6 Best Places to Stay in Croatia

best places to stay in croatia
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When it comes to finding some of the best places to stay in Croatia, this stunning destination has a bunch to offer.

Croatia is filled with whatever a tourist desires along with its gorgeous nearby islands, lovely historical cities, and secluded beaches.

From the old town of Dubrovnik to the Hvar town on the dalmatian coast, you’ll find several great hotels in Croatia, with stylish rooms and budget-friendly.

Even though there is a big number of expensive hotels in the Croatian Islands, they include luxurious facilities like a private beach, modern rooms, indoor pool, or outdoor pool in this town center.

So, without further ado, let’s find out some of the best places to stay in Croatia, along with the name of the budget hostels, mid-range hotels, and expensive ones.

Along the cobbled streets in this walled city, read ahead to unravel the best places to stay in Croatia and its nearby islands.

1. 6 Best Places to Stay in Croatia

1.1 Dubrovnik Old Town

Dubrovnik Town on the dalmatian coast is one of the best places to stay in Croatia, especially because of its popularity among tourists.

This historic old town was chosen as the movie shooting spot for several scenes in the movie of Game of Thrones. So, it is no surprise how famous this old town is.

If we talk about the best places to stay in Dubrovnik, this old town has a ton of mid-range to expensive hotels in its collection.

best places to stay in croatia
Image by John from Pixabay/Copyright 2019

Let’s take a look at some of the best places to stay in Croatia, that are exclusively found in the old town of Dubrovnik.

1.1.1. Hostel Angelina Southern

Regarded as one of the best hostels in Dubrovnik, it is also located in close proximity to all the perfect destination spots of the historic town.

It is a 2-Star Hostel, with exceptionally modern facilities and spectacular views from the terrace of the hostel.

Known for its cleanliness and spacious yet minimalist designer private rooms, it is one of the most cost-effective hostels for every regular traveler out there!

There is a beautiful wide living room, equipped kitchen, and spacious rooms that are everything a traveler can ask for.

There are dorm rooms, shared rooms, and private rooms of all kinds with 6-8 beds and a lot of other facilities, like air conditioners as well.

If you’re ready to visit Croatia and stay in the old town of Dubrovnik, and its nearby tiny island, then this hostel is one of the best and most affordable you would come across.

If you’re not looking for more advanced facilities or luxurious hotels, this simple and elegant hostel would be one of the best places to stay in Croatia, for you.

1.1.2. Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace
Image from the official site of Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

This hotel can be Old Town Dubrovnik’s one of the most exquisite and expensive hotels in Croatia.

Situated between the pine trees forest and the marvellous Adriatic sea beauty, this hotel is known for its luxurious ambiance and impeccable cleanliness.

It is an award-winning 5-Star Hotel with luxurious suites, a glamorous restaurant, and a bar, along with limousine service.

Hotel Dubrovnik has deluxe spacious rooms with ethereal sea views from the balcony. Their facilities includes both outdoor pool, private beach and also tennis courts.

The best part is it has a swimming pool with a grand wellness center. It has the advanced facilities of a Finnish sauna, outdoor pools, a Spa area, and a Jacuzzi arrangement for couples as well.

The hotel gives a relaxed atmosphere where your natural beauty flourishes more due to these energetic spa and wellness treatment clinics.

It has a grand restaurant with a lively bar arrangement, along with the perfect island vibes with an active family holiday time.

1.2 Hvar Town

The Hvar Old Town is a magnificent place with some of the prettiest attractive landmarks.

With glorious sunny weather, cobbled streets, and lovely beaches, this old town is infamous among the riches.

The elegant Hvar harbor is just a stone’s throw distance, from Croatia’s Main Square.

This small town is a popular destination for the most deluxe hotels in Croatia, sandy beaches as well as fine restaurants.

best places to stay in Croatia
Image by Dieter from Pixabay/Copyright 2019

So, let’s discover what this mysterious old town with charming villages has to offer to the table, on behalf of Croatia.

1.2.1.  Amfora Hvar Grand Beach Resort

This 4-Star Hotel is the epitome of a dazzling luxurious hotel for the riches. Not only is it grand and full of exquisite facilities, but it is also located too near the iconic Hvar landmarks.

