20 Best Landmarks in Manchester: Explore This Beautiful City

landmarks in Manchester
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Manchester has a reputation as one of England’s coolest cosmopolitan cities. It is famous for its vibrant culture, Chinatown, and Indian food and has one of the largest LGBTQA+ communities.

Manchester Town Hall offers Neo-gothic culture and acts as a reminder of Manchester’s history in the industrial revolution. There are various landmarks in Manchester with rich history and culture.

Here are the most famous landmarks.

1. Top Landmarks in Manchester

When you are in Manchester, you cannot miss seeing some of the best landmarks in this place. To your trip even easier, there is a list of some of the most famous landmarks in Manchester to check out.

1.1 Manchester Cathedral

Photo by Igor Savelev on Unsplash

This beautiful structure, Manchester Cathedral is a medieval church located in the heart of the city, Victoria Street.

  • It was built in the 15th century and depicts stunning classical Gothic architecture.
  • The highlight is its towering, jagged spires and powerful stonework.
  •  Inside the church has amazing stained glass windows.
  • It also has intricate wooden sculptures and tons of ancient artifacts.

1.2 Manchester Town Hall

Manchester Town Hall located between Albert Square and St. Peter’s Square in the city centre is one of the most famous landmarks in the city.

  • It was built in the 13th century and has a height of 280 feet.
  • It primarily works as an administrative centre for the city.
  • This was designed by Alfred Waterhouse during the Industrial Revolution.
  • The great hall is the key highlight that showcases important historical moments of Manchester.

1.3 Beetham Tower

It is the tallest skyscraper in Manchester that dominates the red brick houses nearby and the Manchester skyline is one of the major attractions in the city.

  • Beetham Tower was constructed from 2004 to 2006 and is the second tallest building in Manchester.
  • Houses a hotel, luxury houses and classy penthouses with a futuristic design.
  • On windy days the building produces a piercing sound as the wind rushes between the glass structure.

1.4 John Rylands Library

The most famous library in the city is the John Rylands Library which offers magnificent architecture with arched ceilings. In addition, this place also has an intricate décor and a magical vibe.

  • The University of Manchester owns and operates this library.
  • It is home to various medieval manuscripts, ancient texts and personal letters from famous people.
  • This library is a heaven of peace and is the best place to soak up the city’s history.

1.5 Science and Industry Museum

The Museum of science and Industry was opened on 15th September 1983. It is dedicated to the developments in science by Manchester.

  • It showcases the city’s role in Industrial Revolution.
  • This is located at the former Liverpool Road station and is the city’s largest museum.
  • One can learn more about transport, energy, telecommunications and textiles.
  • There are various fun games and virtual reality booths for families, specifically kids to learn about history.

1.6 The Wheel of Manchester

The Wheel of Manchester
Photo by Mihály Köles on Unsplash

Wheel of Manchester located at Exchange Square is the best. It is the best way to see a 360-degree spectacular view of Manchester City.

  • There are 42 capsules that take a ride 60 metres into the sky and capture the beautiful urban landscape from above.
  • Each capsule has a seat for 8 people and has air conditioning, heating and wheelchair facilities.
  • For people who want to celebrate on special occasions can have access to a VIP capsule with champagne on ice.
  • It takes about 13 mins for the total ride and has audio facilities to specify local landmarks.

1.7 Manchester Central Library

Manchester Central Library located at St Peter Square, is known for its extraordinary neo-classical architectural style.

  • It was opened in 1934 by King George V.
  • One can enter the library for free and can have access to thousands of books for free.
  • There is also a cafe where you can enjoy coffee and snacks while reading books.

1.8 Salford Lads Club

Located in Greater Manchester, Salford Lads Club became a famous landmark when it was featured on the cover of the Smith’s album The Queen is Dead.

  • It promotes some famous rock bands in England including Smith.
  • It was established in 1903 and was only for boys at that time.
  • The club is open to the public on Saturdays and is also a top spot on Manchester music tours.

1.9 Urbis Building- National Football Museum

Urbis building is one of the iconic landmarks that offer a unique, sloping design that houses the National Football Museum in the city centre.

  • It has an unusual steel-and-glass design in a sloped shape.
  • It houses amazing artifacts from football history.
  • This place has also hosted major events, galleries, and exhibition places.
  • It is also one of the most visited attractions in the country.

1.10 The Bridgewater Hall

Manchester’s music venue or concert venue that hosts performances by international musicians.

