A Perfect Guide to Travel To Portugal

Travel To Portugal
Image by Nuno Lopes from Pixabay

Portugal is a beautiful country in southwestern Europe, a must-visit place in this lifetime, where your heart meets the sea, your lips meet that wine, and your eyes meet that sea glossed by sunshine. Portugal is famous for its beaches, Port wine, the amazing weather, the Azores, the amazing food, the nightlife and the dances, calm beaches, a place where you might want to settle just for the views and the life. Let’s explore more.

Things You should know before boarding to Portugal

Now before you travel to Portugal, there are certain things you should know or carry so that you can enjoy a stress-free trip and not cause trouble for the authorities there and yourself.

For people inside Europe

If you are a citizen of Europe, belonging to the Schengen Area, then no passport is needed, but you must have your id card with you if you are traveling by air as the authorities might ask of it. Still, a passport and visa are an option if you are not carrying your id.

European citizens do not need visas, but if they are planning to stay more than 90 days or so, then a residence permit is required, which they can apply for. In Portugal, rules and regulations should be followed everywhere.

People who travel to Portugal must visit a group of islands, the Azores, which attract a lot of tourists and I am sure you also want to go there, pre-booking should be done because even though it’s popular the number of flights and everything are short.

For People outside Europe

If you are a non-EU citizen, travel insurance is a must; without that, you cannot get a visa for Portugal.

Documents & entry Requirements

  • EEA nationals only need to have identification documents to enter Portugal.
  • For citizens of non-EEA nationality, travel documents/passports and visas are musts.
  • Portuguese border officers may ask you some questions regarding your visit, which is just standard procedure followed by the border control officers.
  • Make sure to get your passport stamped. If not, you might have to pay a fine or might also be stopped from going to Portugal.
  • When you apply for a Tourist Schengen Visa for Portugal, make sure you have insurance or something to show how you’d be paying and everything, a bank statement of the last 6 months probably, and maybe your day-to-day schedule for what are your planned activities.

Advice before Travel to Portugal

  • Know your currency; the Euro is used in Portugal, so know all your exchange rates and everything before traveling to this beautiful place.
  • The economy is weak in Portugal, so it’s better that you don’t take advantage of the crowd and not pay. Even though you understand all of this, there is no harm in having a gentle reminder.
  • Have your documents with you all the time. This one again is obvious, but we tend to forget the obvious one, so better watch it.
  • Comfortable clothes and footwear if you are traveling to mountain parts. While hiking, you should wear clothes according to the need of the hour before going anywhere or deciding on any activity.

Azores: The best-kept Heaven in Portugal

The nine islands offer diversity and a great escape. A beautiful escape to these amazing nature-rich islands where the scenery is just breathtaking, the seas, the sunsets, everything will make you wonder how something so beautiful exists. At the same time, some activities like hiking and stuff also give you more sense of adventure.

Surfing and other adventure activities which are presented there also do a great deal of impact on the number of tourists deciding on which island they should go to. There’s the one with a really low population and the one populated compared to one another.

Travel To Portugal
Image by Maria e Fernando Cabral from Pixabay

Portugal has a good number of tourists pouring every single year and the Azores too but due to not many airlines available it is advised that you book your tickets early.

Even though mainland Portugal offers you a great escape but these are no less, in fact, much more beautiful. Nature lovers would love this place, the black soil and the volcanic crater work wonders for your mind and your eyes.

You can roam around the islands and enjoy nature to its fullest. The people are nice, the place is amazing, and everything will make you want to lie there and stare. This part of the world will thunderstruck your heart with excruciating beauty that will certainly make home in your heart for you will want to visit again.

Some of the places which you can visit:

  • Ponta da Ferraria
  • Lagoa do Fogo
  • Caldeira das Sete Cidades
  • Parque Terra Nostra
  • Portas da CidadeEache of these places offers you a unique experience and makes you want to live more. There’s a Dolphins and Whale tour, which you should try.

9 Islands of Azores offer rich flora and Fauna

  • Corvo, it’s a beautiful small island with a goof get away from all the commotion and gives a glimpse of all the hiking and good view to watch different kinds of birds and a good beach which you’ll find a lot.
  • Faial, with ample hydrangeas, this blue island has good scenic beauty and more occupants providing you with a little more services than the one mentioned earlier.
  • Flores, an island rich in flora during summertime with a decent number of occupants, offers a good escape, helps you get the feel of the Azores a little more, and offers great natural pools, which you are sure to enjoy.
  • Graciosa, The one also named the white island is a big island compared to the other 3 mentioned and has small little islands near it, making you crave to hop from one island to another and of course the place offers you great views.
  • Pico, a gem for hikers with its rich black volcanic soil and the nice tall mountain, offers great adventure to tourists visiting and people looking for more thrill than usual.
  • Santa Maria is a good dry island, dry because this island has a really warm climate, so we have a dry island. Offers great pools which are natural like all the rest with slightly better weather if you like the warmth.
  • São Jorge, this brown island offers breathtaking scenic views of other islands, great views, nice hiking, and a good escape.
  • São Miguel, the one with the most population, this populated island is good for all the activities like surfing, hiking, etc., which are mostly commercialized, and you can enjoy most of the island through them.
  • Terceira, the island for transitions between the volcanic and natural greenery, offers great sightseeing and good activities. At the same time, the festival time is lively, making your experience of their culture something more to look forward to.

