Best Casual Dining in Edinburgh – 33 Places to Visit

best casual dining in edinburgh
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Looking for the Best Casual Dining In Edinburgh? This article is for you!

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, United Kingdom, is a place of unsurpassable happiness and satisfaction for all travel enthusiasts.

For those who also prefer to explore art, culture, cuisine, and history, they must put the city of Edinburgh on their bucket list.

However, one needs fuel as in food to explore this historical city of Scotland, and the following are some of the best locations suggested for Casual Dining in Edinburgh.

Here Are the 33 Places to Visit for The Best Casual Dining in Edinburgh-

1. Dishoom Edinburgh

Dishoom Edinburgh at St. Andrews Square is highly specialized in colonial Indian cuisine, filled with Britishness to a great extent but with an Indian twist and style.

Dishoom is an outstanding option evidently for the Indian tourists visiting Edinburgh or for Indians who live in Edinburgh, and for the food enthusiasts who prefer Indian cuisine or just want to try it.

Breakfast at Dishoom is very much Indianized. They offer Chai (tea) or Bun Maska, which is like a brioche slathered in salty butter, best paired with a cup of hot tea.

The porridge with banana and dates, Dishoom Naan Rolls, and fire toast are all food options here and are quite famous.

2. Mimi’s Bakehouse

Mimi’s Bakehouse offers an award-winning afternoon tea experience on Saturdays and Sundays.

Afternoon tea is a British tradition principally it is a light food generally served between 3:30 and 5 PM, comprising of sandwiches, cakes, macron, bread, and jam.

Mimi’s Bakehouse has a whole collection of award-winning cakes and traybakes and delicious sublime Scones with jam and clotted cream.

3. Kcal Kitchen

Kcal Kitchen is originally from Glasgow, where they have been very popular for many years, and they have now opened a new branch in Edinburgh.

Kcal Kitchen has a good menu with plenty of food options. Kcal is a healthy kitchen and smoothie bar with a focus on the nutritional value of meals.

The benefit of having a meal that is provided with nutritional information is that you know what the damage is.

It is an ideal dining location for those who follow their diet strictly.

If you are not a person who likes having heavy and large breakfasts, you can also get yourself milkshakes or protein shakes, as they provide many flavours in them, and all of them taste amazing.

4. The Artisan Pasta Maker

They have an actual store to offer ingredients and tips for homemade pasta, which you can use both as a pickup or takeaway of fresh pasta to bring home.

This is the fresh pasta that The Artisan Pasta Maker has been selling at Stockbridge and Leith Markets for customers to take away and cook at home over the last few years.

The menu is posted on the wall, and there are a few seats inside and outside. You order at the till rather than at a table, but it’s a sensory overload.

There is a great selection of filled pasta and non-filled pasta, and they offer nice handmade Gnocchi.

The Artisan Pasta Maker is budget friendly as well, and the flavours are authentic and nice. You must visit here if you are a pasta person.

5. Roseleaf Bar Cafe

Roseleaf Bar Cafe is an excellent option for dining having vegetarian and vegan options as well, and it offers ‘Pot-Tail’.

‘Pot-Tail’ is a cocktail that comes in all fancy teapots, and you can pretend that you are sipping your tea when in reality, you are just ingesting alcohol.

You can order ‘Pot-Tail’ if you want to add more glamour to your breakfast.

The major highlight of this place is that they have the best Cullen Skink in Edinburgh and a complete bakery menu with various options such as Almond Croissants, Choco Peanut Butter Cake, and Chocolate Fudge Brownies.

6. A Wee Taste

It is an ideal place to drink with friends or to have even some pub food, and they also offer a beautiful brunch platter it’s like an all-inclusive breakfast.

A Wee Taste will provide artisanal grazing boards focusing on local produce and the best local food, such as Ij Mellis Cheeses, La Barantine Sourdough Bread, Aye Pickled Slaw, and Chilly Hot Roots, accompanied by fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, chutney, crackers, and butter from Edinburgh Butter Company.