  • Bridgewater Hall is home to Manchester’s cultural landscape.
  • Hosts around 250 shows every year.
  • It has a unique structure that is a combination of red sandstone, concrete, aluminum and glass in a stainless steel shell.
  • It is the finest civic building in the city.

1.11 Manchester Art Gallery


Manchester Art Gallery is located a few steps away from the central library and Peter Square.

  • It is a large museum that hosts artwork from both local and international artists.
  • Opened in 1834, has 3 buildings designed by the architect Charles Barry.
  • One can see impressive collections of fine and decorative arts and costumes.
  • The art gallery includes a collection of 2000 paintings and 350 sculptures, drawings, watercolours, prints and photographs.

1.12 The Printworks

One of the best Manchester landmarks is the Printworks which brings together the old and new Manchester.

  • It is an entertainment venue that has a cinema, bars, restaurants, golf area and so much more.
  • As the building was a publishing house, the name was Printworks.
  • There is also a roof garden with a beetle hotel.

1.13 Gay Village

Manchester is known for its LGBTQA+ friendly cities in Europe and Gay Village is the most historical of them all.

  • It is located on Canal Street and the neighbourhood is famous for its bars and drag shows.
  • The New Union Pub and Hotel is one of the oldest pubs that hosted drag shows during World War II.
  • It is one of the most lively places in the city.
  • You can reach Gay Village on foot from Piccadilly Station.

1.14 Imperial War Museum North

The Imperial War Museum North is located across the canal from Quay and is a historic landmark.

  • One can learn about Great Britain’s Military History.
  • It is a beautiful example of postmodern architecture designed by architect Libeskind.
  • A satellite branch of the London Imperial War Museum, this museum traces England’s history from the first world war to the present day.

1.15 Manchester Museum

Manchester Museum is the largest university museum in the country.

  • The museum owns 4 million materials from around the world.
  • It gets around 350,000 to 400,000 visitors annually.
  • This building showcases works beginnings of nature, excavation research and anthropology.
  • It works both as a tourist attraction as well as a learning aid for visitors.

1.16 Old Trafford Stadium

Located about 20 mins from Manchester City Center, Old Trafford Stadium is one of the largest stadiums in England.

  • This stadium has a capacity of about 76,000 seats.
  • The stadium is also called the “Theatre of Dreams” for Manchester United, the legendary soccer club.
  • It was completely built in 1909 and then got destroyed in World War II.
  • It was then rebuilt in the 1950s and hosted the 1966 World Cup.

1.17 Tatton Park

Tatton Park, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Tatton Park

A beautiful historic estate, Tatton Park is located 40 mins’ drive southwest of Manchester.

  • It has a medieval manor house known as Tatton Old Hall, a beautiful farm and also a 2000-acre deer park.
  • It was built by the Stanley family in the 15th century.
  • The estate was transferred to the National Trust in 1958.
  • A big 50 acres park inside of Tatton Park is the highlight here.
  • Japanese garden and greenhouse garden are major attractions and you will also spot lovely deer during your visit.

1.18 Castlefield

Castlefield is one of the best and most important landmarks in Manchester. It houses various canals, bridges and amazing bars.

  • The name Manchester to the city comes from a fort named Mamucium which was located where now is Castlefield.
  • The world’s first industrial canal, Bridgewater Canal and Rochdale Canal are located here.
  • It is the place to take photos and check out a bar.
  • It is UK’s first designated urban heritage park.

1.19 Palace Theatre

Palace Theatre is one of the most famous theatres in Manchester. It is located at the corner of Oxford Street and Whitworth Street.

  • The famous musicals in the city, all happen here.
  • ATG owns this place and this theatre hosts events almost every day.
  • It is not very appealing from the outside but is very beautiful from the inside.
  • It is one of the largest and best theatres outside London.

1.20 Kimpton Clocktower Hotel

It is one of the most iconic buildings on Oxford Street.

  • It was designed for the Refuge Assurance Company and is also called the Refugee.
  • This also can be seen from Oxford Road. One can enjoy a perfect view after climbing the stairs at the Oxford Road Station.
  • Its rooftop offers majestic views of the Manchester City Centre.

2. Conclusion

Ian Brown, a famous artist describes Manchester as “Manchester has everything but a beach.” This is one of the coolest cities. This place has everything and one can figure this by looking at the list of landmarks above.

There are many landmarks in Manchester. You’ll never be bored in this city. There is a place for everyone. Plan your trip to Manchester and don’t forget to include these landmarks in your itinerary.


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