This old town has a gorgeous coastline of beaches and this fascinating hotel features and showcases all of its beauty with the balconies and terrace arrangement.

The cascading swimming pool along with an on-site restaurant, swim-to-bar are some of the facilities provide by them. They provide spacious high-quality rooms with free Wi-Fi and television to keep you engaged.

Apart from that, they provide bed and breakfast services with family-friendly activities. There’s a kid’s cub as well, exclusively for children from the age of 4-14.

There are other amenities available like a bar, a game room, a wellness center, a spa, and a lounge, with multiple swimming pools, overlooking a stunning beach view.

There is a pleasant and friendly staff, willing to help you with anything with multi-lingual skills, so you do not face any problem with communicating your needs.

The bathrooms are high-end and hygienic, with amenities provided like bathrobes, towels, and other products.

The hotel displays an ideal wealthy atmosphere with privacy and comfort, along with some of the most stunning sea views from the neighboring islands, beaches, and swimming pools.

It is no wonder that this hotel in Hvar Old Town is held in such high regard. It is considered to be among the best places to stay in Croatia, due to its service, fame, and facilities.

1.3 Zadar in Central Croatia

Zadar has been becoming more famous now, with its quirky number of cafes, restaurants, hotels, and medieval churches.

It is the only airport spot that is nearest to the iconic landmark of Plitvice Lakes National Park. This place has been rising in popularity lately, so it is the best time to check it out.

best places to stay in Croatia
Image by Filip Filipović from Pixabay/Copyright 2019

Since Zadar and the Plitvice Lakes region is like a hidden gem, let’s discover the best budget hotels here, and find out which ones are the best places to stay in Croatia.

1.3.1. Plitvice Holiday Resort

Situated right next to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, this unique resort is a 4-Star hotel with some of the best natural ambiance, along with family-friendly activities.

It is the epitome of the most nature-related and green hotels in Croatia, with great cultural beauty and pine trees.

For travelers who are like an adventurous fun time in nature, this hotel is an ideal choice for them. Fun natural activities like beach volleyball, golf, hiking trails, biking trails, and exercises are included.

This quirky resort has camping spots, lake houses, tree houses, deluxe apartments, and many more facilities like a swimming pool, a restaurant, a shop, and even an ATM.

The resort offers an alluring view of the famous waterfalls and other nearby stunning islands. They provide services like wellness and spa treatment along with delicious delicacies.

Perfect for the summer season, this lovely resort is the home for a ton of outdoor games like horse riding, hiking, camping, and anything an adventurous soul is up for.

This quirky resort is one of the best places to stay in Croatia, without a doubt.

1.4 Porec and Rovinj in Istria

Porec and Rovinj are two of the most glamorous regions of the Croatian Islands.

Porec is a small town on the coastline of Croatia, which is famous for its Euphrasian Basilica, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rovinj is popular for its incredible fishing port, where you’ll also find fishing boats and boat trips, in that stunning city.

best places to stay in Croatia
Image by iva_keser from Pixabay/Copyright 2014

Let’s now look into some of the best places to stay in Croatia in the region of Istria, which includes Porec and Rovinj, the beautiful cities of Croatia.

1.4.1. Grand Park Hotel

This fascinating hotel is situated in the city of Rovinj with ethereal views overlooking the Adriatic Sea. It is situated in the woodlands and it’s simply a short walk from the beach nearby.

This wonderful hotel is the epitome of glamour along with advanced and comfortable facilities for your convenience. If you’re ready to be flattered by this impressive grand hotel, then buckle your seat belts!

This marvelous hotel has four restaurants and two bars, from where you can choose any of your choices, with delicious food and delicacies.

With a wide range of rooms, suites, terraces, balconies, and spacious walk-ins, everything here is bound to keep head over heels for this place.

It is a 5-Star hotel with the best services and amenities providing. It has a 360-degree virtual tour service with panoramic views of the surrounding beauty of Istria.

The old town of Rovinj never fails to spellbind us with its gorgeous landmarks and exquisite private beaches view.