There are also colourful dessert boards with freshly baked delights, including brownies, blondies, traybakes, and fresh fruit.

A Wee Taste also hosts wine, whiskey, and gin-tasting events, alongside platter-building seminars or workshops.

The place is accessible for the hiring of private events, and they provide external catering services as well.

7. Ryrie’s Pub

Ryrie’s Pub is one of the oldest pubs in Edinburgh. It was closed for the longest time, but now it is open and restored to its initial state with beautiful teakwood outdoor seating and stained-glass windows.

Here at Ryrie’s Pub, they offer smaller sharing bowls and plates at very affordable prices and have larger daily meals like any other pub. It is a great place for some piggy bits.

They have a considerable collection of beer and wine, vegetarian selection, fish selection, and meat selection.

8. Hideout Cafe

This cafe is a kind of escape for Edinburgh locals who prefer spending their time around the City Centre and want a quiet, cosy, and pleasant ambience.

Here they offer coffee, tea, treats, and light refreshments.

At Hideout, they have very cool retro music playing in the background, and their perfectly balanced coffee makes this place full of vibes.

Even though the place is small, the audio cassette theme and lovely ambience make it the perfect spot to caffeinate.

9. Oink

As the name suggests, it is a place that has big roasted pigs every day. It has a very distinguishable food concept that specializes in roasted pigs and good-quality meat.

You can get yourself a yummy pulled pork sandwich here.

These sandwiches are available in different sizes, from the tiniest little piglets to the biggest ones.

It has two locations one is on Royal Mile, and the other one is on Victoria Street.

Apart from this, Oink does a mobile catering service for special events that offer pig and lamb roasts.

10. Wings

Yes, Wings is famous for delicious chicken wings with so many sausages to choose from.

If you’re not a fan of wings, you can go for chicken nuggets. They offer chicken wings in many variations combined with an affordable bear.

The food and environment are unrivalled.

Wings is a very quirky place as they have differently themed tables, like Star Wars-themed or Jurassic Park-themed tables.

Complementing the themed tables, they also have some old-school gaming consoles and little underground den-like rooms for sitting.

11. Scarn Bistro

Scarn Bistro is very pleasant, and it is among the most popular restaurants in Edinburgh.

They have loads of different things on their menu, including an insane variety of milkshakes with so many different flavours, stuffed wraps, and brunch.

They serve Scottish Breakfast, including bacon, fried egg, sausage, haggis, black pudding, beans, tomato, potato scone, toast & butter.

Scarn Bistro also has a great collection of cocktails like Tropical Rumbull and Jack apple Spritz, red wine, and white wine.

12. Bonnie & Wild

Bonnie & Wild is a popular food hall in the Scottish capital. It serves Scottish cuisine but with a twist.

The interior design at Bonnie & Wild is amazing, with a rooftop bar, soft music, and calming ambience.

They have plenty of food stalls, speciality food suppliers and even great space for holding events.

The availability of so many food stalls offers something for everyone, even vegetarian options.

13. Salt and Chilli Oriental

Salt and Chilli Oriental is a must-try restaurant for those who prefer salt and chilli dishes, rice dishes, and Bao buns.

It mainly serves classic Chinese Cuisine and Traditional Street Food of Hong Kong along with modern blended dishes. Their menu is packed with must-try food items every time.

Plus point of Salt and Chilli Oriental is that they do eco-friendly packaging for food.

14. Room & Rumours

Image byS. Hermann / F. RichterfromPixabay

Room & Rumours has a fine range of roasted coffee beans, homemade dessert courses, and various vegan-friendly options.

It is close to Waverly Station and specializes in freshly made doughnuts, pastries, cakes, and coffee.

Their beautiful coffee cups decorated with the logo can be seen anywhere in Edinburgh, and the coffee shop has also gained a lot of publicity on social media.

