Coffee Circle Cafe: A Heavenly Coffee Place for You!

Coffee Circle Cafe
By Coffee Circle Cafe

Coffee Circle Cafe, the roastery turned into a bitter-sweet symphony for coffee lovers. The place known for the good coffee is the coffee circle café.

The espresso shot will wake you up nice and good. With an amazing atmosphere filled with a nice coffee aroma, this place is a gem and it will become even better if you visit this perfect place.

The quality is exceptional and you have a chance to come to this amazing place and try out the good coffee, Coffee Circle Café is the place.

1. Coffee Circle Cafe

Coffee Circle Cafe
By Coffee Circle Cafe

So, Coffee Circle Café didn’t actually start as a cafe. It was a roastery and a nice place with a nice business involving direct trade was the working force here.

Years went by and then we had our first café, Coffee Circle Café which was opened in the same place. The place was Germany, Wedding, Berlin.

It is a perfect place which serves excellent coffee and some really nice cakes too.

Wedding, Berlin is blessed to have such an amazing coffee shop, serving pastries and aromatic cappuccino which surely gonna get 5 stars on your review list.

2. The Amazing Interior of The Coffee Circle Café

The amazing Coffee Circle Cafe has plenty of space and the overall vibe is quite nice. The friendly staff and the coffee make the whole atmosphere of the place worth visiting.

The interior is clean and quiet, the team has worked really nicely on the interior of the place.

Even though the place might not look spacious from the outside but note it is actually quite the opposite.

There is nice seating and with your choice of coffee, whether flat white or cappuccino, it becomes a gem of a place.

The seating for the place is in proper order with different kinds of seating aligned perfectly to match the vibe of the whole café.

The glass and ceiling are also in perfect condition and give the whole place a different kind of look. The place is nice, and tidy and hygiene are maintained.

The counter is divided into 2 parts and for each, you can see that tasty bitter coffee being filtered out from the machine. The menu card is simple and has nice options making it not too confusing.

The food is great with genuine opening hours for a café. The reviews are top-notch for Coffee Circle café and once you visit it, you can see why.

3. What Makes the Coffee Circle Café so Special?

Coffee Circle cafe
By Coffee Circle Cafe

The coffee bean used in the process of making an amazing latte or espresso is Cerrado and many other naturally processed beans.

When you are here you might be surprised to know the variety of coffee beans the place is having and will seem like heaven in Berlin.

With the constant change of the beans and with experienced staff, you are bound to overdose.

It is like caffeine lives here and does not have any doubts because they will make sure that you get the nice coffee that you deserve and that it tastes excellent.

The food options of this place also made it famous because even though the Coffee Circle Café is famous for its coffee, it is also famous for its food.

The food here tastes really good and if you were to write about this place here it would be nothing but compliments.

Among different restaurants also this place will rank higher than most of them and with a latte on those tables well, it just gets perfect.

4. The Location

Coffee Circle Cafe has opened in around 3 places now and the chain sure is expanding.

The café Mitte is there where you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee and even have some nice shopping.

The other one is in Berlin-Wedding from where it all started. The food is prepared right next to you and the place has space and a totally nice and warming vibe about it.

The Coffee Circle Café, Kiosk Bergmannkiez is the third one and it is equal to the above 2.

The location might change but the quality and taste remain the same for every coffee circle café.

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What Is the Price Range for Coffee Circle Cafe?

The optimal range for the place is about 7 Euros but you can even have it like 2 to 3 Euros and still enjoy a nice cup of filter coffee or cappuccino here.

Q.2 Does Coffee Circle Cafe Has Food Options?

Yes. it does with not-so-heavy food options but mild ones like cakes and some other excellent food stuff around lunch. Light food items might be there or might not be by the end of the day depending on your luck.

Q.3 Is There Any Other Coffee Circle Café Other than The One in Berlin, Wedding?

There is the Coffee Circle’s Mitte café and one in Bergmannkiez, a total of 3. The chain is expanding with your constant support for coffee circle cafe.

Q.4 What Is so Special About the Coffee Circle Café?

Everything, from the environment to the coffee beans which are perfectly roasted having exceptional quality just makes this place an S-tier place for a coffee shop.

Q.5 Does Coffee Circle Cafe Has Wifi?

Yes, all the outlets of coffee circle café have wifi and they are all well suited if you want to have a nice cup of coffee and are looking for a nice environment for work.

6. Conclusion

Exceptional coffee taste, great cakes and pastries. A great place to create memories and have excellent baristas.

A perfect getaway if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee by yourself or with your partner, friends and family. The friendly staff makes this place even more welcoming.

Coffee Circle Cafe has excellent reviews from anyone who has visited this place. The menu is simple and great.

The coffee is out of the world and once you are here sitting on these nice and clean tables, you wouldn’t wanna leave them.

Excellent coffee, amazing place, a must-visit.


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