10 Best Beaches In Portugal—You Must Visit

10 best beaches in Portugal
Photo by Rojs Rozentāls on Flickr, copyright 2022

Portugal is a southern European country, located on the Atlantic ocean. You will find the best beaches in Portugal along the 1794 km coastline. The most interesting thing is that you can not only enjoy the beautiful best beaches in Portugal but can also have a wide variety of stunning beaches.

In big cities like Porto or Lisbon, you will never be disappointed as you will find beaches at a short distance whenever you want to be there.

The Golden sand beaches, rocky cliffs with an outstanding view are no less than a visual treat for the beach-lovers. Portugal is known for the perfect combination of beautiful beaches with an amazing temperate Mediterranean climate which makes it a perfect destination for the best beaches in Portugal.

The most stunning and the best beaches in Portugal are found in the South of the country in the Algarve. More beaches along the coast of central Portugal and Northern Portugal also attract sun-seekers. Many of the destinations surprisingly have a traditional touch in nature.

Let us round up the best beaches in Portugal and get ready for a relaxing holiday with your family and friends.

Praia de Benagil in Algarve

Praia de Benagil in Algarve
Photo by photo2go.albufeira on Flickr, copyright 2022

If you are fond of the wonders of nature, the Praia de Benagil is one of the most beautiful and the best beaches in Portugal with a secret that is no less than a children’s fairy tale. The place has got the heavily picturesque caves in the Algarve which is in a fishing village called Benagil, located in Carvoeiro, in the municipality of Lagoa lo.

You can explore this fantastic beach by boat trip or kayaking. The beach has the most emblematic sights. This Golden sand beach in Portugal has natural massive seaside caves which have holes in its roof. This is one of the best beaches in Portugal as you can enjoy the bright and beautiful sunlight through it that illuminates the sandstone cliffs.

Many companies run boat tours, rent kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards. Swimming in the caves is not so much appreciated because of the strong tides and the high watercraft traffic. This is one of the most beautiful and the best beaches in Portugal or you can say the best beach of all.

Praia da Marinha

Praia da Marinha
Photo by Vitor Oliveira on Flickr, copyright 2022

Praia da Marinha is one of the most stunning and the best beaches in Portugal which is located in the Atlantic ocean. In 1998 by the Portuguese Ministry of Environment, the beach is awarded “Golden Beach” among the finest and the best beaches in Portugal.

This is the most striking beach for beach lovers. The place is well known because of the peaceful environment. This sandy beach is accessible by car which is too far if you have to walk from the town of Lagoa. This is a fantastic destination If you have an immense love for the soft sand beaches where you can enjoy the best time of your life with the soft dunes and the colorful cliffs.

This is among the most beautiful and the best beaches in Portugal as well as in the world. The people who have visited the famous beach found the beach more beautiful and emblematic rather than the pictures and photos.

Praia da Marinha has breathtaking views which are surrounded by cliffs. The place gives you a kind of magical feeling that feels just out of the world.

After enjoying the beautiful beach view if you want, you can also spend a good time by visiting the restaurant there.

Praia da Rocha Beach

Praia da Rocha beach
Photo by Vitor Oliveira on Flickr, 2022

A perfect place to enjoy the sunshine, as well as the nightlife, is located in the Center of the Algarve and close to the dynamic and lively city of Portimao. It is a perfect destination for a vacation and one of the favorite beaches of visitors. The best thing about the place is that it is close to hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, and recreational facilities.

One of the Best beaches in Portugal, Praia da Rocha beach boasts a wide variety of sights and water sports such as boat tours, waterparks, scenic hiking trails, and the historical place along with fantastic nightlife.

The rock formations are between the cliffs and the golden sands are just out of the world. If we talk about the history of Praia da Rocha, this place was considered a minor fishing village, but since 1980 the place has been a center of attraction for tourists.

Praia da Rocha is known for its gleaming apartments and grand hotels as Rocha beach is one of the resort beaches also. This is one of the best beaches in Portugal where you can enjoy it wholeheartedly.

Praia de Carcavelos

Praia de Carcavelos
Photo by Rui Ornelas on Flickr copyright 2022

On the coastline of Lisbon, you can find one of the finest and the best beaches in Portugal. The crystal clear seawater and golden sands take your heart away and the interesting thing about your favorite beach is that the extensive tourist facilities are provided here which include water activities, seafood restaurants, and cafes.

The beach is one of the best beaches in Portugal because of the tourist’s obvious attraction and love of the place. The vast expanse of the beach and the liveliness make the beach worth visiting for all.

There are many more stunning beaches but the Carcavelos has a different value among all of them as it is the beach which is suitable for all ages from young children to adults, from families to couples, it welcomes with open arm so this is the best beach for all.

Whether the residents of central Lisbon or the tourists, the Carcavelos are popular among them, especially at the time of the busy summer months. The wonderful eye-soothing sights attract lots of visitors every year.

Praia da Falésia

Praia da Falésia
Photo by Davide Gabino on Flickr, copyright 2022

Another gem in the lap of the Algarve is the beach Falesia which is also a home of the stunning and one of the longest and the best beaches in Portugal. The fabulous picturesque views of Falesia beach and the Golden dunes make you feel amazed as it is about six kilometers in length. Among all the fabulous beaches in Portugal, you will find this beach more fascinating.

The beauty and the diversity will be found in one place as it is a perfect combo with full of liveliness and extraordinary views of all time. The beach is located at Olhos de Agua in the eastern Algarve. The beautiful beaches with dunes are just amazing. The Atlantic ocean has no shortage of fabulous beaches.

