Top 10 Exotic Cheese in England you Must Try

Cheese in England
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The universe where cheese exists, lucky existence. Cheese in England is prodigious. The world of cheese is awarded in England, and if you are a fan of cheese and that stretchy texture, different cheeses from different kinds of milk, then cheese from England might be something you might be looking forward to. All kinds of cheeses are made in England, like blue cheese, cheddar cheese, etc.

Blue cheese is quite famous for its strong aroma, and the different kinds of cheese present in England represent so much from their history to the culture and the people’s hard work towards their passion for cheese and something to taste and respect all at the same time.

The diversity of the number of cheeses available is astonishing worldwide regarding cheese and something every person looks forward to. Classic British cheese tasted alongside the amazing wines and ciders available makes the cheese taste more and more. What secrets and history this piece of cheese has?

Before we get into different kinds of cheese and which ones you should try, let us see how it is made and what changes when we change the type of milk.

Process of Cheese-Making

Now different kinds of milk can be used to make different kinds of cheese depending upon what type of texture you prefer and what taste you are looking for. People have even used chocolate milk to make the cheese to get a hint of chocolate flavor at the end of the bite.

Goat’s milk cheese has a more intense flavor which some of you might prefer. Goat’s milk has more fatty acids than cow’s milk, therefore, giving it that spicy taste in the end.

From pasteurized milk cheese to unpasteurized milk cheese, the taste is changed across the cheese domain, and different kinds of textures and aromas are infused by artificial smoking. Every step adds something to the cheese which is being made.

Cheese in England
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Some basic steps for making cheese:

  • First of all, you choose the kind of milk. If talking about the masses, cow’s milk cheese is the most common.
  • When we have decided what kind of milk, next comes heating; now, the cheese taste can greatly vary if the heating is abnormal or not consistent, so make sure the heating is in normal range with a slight increase in flames.
  • Next up is getting the curd from the milk. Different methods can be used to get the curd, and you may do as you desire or which is easily available to get the desired quantity or quality of curd if we are talking about making basic cheese.
  • The next step involves cutting the curd. The curd is cut in different sizes depending on what variation you are looking for in your cheese. For example, the cut size should be large if you want wet cheese. If you were looking for drier cheese, the amounts should be smaller.
  • The step of cutting curd is tenacious and is carried carefully. The texture of the cheese and the type of cheese you are looking for can be impacted hugely by this step. Take a flaky blue cheese or a smokey applewood cheese. Every single step is crucial.
  • In this step, we cook the curd. Yes, you heard that right. The curd is cooked to get a more solid form. We get a little closer to our cheese with this process. The amount of heat to which the curd is subjected should be consistent, and no amount of uneven heating or stirring should be there. If it is there, there might be moisture trapped within the curd, which might cause problems.
  • The drying process for the cooked-up curd comes later, but while cooking, the properties of cheese are going to behave can be determined from each of these steps.
  • In this step, we drain the curd. This step greatly impacts what kind you want in every type of cheese, from hard to semi-soft cheeses. The texture you are looking for in your cheese also depends on this process, like whether you are looking for hard cheese, soft cheese, or mold-ripened cheese.

Some famous Cheese of England

Stilton cheese

This pasteurized cow’s milk cheese with blue veins is a semi-soft cheese with a creamy texture and some smooth and crumbly texture. With approximately 35 percent of fat, this is a popular cheese in England. The flavors which dominate this cheese are strong and spicy and are so good, making you believe in cheese supremacy a little more. It has white and blue variants, and the one in which it is aged more is also called vintage stilton. The cheese undoubtedly gives you blasts of flavors in your mouth when paired with some good wine or bread or anything specific you might want to try.

Cheese in England
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Cheddar cheese

The cheddar cheese was created in England, but now the production is around the globe. This is also made from pasteurized cow’s milk and is the most popular of all the cheese made around the world. This hard cheese has a compact and crumbly texture, depending on aging. You can expect a smooth surface with a sharp and creamy flavor if it is fresh. This pale yellow-colored cheese is amazing, and as England is its origin, you should go for it without any doubt. Best paired with some port wine or ale, whichever you prefer.

Cheese in England
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Cheshire cheese

This aromatic cheese with 48 percent fat is mind-blowing and made from pasteurized cow’s milk. The flavors offered from this cheese are mild to tangy and have a crumbly texture. This orange-colored British cheese has different variants, adding Penicillium and annatto. Found in Cheshire and other places, this masterpiece leaves your soul with a tangy flavor and milky when you start to taste it.

The cheese is amazing, with an abundance of flavors and peculiar texture. Best goes with baked dishes and some fruits, a must-try for cheese enthusiasts.

Applewood cheese

This semi-hard cheese from the cheddar family with yellow color is a delight for your tongue. This has a crumbly and dense texture. The flavor is smokey, has sprinkles of paprika, and goes excellent with some barbeque and any place where you need some smokiness and want to spice things up more with this amazing cheese. When given artificial smokey flavor, this applewood cheese is just a match made in heaven for your tongue if you crave smokiness with cheese and some spiciness.

Cheese in England
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Beauvale (British cheese)

This relatively new cheese is quite different and has a creamy texture. It hints at flavors of blue cheese. It has made its mark pretty well in the minds of cheese enthusiasts and chefs, having to be in the world cheese awards. The cheese also has a soft texture; try it. You’ll love it.