15. Hata

All tourists who visit Edinburgh like the menu here, which is a fusion of British and Scottish cuisines.

It is a great idea to order precisely prepared and cooked cereal, soup, and pies at Hata, and they also have many vegetarian options.

You will have many variations for delicious brownies. Apart from the food, Hata’s espresso is also excellent.

This excellent tiny bistro is ideal for breakfast or lunch.

16. Knights Kitchen

Knights Kitchen is a well-known Edinburgh restaurant. It delivers classic British food with Afghan, African, Ethiopian, and Moroccan flavours.

Dishes such as wild mushroom risotto, lamb shank, and chocolate fondant cakes are offered.

It’s additionally a terrific idea to get an excellent sandwich, perfect stew, and fantastic crepe.

Positive feedback has been received on the fresh coffee and chai (tea).

17. Bandits Of Leith

Bandits is a British café and restaurant chain based in Edinburgh, Scotland, that delivers amazing food.

They have four sites in the City Center and one near the airport.

Bandits Of Leith is a great place to have a party. If you are looking for a private event or party, Bandits can help you book your event quickly and easily.

There are plenty of drinks, private dining options, and great food to share the back room is especially great for private events.

18. Butta Burger

Butta Burger in Edinburgh is a prevalent eatery and bar within the Scottish capital.

It serves burgers, fries, servings of mixed greens, and more.

It is famous for burgers & chicken seasoned with extraordinarily prepared Butta, especially the fried chicken with custom-made farm sauce and Korean fried chicken with kimchi.

In addition to this, they have vegan meat-free options such as Vegan Chilli Cheese and Korean vegan food options.

19. St. Andrews Restaurant

St Andrews Eatery is situated close to Portobello Shoreline in Edinburgh, so you can appreciate a beautiful day at the shoreline and finish it with a scrumptious supper along with your top-pick nourishment.

Or, on the off chance you do not feel like sitting in, you can always get some delicious snacks such as Fish & Chips from their takeaway.

St Andrews Eatery & Takeaway serves an assortment of Gluten Free dishes such as fish & chips, pizzas, plates of pasta, and more on top of that. It won the award for Best Chippy of The Year in 2018.

20. Dolphin Fish & Chips

At Dolphin Fish & Chips, they serve great fish and chips.

Fish here is worth the hype and money, with a pleasant larger collection of beers.

Generally, it is a carryout place, there is seating arrangement by the window, and not just this, but a bounty of other eating alternatives are accessible as well.

They serve hot & spicy Pizza, Kabab, hamburgers, and chips with sauce and silt.

21. L’ Alba D’Oro

L’Alba D’Oro has regularly been alluded to as an Edinburgh institution, lauded and granted throughout its history by word of mouth, tv, and national and worldwide media companies.

The Fish Feast is what made L’ Alba D’Oro celebrated.

Food lovers and tourists have come here from all across the world to taste their speciality dishes. As for the Edinburgh locals, L’Alba D’Oro is no standard fish and chip shop.

Besides fish supper, they also offer a complete range of tasty nourishment from chicken to veggie lover dishes.

22. Cafe Piccante

Cafe Piccante is an energetic no-frills fish and chips takeaway situated at 19 Broughton St, Edinburgh.

Piccante serves kebabs and chicken with famous fish and chip meals available to take away.

Cafe Piccante is a famous hangout spot for sightseers or tourists who have a fun family day out at the wonderful Calton Slope. They more often choose their meals from esteemed feast bargains and munchy boxes containing chomps for any taste.

Cafe Piccante also holds the World Record for endeavouring the foremost parcels of chips wrapped in 1 minute.

23. Krema Bakehouse

Krema Bakehouse is a well-known pastry shop and cafe in Leith Walk.

They offer an assortment of cakes, pies, loaves of bread and cakes, and coffee. All of the bakes are made by them day by day.

One of their classic food items is brioche, which is made when the client orders it, so there is no doubt about freshness.