With other common facilities like a wellness and spa center, there are also a shopping and seaside promenade, sports equipment, car washing services, and private meeting and business rooms as well.

The Grand Park Hotel of Rovinj is a gorgeous and luxurious hotel for the riches, with no compromise in services and high-end facilities.

It has undoubtedly earned the name of one of the best places to stay in Croatia, because of all the sights and reasons.

1.4.2. Valamar Parentino Hotel

One of the finest family-friendly hotels in Croatia is this 4-Star accommodation. This location is ideal if you’re travelling to Croatia with friends or family.

best places to stay in Croatia
Image by Gerald Thurner from Pixabay/Copyright 2019

With advanced and well-equipped amenities, this Parentino Hotel is the best among the group of other Valamar hotels around.

Only a short distance from the nearby beach and the city of Porec, this hotel is placed ideally at a perfect spot in-between.

With King-sized bedrooms and impeccable service, this hotel is also a great place for your kid’s entertainment. It has Super Mario Playing Zone with other fun kid-friendly activities under professional security.

It has a wellness and spa zone like any other grand hotel, and a Stay Fit program for Sundays, where you’ll be charged with physical exercises and other activities.

The hotel has a fascinating restaurant where you’ll find the best Mediterranean cuisine in Croatia, along with fine delicacies and drinks.

There are kinds of water-related fun activities for both the family and the kids, respectively. They have adventurous water slides, splash pool bars, swimming pools, and a baby pool for the kids.

In the evenings, you can enjoy melodious music with a good drink with your family, which is perfect and relaxing for an ideal vacation in Croatia.

There is also an added new facility recently, which is for pets. If you’re a little pet to accompany you on your journey to Croatia, worry not anymore.

There is now a separate section for pets where you’ll find every necessary amenities to give you the best vacation home ever. There are toys, snack bowls, and even a pet tour guide around the hotel.

This hotel is one of the most inclusive ones out there in Croatia, and that cares for every little one in your family.

No wonder this all-rounder hotel has become one of the best places to stay in Croatia.

1.5 Korcula Town Island

The island of Korcula has earned its name as, ‘The Little Dubrovnik’ due to its elegant cultural heritage and beautiful folklore arrangements throughout the year.

Just like Dubrovnik, this small town or island is special in its own way and has earned its popularity uniquely.

There are plenty of small secluded coves and villages strewn along the island, which is just lovely to explore.

Even though there are a lot of other upcoming islands on the list, Korcula has its significance in a special way.

So, without any delay, let’s see what a small and lovely island has to offer when it comes to the best places to stay in Croatia.

1.5.1. Hotel Korsal

Situated at a distance of a 5-minutes walk from Korcula’s Island’s Marina Korcula, the hotel is a 4-Star with gorgeous allergy-free rooms.

With the availability of Family rooms, Double standard rooms, and Junior Suites, this incredible hotel has some spectacular views from the Garden.

It has self-catering options like a mini-bar attached to your rooms, along with satellite televisions and free Wi-Fi all around the grand hotel.

Hotel Korsal
Image from the official website of Hotel Korsal

The hotel provides private bathrooms with hygienic amenities like bathrobes, and slippers.

A delicious restaurant, called Moreska Restaurant is also located inside the hotel, where you can experience a buffet, of authentic Mediterranean cuisine with sweet delicacies to taste.

With other fun activities involving facilities, this hotel becomes more adventurous.

There are other sections of the Spa and relaxation center and you can also keep yourself physically fit through different activities like windsurfing, diving, and Canoeing.

Even though pets are allowed in this hotel, it makes up its customer service with 24-hour time service. There is a traffic-free zone as well, where you won’t face problems parking your cars.

Lovely views from the nearby beaches are a bonus, along with a yummy breakfast and dinner while enjoying the best of your holiday vacation.

The staff of the hotel is amicable and helpful, so you can easily relax and enjoy a perfect vacation time for a few days in this wonderful place.

Situated in the Central Dalmatian Archipelago, Korcula Town is an exquisite island that takes pride in its Mediterranean cuisine, Olive groves, and scenic beach beauty.

So, it is no wonder that is incredible place is listed among the best places to stay in Croatia.

