by for the time being, and you might get the opportunity to see large ships passing by, lifting the bridge to get to the other side. It’s quite a spectacle to see the road suddenly split in half to open up! The fun of visiting the tower bridge with cold winds is something else.

London Bridge is a small bridge built near Tower Bridge. Some people say it is London bridge, but this is not true. This is one of London’s best places to visit.

4. Explore Buckingham Palace

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It is no doubt that exploring Buckingham Palace made it into the list of one of the best things to do in Central London. Buckingham Palace is the famous and official residence of the British monarchy in London. It can b found in the City of Westminster, and this palace is the center of state events and royal hospitality.

The Garden of Buckingham Palace is the most extensive in London. Of the 775 rooms in Buckingham Palace, only 19 are accessible to the public. A part of the palace is opened to the general public for exhibition every August and September during the summer season. Buckingham Palace is a Royal Place. Who doesn’t want to take a glimpse into the high royalty life?

5. Visit The London Eye

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The London Eye is a wheel on the south bank of the River Thames in London. It is also widely called the ‘Millennium Wheel’. This is Europe’s highest cantilevered observation wheel. The wheel supposedly rotates at 26 cm per second so that one revolution takes about 30 minutes. Like the Eiffel Tower, the London Eye was built as a temporary structure, and its existence is traced back right to the tradition of universal exhibitions and fairs.

6. Book A Thames Cruise

This fun activity is for tourists and locals alike who crave to zoom through the river Thames. Board one of the plenty of cruise options available around the Thames and take in the views of the city. There are plenty of options to choose from, so make sure to choose one according to your budget and needs.

You can even see the whole city with some of these cruises which offer a 72-hour sightseeing ticket. You’ll be offered unlimited access to travel across London via a fleet of City Cruises yachts, allowing you to relax and see every part of the capital in style.

7. Visit The Famous Hyde Park

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The most significant green space in the city is Hyde Park, where many visitors and locals go to unwind and breathe fresh air. Since its founding, concerts and numerous significant events have taken place in Hyde Park, which is thought to be the oldest park in the city. This place has been hosting events for years. Hyde Park is quite well-known in central London and an overall famous park in London.

With over 400 trees, a sizable lake, a meadow, and ornamental flower gardens, Hyde Park, which covers about 142 hectares (350 acres), makes it easy to forget that you’re in the middle of a bustling city like London.

Hyde Park is one of London’s best places to celebrate holidays. Concerts are among the many summertime events that take place in Hyde Park. There is a Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park. Ice skating is also available from November to January.

8. Relax At Holland Park

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In the Royal Borough, Holland Park occupies 54 acres of space and is one of the largest parks in London. Cope Castle, a sizable Jacobean mansion concealed in the woods, once had its grounds here. Sir Walter Cope began construction on it at the start of the seventeenth century.

If you love adventure, then exploring this park will be one of the best things to do in central London. It was renamed Holland House after Lady Rich, wife of the Earl of Holland, inherited the property. The gorgeous Kyoto Garden can be found as a part of this beautiful park. You might be able to spot a bunch of peacocks here as well.

London has many parks and gardens, like Richmond Park, regent park, forest hill, primrose hill, and Covent garden.

9. Stroll Through Hampstead Heath

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Hampstead Heath (known locally as Heath) is a large and historical London heath covering around 320 hectares. This green public space sits on top of a sandy ridge, considered one of the tallest in London, which runs from Hampstead to Highgate, resting on a band of London clay.

Hampstead Heath is one of the most loved green places in London. It embraces the ponds and pristine woodlands, playgrounds, and a training track, and it is connected to the former residence of the Kenwood House and its particular estate. The southeast of Heath is Parliament Hill, from which the view of London is protected by law. Hampstead Heath has some of the most unforgettable views and highest points in London for everyone to enjoy.

10. Explore And Learn At the Natural History Museum

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The Natural History Museum in London is considered one of the most famous museums in the city that displays various specimens from different natural history sections. It is situated in South Kensington. This particular museum is one of three major museums found on Exhibition Road in South Kensington, while the others are the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. If you’re planning on visiting, you should be aware of the fact that the main entrance of this Natural History Museum is on Cromwell Road.

The museum is the dwelling of various earth and life sciences samples, including approximately 80 million items in five significant collections: botany, entomology, mineralogy, paleontology, and zoology. This museum is a center of research specializing in classification, identification and conservation identification and conservation.