This is a wonderful destination if you are planning a beach day trip. The wide stretch of golden sand with the nearly deserted beach is just incredible. The seawater is clean but there are semi-exposed powerful Atlantic ocean and waves to that you have to be careful when choosing it as the option of surfing.

Portinho da Arrábida

Portinho da Arrábida
Photo by Vitor Oliveira on Flickr, copyright 2022

The Portinho da Arrábida is a spectacular beach in itself which gives a mesmerizing view that can not be forgotten. The beach is lying at the bottom of the Arrabida mountains which is right by the Atlantic coast.

In the heart of Arrabida Park, the village Serra da Arrábida is considered to be hidden but you can call it a great hidden treasure of the area. The landscape looks stunning and gives an eye-catching view, with the white dunes and the crystal clear water and none other than the big red cliffs. This is an excellent spot for fishing and scuba-diving.

An interesting fact about the place is that the beach was chosen as one of the seven wonders of Portugal in the category of beaches and cliffs. Because of the heart-captivating scenery of the beach, it can be called one of the best beaches in Portugal. The place which was formally known as a tiny fishing village is now a popular center of attraction for foreign visitors each year.

As it is said to be a hidden treasure, it is not easily accessible by public transport. It would be a better option to choose the car to deep inside the national park.

You will find just a forest full of nature with the roads of pebble stones, and the facilities of the train, the bus is also not available so it is better to enjoy on the beach with white sand with your beach umbrella along with the bright sun. You will get to know about one of the best beaches in Portugal.

Praia do Senhor da Pedra, The Beaches on Miramar

Praia do Senhor da Pedra
Photo by Pedro on Flickr, copyright 2022

Senhor da Pedra is one of the best beaches in Portugal near Porto and is famous for its small chapel that is built on rock. The Senhor da Pedra beach is one of the good destinations for a beach day, especially if you are located in Porto Because there are direct and cheap train services from So Bento train station to the place.

There are three beaches in the town of Miramar that is the Senhor da Pedra, Praia da Miramar and Praia da Saozinha. The name can differ from the original names but all three beaches are spread over the same expense of the sand and are identical also.

The city of Miramar, which stretches past the beach, is one of the favorite beaches of Porto residents and one of the best beaches in Portugal which has a distinct place among the Portuguese families and the atmosphere.

Miramar is a destination with facility of cafes, restaurants, and shops. The Beaches are close to Miramar, located on the northern reaches of the Costa de Prata a silver coast. With dunes, strong Atlantic water, and persistent winds, the beaches are the characteristic of the region.

Praia do Camilo

Praia do Camilo
Photo by Natalia on Flickr, copyright 2022

If you are in the search of one of the best beaches in Portugal, your search will end in southern Portugal, Camilo beach lies in the western Algarve near the seaside town of Lagos. The dazzling white sand, rock formation, and sandstone cliffs together make a perfect combination for a beach day trip.

Praia do Camilo is a great example of the small sandy creeks and makes it easier to have a great time being close to Lagos which is a lovely resort town. The beach is surrounded by warm, shallow, and turquoise water.

There is a small restaurant on the clifftop that has the facility for sun loungers and tourists, between Lagos and distant Albufeira, there is a spectacular panoramic sweep over the beach. The beach is so famous among the best beaches in Portugal.

Praia de São Jacinto

Sao Jacinto
Photo by Fabrizio Sciami on Flickr, copyright 2022

Home to the stunning views and a lovely little place with not a lot of people can be called one of the best beaches in Portugal. The beach is a long stretch of sand that is bordered by the nature reserve and the dunes. Where you will be the witness to the beautiful and unique plants with the birdlife.

The large expanse of the dunes and the waves which are good for surfing makes it an ideal destination if you have an immense love for the beaches. If you want to take a long stroll, you will be pleased to be there with the book you carry. Just switch off your phone and enjoy the atmosphere near-constant breeze of it and the sound of the waves.

This is the magnificent beach that forms the western flock of the Sao Jacinto nature reserve. All you have to take the 20 minutes bus journey from Aveiro to Forte the Barra and you can also choose the option of the ferry. The hard work will be worth every second for those who want to visit their beaches and love to be it as a sandy beach, remote or rugged.

If you want to choose a ride from the train, there is an advantage as from Porto, it takes only 45 minutes to reach Aveiro. You can make a great day trip to the beach but one thing you have to remember is that there are no cafes or bars near the beach. There are a lot of best beaches in Portugal but this beach has significance in itself. The beach is one of the best beaches in Portugal.

Guincho Beach

Guincho beach
Photo by Gustavo Veríssimo on Flickr, copyright 2022

The Guincho beach is one of the best beaches in Portugal and probably in Europe also as this is a popular destination for windsurfing and kite surfing. On the Lisbon coast, you can enjoy the perfect and spectacular location which is 6 kilometers northwest of cherry resort towns.

The vast expanse of sandy beaches and the Atlantic coast gives you the vacation goals. The interesting fact about the place is that it used to be a part of the International surfing and windsurfing circuit and championships because of the windy atmosphere and the powerful waves.

The long current and the supportive atmosphere give you an ideal destination for visitors who love the water activities like surfing. The place is amazing and has one of the best beaches in Portugal.

Not even in Lisbon but this is one of the best beaches in Portugal because the sandy beaches, natural landscape, cliffs, and dunes make it worth visiting the beach for all of us.

Final words

In 2020, Portugal was ranked 3rd in the world’s safest country category by the Global Peace Index. If you are fond of typical seafood dishes, famous beach destinations, this is the perfect place to make your next vacation place and you will be a witness to seeing these best beaches in Portugal. So you are advised to pack your bags and be ready for the endless fun.


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