1.6 Brac Island

One of the most well-known islands in Croatia is Brac. In the Croatian island chain, it is the third-largest island.

Even though Brac may not be among the top places to be famous among places to stay in Croatia, it still has more than enough to offer for an ideal cozy vacation.

With a glamorous Zlatni rat beach view sight, this stunning island is known for its roman ruins, mandarin, and lamb meat.

best places to stay in Croatia
Image by Walter Bichler from Pixabay/Copyright 2014

Brac Island has a set of the best cost-effective hotels you can find in Croatia. Till now, we’ve come across plenty of expensive hotels, so now it is time to look for budget ones.

Let’s move ahead and unfold the best places to stay in Croatia, that Brac Island has in store for us.

1.6.1 Boutique Hotel Bol

Situated in the lovely village of Bol, this classy yet small hotel is the epitome of dalmatian culture and elegance.

However small it is, the amount of classiness and eloquence this hotel has is simply ineffable. It is a 4-Star elite hotel with low rates and high-quality ambiance and services.

It has the authenticity of the dalmatian with olive groves and light pastel interior designs.

With spacious rooms, homemade healthy food, and wide gorgeous balconies and terraces with views from Hvar town, this hotel will steal your heart with its simplicity.

The food meals would be served to you in the restaurant or on the terrace, whichever atmosphere you’d prefer for your day.

The staff is helpful and hospitable with constant services and most tourists already find this sweet and classy hotel to be one of the best places to stay in Croatia.

The hotel has a bar and outdoor swimming pool provided, which is a great facility for the low rates in the hotel.

There is free Wi-Fi and other important amenities available for the bathroom, like Bathrobes, slippers, and a hairdryer.

With a gym and relaxing area, the hotel also has a sauna room, conference room, and other garage areas.

The floors are furnished with hardwood from the dalmatian coastal culture and well-designed with olive green and wood-like soft and light interior.

Who wouldn’t love such a versatile hotel with affordable costs in the midst of your Croatian tour?

Undoubtedly, the Bol Hotel has earned its name among the best places to stay in Croatia.

2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

2.1 What are the Best Nearby Islands to stay in Croatia?

best places to stay in Croatia
Image by Ivan Ivankovic from Pixabay/Copyright 2015

When it comes to the worthy islands where you can stay in Croatia, there are plenty of them to name.

However, the best and the most well-received islands for staying in Croatia are Korcula Island, Vis Island, Brac Island, Hvar Town Island, and Mljet Island.

There are also many underrated islands with great staying places like Losinj, Porec, and Rab.

However, the mentioned ones are more popular and famous among tourists for their unwavering reputation.

2.2 What are the Best Croatian Hotels with Stylish Rooms?

Croatia has a ton of luxurious hotels with fancy stylish decor and rooms.

Some of the best hotels among them are the Hotel Dubrovnik, Grand Park Hotel in Rovinj, Briig Hotel in Split, and Palace Hotel Zagreb in Zagreb region.

There are a lot more unique and quirky designed hotels that satisfy the eccentricity in Croatia, like Swanky Mint Hostel and Amadria Park Hotel Capital.

2.3 What are the Best Places to Stay in Croatia?

Among all the places mentioned, the best places are undoubtedly Dubrovnik, Hvar Town, Split, Zagreb, and Korcula Island.

The other places are also well-equipped with fine hotels and services.

However, these hotels have been thriving for their top-notch advanced facilities, impeccable services, and the offer of the best scenic beach views.

3. Conclusion

best places to stay in Croatia
Image by Waltteri Paulaharju from Pixabay/Copyright 2016

Croatia is one of the most gorgeous and versatile nations in Europe.

So, it is no surprise that is marvelous destination is packed with charming islands, iconic tourist spots, and wonderful cozy hotels.

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The list of the best places to stay in Croatia is endless since every Croatian hotel has its own perks and quirkiness to offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and visit Croatia and experience incredible holidays in these warm and comfortable hotels, while enjoying the perfect views.

Have you ever been to Croatia? Let us know about your favorite place to stay in Croatia and some of the gorgeous places to visit in there!


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