11. Have Fun At Leicester Square

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Leicester Square is found in London’s West End and isn’t only a place for red-carpet film premieres. It is a public square with daytime shopping, dining, evening theatres, clubs, and nightlife. The area also covers London’s Chinatown and Trafalgar Square, so there’s something here for everyone. There are free attractions around here as well.

Spend your night at an amazing Leicester Square Theatre, which offers plenty of shows to its visitors. Leicester Square is just a short walk away from this 400-seat theatre. It has been extensively renovated with two bars in the main theatre and a cozy bar with room for up to 70 people for cabaret-style performances.

On the Harry Potter Free Walking Tours, Muggle tour guides take you to the locations of the streets and buildings that served as inspiration for and served as locations in the classic children’s books and films.

See world-class art at the National Art Gallery. It takes up the entire northern side of Trafalgar Square, the National Art Gallery is stunning and a sight to behold. Eat and shop in Chinatown.

London’s Chinatown is relatively tiny compared to Chinatown in American cities, but it’s still great for intimate food stalls and shopping.

12. Appreciate Art At Tate Modern

London is home to the well-known art gallery Tate Modern. The national collection of contemporary, modern, and international art from the UK is housed there. In the Bankside neighborhood of the London Borough of Southwark, it is located at the former Bankside Power Station.

One of the world’s most renowned museums of modern and contemporary art is Tate Modern. You can get lost in various unusual and stunning works of art there. People who enjoy modern art will genuinely adore this location.

13. Catch The Beautiful Views From Sky Garden

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If you are looking for free unique experiences in London and want to save money, then Sky Garden should be on your list because it’s free. The Sky Garden London on Fenchurch Street, also known as Walkie Talkie London, is an impressive venue.

This tourist attraction is one of the tallest buildings in London and offers panoramic views of the city of London. Amidst the public gardens is the Walkie Talkie Restaurant and Bar, which offers some of the city’s best views.

There are a lot of activities in London, and there are loads of fun things to do, such as drinking and imbibing the scene – there is also yoga, live music, and many other events throughout the year. You can also enjoy a delicious meal and afternoon tea. Make sure you experience the Sky Gardens of London for yourself while in the city. This unique place offers unparalleled 360-degree views of London, and the best part is that it is entirely free of cost as it is a public place.

14. Visit St. Paul’s Cathedral

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St Paul’s Cathedral is one of London’s best-known and most recognizable landmarks. St. Paul’s is the second-largest church building after Liverpool Cathedral in the United Kingdom.

St. Paul’s Cathedral holds an important place in the national identity of St. Paul’s. The cathedral is a functioning church with hourly prayers and daily services. The architecture of this cathedral is stunning and unforgettable. The top viewing from the gallery will give you some of the best views you can imagine.

15. Attend The Royal Festival Hall

Festival Hall is a substantial 2,700-seat concert area, and dance and talk venue found within the Southbank Center in London. It is found on the south bank of the River Thames, which isn’t far from Hunger Ford Bridge in the London Borough of Lambeth. The hall was built for London County Council as part of the Festival of Britain and was officially opened on 3 May 1951. After the modern twist, it became an independent arts organization in April 1998, now known as the Southbank Center. It stands alongside the well-known Queen Elizabeth Hall.

16. Take A Tour Around Piccadilly Circus

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Piccadilly Circus is a well-known road junction and public space found in London’s West End in the City of Westminster. Even though it was initially designed to bring Londoners together, it now does so with people everywhere. With its famous Piccadilly screen and Eros statue, Piccadilly Circus is one of London’s most well-liked tourist destinations.

It’s one of the hottest meet-up spots in the vibrant city of London. There are various walking tours, along with the iconic vintage bus tours.

17. Explore The Street Art of London

London is one of the best spots to appreciate varieties of street art. Street artists come from far and wide to paint its walls, and visitors travel for miles to see it. If you want to explore some of London’s street art areas but don’t have that much time in the city, we’d recommend focusing on east London instead.

The Truman Brewery Yard on Brick Lane is an excellent place for street art, including Shoreditch, Leek Street, Paige, Camden, Dulwich, Hackney Vic, Walthamstow, Bethnal Green, Brixton, and Stockwell.

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