Red Leicester

This is hard cheese but has a mild flavor compared to cheddar cheese. The prominent flavor dominating this cheese is sweet burnt caramel, and it’s awesome. This has powdery mold on it with a reddish-orange rind. If you have a chance to taste it with some good white wine, go for it.

Yorkshire Wensleydale

Made from cow’s and sheep milk, this classic cheese from North of Yorkshire has a variety of flavors, from buttery to sweet. With 48 percent of fat, this cheese has a fresh and smokey aroma. This cheese’s characteristic pale yellow color with cloth-wrapped rind has smokey flavors, which are smoked with oak chips. This goes amazing with all kinds of desserts, whether hot or cold. This also has different variants available depending on the aging and the process used for making it, like blue-veined Wensleydale, blended Wensleydale, Yorkshire blue, etc. This cheese is amazing and quite popular among the British, so do give it a try.

Oxford Blue cheese (soft blue cheese)

If you are a fan of blue cheese, this is the one for you, The world’s best blue cheese. It has a creamy texture and belongs to the family of blue cheeses. The flavors are sharp, spicy, and tangy. This one has a strong aroma surrounding it, characteristic of blue cheese. The texture is creamy and comes in semi-hard cheese. The flavor is clean, and if you are a fan of blue cheese, this one considerably dominates the wide world of blue cheese, so if you have a chance to go for it, you shouldn’t stop.

Cheese in England
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Double Gloucester

This is hard cheese. It has a creamy flavor and a nutty flavor. The aroma is sweet, and you will become a fan of this cheese. The sweet aroma with flaky texture sure is going to come into your textbook of cheese. It has multiple cheese awards with its buttery flavor and texture, and why not? The taste is amazing with having milk and cream make the cheese. This hard cheese is made from pasteurized milk and unpasteurized cow’s milk, which is nice, giving you multiple options. Best with soups and biscuits.

Devon Blue cheese

The cheese made from unpasteurized cow’s milk has an earthy aroma and falls into the semi-hard cheese category. The color is pale yellow, and the earthy aroma with rich taste just makes your taste buds dance on your tongue when touched by this amazing cheese from Devon.

The taste is rich and falls in the category of blue cheeses and should be tried if you are a fan of blue cheeses. The aroma with natural rind is something you shouldn’t miss if you have the opportunity. Best served with some cider or wine.

Some of the British cheese shops you Should Visit

Paxton and Whitfield

The place has amazing cheese. The place offers some of the best British artisan cheese, the site is amazing and has multiple stores around the UK, and the vibe surrounding the shop is fantastic. A definite place for a visit if you are a fan of cheese or need a place to try some quality cheeses.

Neal’s Yard Dairy

The place is great, and they have history and name and a place so rich with everything, you should go for it, it would be really good as an experience for you and your tongue. They have experts, and they are amazing in cheese. They sell good cheese, and you can expect nothing but exotic quality from them. They sell excellent artisan cheese and represent the locals with the ingredients they use.

The cheesebox

The place oozes with cheese, The nights with this cheese bar have this amazing cheese tasting time, and the place is full of wine and beers, and you can enjoy it the way you want to enjoy it, or if you are new to this well, this experience is something you should try, the cheese, the wine well you shouldn’t miss it by any chance. They pack the stuff nicely, and the tasting with wine is great. Well, do give it a try.

The Fine Cheese Company

In the west country of England, this place has varieties and quality. The location is full of life and cheese. The place offers you some of the best cheese available in the market and is known to be a paradise for the sweet tooth. If you love cheese, then better visit this place, the paradise for a cheese lover. Go for it.

La Fromagerie

This cheese shop is great. The place was founded in 1992 and offered great options for cheese. Well, the place’s vibe and aesthetics are a must-visit, the chances are a number, but you’ll find the position to visit more if you even go once. Your wants will become your need when you see such a place. That want is cheese, so hop up the ride for this amazing place, for the amazing cheese.

Amazing Cheese Restaurants in England

Pick and cheese Restaurant.

This place in the convent garden is a must-visit place for anyone who loves cheese and wants to experience something more. This one comes with a conveyer belt, yes the conveyer belt which delivers you good delicious British cheeses. The place is fun, and so is how they serve your cheese.

Lady of the Grapes

Not the main point for cheese, but they have options, and you should try those cause with the wine this place offers, and that deliciously creamy cheese is just waiting for you there to be tasted, so another site in Covent Garden does give it a try.

Vivat Bacchus

Well, this one has its unique touch as the place offers you tasting with one of their experts and gets you the best cheese possible for your taste buds, and I am pretty sure you would love to try this one.

Cheese in England
Image by Micha from Pixabay

Champagne + Fromage

This one situates again in Covent Garden offers you delight with cheese and a definite place to try. The place provides you with dishes with cheese which you might want to try. The location is just mesmerizing, with words consisting of cheese rather than raw cheese, but you can always ask for a sample, but if you are looking for dishes with a good and nice cheese, this might be the place.


The British cheese is amazing. The taste explodes in your mouth, leaving you shocked by the maddening flavor. You can even say they are dominating the world when it comes to cheese. The milk used, for example, cow’s or raw goat’s goes back to the roots.

England is making cheese with responsibility and passion, something every cheese lover in the world should be excited about. The British cheese is exotic and varies across Europe, and the places, the restaurant, the cheese makers, and everything they have will make you want to have more and more of that tasty cheese.

Everything is out of extraordinary, from cottage cheese to British cheese. Everything is out of exceptional, and I think if you have the chance to make the most of it, don’t hold back, jump into this abyss of cheese, and don’t look back.



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