There are many classic cakes and conventional wipe cakes, just like the ruddy velvet with pistachio, as well as tarts, cream-filled pastry, icing sugar-coated brownies, delicate treats, gigantic pieces of fudge, and other flavoursome treats.

The menu here will alter each month to keep things new.

24. Burger Mama

Beef burgers, kimchi burgers, chicken burgers, and even meat-free burgers, you name it, and they have it.

The menu at Burger Mama highlights numerous of Leith’s top picks, including their G-Funk Burger with matured meat and their interesting BBQ sauces and the famous old Skool burger with delicious dill pickles and mayonnaise in a brioche bun.

There is a bounty of meat-free choices from Cajun panko bean burgers, chipotle mayo with cured vegetables, and pickled red chillies in a brioche bun.

The comfortable booths are ideal to sit in coziness and appreciate the taste of tempting burgers from the shifted menu.

25. Jollibee

Jollibee is a Filipino quick nourishment chain that serves delightful burgers, chicken sandwiches, and more.

Jollibee is popular all over the world for its tasty, firm favourite browned chicken and fast-food classics with a tropical twist and vibe.

It serves up the crispiest, juiciest, and most delicious fricasseed chicken around here, with a differing menu containing chicken sandwiches, wieners, fries, pastries, and reviving drinks.

Chickenjoy is their most famous dish, hand-made in-store for that additional crispiness.

Another top choice is Sprightly Spaghetti, which is made with a Filipino-propelled sweet-style sauce stacked with many layers of cheese and hot dog cuts.

These interesting and exotic dishes have earned the brand a name taken after around the globe, from Hong Kong to New York City, and presented here in the Scottish capital.

26. Stack & Still

Stack and Still is a modern Scottish eatery in Edinburgh, where you can appreciate dishes like Smoked Salmon & Avocado Stack, low Cooked Chipotle & BBQ Pork with butternut squash, gnocchi, and berry sauce, or Slow Cooked Chilli Brisket.

They also have an incredible collection of beer, wine, smoothies, shakes, and cocktails to complement your supper.

They also have an entire range of pancake mixes, which are available for purchase on their website and in the stores.

27. Lady and the Bear

It is a Greek cafe with a beautiful and airy interior which gives the vibe to sit here and study while sipping your coffee.

The menu at Lady and the Bear is loaded with delicious Greek-baked treats.

They make coffees, pies, cakes, baked goods, and brunch organically, all by utilizing the most excellent and fresh ingredients.

There are numerous choices for all tastes, exquisite and sweet, vegetarian/vegan or not.

Lady and the Bear are situated in an open and shining corner, which is why sitting at the tables outside the cafe is exceedingly suggested for complimentary vitamin D and a beautiful view of the meadows during pleasant weather.

28. Rokko Rokko Desu

Imageof ally jfromPixabay

It is a Ramen joint with a stylistic layout that is cheering. There are faux maple takes off surrounding the entryway and a cherry blossom theme-based panel.

There’s a Plates/Snacks list, with Rokko fries, brilliant Rhino sauce, delicate shell crab, and chicken karaage.

The most hyped food option is the ramen, and when you order these at typical times, you likely wouldn’t require one of these extra side dishes on the off chance that you’re too having a tremendous bowlful of their noodles.

The Japanese penicillin is shoyu broth, which contained a divided and sticky-yolked egg, chopped spring onion, and cuts of pork belly.

29. Cuckoo’s Bakery

Cuckoo’s Bakery is a very famous cupcake shop and tearoom situated at 150 Dundas Road in Edinburgh.

Each day they create beautiful cupcakes by hand for you to take away or to sit and appreciate the taste in their tearoom.

They also serve lunch, vegetable sandwiches, soup, and salads.

The shop is delightfully outlined with its present-day take on a vintage tea shop. The cuckoo subject runs all through, and the dividers are embellished with hand-made craftsmanship.

