20 Amazing Things To Do In Corfu

Things to do in Corfu
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Given Corfu’s abundance of natural beauty, it is understandable why everyone has attempted to conquer it, from the Byzantines to the Venetians.

A beautiful Island, an ideal location to visit on vacations, Corfu Island, is not only beautiful but also has top attractions.

There are a lot of Things to Do in Corfu. It has beautiful beaches and facilities for adventurous sports like scuba diving, boat trips, and other activities.

20 Amazing Things to Do in Corfu –

1. Visit Corfu Old Town

Corfu Old Town is glorious with golden buildings, narrow streets, beautiful architecture, churches, classic hotels, classic houses, two castles, and museums.

Buildings designed in Venetian Gothic Architecture make Corfu’s Old Town look aesthetically pleasing. This is the perfect definition of an artistic city!

It was also acknowledged by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization in 2007 as a World Heritage Site.

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The town is divided into two parts. The first part is the Old Fortress, located on the town’s Northeastern edge, and the other part is the New Fortress, located on the town’s Southern edge.

They both will transport you to the Byzantine and Venetian eras.

2. Visit the Monastery of Vlacherna and The Paleokastritsa Monastery

On Greek Islands, monasteries are a common sight. You will see more than 250 monasteries and churches on Corfu Island.

The monasteries are often placed at a height and in the most inaccessible locations so that the monks can keep their distance from distractions.

Out of all the monasteries and churches, the Monastery of Vlacherna and the Paleokastritsa Monastery stand out.

3. Visit The Mouse Island

Diminutive Pontikonisi is mainly known as Mouse Island because of the monastery’s staircase made of white marble that leads down the sea, which looks like the tail of a mouse.

Boats run throughout the year but aim to arrange your trip to coincide with the festival held every year on August 5th and 6th.

4. Visit The Achilleion Palace

When Empress Elisabeth was in jeopardy, it was built in 1890 to help her recuperate in Corfu. The palace is named after Achilles, a legendary Greek warrior.

One of the most popular destinations on Corfu Island is Achilleion Palace near the Hamlet of Gastouri.

To admire artwork honouring Greek hero Achilles and other mythological gods, head to the palace built in the Pompeian style by Italian architect Raffaello Caritto.

The most vibrant environment is seen around the palace. Throughout the site, unusual plants, fountains, palm trees, and many kinds of flowers are in bloom.

Furthermore, you may take a stunning view of Corfu town from its lovely garden.

5. Visit The Museum Of Asian Art

It was established in 1927 with a single private artwork and has since expanded to become a veritable treasure house of Asian art.

Greece’s only institution of its sort is this museum. It is located in Corfu Old Town Palace of St. George and St. Michael. 

Spend a few hours viewing the magnificent neoclassical buildings and pausing to check out the exhibitions.

For your wow moment, look for the Samurai Weaponry and Chinese bronzes.

6. Visit The Spianada Square

Some of Corfu’s most important landmarks may be found in Spianada Square

The square was built during the French rule of the 19th century and is the busiest area of town.

It is situated in front of the Old Fortress and has a mix of Venetian, French, British, and Greek structures.

Photo by Corfu Diary on Unsplash

The little alley cuts Spianada Square in half. Pano (Upper) Square and Kato (Down) Square are the names of these divisions.

Moving down the square, you may discover “General Viktoras Dousmanis” street. You are now in front of a magnificent kiosk with a stage.

Numerous concerts are staged at this kiosk throughout the year. If you are lucky, you will get an opportunity to participate in one.

7. Visit The Liston Promenade

Liston is one of the most important and well-known locations for visiting Corfu.

It is one of the most significant landmarks in Greece, not just on the island of Corfu, because of the spectacular architecture and distinctive arches.

It is situated on Spianada Square’s western side.

A sizable grassy space is next to it where occasional activities like cricket games occur, and there are several sights around that a tourist may explore and appreciate.

8. Visit Lawrence Durrell’s House

Go to Kalami Bay, a little fishing community, and look for LawDurrell’s whitewashed cottage there. 

The place is currently a restaurant and offers amazing food, making it a must-visit!

9. Visit The Angelokastro Castle

Angelokastro Castle
by ccat82/DepositPhotos

The beautiful Angelokastro Castle in Corfu is on the island’s highest peak.

It was once constructed as a defence against pirates, and today it is a delightful tourist attraction with breathtaking sea views.

After entering the elegant domed gate, one may explore the ruins of what once were chambers, passages, and ramparts.

The best part is discovering the ruins of a church buried beneath the ground.

10. Take A Look At The St. Spyridon Church

One of Corfu Town’s most notable structures is the St. Spyridon Church (Agios Spyridon), built in the 16th century, which contains the bones of its patron saint, Spyridon, who repeatedly defended the island against Ottoman attacks.

Besides the saint’s beautiful silver casket, the church is widely recognized for its Louissaint and tall bell tower.

11. Visit The Byzantine Museum Of Antivouniotissa

The Antivouniotissa Museum is among the most thrilling activities in Corfu.

The museum, which is quaintly housed inside a church dating from the 15th century in Corfu Town, will transport you to another era with its old murals, manuscripts, and renowned artists’ icons.

Explore while taking in some authentic Greek culture and Byzantine religious art at your leisure.

12. Visit The Agni Bay

Its northeastern portion is the least populous and frequently regarded as the most desirable area of Corfu.

