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afternoon tea at sketch
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So you are thinking of spending your pleasant afternoon at some unique place. Then try a sip afternoon tea at sketch London with dainty china and all-pink rooms. You will get luxurious in an old-style with lot of sweet treats having exotic flavors to try.

There are many places in London where you can find unique afternoon tea experience. But afternoon tea at sketch London will mix the quirky flavors with afternoon.

So let’s have a look around what it will offer you.

Extravagant Infrastructure

It is a place where your camera doesn’t need your support. And the exotic Glade pink room and pink walls will attract you long before taste buds gets excited because of sweets.

Even if you count the decor you are already half-full. David Shrigley’s pink Gallery room, has so many collections of dusty pink velvet chairs. Click that perfect shot! The quirky prints that adorn the walls are sure to excite you.

Exotic Menu

The afternoon tea at the sketch in London isn’t for purists, because of the exotic dishes mixmatched with other flavors. You will get mini cheese toasties and decadent caviar, but it is so delicious to ignore.

And you will get the caviar Sultana scones with fig and strawberry jam and their special finger sandwiches.

afternoon tea at sketch
Photo by Sheri Silver/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

The Afternoon Tea Selection at Sketch

Of course, you will get the tea first! You will get a huge menu consisting of teas from Sri Lanka to China, Morocco, and Japan. You can take advice from them they will talk to you through the teas, and let you smell them before selecting them.

afternoon tea at sketch
Photo by Toa Heftiba/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

You will be given choices of two types, one for the savory food to begin with and one for the sweet. Enjoy your afternoon tea at the sketch with some plain scone with clotted cream as a delight to relish. The authentic chai has a Middle Eastern flavor. Later, you can get Whole Rosebuds from Iran to tease your sweet treats.

Tips for Afternoon Tea at Sketch

No particular color or dress code to follow for the afternoon tea, just be smart and tidy.

Sketch at London has four additional rooms, each with its own different menu, dress code and decor. Book your afternoon tea right during opening.

afternoon tea at sketch
Photo by Oleg Ivanov/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

The professional staff got its looks from the uniforms designed by London Fashion Week’s favorite Richard Nicoll provides warm and impeccable service.

Your champagne is poured slowly, which adds elegance. Afternoon tea at Sketch offers unlimited sandwiches and tea, so be hungry to try them all.

Various Rooms at the Sketch

Sketch London is a fantastic place for more than just Afternoon Tea at the sketch London. They are as follows:

Parlor at Sketch

You can have breakfast in the mornings, and lunch in the afternoons. Explore other rooms for more vibrant themes. 

Lecture Room and Library

You remember the hall from Beauty and the Beast the Lecture Room looks exactly the same. As this room throws the same vibe and academic hope. 

The Glade at Sketch

If talking glade at sketch London is a romantically decorated restaurant.

The decor you will want more, ballet hues, floral paintings, etc. The Parlour is practically worth taking pictures of.

East Bar & Pods

What to expect in the photogenic place in Sketch London? And the insta-worthy toilets get makeover occassionally.

afternoon tea at sketch
Photo by Diana Polekhina/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Sketch Gallery

After the afternoon tea at sketch london spend some time in the blush pink sketch gallery and insta-worthy toilets.

You will be attracted to the pink-hued room when you enter the eye-catching restaurant. 

And the warm lights cast an orangish hue throughout the space, complementing the overall décor.

Policies about Afternoon Tea at Sketch, London

  • You can only cancel your Sketch Gallery reservations without any extra charge up to 72 hours in advance. Or else you will be charged extra if you cancel your booking late or do not show up.
  • Both rooms serve first-come, first-served basis so get the cakes and patisseries by booking a table after the late afteroon menu is served.  
  • If you plan to sip tea at Sketch tearoom, it is recommended to book tables in advance. Reservations are made three months in advance.
  • You can also join the waiting list by calling or emailing their website for reservations.


Suppose you plan to spend your sunny afternoon with your friends and family. And you have luxurious places in London on your list. Then having brunch and sipping afternoon tea at sketch London is nothing more than a treat. London is known for its lavish restaurants and eateries; you could also experience it by exploring it.

 It’s the Instagram kind of place.

I hope this article will help you with your afternoon tea at the London sketch!

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