What makes Cuckoo interesting is its striking and innovative flavours for every season and festival.

30. Edinburgh Larder Cafe

The motto of the Edinburgh Larder is to feed tasty, regular, seasonal dishes.

The extraordinary farm suppliers in Scotland are at the exceptional heart of everything they make.

The freshest ingredients, delightful nourishment, and a warm welcome of their customers are what make Larder Cafe more famous.

Larder Cafe is routinely alluded to as a ‘hidden gem’ out of sight from the Royal Mile. They take pride in providing a genuinely vital feast to all of their clients.

They even won an entire range of prizes over a long time, regularly proclaimed as the Finest Café in Edinburgh for everyone, even if you are a local living in your neighbourhood or touring from any other part of the world.

31. Em’s Kitchen

At Em’s Kitchen, they only serve food made with first-rate ingredients. They take pride in that every dish that comes out of their kitchen could be categorized as a top-notch meal.

You will surely appreciate each munch of your supper and each gulp of your Cocktail.

They serve a Full Scottish Breakfast that includes bacon, haggis, black pudding, sausage, and egg. Their veggie breakfast includes veggie haggis, Sourdough Toast & Butter, and Portobello mushrooms.

Em’s Kitchen offers mouthwatering fluffy homemade pancakes and french toast having brioche loaf with cinnamon and vanilla.

32. Holy Cow

Do you want to know the best casual dining Edinburgh? You should not miss out on this article.Edinburgh the capital city of Scotland, United Kingdom is a place of unsurpassable happiness and satisfaction for all travel enthusiasts who also prefer to explore art, culture, cuisine, and history they must put the city of Edinburgh on their bucket list. However, one needs fuel as in food to explore this historical city of Scotland and the following are some of the best locations suggested for casual dining in Edinburgh. 1. Dishoom Edinburgh This area is very popular for having restaurants offering fine dining, one can visit here for grabbing great breakfasts. Dishoom Edinburgh at St. Andrews Square is here highly specialized in colonial Indian cuisine, filled with Britishness to a great extent but with an Indian twist and style. It
Image-Rita- 👩 🍳 und 📷 mit ❤fromPixabay

Holy Cow Vegetarian Café is widely known for being a completely veggie cafe situated in Edinburgh, and it came into being in the year 2016.

They are primarily admired for their mouth-watering, homemade complete vegetarian burgers and have an entire followership of faithful veggie-lover fans.

The Holy Cow is situated within a brief strolling distance from Edinburgh Waverley Station and a little far from St. Andrews Bus Station in the City Centre.

You can appreciate their vegetarian dinner options stacked with flavours and propelled from regular fixings.

They cherish vegetable-based nourishment, and that’s why they made food with consideration to each detail, utilizing it as if it were new and with nearby and naturally available ingredients.

The Chefs here heat new, natural rolls and gluten-free bread each day to meet your desires.

If you still have room after your primary course, they can provide you attempt a few of their homemade sweet treats.

33. L’étoile Salon De Tea

After you arrive at L’étoile Salon De Tea, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sight of delicious cake will make your mornings, evenings, or nighttimes in Edinburgh worth remembering.

You can come here with family and companions, treat this place as a meeting point of old buddies, organize, get your work done with a tasty glass of coffee in the peaceful ambience, or spend a little quality time with your favourite book.

Their different customers cherish their cafe’s surroundings, and their spacious sitting arrangements donate everybody a bounty of time to stop by.

It also offers conventional teas like English Breakfast and Earl Dark, as well as green and homegrown assortments.


The Scottish capital is the prime location to visualize the deep-rooted and preserved Scottish culture, history, and tradition. But when you are visiting Scotland, you cannot risk missing the rich Scottish food culture.

Edinburgh is best known for its delicious food and unique drinks. To experience real Scottish food, you should not restrict yourself to famous restaurants only.

You never know where you will find your favourite dining spot, so always explore different food options and places.

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