There are numerous rocky coves and tiny settlements to choose from for visitors.

A small but attractive beach is Agni Bay, where a contentious meeting between Peter Mandelson and George Osborne occurred, and is easily reachable from Kalami by boat or car.

Additionally, it has a lot of top-notch restaurants by the water.

Every Thursday, go swimming, then have calamari and stifado at Nikolas Taverna while listening to live traditional Greek music.

13. Visit The Gorgeous Corfu Beaches

One of the best things to do in Corfu is to visit the beaches. There are pebbled, sandy, secluded, and crowded beaches across Corfu. 

13.1. Canal d’Amour 

One of the busiest beaches is Canal d’Amour. However, it’s also the most romantic.

Just picture stunning natural beauty with magnificent rock formations, caverns, and canals!

Canal D’amour Beach, also referred to as the Channel of Love, is genuinely gorgeous. 

13.2. Agios Gordios 

Agios Gordios is located on Corfu’s West Coast, famed for its stunning beaches.

Visualize a beach with sand encircled by stunning rock formations, vineyards, and olive trees. Agios Gordios beach appears to look like this.

The shallow waters are one of this beach’s outstanding features. This says that swimming at the beach can be a great activity.

The so-called “Ortholithi” is the beach’s main draw. 

13.3. Acharavi Beach

This large beach is found at the well-known Acharavi resort in the northern part of the island of Corfu.

Golden sand, breathtaking natural beauty, and calm waters make the ideal setting.

The beach at Acharavi is not far from the town. This indicates that all the amenities you require are close by.

13.4. Agios Stefanos Beach 

Agios Stefanos Corfu Beach is one of the island’s top sandy beaches.

Long and sandy, a thick forest encircles the beach island, as it is the ideal spot to unwind and a perfect spot for the kids to play; it is also great for families.

14. VIsit The New Venetian Fortress

Look at the history under your feet as you walk inside this 16th-century stronghold that the Venetians built to protect the Old Town from maritime incursions.

Explore the ramparts and meandering moat, and look for near the port gate, the unmistakable winged lions.

Enjoy the picturesque city and ocean views while exploring the inside photography and art exhibits.

15. Piccolo Bar

At the lovely Piccolo Bar, unwind with a local beverage following a full day of sightseeing.

Locals and tourists like this charming and inviting watering establishment to take advantage of the chic patio and artistic ambience.

Spending time in this bar with your partner should be on top of Corfu’s list of things to do.

16. Beautiful Hotels & Resorts

Although promoting lodging as a positive aspect of an island seems strange, Corfu has some stunning choices.

The TRYP by Wyndham Corfu Dassia hotel is situated on the northernmost point of the island.

This little motel has only four stories, giving the island’s atmosphere.

The hotel has a sizable outdoor pool, spa, and gym.

The only drawback is that it’s only a short distance from the beach, rather than being right on it!

It is ideally situated for exploring the southern side of Corfu, as it is only a few feet from the seashore at Agios Ioannis Peristeron.

Marbella Corfu is another five-star luxury resort comprising a buffet restaurant, four bars, and four a la carte, offering fresh food for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

17. Mount Pantokrator

While not recommended for mid-summer, a hike up Mount Pantokrator in the spring or fall offers some wonderful trekking, with expansive vistas and an eatery at the top.

Photo by Richard James on Unsplash

The tallest mountain on the island, Mount Pantokrator, towers over 3,000 feet above Corfu and provides unending vistas of the Ionian Islands, reaching a clear path to Albania.

Start your trek at Old Perithia, the oldest settlement on the island, whose residents contributed to the monastery’s construction at the summit.

Alternately, you may always choose to drive, but be sure to focus on the twisting route and avoid getting sidetracked by the vistas of Albania.

18. O Mylos by Isla Cuisine

Perched on top of a slope with a view of Kommeno’s improbably picturesque port, where tastes from Latin America come up at the Mediterranean restaurant with spices from the Middle East and Asia, it is one of the best places to visit in Corfu.

You won’t have ever experienced anything like the food tastings here, and O Mylos provides everything you need for the perfect night out.

19. Cavalieri Hotel Rooftop Restaurant

The elegance of this hotel, which is housed in a 17th-century Venetian villa, is evident the moment you walk in, and the amazing views of the historic district are a bonus.

Have dinner in elegance at Cavalieri Hotel’s award-winning rooftop restaurant, famed for its modern spin on traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

You can be sure that you will be looked after as soon as you enter because the staff is highly known for their excellent hospitality and welcoming customers.

20. Examine The Corfu Environment

Corfu is well known for its breathtaking scenery, hiking trails, and natural beauty.

The Corfu Trail is the finest way to discover Corfu’s natural beauty if you enjoy hiking.

Amazing beaches, magnificent canyons, olive groves, and many more sights may be found along this lengthy walking path.

However, there is much more than that. For example, the tiny islet named Lazaretto.

This tiny islet has a fascinating past! Given that there was a leper hospital, it used to be utilized as a quarantine.

Afterwards, throughout World War II, it became a prisoner concentration camp.

This islet is a prime example of Corfu’s stunning natural surroundings and is situated northeast of the tiny Corfu. 

Many different types of sceneries, private beaches, capes, little lakes, marshes, places, and unique bird species can be found here. 


Come with your partner or family to glance at these stunning Greek Islands, enjoy some adventurous activities and taste the local cuisine.

You must visit Corfu to explore the unexplored!



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