Places you should Go in Portugal

1. Lisbon

Suppose you travel to Portugal, a must-visit place for people who enjoy the nightlife in Lisbon. In that case, it is beautiful, the nights and the lights make you want to dance, the cafes and the fantastic food. Pastel De Nata is famous in this region and is easily available in any cafe or pastry shop.

Travel To Portugal
Image by Philipp Weber from Pixabay

2. Sintra

Castelo dos Mouros is a great walk-in for the chills and spooky nights if you are looking for some adrenaline rush. The place offers a different vibe, not so far away from the capital. It’s a beautiful place, with stone walls and a great escape.

Palácio da Pena is a splash of colors for your eyes, with green and hopeful gardens and colorful walls, a good visit.

Travel To Portugal
Image by Michel from Pixabay

3. Porto

Ohh, the romantics and views, the very city offers you great views and vibes, it’s a beautiful romantic city, you’ll love it.

There are many places you can visit in Portugal. We can have a list that keeps on going, you’ll explore a lot of them, and every single one will give you a sight for better days ahead and better days for living. It would be best if you tried the museums, the food, the wine, everything this city can offer. You’ll love it.

4. Costa Vicentina

This long stretch in Portugal is amazing for clear sea water and enjoying some good beach time. It’s aesthetic and calm and will make a great place to have a nice peaceful walk, the best travel advice, enjoy it to the fullest.

Travel To Portugal
Image by amariaoliveira7 from Pixabay

5. Guarda

Guarda of the granite, this city, with an artistic vibe and twists of history, has most of its buildings made of granite. Also, in Portugal, this city is at the highest elevation, so great views, aesthetic vibes, and a great visit.

6. Figueira da Foz

A city by the beach, this one is quite commercialized and serves great tourists from all across the world. The vibe is great; you must give it a chance with its cuisines and restaurants. The city offers a nice view of the beach and lots of activities which you should enjoy when visiting it. The city also has great restaurants and cafes, and if you like casinos, this city offers you that too.

Foods you can enjoy in Portugal.

Portugal is not only famous for the views and the Azores, but it has a lot to offer in terms of great food, and as a traveler, if you are a food enthusiast and like exploring different cultures and their food, then maybe you can try Portugal too.

From basic aromatic soups to mouth-watering pastries, Portugal might offer you great adventures for your legs and mouth. A place to try out the delicacy of culture and amazing food.

The seafood here is something to look forward to because of the location, but  Portugal has more than that to offer in terms of food and culture, the loaves of bread, the sweets, and many different dishes.

– Caldi Verde

National soup of this country, yes countries have national soups, and this one is of Portugal, a must try, and something to look forward to, this cabbage soup tastes nice and is ready to arouse your taste buds. A must-try dish and something you can find easily.

– Bacalhau

If you are a fan of seafood, this might be the one. This dried salted cod is delicious and served mostly during festivals but can also be found in any restaurant because of its popularity ad availability. This one is tasty and a little dry, and you will love it if you fan seafood.

– Polvo à Lagareiro

Well, ever had an octopus, maybe it’s time you tried one. This popular Portuguese dish is something you might want to give a chance if you enjoy seafood and are not hesitant to try something new. An excellent tasty dish that you must try.

– Chocolate Salami

Well, this one is sweet and is so-called because of the shape it is sliced in, it’s basic, but with port wine and dark chocolate, it tastes so good that you will want more of this bread.

– Arroz de Marisco

This is an amazing stew that you try. If you like seafood, this one is a must. The tastes burst in your mouth. This dish represents Portugal’s flavors, so you should give it a go.

– Pastel de nata

Delicious custard tart is a sweet and tasty dessert you want to try if you are going to Portugal. You should try this one with its creamy texture, which will make you crave more and more. This one is really good and is easily available in Portugal.

– Sweet Regueifa

Regina is a soft and tasty bread made with Port Wine. This bread is nice and fluffy, and there’s this sweeter side of this bread made with cinnamon and lemon that you should try to satisfy your sweet buds. A must-try bread for every bread enthusiast out there.

Restaurants to Visit for mouth-smacking Cuisines

1. The Tavares

This restaurant is quite old, located in Lisbon, this is like a historical landmark for restaurants that you should visit. This one offers a unique vibe of the history it’s been through and the times it has seen, do visit this one, this national landmark of Portugal.

2. The Garden

Great food with variations of spices with a great view of the beach, this place has a breathtaking vibe and amazing food and shows you a glimpse of Portugal in its cuisines, a must-place visit to give it a try.

3. Cafe Portugal

Amazing food with all the Portugal culture poured into it, the aesthetics of the place are great, the vibe gives you Portugal in pallet, and the food is just something you’ll not forget once you leave this place. This will take someplace in your heart when you leave, a place you must go.

4. O Marinheiro

Well, like most of them, this also has a great view and excellent food, the food is tasty and what can I say, this is a place you should try.

5. Dona Bela

The seafood is exceptional here, with the beach just by your side. You enjoy that amazing seafood. The feel is just different. The place is amazing. The interior, the vibe, everything. It would be best if you gave it a go here. The place is not going to disappoint you.


Travel to Portugal is an amazing idea. The place is just the kind of vibe you are looking for. But, proper documents based on where you are from or what mode you are using for traveling is something you should check before boarding, or before you book the tickets, the territory of this flora and Fauna which is offered from this country is breathtaking and keeping in mind all of the documents and rules and regulations and safety measure and keeping up with the on source media is also crucial, well apply it and have an amazing journey.



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